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The first 2 chapters are on Gintoki's thoughts during episode 314.

"Your sword..."

Yoshida Shouyou, a man, a kind man who took him in, cared for him, taught him kendo and bushido, his way of life, living and of course, his father figure in life, flashed before Gintoki eyes, as he recounted that memory.

"Cannot reach me."

Before getting replaced by Utsuro, his sword style, his smile, all showed resemblance of Shouyou-sensei and it made Gintoki waver.

Because a small flame of hope, fueled by the belief that seeing is believing, was ignited that Shouyou-sensei could be alive.

It was a case where his head said no but his heart said yes.

(There's no way

Is there?)

But of course reality had to make it so that his sensei was going to kill him, with Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu, of all things.

He stares at his evil doppelganger teacher, as Utsuro swings the sword at his neck, thinking that it's fine that he's going to die by his teacher, since Gintoki killed him.

The cup is half-empty now.


The water in the cup ripples.

A voice, Kagura's voice, screamed into his ears, his very soul, praying, begging him to wake up from the past and

to not die.

He woke up.

No longer stuck in the past, (because there's no way is that... that monster Shouyou-sensei) he caught the sword that he vaguely noted was from Sougo, who immobilized Utsuro's other arm, thanked Sougo and Kagura in his mind and finally stood firm in the belief that he should, no, need to move on

because Shoyo-sensei is not here anymore


because he has found friends who supported and will support him through thick and thin.

Ah, not friends,


The cup is half-full now.

"My sword may not reach you but our swords will."

He took in a breath,

"Be gone, specter."

And swung his steel sword down firmly, onto Utsuro's shoulder before picking up his bokuto, his new life and future, and swung both swords firmly at the specter of his past, sending Utsuro flying.


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