As the gang continued to the Lumiose Conference, they stopped by the pokémon center. On the way, Ash told everyone how he met May and how their journey went through the Hoenn region.

"So let me get this straight" said Clemont. "You met May on your first day in Hoenn to participate in the league, which was also the day she started her journey."

"That's right, Clemont." replied Ash. He was eating a bowl of ramen with several other empty bowls aside and other sweets, mainly cake. Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont were still surprised Ash could eat so much and still be in shape. He swallowed and continued, "She was on her way to choose her starter, which was a Torchic."

Serena and Bonnie were listening to the conversation in silence curious about how Ash met this 'May' person. While this was going on, Pikachu was happily nibbling on the tip of a ketchup bottle.

"Mhm. And you were trying to help Pikachu because he was sick, right?" asked Clemont. "You also said you had to call Professor Oak to know where Professor Birch's lab was right?"

Ash just finished his fourth bowl of ramen when he continued, "Right again, Clemont, I was so anxious in getting Pikachu safe so I called Professor Oak to tell me where Professor Birch's lab was exactly. After he told me, I called Professor Birch and told him about my emergency. He quickly got there and we were practically racing to his lab. On the way he told me he was expecting someone there who was starting her journey..."

"That was May, right?" interrupted Clemont. After realizing he cut Ash off, he quickly apologized, "Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt." He sweatdropped.

After seeing Clemont apologize, Ash quickly reassured him. "That's okay, Clemont, no need to apologize." he said with a smile. "But you're right. That was May who Birch was referring to. Anyway, where was I. Oh right, we got there in time to find out Pikachu was overcharged with electric power. (Am I right?). We were gonna help him, but he suddenly stood up and jumped out the window running into the woods."

"Wow, really?" asked Bonnie, who was now worried about what was going on with Pikachu. She knew Pikachu was alright now, but she still wanted to know what happened even though Ash was getting to that part.

"Yeah, he was scared and confused. Scared cause he didn't know what was happening to him." Ash said. He looked at Pikachu and smiled at him while Pikachu smiled brightly at him. "He was confused because when he saw me, he attacked me..." Everyone gasped at this, while Pikachu had a sad expression. Ash saw this and reassured him, "Its alright, Pikachu. You were just confused like I said. You didn't mean it." said Ash with a reassuring smile. Pikachu smiled brightly and jumped into Ash's arms. "Anyway, after he attacked me, he ran to the edge of a cliff. He stood there for a second when he suddenly jumped." Everyone gasped, thinking how Pikachu was able to survive. "I ran and jumped as well..."

"What!?" everyone yelled. They were surprised, confused, shocked, and angry at him for even doing such a stupid thing, but they soon realized that Pikachu meant a lot to Ash and he would do anything to keep Pikachu safe. So jumping off a cliff in order to save Pikachu made a little sense. 'Still, it was a foolish thing to do' they all thought.

After everyone calmed down, Ash, continued, "Hehe, yeah, I jumped. I had to! Pikachu jumped off a cliff for crying out loud, I wasn't gonna stand there and listen for the splat that would've echoed throughout the woods. Anyways, I jumped and when I caught him I grabbed a branch that was sticking out from the side. I held on for a couple of seconds when I heard Professor Birch call out my name."

"He threw down a rope after making sure we were alright and started pulling us up. While pulling me and Pikachu up, he started biting my hand, really hard, but I ignored it and comforted him by telling him that everything will be okay and that he was safe." Ash once again looked at Pikachu in his arms and smiled softly to his starter and best friend. He looked back at his friends and continued, "After pulling us up, did I finally saw May. She was wearing a red T-shirt, dark blue bike shorts, white skirt, red and yellow sneakers, and her signature clothing was her red bandanna with a white pokéball symbol." Ash was surprised he knew what May was wearing when the incident happened nearly 3 years ago. Ash suddenly had a sad expression on his face as he realized that the last time they saw each other was 2 years ago.

Everyone saw Ash's sudden fallen expression, but Serena was the one to speak up, "What's wrong, Ash? You seem sad."

Ash dug into his backpack and brought out his most prized possession, his half of the Terracotta ribbon. He stared at it with a distant look, remembering all of the amazing memories he shared with the other person who held the other half.

Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie were confused as to why Ash was staring at the half ribbon. Bonnie finally asked, "Hey, Ash, are you gonna tell us what that ribbon is already!" she pouted, annoyed that Ash was taking forever staring at it.

Ash finally snapped out of his stupor and sheepishly rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. "Sorry, guys. Started walking down memory lane for a second there. Um, well, this ribbon..." Ash raised the ribbon to where everyone can get a good view of the item. Right away anyone can tell the ribbon was taken good care of, not a single smudge of dirt, some small scratches, but other than that it was almost new looking. It even glistened when sunlight reflected on it.

"I won it with May in Terracotta Town in Hoenn. There was a contest there and we both participated. Long story short, we both made it to the finals. Surprisingly, I mean, I had no clue in what to do in a contest so I just combined random attacks and it worked, hehe. Anyway, we both gave it our all with me using my Sceptile and May using her newly evolved Blaziken and boy was she strong. Who knew that small, scared, and clumsy Torchic was going to become a powerful Blaziken."

"The final seconds were running out and we launched our final attack, when the dust cleared... we tied." Ash finished. Everyone had their mouth open when Ash told them about the outcome of the battle. Clemont fixed his glasses for no reason and said, "You both tied! Who won the ribbon?" His eyes widened as he connected the dots. "You both got half of the ribbon. That's why you have half, she must have the other, right?" Clement asked.

"That's right! We both knew what to do so I told Sceptile to use leaf blade and cut the ribbon in half." Ash once again stared at the ribbon again as he continued, "This ribbon is a symbol of our friendship and holds our memories we shared during our trip through Hoenn and Kanto." A tear ran down Ash's cheek as he was engulfed in nostalgia. What he would do to travel with her once again.

Serena was gonna ask why Ash was crying when the Pokémon Center's doors slid open revealing two female teenagers. They both looked around for a second before finally spotting Nurse Joy at the front desk. They both looked like normal trainers if it weren't for the fact that one of them was wearing a blue bandana on her head.

Ash was confused as to why no one had said anything so he looked up to see his companions looking behind him. He turned around and his heart stopped. It was her. What was she doing here? Why was she here? And who was she with? Finally he stood up and hurriedly walked towards the front desk.

His friends were confused as to why he suddenly stood up and quickly walk towards the two female teens, but what they did hear was something, or someone that surprised everyone.


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