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Two Types of Magic

Ch2-The Sorting Hat does its job a little too early for its liking!


{Draco's POV}

Well, that's not good…

I remember a girl getting annoyed at someone she claimed to be her brother-though they looked nothing alike; he had black curly hair, she had blonde straight hair with red streaks, he had chocolatey coloured skin, and hers was a milky white, there were many obvious differences but in a strange way they did almost reassemble each-other.

Anyways, she pushed her supposed brother out of the way and continued his talking for herself.

'My brothers an idiot so I'm going to do the explaining,' she stated after pushing her brother out of the way.

Just then, Blaise leaned over to me and just whispered 'Slytherin.' with a definite tone in his voice. After thinking about it for a second, I nodded in agreement. She did seem like a Slytherin, but if she was, she needed to change the red streaks in her hair. Then two voices started to tell the girl something about a man, named Alan or Argo or something along those lines, telling them to stay here or something. They made me nervous (not that I would admit it to anyone) because they sounded eerily familiar-and not just because they spoke in the way Fred and George do. She got annoyed again.

'Damn it!' She muttered in an aggressive manner, 'Girls come here!'

I saw their faces and realised why they sounded all too familiar. Then I blacked out…


{Carters POV}

Some guy at the back of the hall had just fainted, I can only assume this was because of the twins. I watched them out of the corner of my eye as they exchanged unintelligible expressions and shrunk to the back of the group. I quickly glanced around the hall that was seemingly bigger than The Great Room and quickly realised how confused everyone was. After a little while, the boy woke up and I got a quick look at him before he turned his back to everyone and sulked in a rather babyish way. It wasn't enough to see what his appearance was like in detail but two things stood out to me: his platinum blond hair and stormy, icy grey eyes.

The hall was silent for what seemed like hours after he woke up again until a stern looking woman in an emerald green cloak stood up and walked over to who I assumed was the headmaster of the school. The headmaster looked very old (Sadie is telling me he didn't just look old, he looked ancient but who cares.), he had a long grey/white beard to match his hair and he wore lavender blue robes. Behind his half-moon glasses, his eyes had a friendly sparkle in them which made me almost feel comfortable, but he also creeped me out because he looked at us like he knew us in some way.

The woman whispered something to him and he nodded in reply, then the woman disappeared through a door at the side of the head table. The old man stood up and beckoned us down to the front.

'Welcome to Hogwarts,' he said to us, 'I am Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster and I am sure you will be meeting the other professors fairly soon. As it appears you will be staying here for a while we will sort you into houses and your head of house will explain everything from there.'

Just then the woman who went out a few minutes ago came back. She was holding a dirty, frayed and old looking hat as well as a stool.

'I am Professor McGonagall and this is the sorting hat,'

'How can an old hat sort us into these houses?' Sadie inquired, sounding extremely confused.

'Well, its magic so it can dive into your deepest secrets, see your highest hopes, your darkest desires…..' Dumbledore said in reply.

'We are going to get you sorted into your houses now. There are four houses Gryffindor,' Professor McGonagall stated, pointing at one table, 'Slytherin,' pointing at another, 'Ravenclaw,' pointing once again, 'and Hufflepuff.' At the last table. 'You are sorted by personality, you could be considered for more than one but in the end there will be a definite final decision.'

'As we do not know your names, you can come to the front in any order you like. When it is your turn, tell us your name and age.'

I didn't really want to do this but unfortunately, the small group we had come with turned and looked at me expectantly. So I had to; I walked up to the stool and sat down.

'My name is Carter Kane and I am 16.' I told the everyone in a way that is far from confident and to save me needing to say anymore, McGonagall had put the had on my head. Hearing the sorting hats voice in my head was a very strange thing to experience, and I've experienced some pretty strange things in my life.

'Hmmm….not a wizard I see…' the head said in my head, I had a pretty good idea of how to respond because of the times I had spoken to Horus in my thoughts. Though because the voice wasn't Horus it felt extremely strange, and judging from the sniggers Sadie was trying not so hard to hide, this must have been apparent on my face.

'No, not a wizard,' I replied back to him, 'Egyptian magician.'

'Okkkaaayyy. I don't really want to do this, it was only two months since I last did this, and I hope there's not many of you. You're kind and you care for your family, I can see, so you could be a Hufflepuff. You're also intellectual and enjoy learning, so you might be a Ravenclaw. But I can mostly see you are fiercely loyal to your friends and are brave and sometimes confident, so I think GRYFFINDOR!' The hat shouted the last bit to the rest of the hall and everyone burst into applause, except the green Slytherin table, who were sneering and some were giving half hearted, unenthusiastic claps. Professor McGonagall pointed to the red Gryffindor table and I walked over and sat down in the only free seat which was next to a dark haired boy with round glasses. He introduced himself as soon as I sat down.

'Hey, I'm Harry Potter, this is Ron Weasley,' Harry said, gesturing to a red-headed boy with a mouthful of chicken. Ron looked up for a sec, then tried to say something but unsuccessfully so because he still had food in his mouth.

'Honestly Ron, you're such a pig!' A slightly bushy haired girl cried, smacking him with her book. Ron yelped.

'Hermione Granger.' The girl said, extending her hand for me to shake, which I accepted somewhat cautiously.

{Walt's POV}

After Carter went and sat down, Professor McGonagall called for the next person. No-one else seemed to want to go up, so I decided I would be brave and go up.

'Walt Stone, 18 years old.' I said simply. The hat was placed on my head and I waited a little then it started speaking in my head.

'Hmm, I know where to place you…HUFFLEPUFF! The majority of the hall clapped and McGonagall pointed to the yellow table at the side of the hall. I walked to the table to find a few spaces free. I decided I would sit in the space across from a shaggy blond haired boy and a small, pink girl with blonde pigtails. They saw me come over and immediately started up a conversation.

{Sadie's POV}

Everyone had been sorted except me and the twins. Jaz had gone into Hufflepuff, Shelby into Slytherin and Genevieve into Ravenclaw. The twins looked at me, asking for me to get sorted next without words. I obliged, because getting on the wrong side of Dawn and Dusk means you have to sleep with one eye open, I walked up to the stool and sat down.

'Sadie Kane, only turned 15 in March.' I stated. McGonagall placed the old hat on my head and it spoke to me in my head.

'Quite a rebellious one aren't you?' The hat said.

'Oh no, I just go completely against what everyone says because someone else tells me to!' I say sarcastically to it. Gods, it's only been on my head for five seconds and it's already pissing me off.

'Sarcastic as well then. You have many good qualities like your loyalty, determined nature and courage, but above all else, SLYTHERIN.' This time, the whole hall clapped. Professor McGonagall pointed to the green table at the opposite end of the hall to the Hufflepuff table. I got up and walked over to the table, unfortunately, the only seats available were either next to the huddle of girls fussing over Shelby (poor kid) or the platinum blond dude who fainted earlier. I chose the fainting blond. He must have been able to tell I had come over because he turned back to the table and opened his mouth to speak to me but I got there first.

'Why did the twins make you faint earlier?' I inquire, internally laughing at his shocked expression.

'None of your business.' He stated snobbishly.

'If you do not tell me, I will ha-di you into next year.'

'What does 'ha-di' even mean?'

'Destroy.' I swear I saw a flicker of fear cross his blank slate face.

'Fine, I-'He got cut off by a girl with dark hair in a bob cut with a fringe.

'Let me do something about those red highlights first. Red is a Gryffindor colour, and in Slytherin, it is social suicide to wear Gryffindor colours.' She explained to me. 'Colovaria green.' The girl muttered, pointing her wand at my hair. The red streaks instantly turned from red to green. 'Pansy Parkinson by the way.' Extending her hand to shake.

'Thanks, Pansy.' I say, accepting her extended hand.

'Anyways,' Blond boy continued, 'I'm Draco Malfoy, and if you turn around you will see why I passed out.'

'Fainted.' I corrected, but he chose to ignore me. So I focused on the twins.

'There's no need to sort us Professor-'

'Yeah, because we're-'


'And Dusk'



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