RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Future Resolved

Chapter 3: Sadden Reunion

Seven years later.

Renji, now seventeen years old had finished graduated Sanctum Academy where he is still deciding which academy he should attend to. Surprising even though he passes all requirements, but he haven't awaken his semblance yet, although potentially as one of the professor stated that he can heal any aliments or wounds. He currently wearing a harness to hide his wings from the public eye as he still feels insecure about it as he didn't want to be scared the people of Mistral again. He walks around town to go visit his childhood orphanage home where he grows up from to see how the kids he's doing. As he processes, he received incoming call from his guardian, Riku through his scroll.

"Hey Renji!" he playful greet him.

"Hi Riku, how were your kids going on?"

"They're fine. Both of my son and daughter, Riki and Bella are doing great at school as usual. I'm so proud of them!' Riku looked delighted.

"And what about Freya?" Renji asked.

"Oh! My wife is still lovey as ever. She works at a flower shop it's close to Haven." He replied. "I still don't know why she doesn't want to go back working at orphanage for some reason."

"It was her own choice. She need to take care of your and her children."

"Yeah.. I heard you graduated Sanctum, congratulation, Renji!" He praised him.

Renji slightly smiled.

"Are you still thinking about them from what happen to.. I mean it's all in the past and I don't you get this down. I'm sure their fine and one day they will forgive you-"

Suddenly a big crash coming from the same direction that Renji was going.

"What was that?!" Riku shocked.

"Oh no.. it can't be. Not there. Riku I have to call you back later." He hangs up on Riku. He quickly put away his scroll and run toward to the orphanage.

For the past few years, he already got used to without the weight of his wings. He run like a normal person can.

'Please.. be alright, everyone.' he says in his thoughts.

As he arrive, he was deeply shocked and horrify as he see his former childhood home he grow up from it's burning to the ground. The dorms, the school, and the church consumed in flames. He can heard of crying and desperate children.

He quickly rub toward the burning building to check up if he can safe the other children. However the children he manage to save was twin fox type faunus brothers with white and black hair and matching green eyes. The boys looks scared as what they saw is so traumatized that they don't know what they said. He then grab them and went outside where it's safe before the building completely destroy and fall apart leaving the only exit block.

"That was close. You too, Kuro and Shiro. What happen to the other faunus kids and humans?!" He asked them.

Both of them are still in shocked until Kuro was the first to spoken to him. "Some bad buys come. *sob* They burn our home.. The're kidnapping all the our kind in a truck. We're the only one they didn't get capture."

"Where's the humans?" He asked him again.

"They.. kill everyone. I think the four of them survive since they just back from an errand. However one from the church she was serious burn from the arm and leg. *Sob* It's too awful!" He begins to cry in fear and confusion.

Renji shocked. He then asked them one more question before he can tried saving the kidnapped children."What do they look like?"

As Kuro is already at his limits, Shiro finally spoken and take his brother place in explaining the situation. "One of them was wearing a Japanese white and black uniform with red dog symbol on their backs. They also wearing a mask to conceal half of their faces. I think it resemble to one of the monster, a Grimm."

"You two hide somewhere safe before the Huntsmen or the police to arrive to save you."

The twins nodded.

Renji then check around the church looking for the White Fang or any survivors. However what the twin say are truth, all of the human children who were inside of the church are all slaughtered and leaving their burn corpse behind. Renji is feel horrify at the sight of it as all the children has lost their future in the end. He feels sorry them as he haven't arrive any sooner that he could have save more lives. He found Mother Hope's dead body. He suspect that she was stab from the heart from sharp blade, and that she body is slowly turning into rose petals leaving a giant hole through her chest.

"No.. way. How can this be happening."

As he mourned the lost of his mother figure who had accept and love him and brother very much from being different from anyone else, he saw a young girl in her late pre-teens with long black wavy hair and worn a Grimm mask to concern her identify.

"Renji?" said the young girl.

"Blake..?" Renji's eye widen as he reorganized her voice that he haven't heard from a very long time.

The young girl, Blake takes off her mask revealing to be his childhood friend and former adopt sibling. Her golden eyes filling with tears and regret.

"Why.. You of all people. You joined the White Fang." said Renji in a sadden tone.

"It's been a while, Brother." Blake frowned.

"Why.. you guys are slaughtering innocents and now you kidnapped faunus too! Are you crazy!" He yelled at her.

"We're actually saving the our people, we're giving them proper home to live in, but from the humans.. that was a accident. Please understand, I didn't know they would do this, but this won't be happening again." She sadly stated.

"An accident?! Open your eyes! Can you see the White Fang wanted to extinct every humans, including children! There even the worst than the Grimm!"

"Brother! I didn't know.. but that was.. ." Suddenly Blake feels very ill and starting to vomiting something on the ground. She desperate tried to stand up after throwing up.

"Blake?! Are you alright!" Renji worried.

"I'm fine.. I don't know why I'm getting sick more than usual.. could this be.." Blake expressed great scared as she knows what's going on with her body.

"Blake?" Renji looked certain towards her.

"Hey I was looking for you. Are you trying to run away from me again?" say familiar's voice.

Both Renji and Blake turn around to see a once kind childhood and brother now a cold heartless killer of the White Fang. He wears in black Japanese outfit and a Grimm mask to conceal part of his face.

"Adam?! You too!" Renji looked shocked.

"Oh it's you, Renji. I haven't see you for the past seven years. How was your weak guardian doing? I want to "paid him a visit", but he wasn't at that same old wreck house a few days ago. Tell me, where did you hide him?" say Adam, sarcastically.

"Leave him out of this.. He's not like them."

"Coarse you defend him... Enough talk, let's fight to the death. I been waiting a long time to fight you by my hands." Adam takes out his weapon revealing to be long sword with deep blood red blade.

"I'm not going to fight you." He says with a serious look.

"Why?" Adam impatient.

"I'm not to fight someone I care deeply. Adam, please reconsider, I wasn't intend to keep this from you and Blake by the time you get older. I don't want to kill you, I love you like a brother, and there no reason for me to fight you." He tried reasoning with him.

"Same there. However things change, and I will give you a reason to fight me." He says, coldly.

Adam turn around to look at Blake a while she confused. Soddenly, Adam punched Blake to the ground and step on her chest hard.

Renji looked horrify what he's doing to Blake. He once thought he loved Blake so much as a sibling to protect, but he was wrong as what he's doing to her was terrible that makes his blood boils. He clenched his fist and become comsume with deep hatred toward him. "GET A WAY FROM HER!" He yelled at him.

"Don't.. please." Blake pleaded him.

Adam smirked and stop abusing Blake. He gets ready in fighting position.

Renji take out his weapon, Fallen Shadow, his weapon resemble to a wakizashi. He transform his weapon into a spear with push of the button on the hilt. Renji screams, his eyes turn bright red and out burst black wings coming out of back with his binder breaks completely. He leaps at him, he draw his spear back with tears in his eyes.

Seven years ago...

After Renji go back from school, he notices Adam and Blake's belonging are gone nor he seem them since morning. Renji looked worried, he run around the house to see he place he didn't check above the sky and ground until now. He spots them a few blocks over the church.

"Adam, Blake, there you are!" He shouted them a while he still flying. He landed the ground safety and tried to catch to them only to find that they looked betrayed and anger. He notices Blake not wearing the clothes that Riku gave her. She instead wear a plain white top with black scarf, mini shirt, and shoes. As for Adam, he looked the same except he wears his jacket over it.

"What's going on?! Why are you.."

"Be quiet, traitor! You lied to us." Adam yelled at him.

"Lied? What are you talking about, Adam?" Renji confused.

"Don't act like you don't know. Tell him, Blake, just like I told you." He gently pat on Blake shoulder and turn around, not wanting to look at him. Blake looks like she about to cry.


"How could you, Brother? Why you didn't tell us that Riku once member of the Black Cross, was our bonds a lied?" Her eyes begin to filling with tears.

"Who told you? I was going to tell you by the time we get told, but this isn't the right time. You weren't ready to learn the truth about me nor Riku..." Renji explains.

"Adam told me. He look though Riku and your personal belong a while you were away. He found it in attic with old clothes, report files, everything. Up until now, we were eventually been living with a racist terrorized member!"

"Blake, this is misunderstanding.. he 's not like them, he's changed."

"I.. I can't tell if your telling me the truth anymore..." Blake depressed.

Renji sadden.

"Come on, Blake, We can't be late for the next boat to arrive. Let's go." Adam demanded her.

"Right." she replied.

Adam and Blake sadden departed with their former adoptive brother and friend. Renji felt he wasn't able to reason with them nor they didn't give him a second chance to explain.

To the present...

Renji angry charge at him with top speed. Adam swiftly draw his sword, swing it through the air at Renji, as his semblance activates. As Renji flies to the air, his lower half of his left arm, leg and completely cut off wing separate from him. Blake looks horrify as her tears became to flow in both of her eyes. Renji crashed to the ground with blood dripping from his missing limbs.

Renji scream in agony.

Adam walks slowly toward Renji and swing his sword out of the side, casting blood from the blade as prepare to kill him. Before he can reach him, Blake throws herself between them, giving him a determined glare.

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked.

"Please, Adam... stop. That's enough. He's not out priority, let just go and report to the White Fang." Blake begged him.

"Why, I thought you hated him for lying and being dishonest." He questioned her.

"I don't hate him! I was hurt for lying to us. He doesn't deserve this punishment. Please let it go!" Blake sadden.


"The truth is that I..I'm." Blake hold her stomach tightly.

Adam smirk knowing what she means. "Alright. Let's report to the White Fang."

As Adam leaves to meet up with the others, Blake comforts her former friend one last thing before follow suit.

"Blake... Don't go with him." Renji begged her.

"I'm sorry, Brother. This was the only way for Adam.. to spare your life. Goodbye." Blake frowned.

After with that, they left. Renji felt in deep despair again losing the two people he cherish the most. He screamed in the frustration and yet sadness. Suddenly, his semblance awaken as his missing limbs and wings were cut off by Adam, has fully regenerated. Leaving only part of his clothes torn off were it was previously cut off.

"What the..?!" Renji looked horrified. He touched his left arm, making sure if it's real and not a dream. He realize that his previous limbs and missing wing really did regenerated.

"T-This can't be happening.. This can't be originate Semblance. What am I really.."