Hello Everyone,

No this is not an update; however, on a brighter note this is also not a discontinuation of this story either. So, I will explain.

When I first came up with the idea of this story I had thought through everything and believed it was ready (after finally finishing up the notes jotted down for it). That changed over time. After careful consideration, I keep finding things that are either of contradiction – to the canon of the story and/or what is my own values and quite frankly make me OOC – or even just plain old writer's block. And, in all, honesty, while I am in full support of the ideology of using compound interest to anything you do, that still applies to making sure that the stories I publish are the best I can offer (in terms of my own writing skills) and above par standards. Not to mention that I have other stories I have been managing and a life – which includes school, my job, and 2 businesses – I can't always be making this story a priority.

I guarantee that this story is among my priorities and is still in the making, but in case anyone was curious, no it is not discontinued or up for adoption. I make it a personal rule that any story I am 100% sure about – after an intense amount of brainstorming to whether I should do a certain story or not – is to be committed for that said story to be completed no matter what.

In closing, thank you for your patience and be on the lookout for any other stories I post.