Dragon fists!

Okay first off I do not in any way shape or form own Naruto or any other series or media used in this fanfiction. This is nearly for fun and to kill time. Also to rip into characters i hate. Lastly this story will have a lot of swearing and offensive comments. Like south park level offensive. You are warned.

Sixteen year old Naruko Uzumaki was pissed to put it bluntly. It was not uncommon due to the daily crap she had to deal with. From drunken asshole villagers out for her blood. To arrogant clan based ninja believing she was less than trash it was a daily test of her patience. But in the past twenty four hours it had reached a whole new level of bullshit. First was the constant burning pain in her abdomen. Like molten metal was sloshing around hitting every nerve possible. Had she not already checked for injuries she would be worried she was bleeding internally. No matter what she did the pain only got worse for her. It had been almost unbearable since a man said to rival the forth hokage slammed a seal over her own. The moment the second seal was placed the pain began to build and build. Though her knowledge of seals was poor at best due to the villages fear she was trying to free the nine tailed fox within her. She knew placing an odd numbered seal over an even number seal was not good. That was only the start to her bullshit day. Next she had to fight her way through the forest of death because her bitch of a teammate abandoned her to save the king of the arrogant emos. If she had abandoned the test and seeked help she could have had the satisfaction of getting her team dropped out of the exams. Due to the test being one about teamwork. Something the proctor had stressed heavily before the test. But in her lunatic teammates mind there was only her and the spoiled bastard. Then the bullshit struck again when her secret lover and anchor Hinata was worked over by her own cousin. Only three jonin stopping him saved her life. As they took her away for emergency treatment Naruko looked Neji dead in the eye and tapped her forehead. Only then did he realize just how bad he fucked up. Only for his arrogance to come back stronger as he glared at her in smug satisfaction. With a voice that could freeze hellfire Naruko said calmly.

"She showed you mercy. I however will destroy you!"

In hindsight it became a task she may not be able to accomplish. For wherever she went no one would train her. Her own teacher Kakashi of the sharingan eye flat out told her she was a worthless failure. That she had no chance of defeating Neji in the finals and should just die. To drive his point home he then punched her full force in the stomach. Making her already mind numbing pain to whole new levels. Every seal worker she tried to have look at her told her to drop dead and die. To her fury he than took in his own words the only person worth his time Sasuke Uchiha for private training. She than began her quest for anyone able to train her. Only for each and every jonin and instructor that could have helped her to brush her off and tell her to go to the hot springs. Like training was never going to help and she should just come to peace with her inevitable defeat. Defeated she than began to walk home. Only to be jumped by her last teammate a pink haired plan looking banshee named Sakura. In a delusional frenzy the pink haired harpy claimed she was trying to steal her one true love. If it where not for the now maddening pain going through her she would have fought back. But the pain was to much. Just as she passed out a loud crack filled the air. Only for the source of her pain to be send sailing back.

Two days later.

For two days Naruko had one horrible nightmare after another. Sights and sounds that would haunt her for years. All of them taking place in a sewer all of them focusing on a furious nine tailed fox swearing revenge for killing him. As she tried to flee her hunter she would keep pleading how she didn't kill him. Only for her pleas to be met with roars of fury and hatred. With every passing second of her nightmare the fox looked to be rotting from the inside out. The dream ended as she was pinned beneath a building sized skeleton of a demon fox as it's eye sockets glowed red as it said one final time "when next we meet your a dead bitch!"

With a low groan Naruko slowly awoke to find herself in a small plain room. Her jacket was gone leaving her black T-shirt revealed. The shirt had seemingly been burned where it covered her belly. Revealing a toned six pack and red skin. But no seal was left on her. The disruption of an odd number seal over the even numbered seal caused it to implode and destroy the fox. Allowing her to become the first demon vessel to survive loosing her demon. It would be days before she would truly understand what had happened. As her sense of awareness returned she sensed she was not alone. Nervous at how she found herself in a strange place she began to slowly drift her hand to were she kept her kunai holster. Only to freeze when she realized she was not alone in the seemingly empty cabin. For sitting calmly in a chair nearby was an elderly man. Appearing to be well into his eighties he was almost completely covered in a large well worn brown overcoat. His short grey hair was hidden by a wide cowboy hat that looked ready to fall apart. In his hands he held a weapon she had never seen before. A weapon that sent pure terror through her very being. In all the times she had come close to death she had gained a danger sense most ninja don't achieve till they were twice her age. The weapon in his hands was a simple double barrel shotgun. A weapon unheard-of in this part of her world. With tired almost bored eyes the man said calmly.

"Sweetheart we need to talk."

Three and a half weeks later.

In the ninja world there are many things people do to relieve the Pressure of the constant stress and paranoia of a land on the brink of war. Vices both mental and physical where the norm. But one of the most common practices was the art of gambling. A single bet could make or break an entire nation. Ninjas were the thing almost every noble placed there bets upon. Thus to boost clients and draw in nobles and business leaders every six months chunin exams are held. Every village has there own version but they all end the same. A tournament held between the final eight examinees the winner is made chunin while the others must earn there promotion through a show of there skills. This tournament was held in a special stadium built to handle the clash of Ninjas. This stadium was called the Hashirama stadium. After the first hokage who founded the hidden leaf village. Able to hold a thousand people in the stands the matches fought here where transmitted across the lands. It was the earnings from this event that could make or break the villages economy for years. It was this stadium that a vastly different Naruko Uzumaki walked towards. Not physically different but it was still like looking at a whole new woman. The way she appeared alone caused many to look at her in curiosity.

Walking with newfound pride and determination Naruko looked on towards the stadium.

Gone was her trademark orange baggy jumpsuit, worn to help fend off the more lewd attackers. In it's place was a pair of black pants with orange flames on the right leg. Hanging loosely around her waist was a large red belt with two holsters on each side. With several small pouches between the holsters holding her ammo. What had remained of her shirt was mended yet still showed off her mid drift. The edges made to look intentionally torn and worn. A form fitting black trenchcoat with orange flames on the bottom fit like a second skin. A strap held the jacket mostly closed just under her bust. Yet still allowed her to reach for her weapons. Lastly on her head was a black cowboy hat the metal plate from her headband attached to the front. Calmly walking towards the stadium she couldn't wait to see the waves she was about to make. Her thoughts on the way in drifted to the memories of how she changed so much in so little time.

There you guys go until next chapter at least. Next time the single most one sided fight in ninja history along with what happened to her and why a stranger helped her. Big hint imagine the odds for such a match. I would put them at a solid hundred to one odds. So every dollar bet would be a hundred in winnings.