It was a beautiful sunny day in Zootopia where the one person's who's death will set up the gold robery in motion was driving along a mountain road in a sports car minding his own business when he had a nagging feeling that something was off but shook it off and headed though the tunnel to Tundratown.

By the time he got to the other side little did he release that Mr Big's men gad set an ambush for him and buy the time he saw the obstacle in his path and he hit the brakes he realised he was most likely going to die he thought his final words "I hope Nick forgives me". Then he knew no more.

Seconds after the collision a bulldozer backed out of the tunnel with the mangled remains of the car attached to the front blade and after shoving the remains of the car into the river one of Mr Big's goons throws a wreath into the stream as well. Then they reopen the road and they disappear like nothing happened.