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Steve gasps as cold water hits him in the face. Shaking his head Steve blinks a few times. Standing in front of him is a man with short, cropped brown hair. His circular glasses contradict his easily looked over muscular frame.

"Welcome back Commander," the man says with a smile that puts Steve edge. The man sets the bucket down and Steve tests the restraints holding him to the chair.

"You're the one who's been mutilating those people," Steve says and watches the man closely. He looks familiar but Steve can't place why.

"I gave them a chance but they didn't take it. They chose their outcome," the man replies with a dark look.

"What do you mean?" Steve asks with a furrowed brow.

"Don't worry. When our other guest arrives you won't have that problem," the man assures confidently. Steve feels ice run through him and he doesn't want to know who the guest is.

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