The Journey Of The Akatsuki Pirates.

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Chapter 1:

"Why are you drinking here alone without me? I'm so lonely without you by my side." Jae-ha whined childishly while he was walking to the sofa to plopped next to Gi-Gan.

"Don't lie, you little punk! You were enjoying the moments with the group of pretty ladies." Gi-Gan chuckled. Jae-ha put his hand around Gi-Gan's shoulder and looked at her sincerely.

"You know what? If you're twenty years younger, I would have courted you, Gi-Gan senchou." Jae-ha spoke truthfully.

Gi-Gan almost spat out the beer she was drinking at that time. The thought of dating Jae-ha left a foul taste in her mouth. She attempted to swat his arm away but he dodged it swiftly like an annoying fly, laughing all the way.

The aged captain had a ticking vein when Jae-ha evaded all her attempts and managed to hug her.

"I've been treating you as my Mother ever since I joined the crew, thank you for your love and concern for me. I will never let you be alone. Never…" Jae-ha murmured softly, eyes closed and face twisted slightly with pain. He could not bear to leave his captain alone.

"Don't lie! I will never fall for your trap. You're a hundred years too early, brat! Go and join Yona and her friends. Yona is a brave girl. Go have fun, I don't want to see you again." Gi-Gan huffed. She inhaled from her smoking pipe and pushed Jae-ha away.

"Well...well...I shall take my leave now, madam." Jae-ha stood up and walked into the shadow.

Yona sat down and looked at the sky sadly. "I killed...a man…" Yona mumbled under her breath as she covered her face. Her hunched shoulders trembled. She closed her eyes and her face contorted with agony.

Even if she made up her mind about killing, she could not help but recall that night when Su-won killed her Father, the blood..his cold and indifferent a murderer.

Was she like that now? Had she done the right thing? Will her Father be disappointed in her? ...Why did Su-won betray her dad? She didn't know. Her heart was in so much pain. There was just so much that she didn't know. The leaves rustled and interrupted her thoughts.

"What are you doing here?" Hak's voice filled the area and he appeared before Yona. Yona wiped off her tears hastily with her sleeves and gave a shaky smile to Hak.

"Nothing, I was just enjoying the breeze." Hak's eyes narrowed, having caught on the obvious lie but did not comment on it. Instead, he dropped his weapon and laid down beside Yona. Using his hands as a pillow, he gazed at the night sky. The silence continued and it was peaceful. Yona broke the moment with her voice filled with conviction.

"Everyone had started to call me Yona, but I want you to call me princess, Hak. I want you to remember my Father as a king." Yona told Hak. Her eyes lit with a rekindled fire.

"Yes, princess. Whatever you wish." Hak answered to the order. He glanced at Yona. Yona having heard his reply, closed her eyes and leaned against his shoulders. A smile settled comfortably on her face.

(Next day)

All the crew members who had fought hard, woke up and were forced to return back to their own life as a fisherman.

Yona and her friends decided to continue on with their journey of finding the four dragon.

"Thank you for your care and concern, I will miss you so much!" She beamed.

"Have a great trip ahead, I knew that you possessed a power to lead people, I will miss you too….Stay safe." Gi-Gan patted her head lovingly just like how a mother would.

After bidding goodbye, Yona and her friends continued with their journey. Taking a few steps forward, Yona suddenly stopped and ran back to Gi-Gan, tears falling in process. She hugged Gi-Gan tightly and sobbed in her warm embrace.

"I feel that you are like my mother. I...I have decided that I want to sail with you to the sea. I want to stay with you. We will form a pirate crew." Yona announced with resolution. Everybody's jaw dropped at Yona's decision.

(Hak's POV)

What? I can't believe we are going to be pirates! The princess sure exceeds my expectations. I hope that this would not bring us unnecessary trouble. I don't want to clash with the marines or any others with the legendary fruit. It was why Kouha wanted nothing to do with the Pirates and marines anyway.

But why Yona made this decision, what about Su-Won? He was a betrayal and he broke our promise. He could have married Yona and became the king, I would have protect him and Yona too! Why did you betray our friendship? Why…

But wherever the princess go, I shall follow. This is a new journey I guess.

"Are you sure? You know my rule. I don't want to keep an useless brat that can't do anything for me.' Gi-Gan said in a half-joking, half-sincere nodded her head resolutely. The action was cute in the eyes of everyone.

"Where is Jae-ha, Cap' Gi-Gan?" Yona asked, wondering where the flirt disappeared to.

"Actually he has been hiding in the grass over there for quite some time now." Kija smirked while pointing to the general direction of Jae-ha.

"Ah...I'm caught. Why did you break the surprise?" Jae-ha pouted as he shot a playful glare towards Kija and Kija huffed.

"Anyway I had already decided to join you after seeing your perseverance during Captain's test. You are different from the people I know." Jae-ha explained. Yona grinned after hearing the news, overjoyed that they had gained another comrade.

"Who's sailing down the sea?" Gi-Gan shouted.

"Aye-aye! captain!" They shouted back.

(Yona's POV)

Ah…. This place was so wonderful…. So fun…. I will never forget their help and sacrifice for me. Thank you so much… I waved at the fishermen who fought with us. May we meet again one day.

Hmm… We should decide on a name for ourselves.

"Ahem- Captain, should we decide on a name for ourselves?" Yona inquired when they all gathered on deck to have lunch.

3rd person POV

"Right. Let's decide on a crew name since we are doing this seriously." Gi-Gan murmured before continuing, "Personally, I think loyalty is the most important values to be a great pirate. We should name ourselves the loyal pirates."

"Nah, captain~. Freedom is the most important thing in life. We should choose the freedom pirates~." Jae-ha sing-songed


"White represents purity. We should be named the white angels which totally describes the princess!" innocent idiot exclaimed.

"Crawling insects pirates will be the best. Watching the white snake freak out will be interesting…" Hak muttered and let out a creepy laughter. "Fufufufu…"

Yun deadpanned. "No, I think 'Idiots' will be the most suitable, this group is filled with them after all."

Yona laughed, amused at the scene before her. Suddenly, she paused and looked towards the sky. The lack of laughter drew the attention to her and she said softly, "Hey, how about 'Akatsuki'? It represents dawn and the Akatsuki pirates have a nice ring to it."

While they were in their own world, a fluffy yellowish hair with a dirty face was eating the meat that they had barbecued on the boat for their celebration.

No one noticed that the boy was there, too busy discussing (read: fighting) on what to name their pirate crew.

"I think that Akatsuki is a great name, let's choose that!" The boy suddenly voiced out.

They were all flabbergasted when they saw the boy. However, the other three dragons broke out into cold sweat and they looked in disbelief.

"Guys? I think that this boy is the yellow dragon, I always sense him around but he was so near that I thought that I was wrong...You understand my feelings, right?" Kija bit his lips and directed the question to his fellow dragons. They remained silent even though one of them is mostly silent. The rest of the crew were speechless.

"Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Zeno, I'm the yellow dragon. Nice to meet you! I will follow you to anywhere you go, Little miss!" Zeno exclaimed and Kija bristled at the informality he is giving Yona.

"But you didn't even know me, why would you follow me?" Yona asked in surprise.

"There is no reasons. I just have faith in you…" Zeno murmured. (He totally did not stalk her under the excuse of deeming her worthy or anything. He did not.)

This was the beginning of their journey.

[Chapter 1]


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