Chapter 8


"You know, she was young," I said as I walked into my daughter's room and checked for Everett before I turned on the nightlight. He must have stayed in his own room tonight, because he was nowhere to be found. "It's just like she said. It's not like she's still married to the guy." I laid Faith down on the twin bed in the corner of the room to change her diaper and watched my brother for his reaction.

"I know," Sam sighed, laying Charlotte down right next to Faith. "But it's the same thing I've thought before. She's…wild. Free." He glanced and me and shrugged. "I question myself all the time if I'm enough for her."

I made a face as I handed him a diaper. "She's an adult now, Sammy. She's got two kids. I think it's safe to say that she's happy."

"I don't know sometimes," he said, taking off Charlie's wet diaper and rolling it to toss into the trashcan across the room. "Remember when she was on maternity leave with Levi? The shooting practice in the field? She was bored."

"Yeah, that was three years ago," I replied, snapping Faiths light purple footed pajamas back together and grinning at her. "Wasn't it? Tell Uncle Sammy that he's friggin' nuts." I walked across the room to pick up the diaper that I had missed, trying to toss it in as Sam had done and dropped it into the can. I turned to face my brother, crossing my arms across my chest for good measure. "It was a funny story for a laugh, man. We're all home with the babies and we needed a good time."

Sammy stepped towards me with his hands in his pockets, staring at me. "Yeah, I know," he said, chuckling and shaking his head. "My wife is crazy."

"Yeah, she is," I agreed, stepping towards Sam and standing near the window, pulling the curtains shut. I walked up to the bed and stared down at the girls, realizing that they were wearing the same set of purple pajamas. "Um," I said quietly. "Which one is yours?"

"What?" Sam asked, turning towards the bed. "Oh my God," he whispered. "Why are they identical?"

"Seriously," I said, taking another step towards the bed. "Did I put Faith on the right or the left?"

Sammy was shaking his head, staring down at the bed, wide-eyed with me. "I wasn't paying attention. Oh, crap," he whispered, glancing up at me. "This is creepy."

"It really is," I replied, reaching down to touch one of the girls. "Their hair is even curled in the same places." I stared up at Sam. "I honestly can't tell."

"You don't know which one is your daughter?" Sam gaped at me.

I spread out my hands, "You don't either. Besides! I've got three! The other two are blonde! Why did this one have to be all brunette, looking like Serra? She's throwing off the trend."

"Seriously, Dean, how are we going to figure this out?"

"Grace would know," I whispered. "But she might be kinda mad that I don't know what our baby looks like."

"Get Everett. He'd know."

"I'm not going to wake up my three year old to tell me which one is his angel sister." I licked my lips and walked to Sam's other side. One of the girls had opened her eyes and she was watching me closely. "This one," I ventured. "She's watching me. That's Faith, right?"

Sam only lifted his eyebrows.

I reached out and picked her up, bouncing her a few times against my chest. She automatically nestled into my shirt, curling into my warmth. I closed my eyes and sighed. "Okay, hi baby," I said quietly. "This is Faith."

"Are you sure?" Sammy asked, picking up the other baby.

"Yeah," I said, still bouncing the baby I held. "Yeah, this one's mine."

We made our way down the steps and Grace was putting dishes in the sink, laughing to herself. She turned and watched as we walked into the kitchen. Sammy was getting ready to reach for the door and she laughed out loud, unable to hold it any longer.

"What?" I asked, confused. "What did I miss?"

"When Rhett wakes up tomorrow, I'll just send him over, okay?" Sam stared at my wife, waiting for an explanation. "You can just start a collection of my kids."

"This is Faith, isn't it?" he said, deadpan.

Grace nodded, barely holding in her laughter. Immediately, Sam leaned forward, handing Faith off to Grace and then took Charlie from my arms. I shook my head, rubbing my face. "We need to mark one of them, man. I can't tell them apart."

"That's sad, Dean," Grace said, still giggling. "You don't know your own daughter."

"She's a pot roast! She just laid there, sleeping, and Charlie's the one that stared at me with those eyes. Thought she was Faith!" I threw up my hands and walked away. "I'm going to bed."

"Good night, you guys," Sammy said, bundling Charlie close to his chest and shaking his head. "Don't tell Sere about this, will you? She'd never let me hear the end of it."

Grace was still laughing as he closed the door and as she followed me into our bedroom. It felt good to hear it again.

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