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Ben worked on a powerless spell for the Principal. He eventually completed it Everyone met up to make a plan to use it on The Principal. The plan was to lure the Principal to the school by using Ethan as bait. It would really be a disguised E posing as Ethan for added insurance. The plan went off without a hitch. The Principal was easily defeated.

After that, Ethan wondered aloud why E did not just glamour the Principal. Ben answered that E probably did not for the same reason he left Jesse with his free will. E likes to watch his enemies squirm and suffer. Glamouring them would be providing mercy. Ethan replied, "Oh, that makes sense."

Ben then turned his attention to E because the truce was officially over. E sensed Ben's attentions. E stated, "Stop whatever you are thinking. I have leverage. I have already glamoured my family." Ben swore. He grudgingly noted, "Fine. You win for now."

E retorted, "Don't you mean always!" Anyways, ta-ta for now." He speeded away. Ethan asked, "What do we do now? How do I snap my family out of the glamour?" Ben answered, "I will try to create a de-glamouring spell. We may have lost a battle, Ethan. We will however win the war." Ethan took comfort in Ben's words. His friend whether past or future had never let him down.

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