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''Meloetta'' Speech

'Meloetta' Thoughts

The finals had finally started. Ash was as ready as he could be. Not only was he about to face off against his own mother, but if he won, he would also be crowned the youngest competitor to have ever won a league. He tried to control his growing nerves and never-ending excitement. A big smile was present on his face as he walked into the pitch, where his mom—cloaked as the hooded man—was already waiting for him.

The roars of the crowd were deafening. Pikachu was as nervous as he was, but he also radiated confidence. He gave Ash a widening smirk and a cry of encouragement, indicating he wasn't in this battle alone. The raven haired trainer grinned and rubbed his cheek against Pikachu affectionately. ''Today is the day, buddy. Let's show my mom everything that we've got!''

''You betcha, Ash!'' he responded, nuzzling his trainer back. Even Meloetta was a tad nervous. She was floating instead of sitting on Ash's shoulder, and kept herself completely hidden. She didn't want to show any sign of weakness in front of her trainer. This was the culmination of all that she had worked so hard for. She couldn't fail Ash now.

Meanwhile, the Hooded Man had grabbed the attention of the crowd. Gardevoir was standing next to her, idly waiting until her trainer would reveal her identity. The announcer ushered for everybody to be quiet. ''It looks like the Hooded Man has something to say—or rather, something that he wants to show us!''

That got the audience as silent as they could be. The Hooded Man did some gestures and then kindly asked Gardevoir to translate. When she had done so, everybody was holding their breath.

''Ladies and gentlemen, I can't believe my ears, but if I have heard correctly, the Hooded Man is going to reveal his identity in front of the entire world!''

A single nod was the Hooded Man's answer. She looked straight at Ash, who couldn't help but smile. That was all the encouragement she needed to slowly remove the hood she was wearing and show off her beautiful face to the entire world.

'Crap, I have to do something or else Sylveon is done for,' Ash thought nervously. Delia was even stronger than he had anticipated. To say the crowd was shocked by the revelation that the Hooded Man was a woman and the mother of the Hero Kid was the understatement of the year. It made this anticipated match ten times better than it already was.

''Hang in there, Sylveon!'' Ash cried out to his fairy-type.

She gritted her teeth, refusing to go down after that Dazzling Gleam from her opponent, which was a Ribombee who was as calm as the night.

''I'm okay, daddy!'' she cried back, her friendliness and innocence completely evaporated. She was a killer if she was in the right mindset, and for her to lose in the finals without taking out a single pokemon for her daddy was unforgivable.

Ribombee saw this too and became slightly worried. She knew she outclassed this Sylveon, but at the moment in the state her opponent was in, Sylveon felt a lot more powerful. Her eyes had become completely blank, focused on just one thing and that was taking her down.

''Oh, sweetie, your Sylveon has such fighting spirit. I could see the passion burning in her eyes when she was just a little 'Vee,'' Delia complimented her son. ''However, it's about time we finished this, don't you think?''

Ash couldn't agree more as both trainers ordered their pokemon for a final attack.

''The sprout is just like his big sister,'' Pikachu noted with a nervous chuckle. ''Look at him go!''

Azumarill—while pretty slow—clearly had the upper hand against Delia's Clefable. His Huge Power ability made him a dangerous opponent, something that Delia had realized a little bit too late.

'Such a young pokemon and he's hitting like a tank,' she thought, amazed at the display of strength she was witnessing. 'Ash is just like his father—a prodigy in every sense of the word.'

''Clefable, stop that Waterfall attack with your Moonblast!'' she ordered quickly, hoping it'd be enough with the Calm Minds she had set-up.

The luminescent orb of energy met Azumarill halfway and exploded on impact, but it only seemed to slow him down a bit. With a victorious cry, he connected his attack and sent Clefable flying. She was harshly knocked against one of the walls that outlined the pitch, cracking it and going down to the ground below.

''Yes! Good job, Azumarill! You did it!'' Ash cried out happily.

''Oh, honey, you don't really think that'll be enough to knock out my Clefable?''

The raven haired trainer gasped when the fairy-type got up, as did the crowd and the announcer. It was incredible how she was still standing.

Ash smiled at the growing smirk that appeared on his mom's face. ''I guess we have to hit her with another Waterfall then. Let's go, Azumarill!''

''Yes, daddy!'' he obeyed, his face turned into a scowl by the fact his last attack wasn't enough to hand him victory. This time, he was going to make sure Clefable wasn't going to get up again.

Rapidash had seen Meloetta use her incredible psychic powers multiple times, and while this Mr. Mime didn't come close to her in that regard, he was certainly no slouch.

''Now, Mimey, use Psychic again!'' Delia ordered jovially. She loved the surprise on her son's face when she had chosen Mr. Mime. He had never seen him battle and thus always assumed he wasn't that strong, but truth be told, he was her first pokemon. Back then, he was still a small Mime Jr. and she was around the same age as Ash was. And while he wasn't her strongest pokemon, he could definitely hold his own.

Ash's fire-type did what she had learnt from Meloetta to escape the grasp of psychic-type users; run in zigzag patterns, release small puffs of fire to throw your opponent off and never stand still. It was tiresome, but it did work because Mr. Mime grew more annoyed with her behavior as time went on.

'I should've known that Meloetta would teach Ash how to avoid psychic holds like that. Few trainers know it and just opt for a dark-type pokemon to counter it instead,' Delia thought. She was still amazed at how huge her son's Rapidash was. She might as well be a legendary with how regal she was too.

She could feel the disappointment coming from her Gardevoir. It was clear she wanted to battle her, but both knew she was necessary for a certain other pokemon Ash still had in his repertoire.

''Now, Rapidash! Use Flare Blitz!'' Ash commanded feverishly. He saw an opening and he wasn't about to let it slip.

The fire burning in Rapidash's eyes for her trainer spurred her on. She loved Ash with all of her heart—he had been her guardian angel ever since he showed how much he believed in her. So, right now, at the big stage, she was going to show him just how much he meant to her as well.

She neighed loudly, flames erupting all around her so hot that they turned blue. For a moment, she truly looked like a legendary sent by Arceus himself to bring judgment to the earth below.

Then, she charged with a speed that neither Mr. Mime, nor any human could've reacted to. A thunderous explosion followed when she connected her devastating attack that left everybody breathless.

For a long time, Dragonite considered him equally as powerful as legends. The ancient wasn't wrong in that regard. However, he lacked the experience to use his strength properly and backed away when the only thing he did was destroy, and so, turned into a myth.

It was incredible how much control he had ever since he joined Ash Ketchum on his adventure. They had trained daily and it was showing. He could battle in the league without destroying anything around him.

'Then how come I'm losing badly?' he thought with widened eyes of surprise. This trainer who was commanding this Gardevoir so elegantly had him fighting with everything that he had. Moreover, the Gardevoir had gotten a considerable boost in strength when she mega-evolved.

''I can't believe it,'' Meloetta muttered to Pikachu. Ash's Dragonite was on his last breath while Delia's Gardevoir looked like she could go on forever.

''Well, it isn't that surprising, really,'' Pikachu replied. ''I mean, sure, Dragonite is immensely powerful, but the limited space means his Extreme Speed is useless and Gardevoir is just that fast. Have you forgotten how you defeated him?''

Pikachu definitely had a point. Dragonite just couldn't keep up and Gardevoir had a type advantage too. ''Then it means I'll have to defeat her then,'' the petite legendary concluded.

Pikachu shook his head and grinned. ''Nope. Ash is keeping you for Mimikyu.'' The electric-type cracked his neck in anticipation. ''There's a reason why Ash and I have trained privately the last few days. This is my fight.''

Meloetta nodded her head in understanding. ''I have faith you'll be victorious then.''

Delia commanded her Gardevoir again with a move Meloetta all too well: ''Use Hyper Voice!''

The wide-ranged attack meant it was guaranteed to hit. ''Well,'' Pikachu said, grinning, ''it looks like it's my time to shine.''

Delia—for the first time since the battle had started—was flabbergasted. She couldn't believe what just had happened. Taking down Dragonite was a massive feat that got her a standing ovation. She expected her son to use Meloetta in retaliation, but he used Pikachu instead.

She questioned it briefly, but hadn't put much thought into it. She should've known her son had an ace up his sleeve, because she began to understand when the battle had started.

Pikachu was almost impossible to follow when he Quick Attacked.

It was a test of patience for Gardevoir—who also possessed a lot of speed—but she inevitably slipped. Ash's next words crippled Delia's mega completely.

''Now, use Thunder Wave, Pikachu!'' he said victoriously.

With Gardevoir paralyzed, she was a sitting duck, and that's exactly what Ash wanted. ''Well, mom, You've shown me how powerful mega-evolution is. Now let me show you the power of Z-moves!''

Ash commanded his loyal electric-type powerfully as he began to activate the Pikashunium-Z he was carrying with a specific dance he'd learnt. ''Now! Use 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt on Gardevoir!''

It was like Zapdos himself aided Pikachu in the attack. The sky darkened completely and a single, potent bolt in every color imaginable hit Gardevoir head on. She was completely enveloped; sparks flew everywhere and then exploded outwards like a bomb. Half of the battlefield was completely gone when Pikachu finished his attack, and somewhere in the middle of it all, Delia's Gardevoir was knocked out cold.

''Yes! You did it, Pikachu!'' Ash cheered, immensely happy his strategy had worked out. Pikachu gave him a thumbs up and then faced Delia again, waiting for her reaction.

She finally came to her senses and then giggled. ''It seems it'll be a two versus two then. Pikachu is so strong! I really want to know how you train your pokemon, sweetie!''

Pikachu felt proud and Ash laughed sheepishly. ''Thanks, mom. Your pokemon are strong too!''

Delia threw her second to last pokemon on the field, which was a powerful looking Whimsicott.

''Let's continue our battle and see who's truly the strongest then!''

It all came down to this. Meloetta was panting, her fighting stance sharp and focused. At the other end of the field was a Mimikyu, her disguise busted a long time ago. Both pokemon were on their final breath. Meloetta's Pirouette form allowed for greater movement and speed, but her attacks became utter useless.

Likewise, Mimikyu's ghost attacks had no effect whatsoever, but her Knock Off was a very handy tool. With Meloetta's Pirouette form, however, her options were severely limited as well.

'We have no choice,' Ash thought, 'Aria form is the only way we can hit hard. It's now or never.'

Meloetta understood this as well and transformed back under Ash's command.

'Back to her regular form I see. I guess my sweetums has no other choice,' Delia thought, knowing this next hit was going to decide who was going to be victorious.

''Mimikyu, use Knock Off!'' Delia said.

''Meloetta, use Psychic!'' Ash retaliated.

Mimikyu lifted one of her shadowy claws, glowing with dark energy to smack Meloetta down. At the same time, Meloetta's eyes glowed brightly and brought all of her remaining psychic powers down on Mimikyu.

Both attacks collided and both pokemon went down simultaneously.

''Oh no, Mimikyu!''

''Hang in there, Meloetta!''

Both pokemon struggled to their feet, not wanting to disappoint their trainer. Ash's mom had brought Meloetta to her last breath, but there was no way she was going to be defeated. She wasn't—

A gasp escaped Meloetta as her legs threatened to give away and her mind began to lose consciousness. She couldn't believe her own body was betraying her like this. She just had to stand a little while longer!

Her visions became blurry; voices were heard far in the distance. She couldn't feel anything anymore. 'Ash,' she thought longingly, tears forming in the corner of her eyes as everything went black, 'I'm so sorry.'

The outcome of the battle was clear for everybody. Delia smiled. It was obvious it was going to end like this. She knew it all along.

The referee raised his flag.

''Mimikyu is unable to battle, the winner is Meloetta! This means that Ash Ketchum is your Indigo League champion!''

Ash couldn't believe it. They'd done it! Meloetta had done it! It was incredible how long she was able to keep standing up before she collapsed. Mimikyu had bitten the dust a while earlier, and still Meloetta stood her ground. Her willpower was indescribable.

''There you have it, people. Ash Ketchum has just defeated Delia Ketchum—his own mom and otherwise known as the Hooded Man—in the finals of the Indigo League! Congratulations Ash Ketchum for being the new champion!''

The crowd roared and applauded for the Hero Kid, showing how much respect they had not only for him, but also for Delia. She had returned her Mimikyu and was now running to Ash to give him a big hug.

''Congratulations, honey. You've beaten me fair and square. I did everything in my power to defeat you, but in the end, I should've known I wouldn't stand a chance.'' She smiled proudly. ''After all, you're a Ketchum. Your father's blood runs through your veins.''

Ash hugged her back. ''Thanks, mom. But it's all thanks to my pokemon that I won, especially Meloetta,'' he admitted. ''She has encouraged me and pushed me to be the very best ever since I started my journey. My pokemon wouldn't be nowhere as strong as they are now without her.''

''I know, sweetie. She's simply perfect for you.'' She gave him a wink that made Ash's cheeks lit up. Delia couldn't help but giggle and ruffle her son's hair. ''Now go and accept your trophy, champion. You've earned it.''

The display of affection shown by mother and son was met by another respectful applause from the massive crowd. The raven haired trainer walked to the center of the pitch where Mr. Goodshow—the president of the league—was already waiting for him.

''Congratulations, Ash Ketchum. You are officially the youngest person ever to win a league. Please accept this trophy as recognition of your victory today.''

Ash took the trophy with grace and lifted it up for everyone to see. The crowd roared again as Ash cheered alongside them and basked in the spoils of his victory.

Lance was having a fantastic day at the league. His elite four was all ready for the challenger, who was none other than the Hero Kid of Kanto himself. He couldn't wait to see how Ash would fare, and not to mention, battle his ancient.

It was then that he was interrupted by his personal secretary. ''Mr. Lance, sir, there has been a… slight problem.''

''A slight problem?'' he questioned. ''Well, whatever it is, fix it. I'm expecting Ash Ketchum any moment now, so everything has to be perfect.''

The secretary stiffened slightly. ''Well, sir, that is the problem. Ash Ketchum has forfeited the challenge.''

''What?'' Lance said flatly, perking a brow. ''This is his chance to become the champion of an entire region and he just gives up? What gives?''

''He didn't say, sir. All he said is that he didn't have any interest doing the challenge as of right now.''

''And where is he now? I'd like to talk to him immediately!'' Lance requested, hoping he could knock some sense into the boy.

''Well… he left with his mother a few hours ago to the Orange Islands. Said he wanted to take the challenge there.''

Lance couldn't believe it. His chance to battle Ash—gone in a single instant. He mumbled under his breath and rubbed his temple. ''I guess it can't be helped. The kid is still very young. Maybe he wants to see some of the world first before settling down.'' Lance laughed and stood up. ''Yup, the Orange Islands won't know what will hit them.

''After all,'' he added in a whisper while looking at a photo where he was smiling brightly with one of his best friends, who looked very much like Ash, ''he's your son. Greatness was bound to follow him wherever he would go, and her name is as elegant as you commanded your pokemon back then.''

Lance smiled brightly. 'Meloetta,' he thought, 'take good care of him.'

The boat trip to the Orange Islands luckily didn't take all too long. A horde of fans had asked Ash and Delia constantly for autographs, so it was nice that the raven haired trainer could spend some alone time together with Meloetta right now.

Both trainer and pokemon didn't say anything for the longest time; they just stared over the railing at the endless sea and the fast approaching islands in the distance.

''Hey, Meloetta,'' Ash finally whispered, getting him the attention of the legendary he adored so much.

''I love you.''

Meloetta cooed lovingly, her cheeks turning a shade of pink as she kissed Ash passionately in return. She never doubted she could make Ash's dream into a reality, but never realized he had done the same for her.

The family and love she had gained on this adventure was just the start of their dance dance revolution together to show the world they were the very best, like no one ever was.

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