Okay let the final battle and the clusterfuck begin. Also a person asked me what the old man looked like. Picture Sam Elliott with the badassness of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. Also a weapon will be used that is inspired from an episode of pawn stars. I won't say more other than this will be her final trump card in any situation. It is based on a real weapon but I have taken a spin with it. Lastly this would have been out sooner but yokai watch 2 came out and I just had to play it! That is a surprisingly addictive game. I highly recommend it if you want to kill a half hour here and there. Or waste a month trying to get every creature.

At the edge of the village rested a simple bar. A regular dive with no unique qualities making it stand out. Basically a place one would go for the drinks without having to pay for the ambiance. Or for the cliche shady meeting or illicit deal. But in this bar a meeting was about to take place. One that could cause untold destruction and death. A meeting between two bitters old warriors that just refused to die. But all this was ignored by most of the patrons of the bar. All of their attention was on the surprisingly large TVs displaying the latest match. The shouts of anger and disbelief threatened to shake the very walls. Sitting at a table nursing a large bottle of sake was the cause of the chaos filling the bar. His hat was tipped down as he had a massive grin watching ninja and villagers alike bicker and argued as the match played out on the multiple TVs. Watching Naruko use the instant death strike made him chuckle as he poured another drink. In only a single hour he had become filthy rich and he didn't have to shoot anyone or blow something up. A true rarity in his line of work but he would still take the cash. Just as he was about to take a drink a man's voice he knew all too well came from behind him. A voice that once caused his blood to boil and his bullets to fly wild. His free hand already on his gun ready for a quick draw as he sensed the source before he had even spoken.

"I should have known you were the one to help her. This chaos has your name written all over it."

With a grin he took a sip and said amused and with a chuckle. "Been awhile Cyclops how's the eye?. That move had to bring up some memories. Back to the good ole days of depth perception maybe." With the now clear tap of a cane Danzo shimura head of the anbu black ops division elder of the hidden leaf village and infamous war monger sat across from him. Most of his head was wrapped in white cloth as his one good eye looked at him like an old enemy after the war. The battles these two had fought were numerous and epic. Entire countries had been reshaped by the battles these two had fought. There was a time all Danzo could think of was killing the man in front of him. The cause of this hatred was deep and complicated. But like all warriors they still held deep respect for the other. Without losing his grin John poured a second drink from a spare glass he had ordered. Knowing full well that as soon as Naruko fought he would track him down. The fact he had spent the last three months in the man's backyard without getting caught must have driven him mad. But the old phrase hide a tree in a forest was true and wise for a reason. It was only when Naruko shot the literal shit out of the so called prodigy did he know the jig was up. His work was like a signature to those who knew him. Especially so far from the west where guns were unheard of. Only a handful of people this side of the mountains even heard of them let alone had them. Taking the offered drink Danzo took a calm sip and replied.

"Still gone how is the limp?. As I recall that femur wasn't set right. But then again a war hammer to the leg is rather hard to fix."

Chuckling John raised his glass and said "Better though it still aches when it rains." Taking a deep drink from the glass his eyes never left Danzo. He could tell the old war hawk was just as ready to finish things as he was. But they were both old and had little spare time for the old bullshit in his opinion. As he set the glass down he looked Danzo dead in the eye and said with surprising seriousness. "We gotta talk about the kid! Something happened to her that is gonna piss you off worse than Willowbrook." Danzo's lone remaining eye glared at him as he set his own drink down and said. "It may have to wait. Something tells me we're going to be needed soon." Sighing the old outlaw stood and said "well about damn time something hit the fan. I haven't killed anyone in weeks!" Danzo himself merely stood up and looked at the farthest corner. His most trusted and skilled anbu nodding at the all clear signal and went ahead of the two. As they left the final match was about to start. Those that occupied the bar had no idea how close they came to being caught in a battle between old foes. All they could focus on was the TV in the corners. Everyone there knew that they were about to get one hell of a show.

Walking down the steps Naruko was tense. She knew what to do but the matter was pulling it off. She was at a handicap and only had so many weapons to pull it off. A single mistake could be her death. She knew her opponent wouldn't hesitate to kill her. He had already tried to kill Rock Lee in his own hospital bed. The things he said still echoed in her mind. Deep down she knew she had to tell him about herself. But for now she would go all out. Reaching the field she saw Gaara was already waiting for her. His eyes cold and emotionless. As she looked around she saw all eyes were on her. Standing between them the proctor knew this would be the fight everyone was waiting for. Raising his hand high he said boldly.

"Naruko of the leaf vs Gaara of the sand begin!"

Leaping away he was smart as there was no words spoken. With no hesitation Naruko drew both pistols and unloaded ten shots right at his head. Without so much as a flinch Gaara watched as sand whipped up into the path of the bullets. Absorbing all the energy each bullet slowly fell out of the sand only to land at Gaara's feet. As the sand lowered he watched as she took her jacket off. Gripping it by the shoulders she spun it around gaining momentum she tossed it high into the air. Not distracted his eyes were locked on her. He knew she was a tricky one and to take his eyes off her would be folly. Putting her hands into the all too familiar sign for the shadow clone jutsu. Naruko called out the name of her signature jutsu. Many watching that knew her suspected her to spam out a hundred of them. Her usual method of swarming her opponent with endless clones was infamous. There expectations turned to confusion when only six appeared. Those that were paying close attention could also see she had become slightly winded making them. As if her once boundless chakra had become a mere trickle of what it once was.

Ducking back Naruko began to reload. As she stepped back one of the clones grabbed a well worn but still usable storage scroll hidden in the back of Naruko's belt. The clone grabbing the scroll along with another ran wide. The original Naruko along with a clone went the opposite way. Naruko would slowly fire off six shots with one gun as the clone with rapid mechanical practice loaded the other. Her shots kept him pinned as she got ready. As the clones scattered around it was the two that grabbed her jacket that made the difference. The one that caught the large jacket swiftly turned it inside out. Revealing dozens of red sticks with fuses in them resting in small stitched in pockets. Each stick was dozens of times more powerful than the conventional exploding tags used by ninja. This was an invention from the west called dynamite. She had learned the secret to making it over the month and she was about to put it to good use. As the clone put the jacket on she looked back at her fellow clone and said. "Ready?" A nod was her answer as the sound of a striking match echoed behind her. The sound of a fuse soon followed as the clone wearing the jacket began to count down in her head. Literally every second counted now as the plan was now truly underway.

Watching the clones scatter Gaara was ready for anything. He already had his sand armor at it's strongest. He didn't know if it would be able to block the strange weapons attacks. A month ago he would have no doubt but his fight against Rock Lee had still shaken him up. So far his automatic defense had handled the steady volley. But he wouldn't let her get an opening. He would defeat her no matter what! As he was about to go on the offensive he heard a hissing behind him. Turning he saw the clone with the jacket running for him beside the one who lit the fuse. Sending a sand spear for the clear target he drove the spike of sand straight through what would have been her heart. A burst of grey smoke was all that was left of the clone. As the jacket hovered momentarily in the air the second one snatched the jacket and surged forward. The fuse was almost burnt down as the clone dove and weaved past the sand sent towards her. Every sand spear and snake barely missing her as she seemingly danced towards her goal. Above in the stands Hinata smiled as she watched her love showed off the grace she knew she had hidden for so long. She new Naruko would win but she still worried for her. She could tell that Naruko had already used up most of her chakra making a mere six clones. Whatever had happened to her had clearly taken away most of her chakra. As the fight began in earnest it was clear she had a plan and Hinata prayed it would work.

As another snake like whip of razor sharp sand nearly took her head off the Naruko clone gritted her teeth and made one last burst of speed and reached her goal. Gripping the jacket tight she barely got within arm's reach when a thin nearly diamond hard spear impaled her through the heart. If it had been the original the strike would have been an instant death. Just as she was about to go she dropped the Jacket at his feet and said with a smile. The last of the fuse burning up as she spoke.

"Click click boom!"

The sheer force of the blast could be felt in the very stands. A small gust reaching even the kage seats proved just how powerful the blast really was. Smoke and dust filled most of the arena blinding most to what was going on. As the dust settled only Naruko and three clones remained. Those in the stands waited in shock and awe for the dust to settle. Eager to see if the young man had survived the devastating blast. Most had already assumed he has nothing but bits and pieces. Others expected him to be completely unharmed. Seconds seemed like hours as slowly but surely the dust cloud cleared to reveal a shocking sight. Gaara injured but not defeated stood on the edge of madness. The effects of the powerful exp!vision having done clear damage.

The massive gourd that once hung off his back was gone. Most of his clothes were tattered and burnt. His left arm hung limp and bruised unable to be used. A madness had grown in his gaze as he focused solely on the original. Utter determination to kill her filled him as he ignored the completely alien sensation that was pain. All his mind could process was killing her here and now. With a roar of fury he raised his right arm up as sand gathered and hardened. In seconds a twisted thick beastly arm formed larger than his entire body. The claws darkened until they turned black as he readied his attack. His roar was like an animal's as he charged claws ready to strike her down. Just as he charged Naruko grinned as she saw her plan was ready. Just as she was about to spring the trap Temari's voice rang out it a panic to her brother.

"Gaara behind you!"

With the last sliver of sanity he looked back only to realize Naruko had fooled him. It was all one big distraction the gunfire drew his gaze. She knew he would focus on her from the last match. Everything even the explosion gave her cover to set up her real play. It was a distraction he had completely fallen for. All he could do was look back and see what was about to befall him. At the wall of the arena under the cover of the trees the last two clones had set up her most powerful and dangerous weapon. One that was so feared in the land that made it nations had banned its use entirely. Her mentor had stolen one of the last remaining models before it's destruction. It was called many things over the years. The most common was thundering death. But the official name was the rotary cannon system.

Resting on two steel reinforced wagon wheels was a massive weapon. Five three inch wide solid steel barrels held together in a circle by iron brackets. The barrels had an inch and a half wide opening. The back of the barrels was held within a large metal gear box two feet by two feet. A slit opening was on the right side allowing a leather chain loaded with massive six inch long artillery rounds. The belt rested in a large wooden crate holding nearly fifty of the powerful rounds. One clone held the belt to help feed it into the machine. Cast from steel each one was able to pierce an inch of iron plating from a mile away. while a hole on the left side was for the spent shells. Above the hole was a large crank ment for two hands was an oversized hand crank. Under the gearbox was a large post and hitch system to allow it to be pulled by horses. Where the hitch met the ground was a system of screws and levers to help adjust and aim the deadly cannon.

Blind with rage Gaara charged for the pair his clawed hand flexing and ready to destroy the weapon about to end him. Grinning the clones unleashed hell. Gripping the crank one clone began to turn the massive crank. The barrel slowly began to turn until with a massive boom and a plume of fire and smoke it fired. The people in the stands flinched as the first of many rounds fired straight at him. On reflex and confident in his sands power Gaara tried to catch the round only for one of the four massive misshapen fingers to be blown clear off. Going into full blown fight or die mode he poured everything he had into his arm. Drawing sand from all around him to grow and rebuild the horrible limb. A moment later another round fired taking another chunk off. His scream filled roar rivaled the blast as a third round fired. Still trying to get to the weapon he charged into the fire. Unwavering the clones continued the assault like a well oiled machine. One clone making sure the belt went in without jamming the other turning the crank with utter focus and determination. A moment's hesitation would mean death as he got closer so too did his arm get chipped and broken. When nearly all the shells were spent it was one final shot that ended it. In his madness induced haze Gaara had leaned to far to the right. Giving one lucky round the chance to hit his shoulder dead center. The sheer force of the blast tearing his arm clear off. The pain once an alien concept to him was too much. Falling back he blacked out spent both physically and mentally. The last of his sand gathered around the wound instantly stopping the bleeding.

With cold eyes the real Naruko looked at the clones and nodded slowly. A signal for them to reseal the cannon and spent shells. She wasn't going to have anyone get their hands on a single piece of the powerful weapon. With guns in hand she slowly walked towards him. Her senses dialed to ten to make sure he wasn't playing possum. When she stood above him she could tell it was real. The proctor himself was nervous about walking over until he checked him out. To his shock it was his sister Temari that had already appeared and was checking his injuries. The fear and concern clear in her eyes as she called her brother's name showed just how much she cared for him. With hesitation she signaled the medics as the proctor stood tall and looked at Naruko in silent awe. Here stood a dead last student who had just taken the entire chunin exams with a single jutsu. He could tell here and now she was going to be a legendary woman one day. With a booming voice he called out to make it official.

"The winner of the match and this year's newest chunin Naruko Uzumaki!"

With those simple words so many things occurred all at once. The people cheering in the stands. The ninja amazed by such an upset. Hinata silently thanking whatever beings above watched over her love. Yet something told her it wasn't over yet. Her concerns for the moment we're pushed back by the joy and pride she held for her lover. Naruko herself was in a state of silent awe and shock. Very few in the history of the hidden villages reached the rank of chunin so young. The fact that a month ago she barely thought she could win her first match let alone the whole tournament was still hard to process. As the medics loaded Gaara onto a stretcher she snapped out of it long enough to get Temari's attention. Placing a gentle hand on her shoulder Naruko looked into the fear stricken eyes. With the gentlest voice she could Naruko said with absolute sincerity.

"I'm sorry I took his arm but our medics are some of the best. They're gonna take good care of him."

Tears in her eyes Temari ran after her brother. A slight nod was the only sign she had even heard Naruko. As the last clone gave her the sealing scroll and vanished she calmly took a deep breath. The proctor was smart enough to give her a minute as the final part of the ceremony was about to begin. Where she would be immediately promoted to chunin. The nobles above softly praised her and were excited to learn more about the strange weapons and how she came to possess them. As another official walked into the stadium she became fully alert, in his arms was a dark grey chunin vest. Unlike most vests this one had two key differences in the design. The first was the spiral on the back was made out of metal. Second was a dark red lining along all the seams and stitches. This vest was given only to those that won the tournament. An eternal sign of their skill and bravery. One that she would wear with pride for the rest of her life.

Standing in the center of the stadium the proctor motioned for her to come over. With a bit of apprehension she slowly walked towards him. Her eyes never leaving the prize. With practiced ease he helped her put it on. It was a slightly loose fit but it looked good on her. Though in his opinion the hat was a bit much she still made it work. With an impressed whistle he looked at her and said.

"It looks good on you kid you earned this."

Looking up towards the stands he than said with a booming voice full of pride.

"The winner of the season's chunin selection exams and the newest chunin of the hidden leaf village I present Naruko Uzu"

A massive gust of wind and leaves cut him off as two people appeared in the vortex of leaves and wind. As it dissipated it left the two to be revealed as Kakashi of the sharingan eye and his student the arrogant and extremely late Sasuke Uchiha. The sheer smug confidence they gave off was almost toxic. One glance from them was all the people in the stands needed to tell those two were about to cause a true mess. With a deeply arrogant tone Kakashi said as if it was obvious he would get his way.

"Sorry everyone now that we're here the exams can finally begin."

The proctor was pissed pure and simple. These two completely disrespected those who had come and only now show up expecting everyone to wait until they showed up. As if this sacred event was just for them alone. He knew Kakashi was arrogant and considered himself a prodigy but this was crossing the line. These two were embarrassing the village and their Hokage with this show of utter disrespect. This little stunt was going to cost them dearly. But for now he had to do his best to save face with the Lord's and nobles. With a scowl he looked Kakashi dead in the eye and said with pure authority.

"You're too late Kakashi it's all over. Naruko won the tournament fair and square."

Acting as if what was just said was just a joke Kakashi chuckled and said amused.

"Good joke Genma but we both know Sasuke is going to be the winner. After all Naruko is just a worthless talentless brat. Unworthy of any training or help. While Sasuke is a prodigy and my best student. The clear best choice for the top place. Now please get Gaara so the real champion can show his stuff."

Not having any of this anymore the proctor raised his voice and flared his killing intent as he gave them one last chance to save face.

"Get this thru your thick heads! You lost by disqualification! You have shown nothing but disregard for the Lord's and nobles gathered here. The hokage' himself declared Sasuke disqualified for the disrespect shown today. You have shown no respect to those gathered for this event. Unlike Naruko who showed honor dignity and respect for all those gathered. Naruko won all her matches and is the champion. Get the hell out before we take you out."

As he said this he subconsciously looked back at her. He had figured out the basics of her weapons and new the last time she reloaded was the last of her bullets. What she had in her guns was what she had left. If the math was right she had one round in the left gun and two in the right. Not only that but he could tell her chakra was almost gone. He hoped she wouldn't have to use them as he had a feeling this was about to get bad fast. Before he could signal for help the arrogant Sasuke laughed and said with pure malice.

"As if that bitch could win. No woman is better than me a Uchiha elite! I demand she surrender MY vest and apologize for wasting my time."

Up above in the stands many looked down at him in open contempt and disgust. Never in all there years had they seen such arrogance so blatantly expressed. The Hokage' himself was beyond furious at the two. Not only did they appear two full hours late they now embarrass the village even more. Just as things were about to get worse Naruko placed both hands on her guns and was ready to draw. She saw Kakashi was about to make a move and wanted to be ready. But she had no idea if she could even hit such a fast target. He could move at speeds she just couldn't track yet. But she would try no matter what to defend herself and her hard one prize and honor.

Kakashi saw she wasn't going to take the vest off and was growing angry. Sasuke was clearly the winner just by showing up. He was a prodigy after all like him and that made them better than everyone else. It was a simple law of the universe that prodigies get what they want. That was why they never do anything to stop the likes of Itachi and Orochimaru. They were prodigies and deserved what they wanted. Naruko was just a failure spawn of a no name who would die sad and alone. If these idiots were going to keep this Charade up it was going to be up to him to end it. Walking up to his failure of a student he said in the most condescending tone he could.

"Naruko we both know Sasuke is the best. Just give him the vest and I promise your punishment will only be slightly painful. If you don't I'll have Sasuke take it from you."

Even if she gave him the vest he was still going to beat her to within an inch of her life. In his mind she deserved it for wasting there time and playing such a poor joke. Seeing her tense and show defiance was the last straw. A subtle hand signal to his prized student was all he needed. With a sense of pride he watched as Sasuke launched his attack without hesitation. While he himself moved to punish the fool of a proctor.

From the corner of her eye she saw Sasuke move. Only her innate danger sense let her duck in time as he stabbed at where her head was moment's ago with a kunai knife. Had she not moved it would have been a death strike. With murder in his eyes he yelled out in a rage.

"That vest is mine whore!"

Rolling forward Naruko drew her guns and took aim. The moment she had the shots lined up with his torso she fired two rounds. The bullets tore into his gut and shoulder as he cried out in fury. But they were both minor spots. painful but not debilitating or lethal. Luckily the shock was enough for him to fall back in agony as in his spoiled arrogance he had never learned how to deal with real pain. Naruko however could have shaken it off easily as till be in the fight. Before she could finish the roll Kakashi kicked her with all his might. His foot connecting right into her side with all his might. She could tell immediately that several ribs had been cracked or worse. With a grunt of pain she was sent sailing only to crash hard onto the ground. Dazed from the pain of multiple cracked ribs she barely had time to register the proctor Genma falling to the ground his arms twisted into an unnatural angle. A kunai knife driven into the base of his back a not immediately lethal but still a crippling blow. The sheer bloodlust coming off her former Sensei was unreal. Looking for her guns she saw them just out of arm's reach. Fighting off the pain she reached for them. Only for the sounds of chirping birds to fill the air. Memories of a battle on a bridge filled her mind as she looked upon her Sensei.

With murder in his eye and bloodlust almost visibly coming off him Kakashi was furious. His pride and joy the next hokage' was down and injured by this nothing of a wanna be ninja bitch. A fellow ninja had betrayed the village and future leader without any remorse. Thus he didn't hesitate to execute her. As was his perceived power that he merely assumed was his alone. Now he would properly punish the thing before him that dared claim to be a ninja. The sheer fact that she dared to defy him a true prodigy of prodigies was an insult like no other. He knew the hokage' would order her death fox or not so why wait. Gathering his chakra into his hand he prepared his signature jutsu the lightning blade. It was a simple matter now of driving the jutsu into her black treasonous heart. The shouting in the stands spurned him on. Believing them to be cheers for her death he made his move. Only for two loud cracks to fill the air. The next thing he knew was pain. Mind shattering pain as his world turned black. His trained mind registered just as he blacked out was the lack of sensation from his right elbow down.

With a large spray of blood and gore Kakashi's right forearm was blasted clean off. As second round had hit him clear in the chest. The mesh and dense leather was the only thing keeping the buck shot from shredding his heart. But he would still be dead without medical attention soon. With a dull thud Kakashi fell back completely knocked out. Naruko's first instinct was to shoot him but she was still in a pain filled state of shock. Before she could recover the voice of her teacher range out full of annoyance and gusto.

"Tell be Danzo what do you call the guy who shows up at the last second?"

Danzo's annoyed voice replied bluntly.

"The goddamn hero!"

With wide eyes Naruko looked on as her saviors arrived. Walking up towards them the two were completely relaxed. It was in the nick of time that they had arrived in time to save her. With no hesitation the outlaw had shot off Kakashi's forearm and shot him full of buckshot. Just behind them medics ran out to treat the wounded. As John holstered his coach gun he grinned and said amused.

"Well I was gonna go with old bastard who's hips can't take running anymore but fine hero works to. Say would it be to forward to double tap them or would you like to make an example."

Standing over the bleeding form of the now disgraced jonin and his so called prized student Danzo was ready to kill them then and there. With cold eyes that could scare the devil himself Danzo gave one simple order.

"I want you to save them. I want them alive when I execute them!"

Behind him John looked over his student. It didn't take an expert to tell she was messed up. His countless years of experience told him three ribs were cracked and two were bruised. Nothing a week of rest and treatment couldn't fix. Something he knee the young woman's lover would be glad to help with. Picking up the guns he handed them to her. With a shaky breath she thanked him and took the offered guns. Gently putting them back into the holsters she slowly took as deep a breath as she dared. With a smile on her face she looked up and grinned. Her voice was shaky as she said releaved.

"I really appreciate the save."

Grinning John held his hand out to help her up. Yet behind him not far off something sinister was about to strike. A surge of black chakra surged from Sasuke's down form. As from his shoulder began to spread black flame like marks. With a crazed cry of fury he leapt up throwing off the medics he charged for her. A lightning blade already formed in his hand as his sharingan eyes burned in fury. His fist was just about to tear through John's back a cry of warning barely about to leave Naruko's mouth when the unexpected happened. With blinding speed he dodged the deathstrike. Grabbing the would be killer by the back of his neck he slammed him face first into the ground. The sheer force driving his face into the ground deep. With no hesitation he raised his head back up again and proceeded to pound the pathetic man's face into the dirt. With each blow he roared out these words with cold fury.


With the final blow his head was almost buried in the ground. Lifting the beaten swollen face one last time he sighed and said with a grin. "Little shit just can't take a hit." He then dropped him and let the medics deal with him. With a look at Danzo he knew he had just done something his old rival had wanted to do for years. Grinning he once more held his hand out and said satisfied at his work.

"Come on kiddo I know your girlfriend is going to want to see you."

With a smile she took his hand and was helped up. As she stood a full anbu squad arrived to secure the area. Leaning on him she followed him out of the area and the mad house that was growing. As they vanished through the entranceway she knew two things. One shit had hit the fan full force, and two she really wanted to cuddle with Hinata.

Well hope this was worth the wait. If you have any ideas feel free to give them. Wanted to make it more actione but I just couldn't write it just right. Also the way I saw it with how long certain fights went in the show Naruko's alone the arrival of the jackass squad was still pretty dead on. Especially when the hokage didn't postpone the matches to accommodate them. Lastly the next chapter should be out a lot sooner. As long as another game doesn't come out. Cough Pokemon cough.