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Jyushimatsu was the fastest out of the six of them. Always had been and would probably always be. So he was the one running towards the forest like his life depended on it. Faster, actually. Cause it wasn't his life the one in then line, but one of his brother's.

And all because of him…

Trying not to let the sobs forcing their way out of his mouth take the little air he needed to keep running, he made his way through the shortcuts he and his brothers knew by heart.

He just had to find Osomatsu nii-san. Simple as that. He just had to find him and everything would be alright.

Please… please let it all be alright…

Osomatsu was hunting when it all happened.

It was only on rare occasions that you would find him hunting alone in the forest. Usually he and his brothers wouldn't separate like that. They would try to at least stay in pairs. It was necessary after all.

But for whatever reason he had decided to go hunting on his own. Their mother had just left a few days ago to a near town to sell some products so it was just the six of them in the house, and being the NEETs they unapologetically were, they had only thought about hunting to sell and had completely forgotten about dinner for themselves – who could blame them, mom was the one to sort all those things out even when they were short on meat, and it kind of hadn't crossed their minds that she had left the day before.

So they had gone two – or was it three? – days with no meet for dinner, which wasn't so bad since they had plenty of rice from the latest exchange, but they were soon to get bored of such dull meals (dull for a group of six 'adult' boys, that is).

Now, they could have waited two more days until it was time to hunt again, but they all wanted meat and Osomatsu was sick of rise himself. So, being a small affair he had decided to make a quick trip to the forest in order to be back home with some tasty treats for the next two days before they all went out again.

You see, the village where they lived was one of the smallest ones, yet it was fairly known for the products you could find there, so as long as you had things to sell you were alright. If not, you could at least hunt your own food freely in the forest around the area. And that's what they did. They would hunt through the forest in order to have things to sell and food in the table.

Besides, with at least a bunch of people being earth-linked souls you had yourself a few advantages: water, electricity, crops, fire. It went on and on. Now, this is not to say that such amenities would be found anyplace you went. No. Osomatsu and his brothers had been lucky enough to be born in a tiny, secluded village for there not to be any conflicts between the villagers or have the eyes of the Capital on them.

Things were fairly calm. They all helped with chores, both at home and around the whole village, they would hunt for food, and then do mostly nothing the whole day. Life was nice like that for them.

That isn't to say that everything was perfect, of course not, but if you're lucky enough not to have problems, then why would you seek them out? That's kind of taking life's good graces and throwing them out of the window, quite rude if you asked Osomatsu.

Yes, they weren't exactly free. Yes, they did live in fear to a certain degree; always with the nagging uncertainty of whether this would be the day soldiers came from the Capital to recruit new people; for what… no one knows.

But as long as you ignored that, life was pretty great if Osomatsu said so himself, which meant the same went for his brothers. Sure there were some disputes from time to time, but he was the oldest and if he said they were fine, then they were fine.

Even if the rebellion seemed to be getting bigger and with that closer even to small villages such as theirs. Even if the Capital kept on capturing rebels and making a big show out of it. Even if that show started to include people that had nothing to do with it.

People such as his friends around the village. People such as his brothers.

Still. Everything was fine. Osomatsu made right darn sure about that. He would never let things become not fine.

Until they did.

Right under his nose.

"What's going on?" Todomatsu asked as the guards made everyone gather around the center of the village right near the well. They could all see the men around them with their big guns and special clothing, sure to protect them from fire and lightning alike.

"Shush" Choromatsu told him as they made their way through the people "It must be a check up or something, don't worry. Just stay calm"

The people in front of them came to a stop and so did they. They were not quite in the front lines but still close enough to see what was happening in front of the crowd. Karamatsu was in front of them along with Choromatsu. Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu were right behind them.

"As you all know" a broad man with long black beard started "Our Capital has successfully caught a few more rebels. They will pay the price for going against the absolute reign. To celebrate this, our authorities have organized a competition. To show the revolutionaries the meaning of right and wrong and what happens when you do wrong"

Here Ichimatsu couldn't help to scoff along with two other people and Karamatsu was fast to fake a sneeze to cover it up as Choromatsu elbowed his younger brother on the ribs.

"Keep it together" he whispered with force after his 'sneeze', making Ichimatsu lower his eyes to the ground. They could all understand though. Wrong. What a sick way to use the concept. If Karamatsu was honest to himself, he could barely contain the proud snicker at Ichi's show of disapproval. His brother was one brave idiot. Just like the rest of them.

"Our leaders are sure all of you, as proud citizens of the Realm, will be glad to help this cause" the man finished, followed by mutterings of the villagers in answer to what he had just said. The brothers looked at each other. They could tell things were about to get bad.

Karamatsu could feel the fear surrounding them all and he couldn't help but wonder where Osomatsu may be. He knew his brother was currently hunting in the forest, but he couldn't decide whether he'd rather have him here or out there. If his older brother was here, things could go wrong real soon, real fast. However, if Osomatsu was here, he wouldn't feel as scared as he did at the moment.

"With this in mind" the man continued. He seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere "We will be recruiting a few villagers from different towns and valleys"


Choromatsu felt his heart stop and Todomatsu's hand grab his arm. Karamatsu felt both Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu grab his hoodie as well. Both he and Choro couldn't help but stiffen while unconsciously spreading their stance in front of their brothers, making sure to cover them from sigh.

"Karamatsu nii-san" Choromatsu whispered in fear. Karamatsu straighten and stayed quiet but he made sure to glance at him with a small smile. He wouldn't let anything happen to them. Of that they could be sure.

The green brother seemed to deflate in relief, but the worry didn't leave his shoulders.

"In this case" a woman dressed in grey clothes stepped forward next to the man who had been talking so far "We'll be calling you according to your abilities" and at this a few huffs of relief could be heard from those who didn't have any earth linked talents.

"We have a list here regarding each of you and your elements. If you hear your name being called you're to step forward and lineup next to Lieutenant Hatake" she said we a nod towards the big black bearded man "First we have…"

The woman started to name a few people and they could see a few of their neighbors starting to gather in front of them in a line. They would walk as slowly as possible, trying their hardest to delay the inevitable.

"Shit, what do we do?" Choromatsu asked his older brother anxiously "What if they calls one of us?"

"Don't worry Brother, we'll figure something out" Kara assured him "But we have to tell Osomatsu what's happening"

"How?" Todomatsu asked them. He was gripping Choro's arm with all his might, legs trembling in fear "They'll never let one of us leave!"

"They will. When we left the house they saw there were only five of us, we just have to say the right words and they'll let one of us go fetch him. I'll make sure of it"

"Yeah? Well you better make it quick, Kusomatsu" Ichimatsu muttered while looking around "cause they're starting to glance our way"

"Okay, you're the fastest out of all of us, come with me J-"

"Matsuno Jyushimatsu. Air element" the woman's voice rang through the crowd.


It was like a bomb. Time went still and everything around them became silent. They all felt the air leave their lungs and a cold fist grab their hearts.

"Ah…" Jysuhimatsu muttered in shock and fear as Ichimatsu grabbed his arm protectively, ready to make a run for it. Todomatsu was about to start crying and Choromatsu could only look at his older brother for an answer, for anything to do in order to fix it. What do we do?! What do we do?!

Karamatsu just felt cold.

They were all about to voice everything running through their heads and make it all go to hell when suddenly all came to stop in the form of a step.

In one swift movement, Karamatsu took a step forward blocking all of his brothers, left arm outstretched to the side either to protect them or stop them from moving behind him.

"I'm Matsuno Jyushimatsu"

There was silence. Everyone in the village knew what brother was who. Everyone in the village knew that the one talking was Matsuno Karamatsu. Not one dared say a word.

"N-nii-san!" Todomatsu was the first to react with an anguished cry as he leapt forward towards his second oldest brother. Just as his way was blocked by Choromatsu's arm he stopped in tracks as his brother answered him.

"Todomatsu" Kara said evenly, glancing at him without moving the rest of his body from his previous stance before them. His eyes were wide open and his expression dead serious. He could see each of their expressions. Jyushi had his eyes wide open in sheer horror, Ichimatsu holding onto him with a desperate look, Todomatsu had pain written all over his features and he could see Choro looking at him with confused and terrified eyes "Go get Osomatsu" he said in a lower voice looking at the latter in the eye.

He then glanced forward again and started walking towards the woman in grey only stopping once he was right in front of her.

"Well, I'm the Jyushimatsu you're thinking of" he said after bowing "I'm sorry, but there must have been a mistake" he said tersely, the opposite to any other times he tried to talk seriously or most importantly tried to lie.

Yes, he sucked at lying, and yes, he might be overly dramatic or 'painful' in his brothers' words, but if there was one thing Karamatsu could do, that was acting.

"What are you talking about?" the woman asked skeptically.

"I'm Matsuno Karamatsu, but I'm the one with air abilities. My brother Jyushimatsu is a water user. Someone must have switched us in your list" he said confidently, so much so that the woman checked her list again.

"It says here that you're the water user and he the air one" she said with a frown and distrustful eyes.

"Nii-san!" he heard Jyushimatsu wail.

"Prove it" the woman sentenced.

So he gingerly took his leather string from his neck and rested it on his hand before lifting it with air.

"See. My brother is the water user. I'm the air user."

"Hmm" the lady pondered for a minute "Fair enough. Go stand with the others"

"No! Nii-san!" he heard Jyushi yelling. He could hear people trying to stop his brother from making more of a ruckus and he couldn't help but be thankful of their neighbors for trying to stop the guards' attention from reaching his little brother, even if it was for their own good, he didn't really care. Still, he spared a glance at Choro with a silent command to get Jyushimatsu to stop. One wrong move and they could take him too anyway.

Choromatsu met his eyes with pain in his expression and a determined set of the yaw. That's all Karamatsu could make himself see before having to avert his eyes. He couldn't look at the rest of his brothers. He couldn't bear to see them crying and struggling. Otherwise he would start to cry and struggle himself, and that was a death sentence for the lot of them.

No. He had to do this. He couldn't chicken out when he was so close.

Once he was at the line of other called villagers he forced himself to look to where his brothers were. He could see Choro looking straight at him with teary eyes but unwilling to let any tears fall. He couldn't help to smile, his brother was brave like that. A little behind him each one at each side of him he could see both Ichimatsu and Todomatsu looking at him. Ichimatsu looked pissed off while Totty had his lower lip trembling while squeezing Choro's left arm.

He smiled at them with what he hoped looked like a reassuring smile. Everything would be fine. He couldn't see Jyushi so he was probably already on his way to get Osomatsu.

He was so focused on watching his brothers that he didn't realize someone was talking to him until he felt a nudge on his arm.

Looking sideways and a little down he could see Chibita standing at his right.

"Chibita…" he whispered sadly. He felt like crying, when did Chibita get stuck in all this shit too?

"Don't look like a kicked puppy, idjit" the smaller man grumbled with crossed arms "it was bound to happen" he muttered lowly to himself looking at the ground.

"Heh, I guess you could say that" Kara answered in a sad tone himself looking towards his brothers again, where the three of them seemed to be discussing between each other.

"That was a brave thing you did. Stupid. But brave." He could see Chibita glancing at his brothers as well as him.

"Heh… I guess. Though stupid is probably fitter, huh?"

"Yeah, I could see Osomatsu wasn't with you guys. Man, when he hears about this he's gonna kill you before we can even try to die at this competition thing ourselves."

"Hah!" Karamatsu couldn't help to let a somewhat louder laugh at that, quickly covering it up with a cough. But man was Chibita right. If he ever survived this Osomatsu nii-san would strangle him with his bare hands.

He could see his brothers looking at him as if he had turned nuts or something after hearing him laugh. He just smiled at them again.

Now that he thought about it, he probably wouldn't get to see Osomatsu, if the ever shorting list of that woman was anything to go by. Well, is not like he really got to say goodbye to any of his brothers or his mother and father either. Smiling sadly to them didn't count as saying goodbye. If it was up to him he would go towards them right now and hug them and say all the words he currently had stuck in his throat.

I love you. Please be safe. Please remember me. Don't be sad. Don't feel guilty. Don't let this happen to any of you. I love you so goddamn much.

"What about you Chibita?" he said with a quivering voice which his friend tactfully didn't mention "Who's gonna kick your ass once" he didn't say if, if only for his friends' sake "they get the chance?"

Here it was Chibita's turn to laugh sadly.

"Can you see Iyami over there?" he nodded towards his right. Sure enough, following his line of sight the second sextuplet could see Iyami trembling from head to toes, snot and tears running down his face, which was set stubbornly in an angry expression "If it wasn't for the guards he would probably be here beating the shit out of me" he finished with a proud and nostalgic smile.

"Hmm" Karamatsu thought "Well, you are family after all"

"Heh, we're all just a bunch of idjits in a lost village" and Karamatsu couldn't help to agree with a silent laugh. That they sure were.

Just as he glanced up to watch his brothers again they both heard the voice of the man from before sound again.

"That will be all" the man said with a loud voice "All of you" he said to the ones who had been called out "Stay in that same line and walk towards the truck. You" he said glancing at the crowd now "You will stay here until you're told otherwise. Don't make a fuss." And that was asking a lot, because Karamatsu could see most of the villagers crying or looking ready to tear some of the soldiers apart for taking their families and friends away from them.

God, how he hoped no one did anything stupid. He wasn't overly excited about seeing someone he knew die today. But they all knew better than that. Or at least he hoped so. After all, he would be lying if he said he wouldn't do something stupid if it was one of his brothers standing in his shoes.

He was almost at the end of the line, so as they started to turn in the direction of the vehicle he looked at his brothers. They, too, seemed to be trying their best to hold on to their senses. His green brother was still standing in front of the other two but he didn't seem overly concerned on protecting instead of stopping them from moving forward. The three of them were quivering where they stood, but he could see Ichimatsu's anger and Todomatsu's need to run towards him in the movements. Instead, Choromatsu seemed to be doing everything in his power to tame the forces that were those two.

Man, he thought with a sad smile, he kind of preferred being here in the line that being on Choromatsu's shoes right now. Hah, well, that was a joke just for him, because if any of his brothers heard it they'd have his head.

He locked his eyes with theirs in one final goodbye and tried to communicate everything he could into that finally contact. I love you. Wait for Osomatsu nii-san. Everything will be fine. Please don't do anything stupid. Follow their orders. Be safe. Keep them safe Choromatsu, I'm entrusting them to you now.

…tell Osomatsu I'm sorry.

He can't be sure, but something in his brothers' eyes tells him they all get the message, even if the sight is kind of blurry on both sides, specially theirs as he can see Todomatsu sobbing freely, Ichimatsu crying quietly, and Choromatsu discreetly failing at keeping his tears to himself.

He turns around before they can see him crumble. He doesn't want that to be the last they see of him. He can feel Chibita sniffing behind him. He can hear the people crying and give out an air of helplessness at the injustice of it all.

They're getting closer to the truck, only three more people and it will be him surrounded by shadows of an unknown vehicle taking him to an unknown future. Probably a bad one. But hey, he's a positive man and he'll stay like that at least until he's out of his dear brothers' sight. Specially the younger ones.

Oh, but how he wishes to see Jyushi's smile one more time. And what he wouldn't give to see his older brothers face before leaving.

He hopes…


The scream tears him away from his thoughts and before he knows it he has snapped around towards the call.

It sounds mad, it sounds furious, it sounds livid, it sounds red.

It sounds like his Brother.

And sure enough, there he is. Standing in front of everyone else having made his way through the crowd probably by sheer force, fists and kicks.

He's sweating, breathing erratically, huffing and puffing, eyes almost red somehow with the sun and emotion shining in them. Right behind him the rest of his brothers have made their way through the little sea of people behind him, just as frantic as the eldest. Jyushimatsu is there as well, right behind Osomatsu's right outstretched arm. He has both arms outstretched and slightly lowered by his sides, as if ready to stop any of his brothers from making a leap forward or any guard making their way towards one of their brothers.

"KARAMATSU, YOU FUCKER!" he takes a step forward, the guards around them stiffing in response "What the fuck have you done now, huh? I leave you guys for a minute and somehow you're able to end up in this mess?!" he cries in a fury.

But this is Osomatsu, his only older brother. And he knows him better than anyone. Even better than Choromatsu. And he can hear the tremble in his voices and the hitching of his breath and see the moisture in his eyes.

And he almost starts crying as well, he can feel his lower lip trembling. But he can't. If someone has to be strong for the eldest it's him. It's always been him. That's his job as the second. He's the one the oldest can count on to share the weight with.

And that's all he ever wanted to do. And that's what he had done today.

So, as the person before him readies themselves to enter the bus, he sets his jaw and wills his eyes to somehow magically dry and he looks at his older brother openly before offering him the best smile he can muster at the moment.

And okay, it might be a sad excuse of the smile he wants to send his message through, but he will pat himself on the back anyway cause it's either that or start crying right there for his pathetic and failed attempts.

But he does it anyways cause what else can he do right now but smile at them? He doesn't know what this competition is about, he doesn't know where they're taking him, he's positively certain that ever seeing his brothers again in nothing short of a miracle, let alone ever returning from this alive.

So he smiles at his older brother, his only older brother, and waves.

"Karamatsu nii-san!" he hears Jyushimatsu wail, and he's as far from showing that open smile he loves so much, and it hurts, please my little Jyushimatsu, please just smile for me…

"Nii-san!" Todomatsu sobs.

"Kusomatsu!" Ichimatsu yells in anger, and Karamatsu is about to cry so he turns around once more to face the truck.

"Karamatsu nii-san!" Man, he's actually lost count of how many times Choro has called him nii-san today. He never thought he'd be so sad to hear it. I'm sorry Choro, for scaring you this much…

"Karamatsu!" and there's Osomatsu again, desperate, wild, ready to tear limb for limb.

And god he can't help it. They're calling for him, how can he ignore their call? And so he turns around once again and they're all looking at him with desperation but with determined eyes. And Jyushimatsu is smiling at him once more, it's broken and painful but he's trying, and Osomatsu is wielding that shit eating grin of his even if it's kind of lame and fake like that but he's trying too.

He has one foot inside the truck.

"We'll be waiting! You hear that?!" Osomatsu cries, demands "So you better hold on as well!" he somehow sobs and laughs at the same time. He is smiling.

Kara's now surrounded by the shadows of the vehicle.

His older brother is crying.

The doors close.

Osomatsu's expression is a grimace.

And they're off.

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