Inhumans of earth

AN: Didn't expect me back so soon did you? Well surprise! I really wanted to finish this story. Ejoy.

A new family and the start of ever after?

I wake up alone. For a minute I don't know where I am or what happened, but as soon as I feel the blindfold everything comes back. For a moment I feel really sad about my parents again but then I realize that miss Alexis isn't next to me and I panic for a moment.
What happened? I feel around and find the edge of the big bed. As I climb of I hear voices from the other side of the room.
"You don't have to lie to anyone. You just have to say what you saw. No display of anything unordinary except for a frightened child that has just lost his parents." It's miss Alexis. I'm relieved but also worried. Why is she arguing and with who?
"And how am I supposed to justify that you insist on putting him with a pair of listed enhanced?" Mr. Chris replies. And are they talking about me?
"You won't have to. That's my reasoning. And even if Fury doesn't believe me, he'll pretend he does. He's probably going to love that he has one over me now. He's been waiting on something like this to come around since I started." I might not get everything but I think Fury is a bad guy and Alexis is about to give him one of her weaknesses. She shouldn't! Bad guys should never know the hero's weakness! That never ends well!
"Exactly! Lex… You are fantastic at your job. You can't be compromised. And if you do it like this you give him not one but two weak spots. The boy and me. If I fail to give a complete report he can do a lot worse than just fire me." I'm miss Alexis' weak spot? I thought I wouldn't put her in danger?
I reach out in front of me and try to feel my way to the door.
"I know you don't like it when I try to protect you but I have to now. If you do this… I know you want to help him at all cost, but it might prevent you from helping someone else later." She shouldn't do that. She has to help others.
"He's just a child Chris. I can't subject him to the world. He's facing enough as it is."
I find the door and open it. "Miss Alexis!" I call and just like that I feel her picking me up.
"I'm sorry Tristan. I thought you'd be asleep for a while longer," she says before turning us both, I think to face Mr. Chris. "Il a besoin de mon protection." I don't understand what she says but I recognize the language. It sounds like French, my parents… used to talk French whenever they didn't want me to understand them. So I can guess what she said especially since I understood the word protection. She wants to protect me.
"You can't let the bad guy have your weakness! That's what almost killed Hercules!" I have to make her see that she'll be in danger if she tries to protect me too much. Mr. Chris said she doesn't like to be protected by him so maybe she just doesn't know she's a hero yet.
She chuckles. "Yes dear, but if I remember correctly it's also what saved him." I frown, she has a point but still. "And Furry isn't a villain… even if he looks like a pirate." I gasp. "Really?" She laughs lightly. "Yes eyepatch and everything." I'm kind of curious now. Mr. Chris coughs.
"Don't change the subject Lex. The kid is right. Fury isn't the enemy but he'll do whatever he thinks is necessary to get the job done. And I don't want him to use your own kindness against you at some point. Not for my sake. He isn't unreasonable. I'm sure if you explain he'll make an exception for Tristan. No registration and no listing. He'll be safe. And you won't have to worry about stepping too hard on Fury's toes. Everything will be alright."
After a few moments of silence miss Alexis speaks again. "Ready to meet your new family?" she asks. I nod. I'm a little nervous but if Mrs. Jing knows these people maybe they knew my parents.
And if miss Alexis trusts them then why shouldn't I?
"They're downstairs come on." I hear her open the door and I hear Mr. Chris following us pulling something heavy behind him. "Chris has brought your things from home, also some of the books in the library he thought you'd like." She says as I hear the elevator doors close.
"I noticed one on captain America." The one with the big words? I'm kind of happy he did but also a bit sad. Dad said I'm not ready. Would he be mad if I read it anyway?
"He said your room had lots of drawings of him and other heroes. You know, I have met Iron man."
I gasp and pull away, only to remember that I can't look at her because of the blindfold.
"Really?" I ask. She laughs. "Yes really. He calls me every once in a while. Just for a chat. And Chris told me this morning that the man we met in the ally is the Hulk. Have you heard of him?" I nod.
"He stopped a monster from killing people." She doesn't laugh this time.
"It's not that simple dear. That monster was in a way just as much a victim of greedy and ambitious blockheads as he was. Of course you couldn't know that, but promise me that you'll never judge someone without having the whole picture ever again." I never thought about that. But it makes sense. Bad guys can have a reason to be mean.
"Promise," I swear. And just then the doors open.
"Is that him?" asks a female voice from a distance. She sounds happy and sad.
"Yes. Tristan, meet Maya." I feel a soft hand take mine and a gentle kiss on my cheek.
"Nice to meet you darling. Gordon made sure we got here as fast as possible." So Mrs. Jing and Mr. Gordon are helping me move in with these people.
"We've discussed moving into your old home but Ally here thought you might benefit more from a fresh start." She has a lot of energy. "Unless you'd rather go home?" miss Alexis adds. I think about that for a moment and then shake my head no. The library wouldn't be the same without dad. Nothing would be the same.
"Alright then. And this is Garrett." This time a big, rough hand shakes mine, but in a gentle way.
"Nice to meet you pall. Ally, we are so happy and honored that you thought of us. We'll make sure he has everything he needs. And of course we'll keep in touch. Nous comprendrons votre sentiments d'obligation et affection pour cet garçon précieux."Again French? Before I get a chance to try and figure out what they were saying I feel miss Alexis lift me into the woman's arms.
"Thank you guys." She says but I cling onto her. I don't want to leave yet.
"Tristan, you don't have to worry. They're very good people. And I'll see you again soon. Promise. And next time we'll see each other you may be able to see me. Won't that be great?" I still don't let her go. What if she'll die like mom and dad did? Like grandma?
"Tristan," she puts me down and grabs my shoulders. "I need you to be brave. I need you to grow stronger and become a hero. That way you can help me and Iron man and the Hulk and all other hero's to fight the good fight, like captain America. Can you do that for me dear?" I nod, feeling tears well up in my eyes. I don't want to leave, but I will if that means I can protect miss Alexis from the bad people who want to hurt her because of her work.
"I will," I promise. "That's my little hero. Of you go. You still have to meet Hermes." I cock my head. Who's Hermes? Someone kneels behind me. "Our five month old puppy." A dog?

Tristan is successfully distracted from his reluctance to leave the confidant and starts asking questions about the dog and soon his new home. It isn't until he hears Gordon say that it's time to go when he remembers that he hasn't really said goodbye to Alexis. He turns and waves. Unaware of the fact that it's still dark outside or that Alexis Robbins is leaning heavily on her brother.
There is no one in the remote area of their hotel and all the staff members and guests are still asleep.
So without the inconvenience of witnesses Gordon disappears to Tristan's new home with the entire new family a moment after the boy has waved goodbye.
They arrive safely in the afterlife where their pup is impatiently waiting for them.
Maya and another man who is introduced as Lincoln take of his blindfold and start a process that should help his powers settle. It helps a lot and in the following weeks Tristan practices a lot and discovers many new and exciting things about his gift. Most are still theory but that doesn't stop Tristan from telling anyone who'll stop long enough to listen that he'll learn to do it. That he'll become a hero. Of course everyone is a bit uneasy about the circumstances of his change but it soon becomes clear that he isn't dangerous. In fact he himself is very insistent on wearing his blindfold whenever he isn't practicing until he's completely trained.
While Tristan trains Alexis deals with Fury. As Chris predicted he wasn't entirely unreasonable.
"You do realize doctor Robbins that in allowing this small, oversight, you owe me a favor in return." Alexis nods. "One favor Furry. Don't waste it."

AN: and done. Wow, writing from a first person perspective isn't easy, especially when you give that first person a handycap you don't have yourself. Lesson learned. Third person pov is certainly more my thing. Live and learn. Hope you enjoyed it despite the fact that I did a big step out of my comfortzone. See you all when we continiue Avengers Unite!

Oh and before I forget. The lines in French:
Il a besoin de mon protection: he needs my protection.
Nous comrendrons votre sentiments d'obligation et protection de cet garçon précieux: we understand you feel responsible and affectionate towards this presious boy.