RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Future Resolved

Chapter 4: Forgiveness

Four years later, during the Battle of Beacon. Renji and his two teammates to searching for any survivors during the Grimm and White Fang's attack or to assist in-training Huntsmen and Huntresses. As he searches, he unexpected spotted his old friend carrying her injured teammate.

"Blake!" He shouts.

"Renji?! What are you doing here?!" Blake looked surprised.

"No time to explanation. I need to get you to safety..." Before he can finish his sentence, he was in deep shocked as his childhood friend was in critical condition as blood is dripping through her left sides. "Blake, what happen to you?!"

Blake remain silent as she looked at her teammate, tearfully. If memory serve, he remembers that Blake's partner of Team RWBY, Yang Xiao Long. She is related to her half-sister and the leader of Team RWBY, Rose Rose. She is strongest member of the team and she hates when someone touches or ruined her long golden hair, she will kill in the instant. He is so horrified that Blake's teammate is missing a right arm with blood as it starts to drip.

He understands how she feels as she doesn't want to explain in dire situation like this.

"We have to hurry... before "he" catch up with us. Renji, please help with us." Blake spoken.

Renji then carries both Blake and unconscious Yang around his arms. He proceeds of spreading his black wings and fly up to the sky to go to the safe point where the others students are held. He looks at her sadden friend as tears are flowing in her eyes. He heard her apologize to Yang.

Meanwhile in the outskirt of the ruins of Beacon Academy..

Adam leaves the ruin building, he searches for Blake and her precious friend until he notices something in the dark blue night sky. A black wings young man carrying both wounded women.

'Mmm. So you're still alive, Renji. I see you got new limbs as well and wing? That's impossible should his wing should be metal, but it looks so real after I cut it few years ago. Does he really have a regenerate semblance. I never anymore has inherit it. Not even our our kind can't achieve. He's definitely not an originate faunus.' he says in his thoughts.

"Sir Adam?" says a familiar voice.

As he turn around, he saw a white wing faunus with long blond hair and blue eyes, Hikari.

"It's you. What it is, Hikari?" he look annoyed.

"Sir we have to leave now. The increase of Grimms has become too dangerous. Whatever agenda you to pursue, that can wait. We have to hurry!"

Adam clenched his fist before returning to his calm composure. "Fine. Hikari, gather our men, We'll leaving." Before he leaves, he looked at the direction where his former adoptive brother go. "You're lucky you live another day. The next time I see you, I will cut off your head."

Several months later after the Fall of Beacon. Renji and his team went their separate ways of finding a cure for their fallen friend, who was in coma. However they promise that they will meet again in the future. Renji somewhere in the quiet city in Vale, he helps to repair the building to what it used to be before the attack.

'I wonder how everyone was doing. I know Silver is on mission in Mistral, Leon promoted to Specialist like his ex-fiancee, and Vincent is currently in a coma and currently being treated. I just hate it of losing everyone I care about. Especially Pyrrha..' he says in his thoughts.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar face that he haven't seen for a long time. A faunus women with long wavy black hair, amber eyes and her usual black bow that conceal her cat ears.

"Blake?" he says.

Blake look nervous as she attempt to run away.

"Don't run away. I just want to talk. Please just for once." Renji begged her.

She did what he says. She stop and approach him, slowly.

"Blake, what happened to you after Beacon fell? Everyone was worried about you and- -" As he continuing, Blake change begin to run toward him and embraced him, unexpectedly.

"I'm so sorry, Brother. I should have listen to you since we where kids. I cause you so much pain and this is all my fault." Blake begins to sobbed uncontrollably.

"Blake.." Renji saddened. He hugged her back. "Shhh.. it's alright. It's not your fault. I'm so glad your safe and that's all it matters my beloved friend."

"You still forgive me after everything I did. You haven't change a bit." Blake feels relieved and slowly stop crying.

"I want to know from the very beginning before I met you. Please Blake, you can trust me."

"Alright.. Do you remember when you ask me where I come from.. Well.. It's all started eleven years ago, where I was fishing with my father in Menagerie. My birthplace."

"Menagerie?! The place where only faunus originated from. You were born outside of the kingdoms?" Renji shocked.

Blake continues. "After we were done fishing, there was a storm and I got separate from my Dad because I wasn't able to hold on to the boat. Since then, I somehow wash to shore in Mistral and humans found me and I wasn't sure if should trust them so I lied. I believe it's was for the best to keep my parents safe without them knowing. This is another reason why I decide to stay with you and Adam and I don't my parents to be in danger."

"So that's why. I didn't know how you feel. I'm so sorry." Renji dejected.

"Next, after I departed with you, the people of Menagerie were actually searching for me for the past years since I was lost at sea. I was so overwhelmed and relieved that they didn't give up on me. Afterward, I was happily with my parents. As for Adam, he stay with us for short time before joining the White Fang." Blake began to cry again.

"Blake? What's wrong?" Renji worried.

"As the years went by... Adam drastically change after we joined the White Fang. He became so violent and uncaring that he kills innocent lives and punish them in the most horrible ways I can't described." Blake stopped embrace Renji so she can talk to him face to face.

"What's this has to do with you?" Renji asked.

"He... He sexually abusing, and violence me just because I refused to accept his love for me. I didn't feel the same way and I only sees him just a mentor, and a brother figure. He didn't take it very well. During our mission in Mistral seven years ago.. I discovered that I was.." Blake emotionally breakdown and falls to her knee.

"Discover what?" Renji worried.

"I was pregnant with Adam's child." She continues to sobbed.

Renji is deeply horrified. "When did you discovered you were pregnant."

"It was when I first saw you again in Mistral. I thought it was impossible, but it's was all true. After me and Adam report our mission to the White Fang, the leader wanted me to take some days off until I gave birth and recover my strength. He and Adam thinks is a good idea since they can raise child to be emotionless solider and a killing machine. I felt disgust of that idea." Blake wipe her tears and began to talk normally.

"Those heartless bastards.." Renji pissed. After a moments, he calm down and regain his composure to help Blake up. "And what happen to your child? Did you..."

"I decided to give birth to a healthy baby boy and I named him Ben. A while the others of the White Fang went on a mission, I sneak out the base and I travel to Menagerie, place a note that explains everything about him and I deliver him to my parents where he can be safe and raise property so he can have a normal life." She explained.

'Your child.. is he a cat or a bull faunus?"

"Don't worry he's a cat type faunus like me. He's looks kind of like me the most than he's father." Blake faintly smiled.

"And what's reason of leaving your team behind?" Renji asked.

"That will be another time. Right now I need to catch a ship before it's too late. It was a nice chat, but I have to go." As Blake leaves, Renji grab her by the arm.

"Then take me with you." he says with determination looked.

"Renji. This is my decision. I don't want you to come me. You will only be burden and I don't you to get involve with my personal affairs. This doesn't concerned you." Blake depressed.

"I want to come with you. I promise I can take care of myself and I want to help you the best I could. It's my turn to protect you because I love you." Renji confessed his feelings to her.

"Renji.." Blake looked surprised. "I.. I love you too."

He let go of her arm. "So where are you going?"

"I'm going back home.. To Menagerie. I want to patch up with my family and my child. Renji, let's go."

"Right." He agreed. 'I'm sorry, Blake. This is two reason I want to come with you. One is to make sure you arrive to your home safety and unharmed. Another reason is that there was a rumor that Hikari and Adam might be at Menagerie along with the White Fang. I know should tell you this, but I don't to give you a hard time. Even if the rumor to be false, I'm glad that I can stay by your side.. protecting you. I will be make sure you won't suffer anymore. I promise you.' he says in his thoughts.

To be continued...