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News had spread to all the other Burroughs… Gloves had been banished from Brooklyn and word says he was not too happy. She was excited that she didn't have to deal with the crying from the younger boys anymore but confused because he seemed to be one of Brooklyn's best fighters and brought in the most money, well besides Spot. This was the reason I was walking to the docks.

As if on cue Spot turned the corner to the docks and began to approach me. We walked straight up to each other and spit shook, a sign of respect and acceptance. He turned and led me back down to the docks which looked to have been recently evacuated. There were a couple of crates set up across from each other and a table in the middle. He sat down and motioned for me to follow suit. I did and his cold blue eyes turned to mine.

"Have you been expecting me Spot?" I began. The corner of his mouth twitched toward a smile but he kept a straight face.

"Yes, and I know you wouldn't disappoint," he replied. I did smile at that. It seems we have already come to an understanding about each other. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a deck of cards. "Poker?" he asked, though he was already setting up the game. I nodded and took my cards.

"You must already know why I'm here then," I stated. He nodded still focused on his cards.

"He's gone Ice, no needs ta worry bout him. Bronx will prolly take him, day take lowlifes like him all da time. Ise sorry for da trouble he caused," he spoke. His words were meant to be comforting I'm sure but for some reason they struck a chord.

"Did ya not think I could handle myself? I mean, I laid him out once Spot. I'm strong enough," I replied. This time his eyes left his cards and he smirked.

"Ise know youse is. It was for my sake, not yours," at that I was caught off guard. Why would it be for his sake? Not because of me right? No… no he didn't get attached. Probably because Gloves was causing him as many problems or more than he was everyone else. I nodded in understanding then. A leader is a leader first.

"Alright, what you got?" I asked. He smirked at me once more and laid his cards down.

"Flush," he gloated. It was a good hand, that's true. I smiled wide and set mine down.

"Four of a kind," his smirk fell and I laughed. He reshuffled the cards and felt out new hands. We kept playing like that for probably an hour in almost complete silence before he spoke up.

"How youse and Fire know each udda?" he asked me. I sighed deeply and gave the short version.

"We grew up together. She left home and I followed right behind," I replied. He sighed deeply and grabbed a few new cards.

"I knew dat, I wanted to know more. Why did youse leave?" he asked. I contemplated not telling him, I really did, but for some reason I wanted him to know.

"She was all I had. I mean, I had a family yeah but they couldn't care less about me. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but Fire and her family treated me like a daughter. When her parents both died and she left to join the newsies I knew I had to go with her. I'd do anything for her. So I packed my stuff and snuck out and never turned back… no one came looking for me either. It was a good change though," I told him. I kept my eyes down but I could feel him staring at me. I didn't want to see his pity. He knew that. Instead he kept on playing poker, never once sounding like he pitied me or her. Never saying the usual 'I'm so sorry' or any other crap like that. It was refreshing.

A few hours later the sun was slinking below the horizon line. I stood up and he did as well. There was a unspoken sense of camaraderie there but it was too soon to speak of it. Instead he inclined his head toward me and I did the same. I turned and left and as soon as my feet hit the street I felt my face heat up from a blush. I just spent my entire day with Spot Conlon… and I was happier than I had ever been.


Ise watched her leave. Ise heaved a deep sigh and folded myself back onto the crate with my head in my hands. What was this?! What was happening ta me?! Why couldn't I stop myself from wantin' ta chase afta her. Ise wanted ta tell her she was always welcome in Brooklyn and dat Ise was so sorry her family didn't care bout her but Ise did. But Ise couldn't do dat. She didn't want dat. She wanted respect and she wanted quiet… so dat's what Ise gave her. She seemed relaxed. She seemed happy. Ise hope she was.

Ise began walkin' back to da bunkhouse and up da steps. Ise stopped ta watch da sun set and Ise smiled. Ise was happy too… maybe Ise need dat quiet and respect too… and dat's what she gave me.

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