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Guilt, that's all he could feel. An overwhelming guilt, he literally stabbed someone through the

back, betrayed his friends and family, and joined an complete horrible organization. Of course

Shima would be feeling like shit. The faces of betrayal and confusment on everyone's faces, the

doubt in their minds as they thought he was possessed or was controlled, but was talked into

that he did it, willingly. Shima, a friend to most, family to his brothers, betrayed all of them. For

what? To show he was worthy of something? For what? That's all Shima questioned himself

about. But yet he was still loyal, still loyal to be hanging on to the very living of evil, Illuminate.

And it stung more when his friends said that they trusted him just so he wouldn't have been

tortured. Yeah it hurt, it did hurt whenever he did sneak behind their backs, or did something that

the, 'Illuminati', wanted. He was more loyal to evil than his own family. And with that,

sighing in defeat, Shima pinched the bridge of his nose, breathing air through his mouth. He laid

back on his wooden chair, his eyes tracing the place of his dorm. A blue mattress sat in the left

of the room, a desk where he was currently at stood at the middle, and a shelf fresh filled with

books about demons and such. More of all, the room was lonely. Of course he would get a room

to himself, no one wanted to be with him. No one wanted to get their secrets exposed to the

Illuminate, no matter how many times his friends denied it, they still didn't trust him, they didn't

trust the living of spies. And no one blamed them for it. Boredom crossed his face as unsatisfied

minutes past by. Leaving more boredom to lay on his shoulders, deciding quickly that he should

see where his friends were sat up from his wooden chair, his sneakers squeaking silently on the

wooden floors as he made his way to the door that was standing exactly parallel to his desk. It

was currently a weekend, so mostly no one was out in the hallways or outside of their dorms,

easier for Shima then, he wouldn't get as much dark glares then. Word was already around

school about, "Shima's Betrayal", and he couldn't care less about that, he couldn't deny it, he

was a spy, a filthy traitor, and more or less an enemy. It didn't matter how much the cold

whispers pulled his heart strings, he wouldn't care, no he wouldn't care a second about

something like this, he already admitted to being a spy, he already committed into being one, no

way he could become an friend again, but at least he could try, but in his mind his visit to Bon's

and Miwa's was just to get some information. Or at least wanted to toy with them since he was

dying of boredom. Shima continued to walk down at least three hallways before finally getting to

room, 297, of course Shim could've just used his key to get to the dorm, but the head ministers

took that away from him. Of course they would. They didn't trust him, and he had no problem

with that, yep, no problem at all. Shima's pale right hand made it up to the exact center of the

wooden door, and slowly knocked three times, making his knuckles semi white from exposing

them to an object. Behind the door shuffles could be heard, footsteps as well. As finally the door

exposed to opening. Stood in the view of the opened door stood Miwa, sweat already beaming

down his forehead at the sight of Shima. 'Well I guess they probably didn't want to see me, but

oh well.' "Oh…. Shima! Uhm… um.. What your doing here?!" Miwa's voice was panicky, fear

lacing his words fully. "Oh just wanted to hang, came here to ask if you and Bon wanted to go

somewhere?" Shima's voice was casual, nothing flashing in his eyes but stale, and false

excitement. Miwa paused for a moment, gulping the air for about five seconds making Shima

move an eyebrow. "We have homework… for uh…. Shura's class…. Uh… remember? Also…

Bon's kind of sleeping…" Miwa's voice was hard full of lies, but Shima for sure knew he wasn't

lying about Bon sleeping. Yes Bon was a top student, but from time to time he loved to sleep.

He knew that for sure, because Bon did love to sleep when he was a kid.

"Bon wake up!" Shima's tiny hands slapped his brother face, anger replacing from resentment

that used to cover Bon's tiny features. "Hey what was that for?!" His words pounded angry as he

sat up, his eyebrows focusing on his somewhat little brother, "Well… I don't know… you've been

sleep for like four hours! Supper is about to get started!" Shima's small voice was small and

determined, ready for Bon to finally get up. Sighing, Bon finally lept from his small mattress,

leaving Shima with a small victory dance. It wasn't even close to supper. Even as a kid, Shima

could guess that he always did lie to his family.

"Well since Bon is sleeping do you want to do homework, together?" Shima's words were filled with false hope, his eyes looking straight into Miwa's somewhat gray one's. Miwa

stuttered with words, his mouth gaping open as if he wanted to say something but before he

could let out whatever he wanted to say, the door slammed shut. "...Miwa..?" Shima's voice

was filled with a lying hurt, as if he just replaced his real, offended, voice with a stale version of it.

His voice was clearly fake. "Umm…. go away Shima! I'm kinda not supposed to talk to you…"

Miwa's voice was filled with pity, and sympathy. Perfect, at least for Shima. "Oh come on Miwa!

We're family aren't we?" Shima's voice was still filled with they lying hurt voice as he did a pouty,

or a dog face some would like to call it. But Miwa ignored that. "You should be taking your own

words Shima…. Plus if you don't go i'll get Bon!" Miwa's voice was determined almost, making

Shima chuckle. His little bro was finally getting his own standing in this world. "Ok, fine. But i'll

be back! Also since I can't hang out with you, do you know where Rin is?" Shima tilted his head,

all though he knew Miwa couldn't see him through the closed door. "Why would you need Rin?"

Miwa's voice was caught with suspicion as his eyebrows managed to get up. "Oh you know, I

wanna hang with someone! So do you know where he is or not?" Shima quickly replied, getting

very impatient. A small sighed was quickly heard behind the door as Miwa's small voice finally

replied after about thirty seconds of waiting. "He's supposed to be with Yukio in the hospital, he'll

most likely be getting out soon. He stays there no more than thirty minutes or an hour, if you're

really impatient you could just walk in and get him, but that would be pretty rude, but do

whatever you want Shima." Shima just nodded in gratitude, "Ok, see ya Miwa!"

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Fifth teen minutes somewhat passed from within the hospital, Rin Okumura continued to talk

with his brother. "Have you seen Shura's hair? It's completely short!" His voice was completely

excited, his blue eyes filled with joy for talking with his brother. "Yes Rin of course I've seen her

hair, EVERYONE has seen her hair." Yukio only responded with annoyance, and a cold hard

look, making Rin become annoyed as well. His brother was always the annoyed type. "Hey I

was just trying to talk about, something! Your doing no progress in trying to talk!" Rin's voice

was urgent with self-jokes as he looked Yukio, who was becoming more annoyed. "Yes Rin, but

you talk about the same subjects every time you come in here! Tell something that'll actually get

me not annoyed." Yukio's voice was annoyed and stale, his eyes hardening as he let out

another comment, "Anyways Rin I think you should get going, my pain meds should come in

soon." His words only made Rin disappointed, as a strange anger stirred in him, but quickly

ignored that. "Ok fine, but i'll be coming here tomorrow! So you better get your annoyed points

up!" With that Rin turned around already walking to the door, his feet squeaking on the cold tile.

Yukio only pinched the bridge of his, (now pale) nose. "What the hell does, Annoyed points,

even mean?!"


Right as Rin turned the corner from his brother's room, he couldn't help it. For some reason,

that he couldn't identify, an unreal anger bubbled within his emotions. And the anger was

dramatically growing. He could already feel the flames bubbling in his systems. "Ugh not here."

Rin thought almost completely aloud as many different people and patients clouded the hospital

floors. He didn't get it, how was he so angry? And why could he already feel the flames numbing

at his system? They only time he felt like that was when he went berserk or he couldn't control

his flames. Oh. Rin's breaths became hard as he looked around the scenery around him,

patients in beds with doctors pushing them to the room were all around, Rin knowing that he

was just on the first floor knew that the exit doors were here somewhere. But he couldn't think

where they were, his mind was already getting fuzzy and dull. Rin's breaths continued to get

more hard as his heart quickened. What was going on? How-and what exactly was causing

this? Rin's thoughts swirled in his mind, as he took uncertain and unstable steeps to what he

thought was a glass door. Two glass door showing the hospital entrance stood in front of him,

two doctors talking were in the corner as well more patients coming in. An repentance stood at

the left corner waiting for orders and such. Seeing those glass doors Rin ran to them, quickly

opening them. His feet never ran this hard before, little past three minutes Rin was already far

away from the hospital, and away from people. The place he was in now was something he

could clearly recognize, he was right by building where he and his brother had his dorm in. Rin

sighed in relief, but the flames continued to bubble through his systems. Endless questions filled

his mind as his sigh of relief turned into one of panic. He needed to get help, picking up his

phone that was stirring in his pocket he quickly turned to his contacts, little black spots clearing

into his vision. What the hell is going on?! He thought this over and over as his finger loosely

clicked on a contact, he didn't care who he called. He needed, and wanted help. "Mephisto

here? Anything wrong Rin?" Well but him, not the clown, oh God please. "Mephisto, I-" Without finishing his sentence,

pink magic engulfed him making him yelp in surprise, Rin closed his eyes not wanting for any of

the pink magic to get into his eyes, and when he opened them, he wasn't by his building, no it

was the damn office with Mephisto. As his eyes laid on, Mephisto, the sudden anger, and blue

flames suddenly vanished from Rin making him stop in confusement, what the hell-? "Hello Rin

Okumura! My favorite twin! Now exactly what did you need me for?" Mephisto's voice was

childish almost as he cheekily smiled. "Mephisto, I think I don't need your help anymore…" Rin's

voice was panicking, the last time he visited Mephisto wasn't such a great visit, for a while now

he didn't want to really go near the demon, but he had no choice as he forcefully summoned

himself here. "Oh Rin, I can read my students expression's perfectly, you seemed distraught? Is

there something wrong, with what should I say, your flames?" Rin felt almost as if all the air left

his lungs, how could that clown know that-? "Rin you can't hide anything from me, you do know I

watch every student here?" Mephisto had a creepy voice at that moment, making it seem more

like a stalker than an head-minister at an academy. "Mephisto you're a demon right? So can you

exactly tell me why my flames are getting out of hand? Or why I felt a sudden burst of anger?"

Rin asked fastly his eyes looking deep within Mephisto's eyes. "Hmph, you are really dumb as

they say are aren't ya? Demons are known for their uncontrolled anger, and they have much

more stronger blood than human blood." Mephisto's voice was teasing almost, his eyes tainting

Rin as he swirled his hat in his right hand. "What- does that mean?" Rin tried his hardest not to

let the strange anger out, because of the Mephisto's comment of how, 'dumb he really is'. "Oh

please, does it not show anything? Your demon hormones and blood is overcoming your human

one's, i'm just guessing that you're most likely only, forty-five percent human by now." Rin

stopped whole, his eyes widening.


Mephisto closed his eyes, the atmosphere suddenly becoming more serious. "Rin haven't you

noticed that each demon you defeat, always ask you the same question? 'Are you human, or

are you demon?'" How did he..? "Rin, one day you'll have to chose, so right now i'll be asking

you….. When the choice comes, are you human or demon?"




"Oh you won't be saying that for long."