"Totally rad!" Popo exclaimed as he played around with his Tamagotchi toy."

"All right, what is that?" Nana asked as she was cleaning around inside the igloo they were staying in.

"My new toy. I play this thing whenever we take a break." Popo remarked as he rubbed the Tamagotchi device on his face. "I love playing it when I'm taking a poop"

"Aww, how cute. Nya nya!" Nana taunted as she pulled up Popo's blue hood. "Speaking of dumps, shouldn't you go take one?"

"You're right! Thanks, sis!" Popo exclaimed as he put down the device and rushed off, to go do his business, y'know IN THE BATHROOM.

Nana smirked, taking a good glance at the Tamagotchi device as she played around with it, not realizing what she was doing as she ended up killing the Tamagotchi monster within. Oh, would Popo be devastated... less he found out.

If he found out, that is.