Okay, so I decided to just rewrite this whole story all together. I thought this concept was a lot better than the last one so here it is! I don't own the Newsies, only the ones you don't recognize!


It was August and I could feel the warm air leaving the city. I wasn't worried though. Since I was appointed leader of the Harlem newsies two months ago no one went without food or clothing or a warm place to sleep. Things have been great. I made my appearance before Manhattan a week ago and Midtown and Bronx the week before that. Queens was a different story. She came with me. See, their leader was my very best friend and we got appointed as leaders around the same time. Celeste, or as the newsies knew her 'Fire', and I have been best friends since birth. When her parents died years back she decided to go stay with the Newsies and I followed faithfully. My parents didn't miss me. Now, here we are.

A few months back Queens was having some issues so they asked for help. The "help" they received was Fire. She swooped in and took over the leadership right before I was passed the leadership in Harlem. We've created a permanent alliance with each other but we had to pay respects to the other burroughs... well… all except one.

"He won't be happy," Fire warned.

"I don't care much Fire, I'm not doing it. He can come to me on MY turf," I replied. She rolled her eyes at me but a knock on the door stopped her from replying. We stood up from the desk we were at and put on our "leader faces" and walked over to the door. I opened it to see my second in command Waltz standing there with a newsie that didn't belong to me or Fire.

"Ice, this is Sling, he's a messenger from Brooklyn," he said shoving the kid forward. I propped myself up against the doorframe and cocked an eyebrow.

"You're brave for coming in to my territory uninvited. What is it I can do for youse Brooklyn?" I questioned. The boy held my gaze for a few seconds before he turned his eyes towards Fire behind me. He inhaled slowly and turned back to me.

"Spot Conlon, King of Brooklyn, wishes ta know whys youse haven't payed ya respects ta him yet?" He repeated. My boys were gathered around with their arms folded staring daggers at him. They waited while I thought about my response. Finally, I crouched down to the boy's level and smiled. The boys around me visibly relaxed.

"You can tell Spotty that if he wishes to meet me so bad then he came come and pay HIS respects to ME," I said. I heard grunts of approval and whoops of laughter. The boy's face looked surprised and then he sent a tiny glare at me. He went to turn and walk away but I caught his sleeve and turned him around to face me.

"One more thing, leave my 'identity' a mystery will ya?" I added sweetly. He nodded curtly and when he turned to leave I let him. As Waltz and Tic walked him out I turned to see Fire staring at me with amusement hidden in her eyes.

"What did you just do Heather?" She asked quietly. I smiled sweetly at her walking her toward the door with her second in command Malt right behind us.

"I'm making the 'King' pay respects to the Queen," I stated simply. She laughed at me and turned to face me.

"If you actually start calling yourself the 'Queen' I'll have to soak ya," she replied. I laughed and we spit shook. She motioned to Malt and he smiled and nodded at me before they left and headed back to Queens. Waltz walked back in and put a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see his face hard. His eyes slid over to meet mine and I saw a smirk playing on the corners of his mouth.

"I hope youse know what youse doing Ice," he whispered. This time I let out a hardy laugh and he smiled down at me. I grabbed his hand and his eyes softened.

"When are you gonna learn to trust me?" I asked. He rolled his eyes at me and his face got serious again.

"When you stop tryin ta start fights wit Brooklyn. Listen doll, I don't wanna hafta pick up your broken body when Spot Conlon is done soakin ya," he said. I released his hand and took a few steps forward suddenly growing serious.

"How many times have ya seen me fight?" I asked. I sensed him stiffen at my leader voice.

"Too many to count…" he replied warily. I turned around and fixed my gaze on his.

"And how many times have I lost a fight?" I continued. His eyes dropped to the floor and he started fidgeting.

"None…" he whispered. I stepped closer so we were toe to toe.

"None. Ya know, I don't need you letting your feelings get in your way or mine. I'm a leader first, your girlfriend second. Do you understand me Walter?" I questioned. His eyes met mine and he nodded slowly. I smiled and settled my hand on the side of his face. "Come on darlin, we gotta prepare for the big day tomorrow. We gotta date with Brooklyn," I smirked.

"We're goin ta Brooklyn?" He asked obviously confused. My smirk turned into a full fledged smile.

"No honey, Brooklyn is coming to us,"



"T-they said…"

"I hoid you Sling! I can't believe that no good street rat piece of trash! Who he think he is?! Fine, we WILL go pay him a visit! He needs ta know that no one messes with Brooklyn!" I spat angrily. The boy's nodded and whooped and hollered. They climbed into their bunks while I retired to my room. If dis new leadah thinks he can pay respects to tha rest of New Yawk and not to the King of Brooklyn then he has annudda thing comin! Tomorrow, he'll loin his lesson.