8: Musical Nightmare

(Dan) Drago and I returned home from Equestria and we greeted by the other Brawlers and reunited with my childhood friend Iris and she is part of this Band named Lolirock. But, suddenly we are facing two evil twins, Mephisto and Praxina who try to destroy them. The twins serve the evil Grammorr who along with the twins possess black crystal magic. Grammorr will stop at nothing to get the Oracle Gems to get his hands on the Crown of Ephedia. Luckily for Lolirock, it's up to us to help them get the Oracle Gems first. We're gonna help Iris save her kingdom and planet of origin.

What are ya gonna do?
The odds are stacked against you,
Back against the wall,
You gotta give it your all,
This is the final stand,
The powers in your hand!
Two worlds collide,
On the inside,
You got to fight for what's right,
Before it's gone,
Gone, gone,
This is Bakugan!

In the castle of Ephedia, Grammorr was not happy about the Oracle Gems, when Mephisto and Praxina answered his calls. "Mephisto, Praxina, report!" He told. "Well, master… we tried to destroy the princesses, but the Brawlers were in our way" Praxina started. "Then explain to me how you almost defeated these Battle Brawlers, when they made it go the other way around?" Grammorr asked. "Well, we used our spells and use powerful monsters, but their Bakugan have powerful attacks and they always combine" Mephisto explained. "And what about the Battle Brawlers collecting Oracle Gems?" Grammorr asked again. "Every time their Bakugan combine, they defeat us and then they Oracle Gems. Plus, they just got another one for winning some battle and we weren't there" Mephisto mentioned as Praxina groaned. "Just make sure the princesses and the Battle Brawlers do not get another Oracle Gem. And while you're at it, destroy the princesses and Drago!" Grammorr ordered in anger. "Yes, your high heinousness!" Mephisto spoke as Mephisto and Praxina hung up.

In Bakugan City, Dan was doing his morning jog when he saw a shadow in the sky. "Man, what was that?" Dan asked as he followed the shadow all the way to Battle Brawlers headquarters. "Dan, look" Drago spoke as they saw it was Hiccup and Toothless. "Hey, it's Hiccup and Toothless!" Dan responded. "Hey guys, we came in unexpected huh?" Hiccup asked. "I'd say good entrance" Dan complimented. "So how is everything on Dragons Edge?" Dan asked. "That's why Toothless and I came here, we need your help." Hiccup said as everyone gathered in the meeting room.

"No way, so you're saying you guys are trying to find Viggo?" Dan asked. "Yeah, we haven't seen for months" Hiccup revealed. "My guess is that Viggo is planning something" Shun spoke. "After we saved the Flightmare and Heather, Viggo decided to retreat." Marucho said. "Well, Viggo's brother Ryker tried to take a Snow Wraith and keep you guys in a cave" Radizen reminded as Roxtor spoke gibberish. "Of course I know that Viggo has a thing for games, don't change the subject" Radizen translated. "It's okay Roxtor, we know what Viggo is trying to do with dragons" Blythe spoke. "And that's enslaving dragons and using them for markets." Melody continued. "That's something that we can't stand. Those Dragon Hunters make me so mad!" Skytruss shouted. "Easy Skytruss, we don't know where Viggo went, but we find him" Orbeum told. "Until then, we patrol the places near either Berk or Dragons Edge for now" Jaakor spoke. "We better make sure that Mephisto and Praxina don't know about this" Gunz mentioned. "Gunz is right, it's been hard when trying to take out Viggo and the Dragon Hunters, so we can't let Grammorr find out." Reptak agreed. "Well there is another I have to mention" Hiccup said. "And what's that?" Iris asked. "Well, remember the fact that Dagur is Heather's brother?" Hiccup asked. "Yeah, we remember that" Blythe nodded. "Well, the funny thing is that Dagur actually saved me and Toothless from the Dragon Hunters" Hiccup revealed. "You gotta be kidding!" Gunz responded. "Seriously? Dagur?" Marucho asked. "Dagur saved you guys from the Dragon Hunters?" Dan asked. "Yep, it's the truth" Hiccup answered as Toothless grunted. "Does Heather know about it yet?" Marucho asked. "No, well no one else at Dragons Edge knows about it either" Hiccup denied. "Hey, what's this?" Auriana asked picking up the Dragon Eye. "Careful Auriana, that's the Dragon Eye" Hiccup warned taking the Dragon Eye back. "What's it for?" Iris asked. "Well, the Dragon Eye is an object we use on Dragons Edge that has special lens that help us learn about and find new species of dragons" Blythe explained. "But to see the projections on the Dragon Eye, you'll need light from a dragon's fire or blast, etc." Radizen added as they heard a trumpet. "That's Tantor" Shun guessed. "What's wrong this time?" Melody asked. "We better find out" Gunz said as they saw Tantor cowering in fear.

"Hi Tantor" Blythe greeted. "No please, have mercy!" Tantor begged covering his eyes. "Calm down, it's only us" Marucho said making Tantor open his eyes. "Oh, hello, sorry for making you start up" Tantor apologized. "It's okay, Tantor. But what happened?" Blythe asked. "First Terk and I were coming outside, Terk went back to find more termites, I was minding my own business and then suddenly fire came out of nowhere and I thought I was a goner!" Tantor explained in fear. "Yeah, fire doesn't come out of nowhere, Tantor" Terk spoke coming up. "Terk, you did you scare Tantor again?" Talia asked. "It wasn't me this time, but the guys who scared Tantor were Snotlout and Hookfang." Terk revealed. "Snotlout?" Melody asked. "I forgot to mention I brought Snotlout along in case Toothless and I needed help when we get here" Hiccup mentioned. "Well it's no wonder Tantor panicked" Dan spoke. "Hopefully, Snotlout and Hookfang didn't cause a panic." Drago hoped. "We better find them and make sure no human or Bakugan is harm" Reptak said. "You have a good point there old buddy" Gunz agreed. "The other Brawlers and I will help Hiccup and Snotlout patrol the Ocean near Dragons Edge" Dan volunteered. "Iris, you, Talia, Auriana, Lyna and Carissa might want to stay here in case Mephisto and Praxina attack again." Drago told. "Okay, we'll keep an eye on Bakugan City, until you guys come back" Iris agreed. "I'm just glad we don't have to deal with Snotlout" Auriana commented. "Yeah, besides the fact that he tried to impress us, he can be reckless" Talia added. "You might wanna help comfort Tantor, he's a bit shocked by Snotlout" Terk spoke pointing to Tantor. "I think I might be inside for a little while." Tantor spoke trying to calm down.

In the mountain's cave near Sunny Bay, Mesphisto and Praxina were listening to the Brawlers discussion with Hiccup. "The Dragon Eye. How interesting" Praxina spoke. "What's so interesting about a small tool?" Mephisto asked. "Augh, don't you get it? If we find a dragon shown by this Dragon Eye, we'll use it to destroy the princesses, the Battle Brawlers and Drago!" Praxina planned evilly. "But how do we find one?" Mesphisto asked. "We follow the Brawlers, Mephisto." Praxina answered as they teleported.

An hour later, the Battle Brawlers, Hiccup and Snotlout are flying over the Ocean. "Where are we going?" Melody asked. "I'm not sure yet, but we have make sure the Dragon Hunters don't attack" Hiccup said. "What do think happened to Viggo?" Marucho asked. "I don't know, but if he comes, I'll swat his Dragon Hunters like flies" Radizen spoke in confidence as Roxtor spoke in gibberish. "Yeah, I know about how clever he is, lay off will ya?" Radizen asked. "Radizen, Roxtor just wants you to stay focused." Blythe giggled. "Even so, Viggo almost capture Heather" Shun reminded. "Indeed, when Heather pretended to be on his side, Viggo eventually found and used her as bait." Jaakor added. "I still can't believe he got away, when we almost had him" Skytruss said. "I know it's frustrating Skytruss, but we have stay calm and keep looking" Orbeum spoke. "Still, before we left, Mira said she has something for us in case we get into trouble" Gunz revealed. "Really? What is it?" Melody asked. "She didn't tell me and Reptak" Gunz denied. "Yeah, but she said if were in trouble, we'll call her and she send it to us" Reptak added. "Whatever Mira has in mind for us, it doesn't matter right now. Now we must focus on protecting dragons from Viggo and his Dragon Hunters, and of course, Grammorr, along with Mephisto and Praxina." Drago reminded. "Your right pal, there could be a dragon being attacked by those guys" Dan agreed. "Whatever bad guy there is, I can take them down" Snotlout bragged as Hookfang set himself on fire, burning Snotlout. "Ow, okay, we can take them down." Snotlout said corrected. "Seriously, even other bad guys like demons, the 8 Demon Sorcerers, Naraku and other supernatural guys? Yeah right" Radizen disbelieved. "I can't believe I bonded with Snotlout" Gunz sighed. "I'm sure it's not that bad" Melody whispered. "Alright, guys, I think we can start there" Hiccup said spotting an island. "Okay, we'll go and find Viggo and give his Dragon Hunters a big whooping." Dan spoke as they landed on the island.

Once the Brawlers and the Dragon Riders arrived on the island, they started looking around. "What island are we on this time?" Marucho asked. "I don't know, but I don't think it's a coincidence that Viggo is not here" Blythe suspected. "Does that mean we have to stand around and wait?" Radizen asked as Roxtor spoke in gibberish. "Alright, quit your gibber-jabber" Radizen said. "Well, no sign of Viggo or Ryker, nothing" Shun reported. "Shun and I both looked from the sky and around the shores and no ships." Melody added. "Well, Melody took a swim near one of the shores and checked underwater" Skytruss mentioned. "Come on brother, you know part of the Sea is part of Melody's heart. Besides, she thought it will help finding any ships quicker" Orbeum reminded. "Well that explains why you're wet Melody" Blythe observed seeing Melody soaked. "Sorry guys, I couldn't help myself but dive in" Melody blushed. "That's okay, at least you spend some time in the water." Marucho giggled. "Hey guys, you find anything?" Gunz asked. "No, we looked everywhere." Blythe denied. "I even checked in the Ocean" Melody added. "It's like the place is deserted for some reason" Shun said. "Well, it looks that way and we all checked the perimeter" Hiccup said. "Not all of us, Dan's not even back yet" Snotlout mentioned. "Speaking of Dan, where is he?" Blythe asked. "Yeah, he and Drago should be back by now" Marucho added. "I hope they didn't get into trouble" Shun spoke. "Something about this place is strange to me." Jaakor said looking around. "No kidding, it feels like something is close by" Reptak agreed. "Hey guys, sorry we took so long" Dan apologized. "It's okay. But where were you guys?" Blythe asked. "Drago and I were looking in our area of the island, when something caught Drago's attention" Dan mentioned. "Like what?" Hiccup asked. "We don't know, but I felt that it's like a magical essence. It started when the Elements of Harmony sensed it." Drago remembered. "Alright then, come on bud!" Hiccup said to Toothless as they all followed Dan and Drago to the location of the magic.

When the Brawlers and the Dragon Riders arrived at the location, they saw a bright light. "This has got to be the place" Shun spoke. "You guys sure it's coming from here?" Blythe asked. "Yep, Drago and I found this cave earlier" Dan mentioned. "You mean we followed these two to a cave to find magic?" Snotlout asked. "Hopefully, it's better than nothing" Marucho said. "I don't get why Drago's crystal chest is glowing" Radizen said as the seven crystals on Drago's chest started glowing with each Element of Harmony's color. "Woah, what's going on?" Melody asked. "I don't know, but I felt this when I approached Iris' necklace." Drago remembered. "Well, whatever it is, it's magic explains the light coming from inside" Hiccup observed as Toothless grunted. "I bet it's one of the Oracle Gems, guys" Gunz believed. "If it is, we better get it before the twins show up." Reptak mentioned. "Too late for that!" Praxina said as she and Mephisto appeared. "Not you two again!" Dan responded. "What are you doing here?" Melody asked. "We followed you right to this island and it looks like you just got us what we wanted" Mephisto said. "I bet you two are looking for an Oracle Gem" Shun guessed. "Aren't you a smart guesser" Praxina said. "Now prepare to be crushed by our magic, so we get rid of Drago and the princesses like Grammorr asked us to." Mephisto threatened. "Aterodere!" Mephisto and Praxina both said as they summoned a black crystal dragon that looks like the Death Song. "Woah, that dragon looks like the Death Song" Marucho responded. "Hiccup, can you guys protect what's inside the cave?" Blythe asked. "Sure. Snotlout, help us protect the cave!" Hiccup ordered as he, Toothless, Snotlout and Hookfang went inside the cave. "Let's do this guys!" Dan said. "Right!" Blythe, Marucho, Melody and Gunz all agreed. "Ateruina!" Praxina shouted shooting red black crystals at the Bakugan. "Ability Activate! Fierce Demon-Thunder Clap!" Shun shouted as Jaakor charged up his gauntlets. "Let's see how you like this!" Jaakor said as his gauntlets fired green beams at the Death Song. "Ability Activate! Luster Drain!" Marucho shouted as sphere of water formed in Radizen's hand. "Here comes my home run!" Radizen said as he threw the sphere at the Death Song. "Telanac!" Mephisto said shooting green black crystals at Jaakor, which Jaakor dodged. "Ability Activate! Full Moon-Wave Burning!" Melody shouted Skytruss released purple diamond shaped beams. "Argh, Mephisto, help me!" Praxina told being hit. "Ability Activate! Supreme Flame!" Melody continued as Orbeum fired purple energy from his cannons. "Ow! I think I need help myself!" Mephisto complained. "Ability Activate! Spar Hook!" Gunz shouted as Reptak charges two yellow sphere on his gauntlet. "Get ready to cry!" Reptak shouted as he shot the yellow spheres at the Death Song. "Now it's our turn Drago! Ability Activate! Dragon Radiant Tornado!" Dan shouted as Drago roared and changed color to white as a purple diamond appeared in front of his chest and fired a white sparkly fiery tornado at the Death Song, only it made it screech in pain. "Ah Yeah, now we got em!" Dan said.

"Don't just let yourself get hit, do something!" Praxina ordered as the Death Song made a high-pitched noise. "Ow! What the heck was that?" Radizen asked as the Death Song kept screeching. "It's the Death Song, it's voice is very irritating to other creatures" Jaakor answered covering his ears. "This is just as bad as the time we first met a Death Song" Reptak remembered. "Do you have to remind us?" Skytruss asked. "Oh man, my dog ears really hurt!" Orbeum complained trying to cover his ears. "Hang on Roxtor!" Blythe told as Roxtor spoke gibberish. "Yeah, I feel your pain, pal. I can't even hear what else is happening." Radizen translated. "Dan, we need help!" Drago said. "I wish we could, but the noise got us too pal!" Dan denied as the Brawlers covered their ears. "When Mephisto and Praxina made their own Death Song, they must have added it's sounds" Marucho observed. "If this keeps up, we'll lose our advantage!" Shun shouted. "Argh, aw man. I can't take it anymore!" Melody complained. "Hey guys, how about we call Mira?" Gunz asked. "That might be a good idea" Blythe said as their Bakumeters lit up. "Guys, it's me!" Mira called on the Bakumeters. "Mira, are we glad to hear from you" Dan spoke. "That's right, I bet you could use Runo's and my help right now" Mira guessed. "Boy, do we ever." Marucho said. "Runo will send you the Battle Suits" Mira mentioned. "How will that help us with the Death Song?" Melody asked. "Just say: "Combine Battle Suits, ready" and you'll find out." Mira answered. "Okay then" Shun agreed. "Are you ready Runo?" Mira asked as Runo nodded. "Ready. Coordinates, locked on! Send Battle Suits! Blasterate, teleport to Skytruss! Doomtronic, teleport to Orbeum! Clawburk, teleport to Radizen! Fortatron, teleport to Jaakor! Combustoid, teleport to Reptak! Defendtrix, teleport to Drago!" Runo ordered as each of the Battle Suits teleported to each of their called Bakugan. "Okay, here comes the fun part!" Dan said. "Right!" The other Brawlers said as each of their Bakugan got into its Battle Suit, except Roxtor. "Hey Mira, how come Roxtor doesn't have a Battle Suit?" Blythe asked. "That's because Roxtor already has an important part" Mira answered. "Okay, let's do what Mira instructed us" Dan said as the others nodded. "Combine Battle Suits, ready!" The Brawlers and their Bakugan all shouted at once as the Battle Suits and Roxtor are about to combine.

(Cue the Power Rangers Turbo song: Invincible)

Each Battle Suits makes its own part of the combination. First, Clawburk and Fortatron turn into legs, while their cannons and appendages are folded. Second, Combustoid folded its giant triangular cannons and the legs folded up. Third, Blasterate and Doomtronic both turned into arms as their parts and cannons folded, while hands are being formed. Fourth, Roxtor's ball form turned over. Finally, Defentrix was ready as it attached to Combustoid as chest and waist. Then, Clawburk and Fortatron attached to the bottom of Combustoid as the leg, Clawburk on the right and Fortatron on the left. Next, Blasterate and Doomtronic attached to the sides of Defendtrix as arms, with Blasterate as the left arm and Doomtronic as the right arm. Roxtor on the other hand attached to the back of Combustoid, forming a tail. Finally, with the Bakugan in the cockpit, a mechanical head appeared on top of Defendtrix, while like the Turbo Rescue Megazord. "Battle Suit Megazord, ready!" The Brawlers and their partner Bakugan shouted at once. "Woah, look at this" Marucho responded. "So, this is the surprise Mira mentioned" Shun spoke. "No wonder she didn't tell in the first place." Gunz said. "She also had Battle Suits for Skytruss and Orbeum" Melody smiled. "Let's test this baby out guys!" Dan ordered. "This is phenomenal!" Drago spoke. "Got to hand to Mira and Runo" Reptak said. "No kidding, our Battle Suits just combined" Radizen amazed. "I wanna see what it can do." Skytruss started. "You're not the only one." Melody said. "Are you ready Sensei?" Orbeum asked. "Indeed I am." Jaakor answered as the Battle Suit Megazord was ready to fight.

"Uh, Praxina look at that thing!" Mephisto spoke in shock. "I'm trying to think Mephisto. Attack them!" Praxina ordered as the Death Song made another screech, but this time it failed. "Awesome, it even blocked the sound" Dan said. "Let's show them what it can do!" Blythe determined. "Clawburk, Fortatron, fire!" Radizen and Jaakor both shouted as the legs fired light blue and light beams and the Death Song. "Cool, let us try!" Melody volunteered. "Blasterate, Doomtronic, blast!" Skytruss and Orbeum both shouted as the arms both fired light purple beams at Mephisto and Praxina. "Ow, that's hot!" Mephisto responded getting burned. "Stop goofing around!" Praxina told. "Ateruina!" Praxina shouted shooting her red black crystal beam. "Telanac!" Mephisto shouted sending green black crystals at the Battle Suit Megazord. "Okay Roxtor, use your tail!" Blythe ordered as the tail from Roxtor destroyed the crystal magic and protected the Megazord. "Now it's our turn Drago!" Dan cued. "Right. Defendtrix cannons, engage!" Drago roared as the Defendtrix cannons blasting light red beams on the Death Song. "Now for the finale! Ready guys?" Dan asked. "Ready!" The other Brawlers said. "Ready!" The Bakugan said also as the Battle Suit Megazord was charging a powerful attack, with beams charging from the legs, tail, arms and Defendtrix's cannons. "Battle Suit Megazord, Attribute Beam, fire!" The Brawlers and Bakugan all shouted as the Battle Suit Megazord fired the beams, then they combined into a rainbow beam of light. Once the beam made a direct hit, the Black Crystal Death Song was destroyed. "Ah yeah, we did it!" Dan shouted as the Brawlers cheered. "Oh Kletznick!" Praxina responded as she and Mephisto teleported away. "Catch ya later, suckers!" Dan called out.

Moments later, Hiccup, Snotlout and their dragons came out of the cave. "Hey guys, are you okay?" Hiccup asked. "Yeah, we're fine" Blythe answered. "Guys, Mira send us the Battle Suits and we made them combine into this cool Megazord" Melody told. "Wow, that's very impressive." Hiccup observed the Megazord. "And I can't believe I missed it!" Snotlout complained. "At least you guys protected the cave" Shun mentioned as out of the cave, came an Oracle Gem. "An Oracle Gem!" Blythe identified as she touched it, then the Oracle Gem teleported to Ephedia and attached to the crown. "Well, now we know how an Oracle Gem works bud" Hiccup said as Toothless grunted. "You were right Dan, you and Drago found it" Gunz approved. "That explains why Drago sensed it earlier." Dan spoke. "Hey, try not to rub it in, Dan" Marucho told. "You guys were great today. Thank you for helping us out" Hiccup thanked. "Hey no problem." Dan said as he and Hiccup did a firm shake. "Yeah yeah, the friendships, thanking and the Megazord. Now let's go back home" Snotlout said as he and Hookfang flew into the sky, but Hookfang set himself on fire. "Ahh! Hookfang!" Snotlout screamed getting burned. "Oh Snotlout, what a show off" Melody giggled. "Don't mind him. He and Hookfang like to show off, because they adore action too much." Drago commented.

Later that night back at Bakugan City, in Bakugan Land the princesses of Lolirock performed their song 'Celebrate' for everyone, including the Battle Brawlers, Hiccup and Toothless and Snotlout and Hookfang.