Oh gods. Oh gods why did you let this happen?

I was flying through the barrens. The northern, northern Barrens. The Horde controlled part. I had the divide in sight when

Oh gods the noise

The sky split open behind me. Green light, black clouds, swirling

It came through. Like a tower on its side, just hovering, flying. Ball of green fire fell from it, and

A demon. I heard it's voice. Claiming the land for the legion.

I landed at Honor's Stand, just past the divide. Other adventures and champions. Some were making ready to leave, to flee. Gods they were the smart ones

Others, I joined them, on the wall. Could see the storm, the ship. Argument. Some wanted to leave the horde to their fate

A gnome. Gnome mage. Got on a box, told us if the legion got a foothold, anywhere, we would be all doomed. We needed to help the horde, because we and they and no one could fight on their own. We cheered. Oh gods why did we cheer?

We got back on our mounts. Land mounts took the long way, flyers in formation. We made plans, as we flew. Who would lead, who should heal. As we got closer, we fell silent. Fear. Forgot the plans.

The Crossroads was burning, burning green. We landed in war, joined it. felguard, doomguard, infernals. We cut them down, they cut us down. That mage. Oh gods. That gnome mage, his head, it grabbed his head and he screamed and it squeezed and his blood

Blood. Ours and theirs. Healed by a forsaken priest, me, she didn't care. Such blue eyes. She knew. It wasn't us vs them. It was us and them vs

Demons. I lost count, oh gods I lost count. Their leaders. Appeared in green flame, struck us down, we struck back. One, two, three, silence. So tired.

It became a blur. We flooded out, north and south and east and they flooded out the portals, they just appeared. Endless waves of felguards, kill one, another takes its place, then another and another another another

Eredar. Summoning imps, swarmed by them, claws eye blind screaming

The forsaken. The priest. Her blue eyes, I cradled her, they dimmed as that fel structure broke down around us

My sword kept breaking. Picked one up from the floor, our theirs. If it's sharp, you swing it, across the stomach guts the smell oh guts oh gods!

Lost track. Only rest on griffon back, one fight to the next, fel bats from above claws falling oh gods.

Pain. Crawling, lifted, healed, back to crossroads, demon leader there, dreadlord, casters at the back, warriors at the front, it was never still, casters on the hill, got into our heads, so tired, killed a tauren, which one of us was not ourselves, warriors at its feet it fell, it fell! Over. The sky cleared. Rest.

Still there, here. Too tired to move, writing in my book. I can hear them, arguments, they want us out soon, too soon. We fight amongst ourselves already. Our blood, their blood, covers the floor. Trickle trickle.

Oh gods, why did you let this happen? It will happen elsewhere, our land their land, on Azeroth. We can't stand forever, but we will until

Oh gods. The sky is green. Help us.