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AN: This is the sequel to Ready For Anything. It is the third (and possibly final) story of my Rory & Riley storyline. It picks up roughly five months after the end of Ready For Anything. In this story you will find what happens with Rory, Riley, their friends, and family as they embark on their final years at Yale. Happy reading!

Chapter 1: "A Gilmore who cooks? Never heard of such a thing,"

"Happy Thanksgiving, Cuz," Jess said as he walked into the library at The Dragonfly when he saw Rory and Tristan curled up on the sofa. Tristan was flipping through a magazine, while Rory was engrossed in a book, "Rory?"

"Olivia!" Rory yelled, tossing her book in Tristan's lap and rushing to give the girl next to Jess a hug when her brain registered who had just called her name, "It's been too long since I've seen you."

"Am I invisible?" Jess asked, taking Rory's seat next to Tristan as the girls sat down down together in the oversized armchair across from them and continued their conversation.

"You are now that Rory's met your girlfriend and realized she's cooler than you are," Tristan told him.

Jess was hoping that when he introduced Rory and Olivia they would get along and they did, but Jess didn't introduce them. He was planning to introduce them when he went to New York to visit Olivia, but the week after Rory's first day at The Journal News, they met when Rory went to the gallery Olivia was working at. The gallery was having an exhibition and when the wife of the reporter who was supposed to attend went into labor, Rory was asked to fill in.

"I still can't believe they knew each other for three weeks and never told me," Jess said.

"I can. It's funnier that way," Tristan said with a laugh, remembering the look of shock and surprise on Jess' face when he came to the apartment to drop off his suitcase before going to see Olivia, only to have her be the one answering the door.

"We're supposed to be bro's man. You're supposed to have my back and tell me these things," Jess said, "A guy should tell another guy when he knows his ex-girlfriend is becoming best friends with his current girlfriend."

"Yeah, but that's no fun for me," Tristan told him, "And besides, being alone in an apartment with Rory all summer; no Riley to complain or interrupt; no way was I going to do or say anything to piss her off."

"Where is Riley anyway?" Jess asked, surprised he was in the library reading like Rory.

"In the kitchen helping Luke and Sookie," Tristan said.

"A Gilmore who cooks? Never heard of such a thing," Jess said.

"I know. It surprised me and Mom, too," Rory said .

"What do you know, I'm visible again," Jess said, "Are you two done conspiring against me?"

"Nobody's conspiring against you, babe," Olivia told him, "We're just catching up."

"Yeah, Olivia was just telling me how excited her professors were to read the article I wrote about her," Rory told them.

After writing her initial article about the gallery, Rory ran into Olivia at a coffee shop. The two of them talked more and Rory was inspired to write an article focusing on Olivia and the talent the young artist had. It was during time interviewing Olivia and learning about her passion sculpting something out of nothing that they discovered they both knew Jess. That first article also began what became part of her summer job at The Journal News. Her editor and Mitchum Huntzberger liked Rory's approach of introducing an unknown talent to the world and asked her seek out more and make them famous.

"Hey, Rory, can you…"Riley began, walking into the library, "Oh, hey everyone. Jess, Tris, would you mind giving us a hand in the kitchen? We're just about ready."

"Sure, no problem," Tristan said.

"And Baby Girl, you think you and Olivia could keep Mom company so she'll stop trying to help," Riley said.

"She's eight months pregnant, she doesn't need to be helping when there are this many people here," Rory said.

"Try telling her that," Riley said as they all followed him towards the kitchen.

"Hey, Mom, you've met Olivia, right?" Rory asked, grabbing her mother by the arm and leading her away from the kitchen back into the library.

"Yes, we met at the end of the summer when Jess brought her to town to show her Stars Hollow and meet Liz and Luke," Lorelai said.

"Well, she was just telling me about this incredible mobile she made for her nephew and I was telling her she should ask you about maybe making one for Sophie," Rory said, "Have her show you the pictures. It's fantastic."

"How did you do that?" Riley asked, bring a tray of food out into the dining room, stopping in the library to be sure Lorelai was relaxing.

"Easy, Olivia made a mobile for her nephew," Rory told him.

"And you're having her show Mom pictures of so she can make one for Sophie, genius," Riley said, "Get Mom talking about our baby sister and she'll talk for hours."

"Exactly," Rory said as they watched their mother light up as she talked with Olivia about their baby sister due in three weeks. Lorelai and Luke had found out at the end of the summer that Baby Danes was a girl, a fact Lorelai was excited about because Sophia Grace Danes, would get to grow up being best friends Martha Daisy Belleville, "Only three more weeks until you're a big brother again. Are you excited?"

"Very excited. I can't wait to meet little Sophie," Riley said, "How about you? This is your first time officially becoming a big sister."

"I can't wait. Other than Davey a bit when he was first born and Martha every now and then, I've never really been around a baby before," Rory said, "I'm nervous, but also excited."

"Yeah, I was the same way when Gigi was born. I had never been around a baby before. I may not have been thrilled to have her around, but I also didn't want to drop her or something if I held her," Riley said.

"I think I have enough sense not to drop the baby," Rory said.

"True and it is really cool that Sophie will have Martha just a few months older than her," Riley said.

"And Jamie, just a few weeks younger," Rory reminded him. A few weeks after Luke and Lorelai found out they were expecting a girl, Dean and Lindsay found out that Baby Forester was a boy.

"Of course, Jameson Davis Forester. How could I forget," Riley said, "Sophie's very own, ready made boyfriend, ugh."

"I think it's cute," Rory told him, "Living in Stars Hollow, Sophie and Jamie are going to grow up together, celebrating birthdays mere weeks apart. It will be adorable if they grow up and fall in love."

"They're not even born yet, Baby Girl and you want to marry them off to each other?" Riley asked.

"You never know, Ry," she told him, "It could happen."

"Okay, before we dive into this incredibly delicious smelling food, I just want to thank everyone for being here," Lorelai said, looking around the room at her large and still growing family, "We've been through a lot together, especially these last two years. I am delighted that we could all be here today, happy and together as we celebrate our last holiday before we had another member to the mix. And I want to say a big thank you to Sookie, Luke, and Riley for working their butts off, putting together this great meal for all of us. So, in closing, Happy Thanksgiving and dig in."

"Happy Thanksgiving, Mom," Rory said.

"Happy Thanksgiving," Luke said to Lorelai, kissing her cheek and rubbing his hand on her stomach, "Happy Thanksgiving, Sophia Grace."

"So, kids, how are things going at the paper," Straub asked as they all filled their plates and began eating.

"Good, except the boss is a tyrant," Riley told him.

"I certainly hope you're speaking of yourself, Ry," Rory said.

With it being his senior year, Doyle decided to step down from his role as editor. He wanted to have more time to focus on his classes and be able to write a bit more than he was previously able to do. And after many attempts at voting, they couldn't reach a unanimous decision so Rory and Riley decided to share the job since the staff couldn't choose between them.

"You know I'm only kidding, Baby Girl," Riley said.

"Good because I am an angel to work for," Rory said.

"Tell that to Huntzberger," Riley said.

"Eh, he'll get over it," Rory said.

"What happened with Logan?" April asked.

"Well, while Logan may be a good writer, he puts forth no effort at the paper," Rory said, "He'll write an article, purely to get Mitchum off his back."

"And with this being his senior year, Mitchum is adamant that he get as many bylines as possible," Riley said.

"Which Logan couldn't care less about," Rory added.

"Right, so three weeks ago, Logan came strolling into the office for the first time this year," Riley said, "And asked Rory for a story to write because Mitchum was bugging him to write one."

"Did you give him one?" Christopher asked.

"No. I told him I only had stories for real journalists who really wanted to be there. I told him there are only so many spots on the paper and if he wasn't introduced in fulfilling his job by being there and on time like everyone else than I would gladly find someone who would be more than willing to take his spot," Rory said.

"Wow, so how did Mitchum feel about that?" Straub asked.

"He applauded her for putting Logan in his place," Riley said, "And now the guy is terrified of her. He shows up early whenever we call a staff meeting to pitch ideas, he brings Rory coffee."

"And he's written three articles of his own accord since I told him I had nothing for him," Rory said, "He even gets them in early and has taken to having someone else proof them first so I don't see his spelling mistakes."

"Well, that's wonderful. I'm glad you're both enjoying your job as editor," Straub said.

"Thanks, Grandpa," Rory said.

"And all this work you're doing at the paper isn't interfering with your school work, right?" Richard asked.

"Absolutely not," Rory said, "I actually think it works out better for us that we're co-editors."

"Yeah, we share the responsibility equally so too much doesn't fall to one of us to get done and we're not stressed trying to get the paper at and still complete our regular coursework," Riley said.

"And, sharing the job allows the chance to let the other do a little more editing on an issue while the other writes something," Rory said.

"Well, good. It's good to have balance in your life," Richard said.