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Grayson lay staring up at the Flying Grayson's poster in his room at the manor. It's been 27 hours since the team started having meetings with Black Canary for therapy sessions. However, the entire team is still restless about the whole Failsafe exercise. Dick especially felt guilty about leading his friends to their deaths.

"Dick–" it was Bruce, but he was in costume, "meeting at the Mountain."

As the two of them entered the Mountain Dick saw that KF, Aqualad, Artemis, SB, and Megan had been waiting for us.

"Rob, you know what's going on?" Kid whispered to him. Batman must have heard because he then decided to debrief us on the mission.

The screen in front of Batman displayed a map of The United States and then zoomed in on Chicago. "Recently there was a massive power surge in the Chicago land area. We know that the energy has caused–" The screen began to play video of a swirling vortex. "A portal to open up in downtown Chicago. This portal was open for 15 minutes before something came out of it causing it to become destabilized. Because half of the league is Off-World and those who aren't are on missions, the team has been assigned to track down what exited the portal and determine if it is friendly. Do not engage under any circumstances. Dismissed." Batman then zeta beamed to the watchtower.

"Why Chicago..." Kid Flash spoke more to himself than anyone else.

"What's wrong with Chicago?" Poor confused naive Megan asked.

Aqualad also being naive about the city stated," It is my understanding that they have a very nice lakefront, I would enjoy a visit."

"This has nothing to do with the lakefront, this isn't even about crime, it's about the police. They don't exactly like when people in masks doing their job for them. In fact, they'll try harder to get us than to get the actual villains"

"Oh..." Megan said followed by a long period of silence.

"Relax KF, its like bats said, don't engage. We can where civvies for this one mission."

After arriving in Chicago the team went where the portal formed. It was difficult to the exam where the portal was because directly below was a river. However, Wally managed to get a reading on tachyon particles which suggested time travel played some role in the vortex. Robin manages to get better footage of what exited the vortex. It definitely looked like a man but none of the cameras captured the face of the figure.

Following the person trail through camera proved difficult for Robin, however, he managed to track him down to an abandoned warehouse below a highway in the near south area of the city.

When the team reached the warehouse they looked in from the rooftop window. No one could see any sign of the person–

"Your team doesn't seem to be very good at being covert," A voice spoke, startling everyone. Wally, who stood directly in front of the man the team had turned to look at, ducked for cover behind the nearest person, Artemis. "Relax I'm not going to hurt you."

Superboy seemed unconvinced and stared angrily at the man who was completely unfazed. It was dark and the person wore a hood preventing his face from being visible. He was also still mostly hidden in the shadows.

"If you wish to prove yourself friendly, show yourself." Aqualad diplomatically and calmly said.

The person then walked closer, out of a shadow and took off his hood allowing his face to be illuminated. His face was blurred me into a spiral shape... he then stated, "You can call me Agent 37."

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