Some stuff to note: Modern AU… sort of?

The war veteran wakes up with a start, once again dreaming of the sound of guns firing, bombs exploding, people crying out (in anguish and pain and for courage and revenge).

Basically, the war he fought in.

It was a nightmare, one where he was fighting, punching and kicking and shooting, fighting to survive, dodging and blocking against- did it really matter who they were fighting against?

Because, really, on the battlefield, the winners can at least console themselves by counting what they have left while the defeated can only count what they have lost.

Because, everyone has a home they can go back to and the defeated, the dead, cannot. People crying over their loved ones, lost to a horrible, horrible, meaningless war, while others celebrate, for their loved ones had come back and survived by killing other's loved ones.

All because of a war and their different beliefs, which caused people to fight for different sides.

What was the meaning of war, if all his friends were livingfightingdead at the end of it all? What was the point of war if afterwards all that was left corpses and destroyed battlefields, which may once had been a village, a home, for the

civilians who were innocent?

At the end of the nightmare, before he woke up, he was searching through corpses, to find if anyone was alive and breathing.

He had found one then, one of the nameless soldiers in the troop under him, but nooooooo, he died while he was carrying him, all the while whispering (or was he shouting?) to him, (or was he saying it for himself?) to don't give up and hang in there, you will be alright soon!

But then, he, no, his corpse, he realized, whispered back "You can't protect anyone." And there were voices all around him, the corpses, he noted duly, whispered the same thing to him. He ignored them because he had to get him to treatment fastnowpleasedontdie.

A corpse then pulled his leg, which caused him to trip and he was fallingfallingfalling into a dark abyss and-

He shot up, cold sweat flowing down his face, panting loudly, nearly to the point of hyperventilation before realizing that it was just a nightmare.

He stared at the bedsheets, mind empty with the only thoughts being it's that nightmare again.

Seeing as he cannot fall back to sleep, he got off his bed and went to pour himself a cup of water in the kitchen of his rented apartment.

He was lucky, kind of, that on the verge of death after the war, when he thought all was lost, an old lady, who is now his current landlady, nursed him back to health. He had sworn back then, to repay the debt by protecting her life.

Well, paying rent was a whole other case.

Currently, he is working as the boss of Yorozuya Gin-chan. Suffice to say, he cannot pay rent nor his two employees.

And he spends it all on lottery and alcohol and Shounen Jump anyways. already

What a great boss he is.

But it is weird, that even though he does not pay his employees or rent, they do not leave him and nor does he get kicked out.

Ah well, a lot of things has happened since he started his business as well as living here and maybe, just maybe, he grew on them. Or did they grow on him?

Whatever the case, he smiles as he pours himself a cup of water, he will protect them because the weight on his back wasn't as heavy as before. It seems that this weight could even protect him at times.

Would his teacher be proud of him now, now that he has so many people he can count on?

He drinks silently, deep in his thoughts to the point where he didn't notice his other apartment-mate's presence until she called his name.

"Gin-chan, you can't sleep-aru?" A 14-year old redheaded girl asks drowsily, rubbing her eyes followed by yawning with her mouth open.

He grunted a response, walking back to his room, patting her head on his way.

"You should go back to sleep too." He says before stretching and closing the door to his room.

He falls asleep after tossing and turning for a while.

The next morning shines too bright and early for him and he glares at the ceiling before hearing his other employee calling his name.

Yes, the red-headed girl is one of the two employees under him. Whatever you do, do not underestimate her petite size. She can pack a hard punch well, due to her having a black belt in karate.

More than often not, he is her punching bag. Those times however, he deserves it for spending their hard-earned money on lotteries so it sort of evens out.

He quickly brushes his teeth before changing into a pair of black jeans, a black collared t-shirt with a red outline and a long-sleeved jacket with white and blue wave patterns on it.

He then strolls into the living room of his rented apartment, where his employees were waiting for him.

"Good morning, Gin-san." A black haired boy with glasses greets him.

"Hey Gin-chan, I'm starving!" The red haired girl complains, cradling a white dog in her arms which barks at her.

Ah, he had forgotten that it was his turn to cook breakfast today. He waves back at them and heads to the kitchen to make it.

The black haired boy, Shinpachi was a drop out, due to his father who left them with a dojo and debts. He did leave them some money as well as insurance but it all got used up so he and his sister are both drop outs who are working.

Shinpachi met him in a restaurant, where he was being bullied by the manager. He saved him but then made him the scapegoat of the incident due to the manager calling the police.

Shinpachi's sister then found out that her younger brother got kicked out from his job by a silver permed hair guy and threatened him for compensation.

However, while doing so, a debt collector came by and she was sent to a cabaret due to the debt rising.

One look at Shinpachi's face when he looked at his sister made him decide quickly what the best choice was. They saved his sister and the incident cemented Shinpachi as his employee.

The red haired girl, Kagura, was a traveller. She studies via online due to her father being a big shot out there. She then travelled here, where she got lost and had to join a gang to feed herself as well as Sadaharu, her pet dog by fighting for them.

Shinpachi and him met her while driving his motorcycle, through an accident. Even though she got hit, she recovered within minutes and was even able to fight off the enemies chasing after her using an umbrella which could deflect and shoot bullets.

She proudly shows it off after she got recruited by threatening them, explaining that it was a gift from her father with the latest technology. Her goal was to earn enough money to continue traveling but she ended up staying with them even after her father found her.

Ah. How nostalgic. How long ago did all these happen? What with their daily comedic routine; it made it seem like the war he took part in didn't even exist.

Was the result of the chaotic war this peace?

He expertly flips an egg onto a plate and switches off the fire after he was done, serving his protégés breakfast.

Friendly banter was exchanged between the three of them and he smiles inwardly at how peaceful it all is.


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