Chapter 2

(Gi-Gan POV)

"Where should we go next on our journey?" Yona asked.

"I don't know, it depends on the heaven." I answered.

Yona then went to train her sword skills with Hak, determined to make improvements. Such a cute couple! Ah...young love~

Yun, being a such hardworking fellow, went to read the books.

Kija was admiring his own hand and Jae-ha was flirting with me. Aish… What a cunning fellow.

Shin-ah was daydreaming while Zeno was eating.

Wait…. What!? Are you kidding me? That good-for-nothing brat was trying to eat my one-month's food of which I have saved up for us to eat?! Stupid kid.

But… he really completes the family doesn't he. The four dragons are gathered together, just like the legend.

Sigh… I guess we have to stop at an area to buy food supply.

"I have decided that we should stop by at a place. You know that a hungry little yellow fellow is making our food supply disappear really quickly again." I said with an annoyed tone.

Zeno looked up, gave a bright grin,and laughed sheepishly.

Yona POV

" Do you know where Hak is?' I asked Jae-Ha.

"Over there. He's sleeping as it was his turn for night watch ' He explained.

I walked towards Hak and looked at his face. His face was so relaxed…. I had never seen him like this at all. I think this was the first time I had seen Hak's sleeping face. He was so cute. I touched his hair but it seemed like I woke him up by accident.

"Did they finished buying the food supply?" Hak asked as though nothing had happened.

Just then, my friends walked towards me.

"Wow Zeno, you even bought clothes. Did you have money enough for that?" I asked curiously.

"Big sister bought it for me." He grinned.

"We bought it for him. It's great to see you all so lively and well." A girl with long hair said.

It was Ayura and Tetora!

"It was a gift for this cute boy. Thank you for taking care of us last time and saving our water tribe. To celebrate our reunion, I had another gift for you, would you like to have a cup?" Tetora smiled.

"That's how you drank the drug right?" Hak said jokingly.


Su-Won POV

The five tribe's meeting is over, finally over.

"Lord Tae-Won, you've worked hard." I smiled.

"I'll be leaving first…"Tae-Won murmured and he left.

My face turned black and I was speechless upon hearing that.

"By the way, your Majesty is almost 19, it's about the age for you to get a wife!" General Geun Tae exclaimed.

"Who can introduce someone….. It will be nice if I had a daughter". General Geun Tae sighed.

"What about my beautiful daughter?" General Joon-Gi appeared suddenly.

"Lili is not in Suiko right now, but if your Majesty wishes to see my daughter, I will immediately call her." He chirped.

"It's not the time to suggest this for I have heard that a lot of things have happened in the water tribe!" I changed the topic quickly.

"Shisen and Sensui's smuggling organization are the main causes. The Water Tribe's drug problem is still the same as I had said in the meeting." He said sadly.

"It's just as your Majesty has feared, this is probably not just the Water Tribe's problem anymore….."

The Akasuki Pirates had to stop nearby as they needed food supply urgently since there was not any left in the boat .

The territory of the Water Tribe, Kouka's most beautiful land surrounded with greenery and water. It is renowned for its sightseeing destination. It is said the people who live there drift to and fro like the water. They are calm and don't like conflict.

Yona POV

I was looking forward to seeing the water tribe but all I see was rain….

"Speaking of the Water Tribe, it's famous for having graceful and elegant woman. Since we are here, we adults ought to have some fun." Jae-Ha exclaimed.

"Shut up you little punk! We came here because we had a mission to help someone, stop thinking about girls!" Gi-Gan punched him on his face.

"I thought it would be fun if we went together!" Jae-Ha pleaded.

Seeing his excited face, I had no choice but to agree and we all went out together.

However….. About this town, there's something strange….. This place might be lying in even deeper darkness, but I'm not sure….

"What's wrong Yona?" Yu asked.

"Something…. I feel like someone is watching us." I looked around.

"Look, a dead person!" Yu shouted.

There was a dead man floating in the lake.

"The people living here are really strange. Even though someone is dead, no one is surprised at all. Not a single person is batting an eyelid." Hak said.

This town…. What's happening here…..

"Are you a traveller? You shouldn't stay in this town for long, people and corpses are broken by drugs so it's not an uncommon occurrence in this town" An old man who passed by told us.

"Kai empire, or should I say southern Kai's merchants, have been smuggling a drug called 'Nadai' into the Water Tribe coastal towns" He explained.

I can't believe what he had said, the peacefulness and beauty had been chipped by this drug. I am going to find the Kai Empire and deal with them.

"I will help to regain the peacefulness of the town and we will destroy the Kai empire" I reassured him.

"We should leave this town immediately! If you get involved in this, you will die! Please listen to me!" Jae-Ha shouted.

"No way! I'm not gonna to leave this town when the people need me and I have the duty to help them, I want to fight the people's suffering!" I said firmly.

"She's right, Jae-Ha. Remember that time when we decided to fight against Kumji, it was because we wanted to save the people who were suffering there. Don't forgot our existence,we as pirates should save anyone who need help and fight against justice!" Gi-Gan clenched her fists.

The other dragons and Hak nodded their heads.

" I understand…." Jae-Ha murmured.

Jae-Ha POV

That's right, I should know it by now. The fact that she won't give up. It was a mistake trying to stop them from doing the right thing. When I'm with her, I felt really happy.

Lady's Lili POV

I saw a suspicious group of seven people and the green-haired Maij was wearing clothing from Kai empire. They must be smugglers from southern Kai. I would investigate those guys.

"Ayura, Tetora, stop hiding and come out now! I need your help, I'm getting out of here and going to Shisen." I ordered them.

I'm different from my father. I must save the Water Tribe.

~Water Tribe Coast:Shisen Port~

They were the suspicious people that I saw earlier. There were men with silvery-white and green hair and a man who wore a mask. The man were suspicious but the girl in the centre….. Oh no,the squirrel saw us, we better run away. Since it's getting dark, we'll stayed at an inn for today.

~Next day~

What is this, this is just a regular bar. Wait… What!? They were entertainers. The girl was a dancer!

"Let me through." I told the man who looked very lethargic.

"That hurts…." He murmured and grabbed my hand.

"Let me go!" I screamed.

He slapped my face. There was blood…. Why is nobody looking this way? I want to go back to the castle. No. Help me father. Just then, a tall young man with a feminine face kicked his face.

Yona POV

Gi-Gan proposed me to be the bait at a regular bar to test the reaction of the people there. It seemed that if I became a 'happy' dancer, the jealousy and brutality of the people possessed by the 'Nadai' will be forced out. The people using 'Nadai' will seek out their providers. If I do well, I might get valuable information about 'Nadai' from the people who became brutal or the surrounding people.

"What happened dancing girl, dance some more,more! More! More! Smile for us!" Two of the people grabbed my clothes.

They started stabbing and slashing the innocence.

"Let go of me, these people are not sane, they are also messed up by Nadai!" I shouted.

There were too many people. My friends were having a hard time protecting me.

Just when he was about to stab me, he collapsed. I was surprised and I looked around. Then, I heard an child-like voice.

"I was just enjoying myself here, why did you disturb me?"

In a few seconds, the people had all collapsed. I turned to look at them. There were 8 of them in total, who were they? Some of them don't even look human!

"Thank your for saving me."

"It's fine! I'm Luffy! I am going to be the pirate king! Shishishi!" The black haired boy, dressed in a red shirt, blue bermudas and a red sash, introduced himself and gripped his strawhat. He smiled widely.

' I'm Chopper. I'm the doctor in the crew'. A cute little reindeer,with a blue nose, A BLUE NOSE, murmured shyly, hiding behind a robot?!

"Aish… Luffy, why did you start introducing yourself?But anyway, I'm Sanji. I'm the amazing chef in the crew. Nice to meet you, mademoiselle." A man, with bright golden hair, who's nose was bleeding and shaking Yona's hand vigorously said sweetly. He was donned in a formal suit.

Yona laughed awkwardly while glancing at him worriedly.

That amount of blood was not healthy.

The guys of the Akatsuki Crew was glaring daggers at him.

"I'm Zoro. I am going to be the best swordsman in the world." The moss head man with a scar said in determination. His overall appearance was just green. He yawned.

"SUPERRR! I'm Franky. Nice ta' meet'cha." The robot man said, putting his huge forearms together to form a weird pose. Hak covered Yona's eyes due to the fact that Franky was only wearing an underwear.

"I'm Brook. I am not dead yet. I like to sing. Yohohoho!" The skeleton man laughed, pulling out a tea set from nowhere. Kija stared at the afro in wonder.

" I'm Nami, the navigator in the crew, I liked money and mikans." The girl with orange wavy hair, blue tattoo on her left shoulder and wearing a green and white bikini and jeans said. The more innocent dragons, like Kija and Shin-ah blushed at the amount of skin she was revealing.

"Fufufufu. I'm Robin. I am an archaeologist and historian who seeks comfort and freedom to study the mysteries of the world." A girl who was wearing a pair of sunglasses at her forehead and a long pink sari-like skirt with a partially-zipped purple leather vest with a V-neckline chuckled.

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