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''Meloetta'' Speech

'Meloetta' Thoughts

In the hall of origins, a saddened legendary floated towards her creator.

Arceus was sitting on his throne as usually, when he spotted the tiny normal and psychic type. His stern gaze softened.

''Meloetta, what is bothering you?'' he asked, concerned for her well-being.

She cut to the chase immediately.

''Father, isn't Ash your chosen human?''

Arceus nodded. ''He is. His aura is pure and his heart is one of a kind. You should know, dear.''

Meloetta's voice turned into a whisper. ''Then why do you let him lose in every league he participates in?''

This question caught the creator off guard. The sadness was almost palpable from every word Meloetta uttered.

''Have you been watching the Kalos league with Ridley?''

She nodded her head softly. ''It's unfair, father! Why is Ash not allowed to win for once?''

Arceus paused for a moment before answering.

''I've decided it this way. So Ash will continue his travels to new locations and stop the evil organizations who want to destroy the world for power or their foolish beliefs.''

Meloetta's features turned angry. ''That's it!? Because you're afraid he will stop his travels? Father! Do you even know your chosen one at this point? For everything he has done to save the world, you won't let his dream come true?''

The creator stuttered at the furious reply. He wasn't used to seeing Meloetta this upset. ''I-I'm sorry, dear. Is there any way I can make it up to you?''

''Let Ash win!'' she almost screeched, fuming at this point. To her, the answer was obvious, but for Arceus it was almost taboo to hear.

''No,'' he stated adamantly. ''I can't take that risk.''

'''And what if you had a fail check, father?'' she suggested. ''Let me join him. I'll make sure he travels to other regions even when he wins.''

Again, Arceus stuttered. ''B-but what about Ridley and the Abyssal ruins?''

Meloetta gave him a reassuring smile. ''Ridley will be fine, and if you really need someone at the Abyssal ruins just create another Meloetta. That's not too hard for you to do, is it, father?''

''Huh...'' Arceus was at a loss for words. ''And this would make you happy?'' he asked unsurely.

''Positively! Please, father, I'm begging you. Just give it a shot.'' She gave him the best puppy eyes she could muster while clasping her hands together in a cute fashion.

Arceus muttered something under his breath about how he should stop creating adorable legendaries that easily played with his feelings. He didn't like the plan at all, but if it made Meloetta happy, he could give it a try at least.

''Alright I'll do it—''

''Yes!'' Meloetta shouted happily, before clasping her hands on her mouth after her sudden outburst. ''Sorry,'' she muttered sheepishly.

Arceus looked amused. ''As I was saying, I'll do it, but on one condition. If you fail in making the chosen one travel from one region to the next after he wins a tournament, I'll reverse everything to its original state as if nothing ever happened. And that'll be the last time I do it any other way.''

Meloetta nodded in satisfaction, her excitement clearly showing as she hopped up and down. ''Oh thank you, father! I won't disappoint you I promise!'' she sang, giving him a quick hug.

''If you're all set, then I will send you to Ash immediately.''

''Wait!'' she protested.

Arceus rose a brow. ''Is something the matter, dear?''

''If I'm doing this, I want to do it the right way. Could you please send me back in time until the moment Ash is about to start his journey?''

The creator thought about it, but saw no reason why he wouldn't grant this request. ''Consider it done. Any more requests, dear?''

Meloetta shook her head. ''I'm ready when you are.''

The everlasting pokemon stood from his throne. His eyes shone with a magical power which created a powerful singularity in front of them.

"This portal through space and time will bring you straight to Pallet town a day before the chosen one starts his journey. Please take good care of yourself.''

''I will, don't worry, father.''

The normal and psychic type gave Arceus a final smile and entered the portal, disappearing from sight completely. Arceus closed the portal and took his usual spot on the throne again.

'Well, back to looking stern I guess.'

In Pallet town, a ten-year-old boy was happily running towards his home. Tomorrow was the day he would finally receive his first pokemon. He was going to travel around the Kanto region, collect all the gym badges and become a pokemon master!

''Well, if it isn't Ashy-boy,'' an obnoxious voice stated.

Ash Ketchum stopped his dash. Gary Oak, Ash's rival for as long as he could remember, was standing there, smirking while he was leaning against a wall.

''Gary!'' the raven haired boy growled, balling his fists. Every time they crossed paths, Ash's blood began to boil. Gary never failed to annoy him.

''That's right, loser! Tomorrow we will receive a pokemon from gramps, but don't think you'll get anything special! If it comes to you, you'll probably oversleep and don't get anything at all!''

Ash took the bait. ''Oh yeah? We'll see about that when I get a Charmander and beat you with it!''

Gary began to laugh. ''Do you know how to command a pokemon then? For that matter, do you even know how to catch a wild pokemon?''

''Of course I do!''

''Yeah right,'' Gary sneered, ''you'll probably throw rocks at it until you anger a whole herd. If I were you, I wouldn't even show up at the lab at all tomorrow.''

Ash crossed his arms in denial, blushing at his rival's accurate guess. ''I wouldn't throw rocks at a wild pokemon,'' he muttered unconvincingly.

''Whatever! I'll be cruising through Kanto with my car and cheerleaders while you have to walk. I'll see you at the Indigo league. Oh wait, I won't, because you'll probably be still stuck trying to get your first badge by then!''

Gary snickered as he took his leave. ''Smell ya later, Ashy-boy.''

The raven haired boy gave him a murderous look. 'That Gary, I'll show him!' he thought.

The rest of the walk back home wasn't so joyous anymore. Gary successfully had ruined Ash's mood yet again. But deep down, he knew that his rival was somewhat right.

He still had a lot to learn about pokemon. However, blind on excitement as he was, he had reassured himself that it would come with due time.

Frankly, Ash was unprepared for his journey, and he realized this with growing worry.

'Gary got all the knowledge he needed about pokemon from professor Oak, but I didn't. How am I going to be a pokemon master if I don't even know how to train my pokemon properly?' Ash thought sadly.

Deep in his thought, he walked to the edge of town—his appetite for food completely gone. There he sat on the grass, looking out over Route 1 which led to Viridian city.

'Maybe, my dream is far-fetched after all,' he mulled, sighing loudly as the wind rustled through his hair. Its sound was almost like a beautiful melody, creating the illusion it was actually growing louder when he closed his eyes.

No, wait... It was really getting louder! Ash tried to listen more closely with mild interest. A beautiful singing voice, something which he'd never heard before entered his ears and captured his very soul.

The feminine sounds enraptured the boy, putting him at ease. All his worries faded away like chaff before the wind. The voice changed speed and intensity, going into a beautiful crescendo that left Ash speechless.

He was calmer than he'd ever been in his entire life, the joy he experienced by just listening to this voice was something magical. He never wanted it to stop.

Finally, the voice ended her magnificent musical piece. Her alien language, while incomprehensible by Ash, made it all the more charming. He was captivated to the bone and stunned into silence.

Very delicately, a pokemon shifted into existence. She was small, but her appearance left Ash with no doubt that she was the one responsible for that beautiful little private show.

''That was very beautiful,'' Ash complimented.


She blushed, a happy smile on her face as she floated closer towards the raven haired boy.

''I've never seen a pokemon like you before. My name's Ash. What's your name?''

''Meloetta!'' she answered back with joy.

''So you're a Meloetta huh? You must be very rare if you can levitate and turn invisible.''

She nodded.

''Did you sing that song for me because I was sad?''

''Melo!'' she replied cheerfully and nodded again. She took a seat on one of his shoulders as Ash rubbed her head with his hand.

''Well thank you. That was really nice of you.''

Meloetta enjoyed the boy's affections. She hummed melodically as she reminisced about the time she first met Ash.

'He's even cuter now than he was back then,' she thought shyly. An adorable giggle escaped her lips as she hugged the boy out of appreciation.

Floating in his line of sight again, she put an innocent expression on her face.

''Mel?'' she inquired, pointing at the human.

''Huh? You want to know why I was sad?''

A nod.

''Well... It's because of Gary. You see, he always tries to get the best of me, and most of the times it works. He said some very mean things and that's why I was sad.''

''Mel...'' She sounded downtrodden, something which Ash could only understand as her having pity for him.

''Tomorrow I'll be old enough to finally get my first pokemon and be an official trainer,'' Ash explained to Meloetta, ''but Gary thinks I'll be a lousy trainer because I don't know much about pokemon yet.''

The legendary pokemon shook her head, pointing at Ash and giving him an infectious smile.

''You really think I have what it takes to be a pokemon trainer?''

She nodded vigorously.

Ash gave a sheepish laugh, unable to express how happy he was with her answer.

''Thanks, Meloetta, I needed that.''

Another blush from the pokemon, before Ash began to move.

''Well, it's getting late. My mom is probably worrying herself sick about me. I should go home.''

''Melo meloetta,'' she stated, stopping him from leaving just yet.

''Huh? Is there something you need, Meloetta?''

She nodded, disappearing for just a moment before returning with a single item.

Ash gasped; he knew the item all too well. In the pokemon's small hands was a single pokeball. She pushed the ball into Ash's hands and pointed at herself.

''Meloetta mel!'' she exclaimed, confirming what Ash had been thinking.

''You want me to capture you? But I'm not even a trainer yet!'' he argued weakly. The raven haired boy was simply surprised beyond comprehension about her decision.

However, Meloetta wouldn't take no for an answer. Instead, she gently put her own hands around his, moved forward and softly pressed her lips against his own.

In that moment, she clicked on the ball, disappearing inside of it. The item gave a ping sound soon after, indicating the capture was a success.

Meanwhile, Ash was in a trance. A fiery blush adorned his face, his mind unable to come up with a single rational thought.

Then, he touched his lips and smiled. Meloetta would be his first pokemon, a cute little minx who had him wrapped around her non-existent finger.

The start of his journey suddenly looked very different now. He felt confidence, excitement, but above all pure happiness surging through his veins as he made his way back home.

Gary wouldn't know what hit him!

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