Chapter 2: 1st year Ac: Life of Luna

Luna woke up; it was her alarm clock that she set up to wake her two hours before sunrise, since she wanted to watch the stars and then the sunrise. After all it was Monday today, and today she would be shopping for her school supplies; her daddy said that they'd go today instead of Wednesday. But then again they were in the group which received a Hogwarts letter a day earlier than the Weasley group.

That wasn't unusual, Hogwarts did have a limited number of owls, and so Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland was divided into regions for post delivery. But all letters were delivered in the span of four days, from Friday to Monday.

Her musings, as she watched the moon and the stars, came to a halt when she spotted a car flying from The Burrow. She adjusted her telescope to see that it was a Ford Anglia, and that the Weasley twins and Ronald were inside, flying towards London. Shrugging she went back to star gazing, after all dawn would come soon, and she wouldn't be able to see the stars much longer. After the dawn breaks, she'll go back to bed for the next two hours.

***3 hours later***

Luna woke up with a smile, sunshine streaming from the outside, warm and yellow, perfect start of her day, throwing her blankets off as she jumped out of her bed. She needed to dress first; socks one red and the other yellow, her pants – jeans with stars, a striped t-shirt, and most importantly her Dirigible plum-shaped earrings. Her daddy told her that if the Dirigible plum is eaten, it grants extreme wisdom, and the earrings that she made from the smaller fruit itself that her daddy shrunk and put under a permanent preservation charm, enhances the wisdom of their wearers.

In just a couple of days she will begin her first year at Hogwarts. But today, her dad will take her to buy her wand and books and robes and a cauldron. It was making Luna almost squeal in excitement. She'll make some human friends in her home away from home.

The Hogwarts – who knows, perhaps she'll have a chance to go into a student exchange program, like her mum did, in her last year.

A small voice came from under the sheet, Luna smiled. Thinking of friends, Maia, her only friend for many years popped out oh she visited sometimes at Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, played with their daughter Ginny. But they were more acquaintances that played together on one or two occasions in a year.

"Good morning, Maia," she said airily and pulled the sheet down from herself and the small dent in the mattress.

"Oh no, where did Maia go?" Luna breathed, while smiling and watching the dent. Then she blinked and the dent was filled by a small, dark brown, walking more on the line of a warm old ivory ground colour, kitten with big slightly tufted tail and ears, looking at her with intelligent almond shaped amber eyes.

Luna lightly scratched Maia's head. "Do you miss your mummy little one?" she asked the purring cat. Because, despite her small appearance, the feline was fully grown and her mum disappeared after bringing her last litter of eight kittens, but then again Maia's mother, Hong, was Pandora's Familiar. So it was feline family tradition when Maia became Luna's familiar.

Pandora brought Hong from Japan; she also told her daughter that the feline that looked and was a crossbreed between a Kneazle and Demiguise, Pandora had brought Hong as a small kitten in her trunk, when she returned from Mahoutokoro.

Maia however was from Hong's second litter of kittens, and her father was a Singapore cat. That Pandora bought from a Muggle Animal shelter in London.

Maia inherited some of her best traits from all three sides. From her Demiguise ancestry, other than her fur colour, she could turn invisible and was mildly telepathic; she talked to Luna with images sometimes. From her Kneazle side, she inherited her general shape and intelligence, and from her father's Singapore side, temperament and size.

Looking around her room she took in the black and dark blue walls and ceiling, peppered with yellow stars, forming constellations and a full silver moon. The ceiling was bare of such paintings because she intended to paint her friends there. The painted wooden chest held her clothes; the shelves were full of her collection of books, odd things like seashells, dried flowers, and stones she collected on river bank or beach near the sea. Bureau, the table, and a chair were also painted in such a way that it fit in the room.

"Luna, dear!" her father called from somewhere downstairs.

"Coming daddy!" she called while skipping the stairs down to the dining room. Where a warm breakfast was waiting for her; daddy always made breakfast for both of them.

Warm toast with butter and honey. Toast on top with honey, butter on the bottom, because Nargles loved butter and they had trouble finding butter if it was on the bottom of the toast. Then decaf coffee, with strawberry flavouring. Muggles were very smart daddy said, to make coffee for children that tasted like strawberries. She could not wait to try real coffee or cappuccino!

***London - Diagon Alley***

Xeno and Luna were walking the streets of Diagon Alley. They already bought the books she needed for her first year. Naturally she would also take with her the books her mother owned in her first year.

They also didn't need to buy an owl; the Lovegood family already owned one, besides if she wanted to she could borrow one of the school's owls, and Luna already had Maia as a familiar. Currently Maia was curled snugly inside Luna's bag, and only the tips of her tufted ears peaked out from the colourful beady bag. They already bought books and other school supplies; Luna only needed a wand.

And there was only one place where she could get her wand. Her daddy went to buy some supplies for his newspaper and he wanted to visit Mr. Junkings at his shop, which was near 'Flourish and Blotts'. Luna remembered that store, it was small, and full of old books, broken wands, old robes, and all sorts of interesting things. The kind man, who was a shopkeeper and an owner of the shop, Mr. Junkings named it 'Junk in Shop', besides, her daddy once said that "one man's junk is the another man's treasure".

She'll handle getting her own wand alone. Besides she heard the name Ollivander, from her mother often, and she wanted to know more about Pandora, without invoking grief from her father by stirring memories about her mother.

*** Ollivander's Wand Shop***

Stepping into dark store, Luna was greeted by shopkeeper, an older gentlemen, shorter than her father, with slightly balding, white frizzy hair and curious, almost sliver eyes, who just took a piercing look at her, then smiled.

"You are here for your first wand, yes? And, oh, oh, you are Pandora's little girl, aren't you? Named after the celestial body and a moon goddess. Luna Selene, yes?" At Luna's surprised look, he bobbed his head. "But how rude of me. My name is Ollivander, welcome to my shop. Oh dear me it feels like yesterday when Pandora came by for her first wand, and of course Xenophilius, why it feels like he paid for his only a couple of hours ago." At Luna's quizzical smile, the Master Wand maker elaborated,

"Your father had ten inches, pliable apple wood and unicorn hair; he was a year behind Pandora, which was fifteen inches and a half, very swishy yew wand with dragon heartstring core. Even after her marriage she kept in contact with me, and helped with Wand lore research at times."

"Mother did?"

"Yes, and I am curious to find out if her predictions for your wand were correct. Well I suppose we will find out now, won't we?"

"Mr. Ollivander, could you tell me more about my mother, Wand lore, and yourself first, please. I'm curios, you see, about ..."

"You'll definitely be in Ravenclaw child, very well. We will talk about Ollivander history with Pandora, while I take your measurements."

"Which is your wand arm?"

"I'm right-handed," Luna replied. Ollivander then gently held her by the wrist and moved her arm so that it was sticking out straight in front of her and parallel to the floor. He placed one end of the tape measure on her shoulder and unravelled it until it reached the tip of her middle finger. After that the measuring tape started to measure by itself.

"Each of the wand cores are given to me willingly and paired with wood of different varieties and lengths. There are no two wands that are exactly alike, and each wand is destined to be with a certain witch or wizard. My family has long been associated with the mysterious profession of Wandcraft, it is even in our family name; after all the name Ollivander means 'he who owns the olive wand'."

"That's enough," Ollivander commanded the measuring tape who was now measuring the distance between her shoulder blades.

Ollivander then brought out a couple of boxes, and started to open them up and hand the contents to Luna.

"Here, unicorn hair, apple wood … try it Miss Lovegood, give it a wave."

"No, not this one, how about, Birch and phoenix feather …no that one is not right either … but I think we should stick with phoenix core …hmm…how about this, Oak and phoenix feather twelve inches, very swishy."

Luna gave a little wave and bowed over some boxes, "No," Ollivander muttered, "how about this one, beech and phoenix feather ten inches, flexible very good for charms."

Luna took the wand, and immediately felt warmth spread from her fingers, and sparks emitted from the tip of the wand.

1996. Kings Cross station; Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Luna Selene Lovegood went through a mental check list: Cauldron: Check! School Robes Check. School books – check! Potion's Kit, check, as she hurried beside her daddy at King's Cross Station, pushing her own trolley before her. Without missing a beat or slowing their pace the Lovegoods stepped straight through a brick wall to reach platform nine and three-quarters.

"Xeno!" came a shout from their left; the Lovegoods turned to see three familiar faces rushing towards them. Mr. followed closely by Mrs. Diggory, and right behind them was Cedric, their only son.

"Amos, jolly good to see you!" greeted her father, and shook the much taller man's hand. Amos smiled through his scrubby brown beard, "and Ageha, you are as lovely as ever," daddy continued and nodded at Cedric's mum. Luna liked Mrs Ageha; she always, when the Diggory's visited them, made sure that Luna had motherly advice and helped with a question that Luna would have normally asked her own mum. It helped that Pandora and Ageha were classmates at Hogwarts, though Ageha was Gryffindor and Amos was Hufflepuff, like their son was now.

Cedric was always nice to Luna as well; she recalled when she first met the older boy, at her mum's funeral, and he gave her sugar mice, and made sure that she didn't wander off, but he was nice like that to everyone. He was starting his fourth year and played as the Seeker for Hufflepuff.

Then Luna spotted a familiar family of ginger heads. The twins, Fred and George, Ginny who will be in her year, but probably not in the same house don't get her wrong, Luna was brave, some would say that she was fearless, but a more defining trait of hers was the knowledge of the unseen world around her – so she was most certain she'll end up in Ravenclaw and Ginny will be probably Gryffindor as well. Just like Ronald and Harry Potter … who were missing. Perhaps they got distracted with a Wrackspurt buzzing around them. She hoped that they don't miss the train, it would be a shame … her dad told her that Hogwarts house elves make very good pudding and she'd love some right now; pity there won't be any pudding on the train.

The Hogwarts Express gave a sharp whistle, urging students, old and new, to get onboard.

She hugged her father, muttering a quiet goodbye into his robes before boarding the Hogwarts Express, a large red steam train powered by magic not the steam, which will take her to Hogwarts.

She hauled her trunk up the steps; finding an empty compartment was easy, but it was the sights that her big, silvery eyes took in. People, students milling about, so many potential friends to make.

She didn't fear getting on the train all alone or striking up a conversation, in fact she was very much exited to go to school, to the place she only heard about from her mother and father. She did have one fear though, not an obvious one like mummies or vampires or the common fear of spiders. She feared her knowledge; she knew too much about the world. Which was why she loved to watch Nargles and Crumple – Horned Snorkacks; their behaviour had nothing to do with the darker aspects of the world that she knew were lurking, praying on the unwary. To gobble them up whole, to never be seen again.

Seeing a familiar flash of red, she hurried down the hallway. "Hi, Ginny," she greeted her neighbour, perhaps now they'll become more than two girls that hang out on occasion.

"Luna!" Ginny's lips pulled into a genuine smile, "I was looking for you!" then she scowled. "Fred and George went with their mates, and I can't find Ron or," then she blushed so hard that it clashed with her ginger hair, "Harry Potter."

"Perhaps Nargles are keeping them busy," Luna started to say, but was interrupted by a sneering voice

"Oh, look, red hair and a ratty look, you must be a Weasel!"

Luna turned together with Ginny who was now looking like a Siberian tiger cub, something Luna saw happen when was angry at somebody.

"Malfoy," Ginny spat and glared at the older boy with white-blonde hair and a pointy pale face. Luna just regarded the boy through her special glasses, hmm; she thought that he appeared as someone that would hold Self-Preservation and determination above all else. She could use that to distract him and then she could use that opportunity to pull Ginny and herself away from the older boy.

"That's Mister Malfoy to you brat!" he sneered, and Luna thought that if this was his default expression, sneering, she pitied him.

"That wasn't really nice," Luna said. "You should be careful of the Nargles."

"What the bloody hell are Nargles?"

"They are little critters that like to burrow in your brain. Look there is a tail of one poking out of your ear," Luna pointed.

At that the boy started to grab at his ear, and started to shake his head. Luna however just took Ginny's hand and pulled her along with her.

"That was brilliant Luna," Ginny breathed when they sat in the compartment, which at the moment was blissfully empty of other people. "Luna, what are Nargles?" Ginny asked, curious.

"Oh, they are harmless creatures that are known to infest mistletoes and like to cause mischievous thefts."

"Oh so there were no Nargles in Malfoy's brain?" Ginny sounded disappointed.

"No, I made that one up." She was wondering if she should pull out her Quibbler magazine, but untimely decided against it. This was her first year, there was bound to be more interesting sites, and besides she can always read the newest issue that daddy printed later in her dorm room.

"Oh, it was still brilliant." Ginny smiled. "So what house do you think you'll be in?"

"Hmm, I think you will be in Gryffindor," Luna answered. "I hope I'll be in a house that I'll find lots of friends in."

"I'm your friend, Luna," Ginny stated. "Truly, I considered you my friend since we were little."

"Oh, then I'm glad to be your friend Ginny and I …" The door slid opened and a mousy blonde haired and very energetic boy peaked in carrying a large camera.

"Hello," he greeted practically bouncing in place. "Are you First years, I'm a first year; my name is Colin Creevy, what's yours? Did you see Harry Potter, I hear he is on the train somewhere?" Luna could swear that she saw stars blinking in Colin's brown eyes.

She and Ginny exchanged glances. "I'm Ginny Weasley, this is Luna Lovegood, and yes we are first years."

"Are you excited? I am excited, imagine my dad, who is a milkman, was surprised when I got a letter from Hogwarts, thought it a joke! And mum was surprised too; she is a painter, but she took some photography classes and she gave me this old camera!" He brandished the bulky thing. Now Luna was not an expert on Muggle technology, but she was almost sure that photo cameras were smaller than the one Colin was holding.

The sound of the door interrupted the trio, but now there was a year older boy and girl standing framed in the doorway. Gryffindor crests on their robes, telling Luna which house they belonged to.

"Hello, have you seen a toad?" the girl asked. "Neville lost it again."

"Oh," Luna smiled, "well then is this your toad?" she asked, and pulled a fat toad from under Colin's seat, who started to snap pictures of the toad and the two newcomers.

"Trevor!" the boy no, Luna thought, the girl said that his name was Neville exclaimed, and carefully took his toad from her, and then sat by Colin who was again jumping in his seat.

"Hullo!" Ginny said, "You are second year Gryffindors, right?"

"That's right." The girl with unruly chestnut hair nodded. The boy was now holding Trevor the toad, and he only nodded. "My name is Hermione Granger and this is Neville Longbottom."

Ginny nodded, "yes, my brothers, well Ron mostly mentioned you."

"Oh Ron is your brother?" Hermione asked and sat in the seat opposite of Ginny, which caused Colin to sit beside Luna, still jittery, and Luna started to wonder if he was suffering from an infection of Wrackspurt; if so, she'd gladly offer him a Wrackspurt repellent.

"Yes," Ginny nodded, and at Hermione's inquiry of her aspirations in school and for afterwards, Ginny started to talk animatedly; Luna was quite content to let Ginny talk.

"And I hope I'll be in Gryffindor as well, it'll be strange if I would be the only member of our family to not make it there, though Luna says I'll definitely get into Gryffindor. Hmm after I graduate, I'd like to play professionally for the Holyhead Harpies; Gwendolyn Jones is my role model, so I'd like to meet her as well."

At the entrance they were approached by a severe looking witch, Luna remembered that her father mentioned her; she was deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall.

"First years welcome to Hogwarts, I'm Professor McGonagall, come on, line up." She beckoned them to follow her into the main hall. Luna looked up to see the famous ceiling, something she previously heard about from her mother and father, and now she could finally see it in person. How exciting!

McGonagall then stepped by the small stool on which there was a tattered brown pointy hat. Luna smiled, so that was the sorting hat; mum told her that it peeks into your heart and puts you where you could feel at home and meet friends. But then the tear at the hat's rim opened and the hat started singing:

"Hello, hello, it's that time of the year,

Time for sorting, for I'm the Sorting Hat and that's my job.

So come one, come and put me on,

So we will know your new home.

Maybe you will go to Gryffindor,

The home of the brave and the strong.

Or perhaps Hufflepuff when

The kind hearts that dwell in cosy badger home.

Or maybe Ravenclaw is your new home,

Where the clear of mind dwell.

Perhaps Slytherin is the place you belong,

The home of the sly folk and the cunning

So come on, come on

Put me on, and together

We will find your new homes."

After the song was done, Professor McGonagall stepped forward holding a scroll that she unrolled. "Now I'll call your names, the one I call step forward to be sorted."

Luna was ecstatic and she made sure she paid close attention to her fellow first years as they sat down and put the hat on. It was interesting trying to guess in which house they would call home for seven years.

"Andrews Peter" A boy with a long face and round glasses stepped forward and Professor McGonagall put the Sorting Hat on his head. There was silence … while Luna observed she thought that the boy looked like someone who could do well in either Ravenclaw or because he hadn't seemed to be afraid and quite bravely sat on the rocking boat while one of the other boys fell into the lake- Gryffindor. It was a good thing that lake water was calm.

"Gryffindor!" shouted the hat, and applause from the Gryffindor table erupted when Peter put the hat back into Professor McGonagall's hands and ran toward them.

Hmm, brave as a lion, Luna mused, pity his name was not Leo or something. If she looked at him through her Spectrespecs that could see the unseen as well as for finding Wrackspurts, she could see a lion cub. All right it is decided and with that she decided that she will keep the glasses on, and ignore the whispering around her.

"Can you believe that girl?"

"The strange one with glasses and radishes for earrings?"


"She is a bit …odd isn't she?"

"Strange glasses … it makes her look fit for the loony bin."

"Abler Susan," McGonagall called, and a pale girl with twin black pigtails stepped forward. Luna remembered her from Diagon Alley; she was very resourceful and they talked for a bit; she had only one ambition for her life after school, to become a famous potion maker.

"Slytherin," called the hat and now that house clapped their hands and welcomed the new member into their midst. Luna knew that Slytherin was not evil; however, she would have to be cautious if she wanted to approach Susan. Not because Luna was afraid of Susan, but she had a feeling that both of them would have unwanted problems.

Alder Parker went to Slytherin, Baker Molly went to Gryffindor.

"Basset Anthony" called McGonagall, and a lanky eleven year old strode forward. Luna perked up, now him she also recalled; they met him and his cousin Bathsheba, when Ginny and her retreated from Draco Malfoy but before they found an empty compartment.

"Ravenclaw," the hat pronounced and Anthony went to the table adorned in blue and bronze colors, and a proud eagle emblem on their blue flag.

"Bannerman Bathsheba." And Anthony's cousin came forward.


Luna was glad when the hat called out the same house, the cousins felt as close as (a) brother and sister.

"Barrett David!"

Went to Slytherin; this surprised Luna, he looked like he'd be more at home in Hufflepuff.

"Baxter Isobel," and a small red haired girl with sun spots skipped forward; the hat was put on her wildly curly hair and …

"Ravenclaw!" the hat shouted, and the peppy redhead skipped to her new house table.

Beechwood Peter went to Hufflepuff and then it was Colin's turn; at that moment Luna noticed something odd at the teacher's high table, it was almost full, but one seat was empty … one teacher was missing. Why? What was going on?

"Creevy Colin"

When the hat called his house to be Gryffindor, Luna wasn't surprised as she watched him eagerly run to the Gryffindor table, he'll probably start to take pictures of Harry Potter … and he and Ronald Weasley were missing as well!

Cooper Mary Anne and Chambers Harry joined Slytherin, followed by two Ravenclaws, Cheney James and Colby Lillian.

"Drinkwater Delilah," called the professor, and a willowy brown haired girl stepped forward. The hat took some time to place her in her house - Slytherin. Delaney William and Edgecombe Marietta went to Ravenclaw. Followed by a Gryffindor boy, Empson Elphinstone, and then with Edwards Rose who joined Hufflepuff.…and so it went on and on; from F for Fairfax Robert – Hufflepuff to K for Kinsella Lucy who went to Gryffindor.

And then her name was called.

"Lovegood Luna Selene!"

Finally her name was called out by the teacher; she skipped over to the stool and sat while McGonagall put the Sorting Hat on her head.

'Hmm, you are an interesting one,' the hat muttered into her head. 'Me, but you are more interesting, after all how many hats can talk to you?'

'Not many I suppose.'

'Mum thought you were interesting as well, and she told me about you. She said that you are the only hat in possession of a soul.'

'She did, did she?' the hat muttered, again. 'Who was your mum? I don't recall any other Lovegood, besides Xenophilius Lovegood.'

'He is my daddy, mum's name was Pandora. Pandora... '

'Pandora Gambol, yes I remember her, very inquiring mind; have to say I had some dilemma of sorting the lass, she was ambitious and brave, so she could do well in either Slytherin or in Gryffindor.'

'But you put her in Ravenclaw?'

'Yes, because she was very accepting of all beings of nature, like you are little moon, you accept people as they are, and though you are fearless, you'll do better in' ….

"RAVENCLAW!" the last word was shouted for the all the hall to hear and she skipped to the Ravenclaw house.

Now she only needed to wait for Ginny to be sorted … in Gryffindor.

"Leggott Benjamin"


"Latimer Vida"


"Masdon Marjan"


"Plummer Susan"


She decided it would be alright now if she'd watched for Nargles while she waited for W on the list; there were quite few people left.

"Qibun Molly!" called the professor and Hufflepuff got another member.

"Wilmot Harry!" Luna was startled, oh a W letter, won't belong now.

"Weasley Ginevra Molly!"


"Wilmington Thomas." He went to Hufflepuff; Xanter Ursula, round faced mousy brown haired girl went to Gryffindor.

Yelsway Alistor joined Slytherin and then the Headmaster stood up and wished everybody a happy meal, along with a warning about entering the Forbidden Forest and with that, dishes of food and drink appeared on all four tables. Best of all there was lots of pudding.

After the feast, the first years were approached by an older witch and wizard.

"Hello First years, my name is Penelope Clearwater, this is," Penelope motioned to the dark haired boy who waved at them; "Marcus Turner and we are Ravenclaw's perfects. Now please follow us." As Luna stood up, she noticed that now Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall seats at the high table were empty.

***Ravenclaw common room***

It was everything her mum described it as; it was located at the highest tower, just as Muggle stories described a Princess being held prisoner – like Rapunzel. She liked that princess story and the location of the tower. Through large windows that stretched from the wooden floors all the way to the ceiling she could see the school grounds: the lake, the Forbidden Forest, the Quidditch pitch, and the Herbology gardens.

"Hello all new students, I'm head of your house Professor Filius Flitwick." A small man, with greying hair mixed in otherwise black, was standing on the table, while the new first years of Ravenclaw sat on the carpet before the fireplace.

"As you no doubt have heard, Ravenclaws prize intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality, and acceptance. Now, the most important thing to know is that one doesn't mean the other; for example an intelligent person can, in fact, not be very wise." He shook his finger at them. "Remember this difference, as Ravenclaws your learning must be like our house emblem, an eagle, which soars where others cannot climb."

When she started to unpack at the girl's dormitory in the room she shared with four other first years, she noticed that her previous all solid black robes were now adorned with the emblem of her house, and the previously black and white tie was now blue and bronze, her house colors.