Diamond loved Libitania Desidenius, the thief that she had grown up with. Her friend who she met accidentally in the streets of Whiterun. Her friend who she survived Helgen with. Who always had her back and protected her through thick and thin.

Farkas loved Lilian Camobrook. The lost soul Kodlak brought into The Companions, the assassin that was dragged from the pits of Cidhna Mines. Her cockiness and bravado gained his attention, and it was her passion that gained his heart. Farkas loved the broken girl that had been a slave.

Nassari loved Solantir. She loved the spirit and soul and Queen's potential to save this tragic world. She loved the defender of the weak and the determination and heart that had brought her there.

And now, Skyrim loves Erelia Glendeylin. The long lost heir of a forgotten race. The Queen who had survived the extermination of her kind, and the hardships of when life tried to break her. They love her beginnings and everything she is after that, and everything she is now. They love all of her.

Fire. Darkness. Dust and blood and shadow. That was what made Libitania Desidenius.

But now, embracing her identity as Erelia Desidenius Glendeylin, she will fill the world with her light – her gift. She will light up the darkness, so brightly that all who were lost or wounded or broken will find their way to it, a beacon for those who still dwell in that abyss.

Light will drive out the darkness.

She will remake this world – remake it for them, those she had loved with a glorious, burning heart; a world so brilliant and prosperous that war and hatred will be a distant memory. She will build it for her people, who have survived this long, and whom she will not abandon. She will make for them a kingdom such as there has never been, even if it took until her last breath.

She is their hope. She is their Queen.

Warmth. Light. Hope and love and triumph. This is what makes Erelia Desidenius Glendeylin.