Arlen here, this is the start of a massive mega-crossover series that I've had forming in my head since around this time last year, I'd really appreciate a lack of flames lest we accidentally burn down the internet. In all seriousness though, constructive criticism is highly appreciated.

Disclaimer: I Don't own the RWBY series, all rights for it go to RoosterTeeth, and Monty Oum(R.I.P.)

Read and enjoy...

All the completely badass people out there had to start somewhere right? They all had to have been your average, run-of-the-mill kid at some point, and I'm no different in that regard. I'm not really sure what type of story mine should be classified as. It sure as hell wouldn't be a coming-of-age story, in another few decades I'll be having my 50,000th birthday. I'd flip Mother Nature the bird, but she'd probably send a mildly-sentient earthquake after me like that time in the Sahara on groundhog-day. Seriously, never piss her off.

Aaaanyway, let's get back on topic, apologies for the ramblings of a 49,963-year-old man.

With all the crazy things I've seen over the ages, part of me feels like the beginning of it all was, in a way, just too mundane to be the truth. Don't get me wrong, I've read the rather… Detailed report from the morgue, but I'm well past over that whole dying thing. Oh right, forgot to explain that, didn't I?

At the beginning of it all I was just a 19-year-old college student with a bad case of social anxiety, a huge processing-speed-delay, and the social-emotional maturity of someone three to five years younger than me. Well, that is until an amusement park zip-line I was riding snapped, sending me straight onto the Go-Kart track.

Yep it's amazing what an 80-foot fall, a few Go-Karts, and a serpentine being of near-limitless power can do for a rather lonely teen with a figure that's the very definition of the term beanpole.

I'd like to say 'on with the show!', but before I do there's one last thing I feel obligated to add. Depending on where you're reading this from, and on your age/social, emotional, and mental maturity this story may not be suitable reading material for you. Not everything can be properly described with Euphemisms, after all. That is, assuming you're even able to read the language this is written in in the first place…

A/N: that's a wrap for the prologue, this is gonna be one hell of a wild ride! :D And before anyone asks, a processing-speed delay is an actual L.D. (learning disability) and having it basically means my brain processes information more slowly than most people, so my writing and typing speed is slower.

Information on facial expressions and body language also get processed more slowly, so although I'm surprisingly adept at reading people, I'm left feeling nearly clueless in many social situations, hence the social anxiety. And yes this is kind of a Self-Insert, bite me... No, not litera-*CHOMP*-yeeeooww! F**** that hurts!


Anyway, please drop me a review if you feel like it while i go nurse my semi-imaginary injured extremity.

_Arlen Out_