ATTENTION EVERYONE! I am very sorry to say this but I am leaving fanfiction for good. I want to focus on different projects in my life and fanfiction is just a hobby I havent given much thought in a long while. I'm really sorry. I will be posting everything I have so far though so you have that to look forward too. (though some of the chapters will be rough and unedited) I will also leave a summary of all the ideas I had for this fic. IT IS UP FOR ADOPTION up to that point. No need to ask permission.

Thanks and sorry again.

Chapter 4: In Which Nobody New Shows up but at Least There are Explosions, Am I Right?

-Bridge builder guys perspective on the two teams

-bone guy kimmaro? perspective on thier new "brother" (mukuro?)

-sasukes perspective on reborns 'training techniques' (naruto wanting to join in)

-maybe final fight between haku zabuza

(BONUS: Kakashi- Age Five)

-meeting Minatos teammmate (Reborn)

-training with Reborn (terroized)

Chapter 5: In Which There are Exams and….Dwafism?

(Sand Guy)

Chunin exam, gokudera (suna nin) realizing theyre invading his boss's village. Begging the Hokage to allow him to join the village.

(Danzo-in hokages office)

-reborn demanding more student (yammato & gokudera & chrome) & this thing holding up a sniveling Lambo (claims lambo is a dwarf to get him to join his 'squad'.

-hokage is to afraid to refuse

(third hokage)

-fighting orochimaru-gets betrayed by Mukuro 'don't you know there is a new cult going around?'

-a new bloodline-calling the clan "Vongola"(or whispered in the shadows "cult of tsuna")

-reborn people of reborn universe randomly showing up to join the clan

-tsuan hating his life

Final remarks: I never planned on the fic to be to long. But I always imagined things would just get crazier and crazier while Tsuna just cried in the corner. Eventually everyone from the universe would show up and join the 'Vongola' clan, whose keeki genki was the 'soul fire'.

They went down in history as being a completely insane bunch of individuals. The fourth shinobi war was nipped in the bud so quickly that pein quickly abandoned his plot and joined the 'cult of tsuna' (which Gokudera unknowingly created by his chat with Hidan)