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As Canary lead Aqualad to the exit door leading to the kitchen she thought over what all the teens had said in their sessions. Conner had been very insecure about who he was in the world, well worlds. Robin didn't talk much about his feelings, instead, he was rambling theories about who Agent 37 was on their earth. Canary at first tried to guide the conversation but Robin kept at it. Wally, however, was doing his best to hide his existential crisis about his significance in the Multiverse. Unlike her other teammates, Agent 37's presence had less of an impact on Megan who was still worried about controlling her powers. Artemis, on the other hand, was almost as concentrates on the Agent as Robin was. She was incredibly suspicious of the fact that Batman immediately trusted this man but won't tell Robin why. Aqualad was different from all the other teammates, he had been striving towards becoming a better leader rather than acting as a soldier. Aqualad was concerned with how obsessive the team was over the mysterious Agent, he's had come to a similar conclusion as Black Canary had. The team was getting too distracted and if they let that distraction into the field then someone would end up getting hurt– or worse.

When Black Canary reaches the entrance of the kitchen a swoosh, which could only have been made by a speedster, passed right in front of her. She turned to see Wally setting Megan down, it was obvious to Canary that they had been attempting to eavesdrop on the visitors.

"Megan, were you able to read to get a read on them?" Robin asked

"I had tried to find any of the Agent had any mental boobytraps which I might trigger entering his mind," the martian explained, "but I didn't sense anything."

Wally was ecstatic, "That's great, so when you entered his mind why did you learn." But Megan shook her head.

"You don't understand what I meant. I couldn't sense anything from him. It felt like he's a machine, or at least his brain is one. There was no way for me to access any of his thoughts. However, I'm sure that he is human."

"So maybe he has some sort of future tech that shields his thoughts, "Wally suggested, "I mean it's not that far of a stretch since said he works for a spy agency and he obviously has the tech to make his face a freaking blur!"

"I also tried to look at the other Robins mind, but it was incredibly guarded. If I tried to enter there was no way I would be unnoticed. I could sense his emotions. Mostly it was just frustration and irritation, I'm not sure why. But there was also some fear and worry– especially associated with the name Bruce."

Canary finally decided to get involved by telling them they needed focus more on preparing for their next mission than on who the visitors are. She then started walking to the gym even though she too wanted to know who exactly these people were. On the way toward the gymnasium, she passed by the foreign Robin. Canary noted that his scowl looked very similar to Batman's, perhaps he learned it from his world's version of the caped crusader. This Robin didn't even glance to acknowledge Canary so she continued on to the gym.

After navigating the halls she reached to open the gym door. However, she froze just as she touched the door handle because of an unmistakable sound of a fist hitting cement. She slowly turned pushed the door open to see Agent 37 head bowed breathing heavily with his fist nested in the shallow dent he just made in the wall. As Canary looked around the room she noticed the hanging rings swinging, he must have just dismounted them before punching the wall.

"Black Canary." She turned back to the man realizing he had steadied his breathing and was looking at her, or at least his blurred face was looking in her direction. "I'm sorry for damaging the wall just now," he sheepishly said, one hand scratching the back of his head. "It's just that—"

"I understand. In your position, I think you have the right to be frustrated. Though, you shouldn't be so destructive with venting it." He was nodding while he walked back to the rings
readying himself to exercise on them once more.

"You're right, I've been venting by working on gymnastics, it usually helps me think clearly but I'm having a bit of trouble right now." The Agent as able to move his body using the rings in
ways that seemed impossibly graceful. He must have been training most of his life to be this good, and training even longer than that for his ass to look this good. Damn.

The Agent did a backflip dismount sticking the landing, a bead of sweat running down his face. Canary decided that this was a good time to talk to him. "You feeling better?"

"Yeah," he replied, trying to regain control over his breathing after such a rigorous routine. "I guess I do." He paused. "Say, would you mind sparring against me?" From the tone of his voice, it was obvious that he was flirting with her. Canary didn't know what his world's version of her was like, but she was not to be taken lightly in a fight. Even if she doesn't know what his skill set is, and it is possible that he can outclass her, Canary knew if he underestimates her then it would be his downfall.

"Sure, you're on."

Canary lead the way to the sparring room while the Agent followed a few feet behind her. After they entered the sparing zone, Canary said, "Let's begin," as she took off her jacket and tossed it to the side taking a fighting stance. She took a few swings at him which he dodged then blocked getting in a hit to Canary's torso. Canary took a few steps back after the hit reanalyzing the situation preparing to launch another barrage of hits on the Agent before her. However, before she did anything else she noticed that Agent 37 was pretending to stroke his imaginary beard while most likely inquisitively staring at her; she could only guess the last part, his face being a blur and all.

"Why are you giving me that look?" Canary questioned as she launched herself forward intending to wipe what she assumed was a smug look on his face.

"Well, seeing you take off your jacket reminded me of some spy work stuff I did having to do with the other version of you." The agent did a flip over her as he said this and attempted a leg swipe.

"Excuse me?" Canary, having used that move many times in the pasted jumped back to avoid getting hit. However, the agent was able to readjust his trajectory midswing landing a blow on Black Canary.

Canary didn't let that last hit phase her, she continued to be on the attack. This guy was good. Very good. His fighting style was impossible to read, it seemed to be like jazz, improvised while being smooth. It seemed that he was like Wally for talking and didn't have a mute button. "You have that jacket as part of your costume, but you prefer not to fight with it on. Meaning it's either for esthetic or to keep you warm since your costume shows off a ton of skin. But if it is the cold thing then why would you design the costume like that, it doesn't have any real tactical advantage and doesn't give you armor protection." The Agent had said over the course of his dodging Canary's attacks by doing unnecessary flips. He was like Robin in that aspect.

The Agent continued by saying, "A lot of people in the government wonder why you wear fishnets in your costume which I find hilarious that they put more thought into that than creating actual government policy. Anyway, the most popular theory is that you have daddy issues but personally, I think the old government guys just really wish you do."

After hearing that last part Canary couldn't help but laugh. She could totally see that being the case. The Agent joined her in laughing, the two making an unspoken agreement to call a time-out on their sparring match. The laughing died out leaving the two of them in an awkward silence.

Agent 37 broke the tension by saying, "Thank you for sparing with me. That really helped me calm down completely. I'd love to finish out match now but I have a feeling that my partner may be up to something and now that I'm in a position where I can think more rationally I can actually deal with him."

"Yeah, I was fun to spare with you. You're a very good fighter, perhaps you could teach the team sometime."

"It's funny, my spy job has me teaching teenagers, too," he commented as he lead the two of them to the exit, "But that was only teaching gymnastics and the girls seemed pretty distracted, they kept talking about some guy named Juan."

"I'm sure you aren't that boring of a teacher," Canary said, not even realizing her eyes were tracking the Agents ass down the hall.

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