Prologue - The Scene is Set

McGonagall stood nervously outside Dumbledore's office; she raised her trembling fist to knock on the wooden door. The kind-faced, sapphire-eyed elder answered, holding a bag of sherbet lemons.

"Surely you're not still eating those muggle sweets, Albus?" McGonagall asked distastefully, laughing anxiously.

"Well, ever since that atrocious earwax Bertie Bott's, I've rather lost my taste for our wizard candy." He said with a chuckle.

"Enough of this. I'm here to enquire about the Horcrux hidden inside of that lime green, reptilian beast." The ferociously feisty Minerva inquired, looking him in the eye. She stared at the ground, hopelessly pondering what the outcome of the horrid situation could be.

"Oh please, Minerva, you are too hard on our friend Yoshi of the mushroom kingdom! How was he to know that that blue shell was a Horcrux? Besides; you know just as well as anyone how to extract the relic from within the dino's insides; slice him open with a quick separation charm!" He observed McGonagall's horrified expression. "Oh, no more than a joke, Minerva. We both know there are other ways." He added quickly.

"You lie." Cried the female warrior, her legs collapsing beneath her. "You lie and I hate you for it, I know that it's the only way." She sank down to the floor and cried out so many tears you'd have expected her to become a lifeless, dehydrated husk. But, alas, she was quick to preserve herself and would, unbeknownst to her, live a good long life.

"Take the timension (time and dimension) turner;" Dumbledore yelled calmly, his eyes narrowed, thrusting what looked like a slightly smaller platinum time turner into her hands, "I trust you know what to do with it"

McGonagall took it and crawled out of the room, back to her exquisite abode, also known as her office.

"What's a girl to do?" The emerald eyed goddess of wisdom cried to herself sadly. She knew she had to do it. She put the timension (time and dimension) turner around her ankle and hopped joyfully around the room five times. Dumbledore had made it function this way to prevent any dark wizards from using it, as no dark wizard would ever be capable of hopping joyfully. Another one of his genius ideas, just like the philosopher's stone only being available to those who wouldn't possibly dream of being rich and living forever.

The room around McGonagall started turning, faster and faster, before she was spat violently out of the time/space vortex into a world she couldn't recognise...

Author's Note: I hope you liked my first fanfiction! Chatper 2 will be coming soon, in wich Minerva finds herself inside the Mushroom Kingdom and meets a mysterius charactar, before revealing her third form as an animagus, where we find out that she had the three forms! Please write any constructive criticism in the comments, but no hate cos don't read if you don't lik it.