Pitch Black stood quietly in front of Lunar. A large book was held in North's hands. Nightlight's star flashed into existence on the floor, marking the completion of his ceremony. The boy of light bowed low then skipped over to stand by Jack, who slapped him on the back and flashed a dazzling smile. Nightlight wore a wonderful costume of a strange, clingy material with glittering crystals that absorbed his natural glow and reflected it out like stars. It had been a gift from the Tsarina, and it looked like the effect encapsulation of Nightlight's being. Sandy shook his hand in congratulations and Toothiana hugged him while Bunnymund smiled and nodded his approval. It was a warm, lovely scene. And then Lunar turned to Pitch, gesturing him over.

Pitch hesitated then walked over. He stopped at the place indicated, and waited. It was his turn to be added to the Guardian's ranks. He was nervous and excited. This would mark a new chapter in what had been a long and mostly lonely life. He stood straight and waited.

Lunar smiled and began. "Will you, Prism Lunanoff, vow to watch over the children of the world. To guard them with your life, their hopes, their wishes, and their dreams, for they are all that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be."

Pitch swallowed then breathed out. "I will."

Lunar nodded, and North closed the book, ready to jump in with his usual zeal, but the Tsar spoke again, and all went still and quiet.

"You are far different from the others, Prism," Lunar said solemnly. "While North protects their wonder, Tooth their memories, Bunnymund their hope, Sandy their dreams, and Jack their fun, you do not do so. Even Nightlight is different from you. He is the Guardian of Light, a light in the dark that guides them, but this is also not your job. Your job, Prism, is not to protect them from fear, for that is impossible. But you are to help them face it. Whether it be thunderstorms, the dark, or even death, you have stood with children for thousands of years without this oath. You were the Guardian of Courage long before now, and I bestow the title with great joy upon you. You are the most worthy Guardian to bear this title because you have faced your fears and come out on top. Do you promise to face the fears of others just as bravely as you have your own?"

Pitch could feel his face grow hot at the praise. He smiled, unable to help himself, and once again agreed.

"I do."

"Then welcome Nightlight, the Guardian of Light, and Prism, the Guardian of Courage!" Lunar cried, clapping his hands with joy.

And the uproar nearly deafened Prism Lunanoff, who couldn't stop a burst of laughter. The flash of prismatic colors lit up the room as another symbol appeared on the floor. The outline of a wolf appeared then filled in with a rainbow light. Prism liked it very much, and Jack bounded over, grinning and laughing with him. Sandy floated over, grinning at the boy.

"I bet this isn't what you thought would happen when you wished for it, did you?"

The noise died down as Prism stopped flashing. He tilted his head. "Jack wished for what?"

"He wished to understand the darkness inside of the rest of us Guardians."

Lunar looked curious. "Really?"

Sandy nodded. "I heard him make the wish, but I didn't understand it at the time."

Prism thought for a moment. "It was granted."

Jack couldn't believe that Sandy had heard him. "I don't think I spoke out loud," he protested.

"Sandy hears all wishes made, especially on his island," Bunnymund said, grinning.

"He was an old Star Captain, remember," Toothiana added.

"And the island itself is the remains of a shooting star," Lunar said. A smile was on his round face. "A wishing star, to be precise."

Prism chuckled and the darkness on his skin lightened for a brief moment. "So we can all thank Jack Frost for this fortuitous set of circumstances."

Jack looked confused so Bunnymund laughed. "All this is your doing," he translated.

Jack shifted, his own face cooling significantly. He knew he was practically glowing blue, but he didn't care. "I'm glad it did," he finally said.

"I think we all are," Prism said.

After the chorus of agreement, they all turned toward their Christmas dinner. Pitch and Jack both looked around then their eyes met. There was no fear in either heart at that moment, and Pitch flashed Jack a smile of his own. Jack returned it, then they both began to fill their plates to really begin their celebration.

Because that's all it was, a beginning, and they all knew there was so much more to come. It was Prism who raised his glass.

"The the Guardians!" he called out.

"The Guardians!" they all echoed. And they all drank.

And this is the final chapter of Prismatic Fractals. It's been a long journey. I posted the remainder of the chapters today to give people a chance to unwind from all of the events that are taking place across the world. Enjoy and let me know what you think of this!