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Two Types of Magic

Ch1- Take strange magic, and double it….


{Kane Chronicles POV}

Sadie woke to the crisp white snow and the all too familiar sound of screaming, 'The twins have been at it again!' she thought as she tumbled out of bed and onto the floor. Dawn and Dusk had come to them from England 1 ½ years ago (when they were eleven) and were constantly pulling pranks. Both of them decided to follow the path of Set and were usually found summoning up storms in the great room. The girls looked considerably different to say they were supposedly identical twins; Dusk kept dying her platinum blonde hair black, and Dawn spent a remarkable time outdoors so what would have been drastically pale skin was now a tanned colour and sprinkled with freckles. Dusk also only wore black whereas Dawn wore brighter colours like green and blue. One of the only similarities left was their eyes, those creepy, stormy grey eyes looked as cold as ice and deadly enough to kill you with one glare.

Sadie wandered out of her room and down to where the screaming was coming from. As she pulled the crimson streaks of hair out of her face the realised the noise was coming from Jaz's room. Opening the door she saw Jaz lying on her bed with her hair tied around the bed posts. When Jaz saw Sadie she calmed down and pointed towards her wardrobe. As soon as Sadie opened the wardrobe door two smallish figures shot out and ran out of the room. 'Tas!' Sadie yelled, directing the spell at the twins. Seconds later, Dawn and Dusk fell to the floor tangled in pink ribbons. 'I see you've been watching The Spiderwick Chronicles again,' The twins nodded, 'I'll let you out of the bind when I've cut Jaz's hair off her bed posts.'

When Jaz was free and Dawn and Dusk were no longer binded they headed down to breakfast. Amos, Walt, Felix, Felix's penguins, Alyssa, Cleo were sitting at the breakfast table, well, not sitting exactly, they were trying to get Shelby off the table, Cleo was able to get Khufu off but no-one had been successful at getting the five year old off. 'Dawn, Dusk!' Walt called from the farthest end of the table, 'Shelby likes you guys, maybe you can get her off!'

'Fine,' Dawn started.

'But it was much more fun,' Dusk continued

'Watching you guys try,'

'Because you were failing,'

''So bad!'' They both finished.

After about ten minutes Shelby was off the table and everyone was calmly eating there breakfast when Carter suddenly ran out onto the balcony with Zia not far behind. It only took the two words he was about to say to send everyone into extreme panic, and all the details could send some unexpected people into further panic…


'Jaz, Walt, Sadie, Carter and the twins need to stay. Felix, penguins, Alyssa, Cleo, go to your rooms and don't leave until you are told to. Shelby can stay too, she hasn't eaten enough' Amos said calmly to the initiates. As soon as they were gone, Sadie started to yell.


'Be calm Sadie, we do deserve some peace and the set animal shouldn't have come back this quick, but he has so we have to deal with him.' Amos calmly told her.

'Why do you call it Leroy?' Jaz asked, but no-one payed attention to her.

'Where is Leroy at the moment?' questioned Walt.

'At a magic school near Scotland.' Replied Carter, with extreme panic.

'Then what's the problem, the English and Scottish magicians will take care of him and if it's a magic school even better!' Walt inquired, obviously content with the situation now.

'Well there's no more English or Scottish magicians, there all here,' Carter stated, 'Plus, the school isn't for magicians, it's for witches and wizards…'

Everyone grimaced. Dawn and Dusk shared a nervous look that no-one else saw.

'What's the school called?' The twins asked in unison after a while.



Everyone at the table turned around to the pool thinking it was just Phillip asking for bacon and were alarmed when they found out that someone had just fallen into the pool. The person who had fallen in was clearly a girl and when she climbed out they saw who it was.

'Gen!' they all exclaimed in surprise.

The girl who had just got out was Genevieve, she had tan coloured skin and remarkably dark brown hair. She had broad shoulders and quite tall. She wasn't a magician, but she could still perform magic and see magical things somehow.

She only turned 14 in October so she was about the same age as Sadie (she also acted a lot like Sadie, with her sarcasm and sharp tongue), and came from England with the twins. She was fairly happy for someone who specialized in Necromancy and explosions. She could do most basic magic like everyone else, but you couldn't teach it to her, she just picks it up, like the ice magic she learnt by hanging out with Felix. Last but not least, she does it with her hands only. She was very strong and useful in hand to hand combat, but she was also uncommonly head-strong. Nova rarely had her head out of a book and since Felix (who was to turn 14 in a few months) was her best friend, she devolved the same weird obsession with penguins as well.

'Yes, I'm here.' she mumbled.

'Why did you just fall into Philip's pool?!' Sadie asked loudly and in a very confused manner.

'Well, I'm just here giving Phillip some bacon and I hear you talking about Hogwarts!' Nova grumbled in reply.

'What's so bad about this Hogwarts place that makes people fall into swimming pools?!'

'Doesn't matter, are we going to deal with Leroy or not?'

'Yeah, girls, can you open a portal?' She said to the twins.

'Sure!' they replied and ran off to do so.

'Shelby can stay here with me, won't you Shelby?' Amos asked her.

'Urrrrmmmm…Okay!' She chirped


Finally, after a long day of traveling, they were at the front of Hogwarts, since they were magic as well, they got past the barriers and into the castle with no problem. Nova had notified them that the students would be at dinner and Carter had added that they don't know Leroy is there. They crept though the huge school until they found Leroy outside what Genevieve told them was The Great Hall (when asked how she knew she said she had read about it).

{Harry Potter Characters POV}

The Great Hall was buzzing with chatter when Dumbledore stood up to speak.

'Well students, we are just entering December so decorations for Christmas will be going up as of this Sunday. As usual we will hav-'

Dumbledore's announcement was cut short by loud banging noises just outside the door. It sounded as if someone was having a fight outside but no-one wanted to go out and check. After about 5 or so minutes listening to the sounds of fighting an unfamiliar but definitely female voice came from behind the doors.


'I DON'T KNOW,' a male voice-which one could only assume was this Carter fellow's voice- responded, 'BUT RIGHT NOW SADIE, WE HAVE A BIGGER PROBLEM!'

'SHELBY!' two new, seemingly younger, British, female voices said in unison, 'HOW DID YOU GET HERE AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON LEROYS HEAD?!'

'Who's Leroy?' Ron stupidly questioned.

'Like we're going to know!' Hermione told him, slapping his arm slightly.

'ME KILL BAD LEROY!' came the voice of someone who was by far younger, 4 or 5 maybe and a 4/5 year old called Shelby should not be trying to kill anyone, let alone what was probably a monster called Leroy! 'KILL KILL KILL!'

The youngster giggled before a kind of stabbing noise came from outside and all the monster like noises stopped.

'I follow you through portal! I never go through portal before! It fun! I also get to kill set monster Leroy!' the child rambled through giggles.

'Well that's who Leroy is then.' Hermione said to the very confused looking ginger with and even more confused looking Harry, Neville, Seamus and Dean behind him. Looking round, Hermione realised everyone but her and Luna were confused (to be fair Luna was just staring off into space), so she stood up and informed everyone as to what the set animal was (because its Hermione, of course she knew!). After a short explanation, the child, who they all just assumed to be Shelby, was coming to the end of her ramble.

'Alright Shelby, that's great and all but now we have explain to the wizards and witches why we're here.' Said an older male voice, he wasn't an adult but he sounded older than the rest of the people they had heard.

'Yeah, I suppose,' came the first female voice-or who they had decided was Sadie, 'how do you suggest we do it, Mr Wikipedia?'

'I do wish you wouldn't call me that.' That Carter fellow mumbled.

'Why of course, brother dear, I promise not to do it again.' The Sadie girl said in a sickly sweet voice that was dripping with sarcasm.

'Riiiggghhhttt….' He responded, 'we're gonna in and I'M gonna do all the talking, Sadie.'


{Kane Chronicles POV}

Sadie pushed open the huge pair of double doors and everyone else followed her in. Carter spoke first.

'So, you're all probably wondering what we're doing in your school,' he started, 'well, we just had to defeat a- whoaaahh!' Sadie pushed him out of the way and continued herself.

'My brothers an idiot so I'm going to do the explaining,' Sadie smirked as Carter picked himself up off the floor. 'We came here from Brooklyn to destroy the set animal, or Leroy as we call him, Shelby got rid of him with her crayons so we'll just be going now.'

'Or not!' The Twins called from the back of the group.

'What ya'll mean?' Jaz asked worriedly.

'We opened a portal home and went through-'Dawn started.

'To check it was safe-'Dusk continued.

'And Amos told us to stay here-'

'To learn new spells-'

'And learn about wizards and witches!' They concluded together.

There were some nervous whispers around The Great Hall, both students and teachers alike.

'Damn it!' Sadie muttered aggressively, 'Come here girls.'

Dawn and Dusk pushed through the small group of people so they could be seen.



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