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A Persistent Soul

The light from Momo's healing kido continued to glow brightly as she continued to heal Solana, who was now leaning against a concrete wall near the grave site, with Spiria on her lap.

"So, what is that?" Ichigo asked, pointing at Spiria.

Toshiro sighed. "The creature was originally suppose to be a guardian for souls that haven't passed on and Shinigami haven't done a konso yet," he explained. "But there was an accident, and the subject escaped here to the world of the living and the project was later announced a suspended until it was found." his eyes narrowed upon Spiria until Solana put her hand over Spiria causing Toshiro to shift his gaze to Solana's face, her eyes narrowed with a glare that could pierce.

"Sumimasen, but I can't let you take Spiria," Solana slightly hissed. "When I found her, her eyes were dull from hunger and pain. So if you're planning on taking her away, it'll have to be over my-dead-body," putting emphasis on her last few words.

The group looked at her shocked that she was talking back to a Taisho, but then again she probably doesn't know that. Toshiro sighed and glanced over to Shuuhei, he motioned for him to come closer. Shuuhei did so and leaned down slightly allowing Toshiro to whisper near his ear.

Solana glared defiantly at the two whispering, then looked down at Spiria. Momo noticed her uneasiness and smiled. "Don't worry Kigaijunjou," she reassured. "If I know Shiro, and I do, then he'll do what he can to help."

The uneasiness faded and relief replaced it. "Arigatou Hinamori," Solana thanked with a smile. "It's just that...When I met Spiria, she was feral and didn't want my help. But when one of those monsters attacked, it went straight for Spiria. It was a basic reflex when I jumped in the way of the attack but Spiria seemed shocked. I guess she thought I wasn't going to protect her and just run off."

The shinigami overheard her story and were not too surprised, to say the least. "Heh, I'm not all that surprised she felt that way," Renji commented. "The Taisho of the 12th division is very..."

"Nuts," Ichigo finished for him with a smirk, tilting his head a bit.

Toshiro smirked, Shuuhei, Renji, and Rangiku tried in vein to stifle their laughs and Momo just smiled. "That's one way of putting it," Toshiro added.

Solana just had a confused look on her face as she looked around at the group. "So, I'm guessing he does anything to complete his "experiments"?"

"Hai," Momo replied. "He always seems to have some sort of experiment he's testing."

After a few moments of silence, Momo finished healing Solana to the best of her abilities. "Well, for some strange reason, I couldn't heal all your injuries but-"

"Shinpaishi nai de kudasai," Solana waved it off. "I have a high tolerance for pain, so it's fine." she assured with a smile, Spiria crawled onto Solana's shoulder giving a purr in agreement.

Rangiku walked over beside Toshiro and murmured near his ear. "Urahara would like to know why we're here and what caused the spike in pressure."

Toshiro gave an exasperated sigh. "Of course he would," he looked over to Renji, Shuuhei, Rangiku, and Momo and gave a curt nod, receiving a nod from each in understanding. He then walked over to Solana, clearing his throat, catching her attention. "I apologize, but please follow us." he 'asked', his eyes meeting hers. "There is someone who wants to meet you."

Solana was quiet for a moment then looked at Spiria, then to Ichigo then back to Toshiro. "Will he be coming?" she asked, gesticulating to Ichigo.

Toshiro looked back at Ichigo, "Would you-"

"I don't have a problem with it," he replied. "I just need to let my family know."

Toshiro glanced back to Solana, "Well, you heard it from him."

"Alright, just as long it won't take long," she smiled. "I have to finish up here." she pointed over to the grave site.

They looked over to the memorial site then back to Solana. "What were you doing here anyway?" Shuuhei asked.

Solana glanced over to Shuuhei with sad eyes, "I was cleaning up the site since some group of punks trashed it." Their eyes narrowed as she replied, disgusted that someone would do that. "But I payed them back, in full before I went to work earlier this afternoon." Solana said with a smirk.

"You? Really?" Renji wondered, his brow arching. "You said group how many were there?"

"Um...I think...7 or 8 guys," she replied nonchalantly.

They were quiet for a few moments until Ichigo's chuckle broke the silence. Solana's eyes narrowed as she looked over to him. "And what's so funny?"

"Nothing," he replied still smirking. "I just didn't think you would be into that kind of...stuff."

Solana's glare disappeared an was replaced with a smile, she walked up to him and looked up, (A/N: Solana is only a foot and a half taller than Rukia) "Perhaps you'd like to put that statement to the test."

"Juubun," Toshiro stated, getting everyone's attention. "Let's go, and get this over with." with that said, he began to head down the street. Everyone soon followed with Solana bringing up the back.

Urahara's Shop...

"Youkoso!," a sandy blonde man with a stripped hat, its shadow covering his eyes, welcomed the approaching group. "So what has everyone been up to? And who is this?" he asked, gesturing toward Solana.

"That'll be explained along with why we're here," Toshiro replied sternly and slightly annoyed.

"I'll start making some tea," a tall and well built man said as he turned to leave the room.

"A-ano...sumimasen," Solana murmured but still caught the mans' attention. "D-do you have green tea?"

"Hai," he replied, turning to face her completely.

"D-do you think you could put honey and ginseng in mine?" she stammered. "I-I mean, if you don't have any that's fine! I can just-"

The man raised his hand telling her to stop and she did so, "Daijoubu desu." was all he said as he exited the room.

Solana stood in place dumbfounded and embarrassed. "W-why do I have to be so introverted with new places and people?!" she let out a frustrated sigh and felt a firm-calloused but gentle hand clasp her shoulder. She turned her head to see it was the Shinigami known as Shuuhei.

"Kudasai zaseki ga ari masu," was all he said, guiding her to an open tatami cushion that was next to Ichigo, then sat down next to Momo and Renji.

Silence had engulfed the room for a few minutes after Toshiro explained what had happened earlier, though it felt like hours, until the man named Urahara glanced over to Solana then over to Toshiro and asked his question. "So, you saw a strange hollow attacking this young lady over here?"

"Hai," Toshiro confirmed, with a nod.

Urahara glanced back to Solana, making her feel slightly uncomfortable causing her to fidget on her cushion.

Ichigo noticed this and attempted to ease the tension she was feeling. "Urahara, do you think is was some sort of Arrancar?"

Solana kept her head straight but her eyes glanced at Ichigo. She smiled a bit and put her hand on his, that he used to support himself, and gave a gentle squeeze as thanks and he squeezed back as a 'you're welcome'.

"Possibly, but from the description Hitsugaya Taisho gave, it seems to be more of a phase that is between being a hollow and being an Arrancar." he explained. "But it also was able to fend off all of your shikai attacks until the strange light appeared."

"We should report this to the 12th division," Shuuhei added.

"Right, this information will help us in the future," Toshiro agreed. "Renji, report this Intel to Mayuri."

"Hai," with that he disappeared from the room using shunpo.

That was when the tall man walked in with a tray of cups. He set a cup down in front of everyone and began to fill the cups, except for Solana's which was already filled with cold tea. She took a sip and tasted the honey and ginseng immediately, she glanced over to the man.

"Arigatou Tsukabishi," Momo thanked, taking a sip of her tea.

Solana shifted shyly, "Ano...Tsukabishi," she murmured. "A-arigatou, for the honey and ginseng."

"Douitashimashite," he replied, taking a seat near the door.

After a few moments of silence, though it felt like hours, Solana couldn't take it any longer. "So what does this have anything to do with me?!" she exclaimed, standing up from the tatami cushion causing Spiria, who was asleep on her shoulders, to let out a squeal of surprise.

Everyone looked at her a little surprised at her outburst, Urahara was the one to answer. "Well, we have some questions to ask you."

"Then ask them," she demanded, getting impatient. (A/N: which by the way, is rare.)

"First off, how were you able to see us?" Toshiro asked in a serious tone.

Solana paused a moment to think. "I...I've been able to see the supernatural for as long as I can remember."

Ichigo glanced over to her curiously. "Just like me."

"What was that light that you emitted?" Toshiro asked.

"Light? I don't know," Solana replied a little confused.

"Lastly, how did you come across an escaped science experiment?" Urahara asked.

Solana narrowed her eyes, then placing her hand on Spiria, who fell back asleep on her lap. "I came across Spiria when I was walking home from work. At first, I thought she was a squirrel but as I got closer, she didn't look like any animal I've ever seen before. But when I got closer, I noticed that she looked like she was on the verge of death. That was when a...hollow, I think it was what you called those masked creatures, attacked Spiria but in the condition she was in she wasn't able to get very far. So, I intervened right before it brought down its claws and I took the brunt of the attack." Solana explained, she turned around to face the wall, took off her sleeves that hid burn and gash scars and lifted the back of her shirt, revealing four gruesome slash scars on her back, causing everyone to gasp. She put her shirt back down and pulled her sleeves back up her arms. "After that, Spiria has been with me ever since."

Everyone in the room was shocked, not just her story but her scars as well.

"Woah, how did you survive an injury like that?" Momo asked, still shocked.

"Well luckily, I was close to my home. There, I applied the necessary ointments and called in sick from work for the next few weeks." Solana explained, facing Momo.

"A few weeks? An injury like that would've took longer to heal," Shuuhei retorted.

Everyone seemed to agree and looked back at Solana. "Well, I also work as a medical naturalist, so I've bred and grafted plants that help heal wounds quicker."

Everyone now were dumbfounded, silence once again filled the room until Solana grunted and gripped her head. "Gyah!"

"Solana?!" Ichigo exclaimed, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Nee! Naniga mondaina no desu ka?!"

Momo got up from her seat and knelt next to Solana, trying to ease her pain but to no avail. "Solana?"

Toshiro's eyes narrowed, grabbing his gikon, he swallowed and his shinigami form emerged. "Shuuhei, Renji, let's go."

They followed suit, emerging from their gigai, making their way outside. Urahara sighed, "Seems like I'll be able to meet this strange hollow personally," getting up from his seat and followed the others out.

"Kuh!" Solana gasped in pain, sweat trickling down her forehead. "Th-that thing...from before...it's here," she managed to get out between breaths, her left hand holding her head and her right clutching her shirt on her chest.

Ichigo grimaced, after learning more about Solana he sensed that they were a little alike. He stood up, pulled out his Combat pass and pressed it against his chest, his shinigami form emerging. "Momo, can you look after Solana?"

"Hai, watashini kanojo wo nokoshimasu," she replied with determination.

Hearing her answer, he smirked and gave a thumbs up and headed out the door to join the others. He spotted the strange hollow named Aeron not too far from the shop.

"Oh~, you all want a rematch?" Aeron mused with a smirk. "Alright, then I can collect that delicious girl."

"Anata ha jigoku no you desu!" Ichigo shouted, using shunpo to get close and swung Zangetsu only to slice thin air. "Kuso!"

"Where-?!" Shuuhei stammered only to realize Aeron got right in front of him. "What the-?!" he jumped a few feet back. "Okay, that's it. Reap, Kazeshini!" he called out, releasing his shikai.

"Well well," Urahara mused. "This is a strange one, Hitsugaya Taisho, if possible, I believe the 12th Taisho would want to test some things on this...whatever this is."

Toshiro grimaced but faced forward. "No promises," was all he said before releasing his shikai. "Rain over the frosted Heavens, Hyorinmaru!"

Rangiku followed suit and released her shikai, "Growl, Haineko!" her zanpaktou turned to ash, encircling her.

"Oh~, even the Taisho is gonna play," Aeron mused happily. "Then let's play."

Ichigo and Shuuhei shared a knowing glance, nodding to each other deciding to be a tag team while Toshiro and Rangiku teamed up. The fight ensued once the wind had died down for a moment, as if signaling for the fight to start. Everyone moved so quickly that only someone with a trained eye could follow their movements, which is exactly what Urahara was doing.

"This is new, even for me," he thought. "This abnormal hollow is some how, not only keeping up but matching three high level shinigami and a powerful substitute shinigami."

"Aren't you going to do something, Kisuke?" a sarcastic but strong voice asked, interrupting Kisuke's train of thought.

He just smirked, bringing out his fan and covered the rest of his face. "Yoruichi, when did you get back?" he asked in his all-too-cheery voice.

"Just got back," replied a dark-tanned woman with long purple hair. "You didn't answer my question."

Kisuke sighed. "I don't even think it'd help anyway," he replied. "And I'm sure you know that."

Yoruichi chuckled a bit. "Yeah, I do. The girl was the only one to faze that thing," she gestured to the shop then to Aeron.

"That's what I heard," Kisuke replied.

Momo was kneeling next to Solana, continually trying to ease the crimson-haired girls' pain. "Solana...?"

Solana's eyes glanced over to see Momo's face churned in worry and her eyes full concern, Solana turned her head slightly with a tinge of pain and smiled at her shinigami friend. "Sore ha daijoubu desu, kore yori mo-yori ooku no itami wo norikoe ta," Solana reassured with a small smile.

"Wakatte i masu," Momo replied. "I'm amazed at how much pain you've endured."

"Arigatou, Hinamori," Solana thanked.

"Call me Momo, and I can call you Solana," Momo smiled. "If that's okay?"

"I guess I can't isolate myself forever," Solana thought solemnly, she looked back at Momo and smiled. "I'd like that."

A wide smile graced Momo's face and she gently hugged her new friend. But moments later, Solana screamed out in pain, both her hands gripping her head. "Solana?!"

"Momo..." Solana murmured between breaths.


"Take me...outside...please," Solana turned her head, facing Momo.

Momo saw Solana's fiery determination in her eyes, seeing this, Momo figured Solana had an idea. "Wakari mashi ta," she answered and nodded in understanding. Momo placed Solana's left arm over her shoulders, holding onto her wrist and she placed her arm around Solana's waist, and they gently yet swiftly made their way to the entrance of the shop. They stopped in their tracks to see a flurry of swift sword strikes and fast counters, causing sparks to fly.

"Ah Hinamori," Urahara called to them. "Come to see the action I see."

"Eh? N-no, we came out because Solana has an idea," Momo retorted.

"Really now?" Yoruichi mused. "And what is that?"

Solana looked at the two beside her and Momo with curiosity, but dismissed them and faced toward the fight that was taking place. Her body was screaming from the pain, even if she barely hid it, but she took her arm from Momo's grasp and staggered forward. She quickly noticed a blur appeared right in front of her, but she stood her ground looking Aeron straight in the eyes.

"Solana!" Ichigo shouted out.

"So, my little doll has finally come out of hiding," Aeron mused in a sadistic tone, grabbing Solana's arm but upon making contact with her arm his hand was burned. "GAH!"

"I will not allow you to cause any more discord," Solana stated with authority in her voice. "I will also not stand by while others fight my battles for me."

What she did next shocked everyone, Solana grabbed Aeron's arm, twisting around she put him in an arm lock. He howled in pain at her touch. She continued to pull until she heard a distinct popping sound, she then threw him over her shoulder but still held on to his arm only letting go for a moment. Aeron slowly got to his feet and just when he did, Solana came in close and back-flip kicking him in the jaw but didn't stop. When Aeron staggered backwards he only caught the sight of Solana's foot as she did a spin kick and with the momentum, causing her weighted bead-clip on the end of her loose braid to collide into his temple and he fell with a thud.

Everyone was stunned at the girls' actions but quickly recovered as Solana began to fall back but was caught by Ichigo. She glanced up at him, gasping for air, completely exhausted but she smiled at him and lifted her hand and lightly flicked his forehead. "Let that be a demonstration...of what I'm capable of..." she slurred, welcoming the darkness of unconsciousness, her hand falling onto her lap.

"Solana..." Ichigo murmured


Shinpaishi nai de kudasai = Don't worry about it
Juubun = Enough
Youkoso! = Welcome!
Kudasai zaseki ga ari masu = Please, have a seat
Douitashimashite = You're welcome
Nee! Naniga mondaina no desu ka?! = Hey! What's wrong?!
Hai, watashini kanojo wo nokoshimasu = Yes, just leave her to me
Anata ha jigoku no you desu! = Like hell you are!
Kuso! = Dammit!
Sore ha daijoubu desu, kore yori mo-yori ooku no itami wo norikoe ta = It's alright, I've been in a lot more pain than this
Wakatte i masu = I know
Wakari mashi ta = I understand

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