Inhumans of earth

Let me introduce myself

Hello everyone!
My name is Tristan. I'm 7 years old. I live in America in Denver.
I like dogs and spaghetti. I really don't like sprouts and jelly fish. They picked a bad name for those. Jelly fish don't even look like fish! And something that can hurt you shouldn't sound so funny.
Anyway you have to meet my mom and dad! They are the best mom and dad in the whole world!
Dad has a library just outside of town and mom helps though she has to work in the city often. We live above the library and behind it there is a really nice garden. Which is good for the dog I'll get for my birthday. Mom and dad won't admit it but I know for sure I'll get one this year.
Sometimes we are visited by miss Jing. Jing isn't really her name but I can't say her name right so she said I could call her Jing until I'm older. She is always brought by Mr. Gordon, he has the best way to travel but that's a secret.
I think they are friends with mom and dad but I'm not sure. Mom often stops miss Jing from saying stuff when I'm around and she never leaves me alone in a room with them.
Maybe miss Jing has a potty mouth?
Last time they visited they were both very serious. There was something mom needed to get for them. It's super important and I think a bit dangerous because dad didn't want her to go alone. And they were very unhappy about taking me along since there is no one who can watch me for the evening. They almost considered asking miss Jing to watch after me but changed their minds. She must have a really big potty mouth.
I think it's very exciting. It's like a secret mission spies go on. I like spies, but super heroes are even cooler. Like Iron man, he is really cool and very smart! Or the good green giant that was in the news recently, he saved Harlem from another mean monster. Or Captain America. I have some of his comics, but I really want to know what he really was like. We'll learn about him in school a bit next year and a whole lot more in high school, but I don't think I can wait that long. If I don't get a dog I want a book about captain America. I saw a really nice one in the library, but dad said I can't read well enough for big books like that yet. Too many big words.
Oh, mom's calling me. We're leaving on the super-secret mission!

So that's where the story starts. Hope you guys liked this little intro. The next chapter should be up in a few hours.