Author Note: This is both my own and JP-Ryder's first attempt at anything Naruto, so hopefully we do a good enough job on it.

Chapter 1: Enter Namikaze Garfield

On a old path through a thick forest, we find three squads of Shinobi walking on the path, making their way to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konohagakure no Sato. The first squad in the front consisted of a tall and muscular black haired man, a blond haired girl, a red haired boy and a black haired boy. The second squad to the first back right consisted of a beautiful purple haired woman, blond haired girl, black haired boy and a white haired boy. The third squad consisted of a tall and muscular blond man, two girls, one red haired and the other black, and a red haired boy.

The first squad group is lead by the Jounin Dick Grayson, heir of the Wayne Clan lead by the Yodaime Hikarikage Bruce Wayne. His black spiky hair moves as the wind blows, white domino mask intact on his face as he wears a white Jounin vest, and gray clothing. Gray shirt, pants, and sandals. He leads a squad of three Gennin that specializes in combat of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu and other specialties. The two of his Gennin from the same clan are Tim Drake, the black haired boy wearing a black crossed red shirt with a bat-shaped symbol on the center, black pants and black sandals, and sunglasses, and Stephanie, a girl with short blonde hair, wears a black short top with fishnets body shirt underneath with her midriff showing, black skirt and fishnet leggings that reach to her knees with shin guarded sandals. The only Gennin not from the Wayne Clan but from another clan Roy Harper of the Queen Clan. His short orange hair and red shades, wears a red hoodie with his arrow shaped clan symbol, black pants and sandals.

The second a squad group consist of the purple haired woman name Raven Roth. She is about an inch shorter than the two Jounin men. With her flawless pale skin fitting with her blue eyes. She wore long black jacket, a blue shirt with black buttons with the top showing parts of her fishnet cleavage, black biker shorts that shows her thighs with black shin guards and sandals. Her team operates on support and medical ninjutsu, which consist of Tara Markov or the Markovia clan, who wears a black shirt with her clan symbol of a butterfly, yellow cargo shorts and biker style sandals, also she sports goggles over her blond hair. Conner Kent of the Kent Clan appears to be the strongest, the black haired boy wears a tight black shirt with his clan symbol or a red shield, blue cargo pants and black sandals. Lastly there's Eddie Bloomberg, a white haired tanned boy who wears only a red vest showing a tattoo of a Tengu demon, golden arm bracelets, black pants and black sandals.

The last squad group is an interesting bunch because of the Jounin and his team. The blond haired man with a toothy grin is Garfield Namikaze. His athletic build the same as Dick's as he wears a white vest, green long sleeve shirt and gray pants with sandals. There are two patches on the shoulders of his vest, one with the Uzumaki clan's Maelstrom swirl on his left shoulder and the Uchiha clan's fan symbol on his right shoulder. His squad team are considered good in combat, as well as a good rescue team. The red haired boy who is his young nephew Wally Namikaze, who wears a yellow jacket with red streaks, blue shorts and sandals. The two girls with them are about older than the other Gennin but the one with onyx hair is the oldest, as she goes by Blackfire who wears a black kimono with fishnet arm sleeves and leggings, as well as black shinguard sandals. Next to her is her sister Starfire, the red haired girl two years younger than her sister as she wears a purple kimoto and doesn't wear any fishnets, leaving her skin bare, and she wears purple shinguard sandals. The two sisters all wear different necklaces as Blackfire wears a moon necklace as Starfire wears a sun necklace.

"Are we there yet?" Garfield mocked complained, his hands crossed behind his head.

"You know we are." Richard replied dryly. "You used to run these trails all the time."

Garfield smirked and was about to comment, when he was slapped in the back of his head.

"Stop it, you." Raven scolded.

Behind the the couple, the petite blond girl giggled, twirling her hair in her finger. "Gar-Sensei is so funny." Terra giggled.

Raven looked back at her Gennin and sighed in annoyance. 'I really need to talk to Ter-Chan about her little obsession with Garfield.' She thoughts as she then took her boyfriend's hand in her own. "Remember to behave. We are supposed to be someone that our Genin can look up to."

"But I am behaving, Raven-Chan." Garfield gave his lover's hand a squeeze. "Just enjoying everybody's company."

"Hey I see it!" Wally exclaimed as he jumped over his uncle and pointed at the big walls. "Wow. Those are some big walls!"

"Yeah they are." Garfield agreed.

"Get your papers ready!" Richard ordered.

Garfield was digging through his pockets as he gave a look of panic "Damn, where are my papers!?" He asked as he search himself until his purple haired lover handed him the papers.

"I knew you'd forget them when you were getting ready, so I held onto them for you." Raven told him.

"Oh Raven, you are a life saver!" Garfield replied, thanking his lover with a smile as he reached for his papers. "As a repayment, why don't we book a ho-"

"Save it and get going." Raven denied him as the group continued to walk to the walls of Konoha.

The group of ninjas from Kage no tochi (Land of Shadows) made it to the entrance booth, where two Chunin ranked shinobi, who looked bored saw the group and one of them spoke up. "State your business."

"We are all here for the Chunin exams." Richard stated as he, Raven, and Garfield placed their papers down before Izumo and Kotetsu for them to see.

"Hmm, this all seems to be in order." Izumo commented, reading the papers while Kotetsu noticed the blond's shoulder patches in curiousness as his partner's eyes widen "No way." He gasped looking at the name of the blond Jounin.

"And this one..." Kotetsu stated as his best friend shakily handed him the form for the red haired boy and blond haired man. "N-Namikaze? They're both say Namikaze." His voice was shaky, and they both looked at the Namikaze males.

"Yeup! I'm Wally Namikaze! Heir to the Namikaze Clan!" Wally exclaimed in pride.

"Garfield Namikaze. Member of the Namikaze Clan and little brother to your Yodiame Hokage." Garfield added his own two cents, smirking at the shock on the two Chunin's faces.

"N-Not possible..." Izumo and his partner looked ready to feint.

"Very possible." Garfield smirked smugly.

"Enough of this!" Raven's eyes glowed red, making the Leaf Shinobi cower in fear. "Just let us enter, and you can go fanboy crazy later."

"Y-Y-Ye-es-s, M-Ma'am." The two Chunin replied in fear, handing the three Jounin back their papers. "Please have a nice visit."

"Alright, now I want everyone be on your best behavior once we enter the village and when you Genin start the Exams." Richard told everyone, only to find that the two Namikazes had already disappeared once the gate was opened. "WHERE DID THOSE TWO GO!?" He demanded.

"Looks like Sensei has run off, sister." Blackfire said with a smirk. "Might we do some exploring as well?"

"Yes! I am interested in seeing the Village of Hidden Leaves!" Starfire replied happily as the two flew into the village surprising the two Leaf shinobi.

"Did they just..." Izumo trailed off, not believing what they just saw.

"..Fly...?" Kotetsu finished as he too couldn't believe.

Raven sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "Let's go find them, make sure they don't cause trouble."

"Agreed. Squads, let's head out and find them!" Richard commanded as the two squads split into teams and ran into the Village Hidden in the Leaves, leaving the two shocked Chunin.

"Oi, Izumo-san." Kotetsu turned to his partner. "We should inform the Hokage-Sama about this, right?"

"Call the ANBU Squad." Kotetsu replied, feeling a headache rising "Hokage-Sama is going to have a huge headache, dealing with this news."

"Dear Kami-Sama, help us all." Izumo muttered to himself.


"Wow! So this is Konohagakure!" Wally exclaimed, seeing the whole village around him with his sensei/uncle as they're both on top of the rooftops of the buildings. "So when can we stop at the food bars? I've been dying for some grub, for quite a while!"

"Well I do know a good ramen stand around here." Garfield replied. "But after we look around, we should head back to the group. You know how Raven is when we run off of our own." Both of them shivered, reminded of a certain time when the woman scolded them for hours, for running off.

"Well I guess." Wally said as he looked down and spotted something of interest. "Hey Oji-Sensei, isn't that Star-Chan over there?"

Garfield turned to see his red haired female student flying around the streets shocking all of the civilians and shinobi. 'That's a normal reaction, they've never seen a flying girl before.' He turned around, never noticing that the girl wasn't paying attention as she flew around, looking like she's was going to crash land someone.


Starfire looked in awe at the village. It was quite different than the village she and her sister have been staying in, and as she looked at the various stands and shops; however, while she wasn't looking straight, distracted by the food stands that interested her, she accidentally crashed into a blue shirted boy who was with a group. "OOF!" Star cried out as well as the boy she bumped into.

"What hit me!?" The black haired spiky boy, who fell on the floor with the girl on top of him asked in confusion.

"Sasuke-Kun, are you alright!?" Asked the pink haired girl who looked at the girl on top of the boy with a look of jealousy and rage.

"Looks like you didn't see that one coming, huh Teme?" The blond haired boy wearing the orange jumpsuit mocked. "So much for your elite eyes." He snorted.

"Shut up, do-" Sasuke's retort was cut short as he looked up at the girl on top of him, and blushed hard as he looked up at the most prettiest girl he had ever seen.

"Sorry about that. I was the distracted." Starfire commented as she looked down at the boy beneath her and smiled.

And even worst, her smile reminded him of his mother's smile. Just like his mothers.

"I am sorry new friend, I am not used to flying in your village." Starfire apologized, and chuckled as she got back to her feet and held her hand down to held him up.

Blushing, the last Uchiha ticked his tongue and brushed her hand away before getting to his feet. 'Wait? Did she say flying?' He thought, but luckily he wasn't the one to ask such a stupid question.

"You can fly!?" Naruto exclaimed in shock, pointing his finger at the red haired girl.

Starfire, who was looking at her hand with a frown at the harsh reaction the boy had, then snapped her head to the blond who looked just like her sensei. "Sorry, but do I know you?" The girl asked the blond Uzumaki.

"Um no?" Naruto answered in confusion, forgetting about the fact that the girl could fly. "I've never seen you or anyone beyond this village, unless you've been to the Land of Waves."

"I have not, but you look like someone I know." Starfire tapped her chin, thinking about why did the boy look like her sensei. But then again, she has heard about a lot of people looking like other people before so maybe it's a coincidence "Oh, but my name is Koriand'r or Starfire you can call me, I'm from the Land Hidden in the Lights. What are your names, new friends?"

"Uchiha Sasuke, or Sasuke-Kun if you can call me." Sasuke said feeling nervous around the girl. 'Why am I nervous!? Wait, why did I call myself Sasuke-Kun? And say that she could call me that?'

'Who does this bitch think she is!?' Sakura's inner self growled as she glared at the flying girl, but kept her cool. "I'm Haruno Sakura, Sasuke-Kun's teammate." 'And the only one to be allowed to call him Sasuke-Kun!'

"And don't forget about me, Uzumaki Naruto, soon to be Hokage!" Naruto exclaimed pointing at himself. "And together, we are Team Seven!"

"Wow, it is nice to meet you all! I can't wait to introduce you all to my friends, my sister, and senseis!" Starfire exclaimed in joy as she flew up happily.

"There you are, baby sis!" Spoke Starfire's sister, Blackfire, as she flew down behind the startled Naruto.

"Holy crap, there's another one?!" Naruto exclaimed, feeling his heart jumped a beat after the older sister flew behind him.

"Hello, dear sister! Meet my new friends!" Starfire stated as her sister looked at the three Konoha Gennin and she scoffed.

"Not impressed," Blackfire said as she crossed her arms "The pink haired one I mean, you two boys look like you could handle me and my baby sister."

"What, is that a challenge to a fight?!" Sakura barked, pissed that another flying girl just insulted her.

"I'm talking about how long they'll last after me and my sisters mounted them." Blackfire smirked causing the boys to be off guard as she press her arms against her chest, angering Sakura more. "Hahaha!" She started to laugh. "You should have seen your faces! Hahaha!"

"Sister! That is not appropriate to say!" Starfire scolded her sister while hiding her face in embarrassment, while Naruto and Sasuke blushed.

"Who cares." Blackfire snorted, before she took a real look at the lone blond. "Do I know you? You look familiar."

"Not unless you've been to Land of Waves." Naruto commented in irritation.

"Nope, can't say that I have." Blackfire responded as she bit her gums.

"Hey wait a minute! I've never heard of the Land of Light!" Sakura bellowed as she tried not to strangle the two sisters. "And you sluts get away from Sasuke-Kun!"


"I got a bad feeling, Oji-Sensei." Wally stated, he stopping eating his ramen and looked at his cousin.

"Odd, me too, Wally-Chan-Sama." Garfied agreed.

"Stop calling me that, Oji-Sensei!" Wally pouted as the waitress giggled at the pair.

"Oh, but you let your Oba-San call you that." Garfield stated, smirking at the embarrassed redhead.

"That's because she's my Oba-San! You saying that just sounds weird." Wally retorted.

"Ara, you two are quite funny." The Waitress giggled as the older male winked at her, making her to blush.

"Why thank you, cutie pie." Garfield replied, flirting the blushing waitress.

"I bet you say that to the pretty girls you meet." Ayame said, making the blond smirk even more, and as he was about to respond, his nephew cut his off.

"Actually, every girl he meets is either "beautiful", "sexy", or "lovely". Calling you "cutie pie" is actually a new one." Wally stated, keeping his voice free of any humor..

"Oi, you're cramping my style, Wally-Chan-Sama." Garfield complained as he played along with his nephew. "Don't make me punish you, by making you pay for this meal."

"Then I'll tell Oba-San that you made me pay for your meal." Wally smirked back causing his sensei to grumble and the Waitress to giggle at the two antics.

"Damn Clan Heirs, and their selfish ways." Garfield grumbled.

"Hey! I'm not selfish!" Wally protested, catching the attention of the waitress.

"Clan Heir? Which clan?" Ayame questioned in curiosity.

"Namikaze Clan!" Wally answered with great pride.

"Namikaze!?" Ayame exclaimed in shock. "As in the Yodiame Hokage!? That Namikaze!?" She added, making everybody look at them.

"My big brother was an exiled member of our clan. He didn't process our Clan's Raiton affinity, that allows us to teleport." Garfield replied to the woman, whose eyes are now wide and her mouth is wide open as well. "Like my Nii-San's Hiraishan, but we don't need the seal to do it, but kunai do help new beginners with the technique."

"You're the Yodiame-Sama's brother?" Ayame asked in shock.

"You bet he is! He's the coo-" Wally exclaimed, but was stopped by his uncle.

"Stop, Wally. I want you to find your teammates and then meet up with Raven. Don't let Starfire or Blackfire go anywhere with any strangers." Garfield ordered his Gennin. "The Leaf Shinobi or the Civilians can't be trusted, they may try to kidnap and turn the girls into breeding stock."

"Hai, Sensei." Wally complied as he disappeared in a reddish orange flash.

As Wally left, Garfield turned back to the beautiful waitress and he sparked up a conversation. "So, what can you tell me about yourself?" He asked the shocked waitress with his charming smile.

'T-The Yodaime's brother is speaking to me?!' Ayame blushed madly as she felt embarrassed, not noticing some jealous looks from the passing females noticing the blond Jounin speaking to the waitress.


"I can't believe those idiots ran off!" Conner shouted in anger as he stood on the roof looking for his fellow Genin along with Terra, Tim, Stephanie, Roy, and Eddie. "If we get late because of them, I'll-!"

"Easy on the anger, Conner-san." Tim told him as he noticed the red orange blur running around the village "I think I spotted Wally-San, but no sign of Garfield-Sensei."

"He's probably running around grabbing some ass, to take at a hotel." Roy said as Eddie snickered.

"Shut it, Roy!." Tara warned, glaring at the her teammate.

"What? It's true." Roy smirked.

"NO ITS NOT! GARFIELD-SENSEI, WOULD NEVER BE A WHORE!" Terra screamed in outrage at the archer.

"He could if Raven-Sensei allowed him to." Roy smirked more.

"Then Raven-Sensei would only let me be with him. Not some random bitch." Terra grumbled, but on the inside she feared that her sensei, the woman she idolized and saw as her big sister would allow her crush to do just that.

"Sure she would." Roy rolled his eyes, and dodged a small rock launched his way.

"I just spot Wally." Connor stated, interrupting the two's fight and honed in on the red flashes. He jumped into the air and looked around until he saw the Clan Heir in the middle of a street with his teammates and a Leaf Genin squad. "Found him! Let's go!" He ran off.


"Hokage-Sama!" A bear ANBU appeared in the Hokage's office and kneeled before the aging man.

"What is it, Kuma?" Sarutobi responded, wondering why the ANBU was so frantic.

"Two foreign shinobi in for the Chunin Exams. Wally and Garfield Namikaze." Kuma informed.

Sarutobi dropped his pen and he looked wide eyed at the ANBU before him. 'Garfield Namikaze is back in the village?' He sweated, fearing what could go wrong with this situation.

"Tell me, has he learned about Minato's son?" Sarutobi asked him.

"No, Hokage-Sama." Kuma answered. "But it's only a matter of time. What should we do, Hokage-Sama?"

Sarutobi's mind was rushing with a headache and thoughts of the young Jounin. He knew that the Namikaze clan would comeback someday, just wasn't prepared when since it's been such a long time. So he gives a straight answer to the ANBU.

"Listen to me carefully, Kuma." Sarutobi told him "If Garfield Namikaze were to meet the boy or learn anything about him, I shall deal with this." 'Kami knows that the truth will not only hurt him, but me as well.' "Just bring him to me once he learns about the boy, understand?"

"Hai, Hokage-Sama." Kuma complied before he vanished in a swirl of leaves.

"I did what was best for the village. I did what I had to do." The Sandaime Hokage sighed as he looked at the picture of the Yodiame Hokage and thought about his failure to have Naruto be seen as a hero. 'I have failed you, but I haven't failed the village.'


"So what's the Land of Shadows like?" Naruto smiled up at the taller black haired girl, his hands behind his head and he stood right next to her.

Blackfire looked down at the blond who smiled ever so brightly at her, and she shivered as she felt a known and unwanted emotion pass through her. The older girl scolded herself for feeling affection for the boy she just met, and cursed him for being so small and cute. 'How did I start crushing on him so quickly! Or why it had to be for a damn midget!' She thought as she squashed those feelings down.

"Hey guys!" The blond boy jumped in shock and landed in the girl's arms, as a red flashed blinded them and a red haired boy was in the middle of the group. "Glad to have found you guys!" He greeted, before looking at the blond Uzumaki. "Do I know you?"

"Umm... no." Naruto sweat dropped, being so afraid of such a happy looking guy.

"Scared, dobe?" Sasuke smirked, more focused on his rival than the added weight in his arms.

Everybody turned to see Naruto in the arms of Blackfire and when the blond realized what position he was in, he blushed hard and jumped down, shame written on his face. But thankfully everybody's attention was brought to Starfire, who was in the last Uchiha's arms.

"Stop doing the scaring, Wally-Kun!" Starfire pouted.

Sasuke finally noticed the girl in his arms and he scolded himself for being for focused on mocking his rival than his own person. "Get off me!" He growled, ripping his arms away and planned on dropping her.

But she didn't fall, instead she floated in the air, but kept her arms around the Uchiha for a few seconds before removing herself. "That was not nice, Sasuke-Kun."

"Trust me, Sasuke-Teme is not the most likable guy to be around with." Naruto stated.

"Quiet, you!" Sasuke shouted at the smirking Uzumaki and the pink haired girl glared at the flying girl.

"Okay, now then Star-Chan, B-Chan, let's go meet up with Raven-Sensei. Where ever she is." Wally said as he rubbed his chin, thinking where could his Sensei's girlfriend be, until suddenly he got hit on the head by Conner who appeared behind him. "Ow, why did you do that!?"

"Come on you three. Raven-Sensei and Richard-Sensei are meeting up and they want us there." Conner told them "And where is Garfield-Sensei?" He asked.

"Oh he's going to meet up soon, he sent me to make sure our flying duo don't get in to trouble." Wally said pointing at Blackfire and Starfire. "Come on, girls. We should meet up and get any last minute advise or information for the Chunin Exams."

"Fine." Blackfire said rolling her eyes as she turned to the blonf Genin. "Later Whiskers, hopefully I see you and your friends at the exams."

"I hope so as well, Blackfire!" Naruto replied, waving excitedly.

Blackfire and the others left, the black haired girl thankfully to get away from the boy who had made her feel so... light and warm.

"I'm hungry!" Naruto whined as his stomach growled to life. "You want to come with, Teme, Sakura-Chan?" He asked.

Sasuke clicked his tongue and walked away, not saying a word.

"What about you, Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked, only to get hit on the top of his head.

"Be quite, Naruto-Baka! You aren't good enough for me!" Sakura screamed as she pounder the boy on his head. "I love, Sasuke-Kun!"

With that she ran off to catch up with her crush. Naruto left seconds later, a frown on his face, and as he completely missed the pale eyed girl watching him.

'She isn't good enough for you, Naruto-Kun.' Hinata thought as she watched her crush leave, and the thought back to the black haired foreign shinobi. 'She might be a problem.'


"Ah, that was some good ramen!" Garfield said to himself, after leaving the Ichimaru Ramen stand and leaving a tip for the cute waitress. 'That Ayame girl sure was beautiful, maybe I can convince Rae-Chan to invite her for a threesome.' He thought as he walked through the village, but he stopped for a moment. He looked up at the monumental mountain of the carved heads of the previous Hokages, especially the head of the Yodaime 'Minato-Nee, how I've missed you and Kushina-Chan. After all these years.' The blond thought, thinking of visiting their graves later on as memories of the good time in the village flooded back. 'I wonder how's Mikato-Chan is doing? Maybe I should visit the Uchiha compound later? Maybe I should meet up with some my old friends like Anko, Kurenai? I wonder how's Tsume-Dono doing?' The Namikaze thought of his many childhood friends and crushes when he was in the village, while continuing on his path. 'Maybe I can find Kakashi and Gai and see if they would like to spar? Show them how much I have improved all these years.'

Garfield continued on his path as he passed along some villagers and off duty ninjas. The blond just stared up in the sky, ignoring the whispers of people around him, and as he failed to notice a blond spiky haired boy in the orange jumpsuit walking passed him as he had a scowling look. The lone Shadow Village shinobi ignored everything, even the small blond boy who walked past him.

"What a weird day. First it was alright, but then that flying girl show up and the red haired guy, and Sasuke-Teme was acting weird." Naruto said as he exhaled a heavy and stressed sigh. "Why do I even bother getting Sakura-Chan to notice me? All she does is pay attention to that emo-teme, who never looks at her the way he looked at that strange girl." The blond clenched his fists before he looked up at the Hokage Monument. "I'll show them! Someday, I'm going to be a great Hokage!" He declared.

Garfield stopped walking as he turned his head to stare at the boy who caught his attention. His eyes widen in shock as he gasped, seeing the blond haired boy in the orange jumpsuit, especially staring at the red maelstrom, the Uzumaki Clan symbol. He noticed the whiskers on his cheeks as well as the blue eyes that resembled not only himself, but his brother Minato. 'I-It can't be!' The man thought, looking at the blond boy. 'That outfit with the Uzumaki Clan symbol...can it be, can it!?' The blond got a good look at the boy, as his eyes widen even more at the resemblance "Minato's son?" He whispered.


Later on that same day we find the three Jounin Sensei all in the same hotel room of Garfield Namikaze and Raven Roth, the room of Richard Greyson was with the two and he was the one whom was yelling at the blond haired Jounin. "What we're you thinking!?" The Clan Heir demanded from the Namikaze man. "We had a plan! A straightforward plan!"

"Yaeah, yeah, I know." Garfield sighed, waving his hand in submission. "When I entered the village I just felt like a kid again and ran off without thinking. I'm sorry."

Richard growled and clenched his teeth, trying not to scold the man too much. Running his hands through his hair, the dark haired man glared at his best friend. "I get that Garfield, I really do, but isn't an excuse. You are a Sensei to three Genin, and you really need to start acting like it."

"I know." Garfield sighed in defeat, laying down on the bed, resting his head on his girlfriend's lap. "I'm sorry."

"I know you are. You always are." Richard sighed.

"At least the kids got to see a little of the village." Garfield smiled, trying to lift the mood.

"Yeah. Not only Clan Heirs by themselves, but one very gullible girl who could have easily been manipulated by the people in the village and used to breed a new generation of Tamaranean in this village!" Richard yelled again, not appreciating the joke or the attempt to lighten the mood.

"I would have protected her!" Garfield objected, shooting up from his head rest and glaring at his friend. "I have Hiraishen Seals on all of them, just in case something go wrong and I couldn't sense them! Don't ever think so low of me! They have earned our trust to take care of themselves."

Richard sighed and calmed down after being reminded of his friend's carefulness. He sighed again as he sat on his chair, looking at the blond. "You're right, but that doesn't excuse you of running on your own like that, Garfield-San. After this, you will make up for getting us worried like that."

"Alright, after we've complete the Chuunin Exams, I'll take what's coming towards me." Garfield said, feeling calm from the warmth off his lover's lap. "Same old, Dickie-Kun, right Raven-Chan?"

"Yes." Raven agreed.

"I'm going to check on our students. They should be getting prepared for the exams tomorrow." Richard stated as he headed towards the door. "And Raven-San, keep an eye on him." He ordered.

"Hai, Richard-San." Raven responded, as the dark haired Heir leaves the room.

Raven noticed her lover's love and lust as he enjoyed being on her lap and alone in their rom with her. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Totally." He replied, rubbing his head on her lap like a pillow "So, you wanna do it?"

"No. Why don't you tell me what's bothering you." Raven insisted.

"What are yo-" Garfield is cut off by his lover.

"Don't forget that I am an empathy and can sense how distraught you are." Raven reminded her blond lover.

"Right... I forgot." Garfield sighed and turned over, facing the demoness's stomach. "I saw someone today."

"Who was it?" Raven asked. "Was it any of those girls you mentioned to me?"

"No, this is someone whom I have never spoke about before. My brother's son, Naruto." Garfield started as he pushed his face into his girlfriend's stomach, inhaling her scent. "I saw him on the streets."

"And?" Raven ran her fingers through the blond hair, waiting to hear more.

"When I found out that my brother and Kushi-Chan had died, I came rushing back to find my nephew, but the Hokage said that he had died with my his parents. Sarutobi looked me straight in the face and said that Naruto was dead!" Garfield added as he remembered that day, being told the news and burning the three bodies, yes three bodies; Minato, Kushina... and Naruto.

Raven felt anger and sadness from her lover; she had seen her lover mad before, she had even seen him kill someone because of that anger before but this seemed so different. He had always been so protective of his family, so the fact that his nephew was stolen from him he never had the chance to raise him like he should have done.

"I'm sorry about that, Garfield." Raven told him in a hushed tone.

"No, don't be." Garfield assured, raising his head up facing her face, and her large breasts in front of his eyes. "It's the Hokage that should be sorry once I confront him and get the answers I want."

"I wonder why the the Hokage-Dono lied to you about Naruto?" Raven wondered, starting to get curious herself. "You're their son's uncle and closest relative, he could've hand him back to you when your brother and Kishina died."

"That's what I don't get either." Garfield said with a frustrating look. "Sarutobi has always been a good man, an honorable man. He has a lot of explaining to do."

"You should tell your students. Maybe through them, you can set up a meeting between you and Naruto." Raven suggested.

Garfield rose and sat on the bed before taking his favorite purple haired woman into his lap. "While I will tell my team, I don't need to use them to talk to my own nephew." Garfield stated as he kissed the purple haired woman's neck and cheek.

Suddenly a knock at the door stopped the duo dead in their tracks.

"Come in!" Garfield shouted, sensing both his tram and his lover's team to come in.

Opening the door, six teenagers come rushing through, all standing at the foot of the bed.

'Go uncle!' Wally mentally screamed.

'I wish that was me!' Terra thought.

The two look at their students, as they separated from each other as Raven asked. "What are you doing here?"

"We were wondering if you all can buy us dinner!" Wally excitedly asked.

"But we ended up over hearing your conversation." Blackfire stated, crossing her arms.

"Great." Garfield sighed, looks like he'll have to explain the situation to them after all.

"We have no idea that you and Naruto-San are related, Sensei." Starfire said, which got the elder Namikaze's attention.

"Wait, you know Naruto?" Garfield asked her.

"We met him." Blackfire confirmed for her Sensei. "Spiky blond hair, blue hair, whiskers and wears that ugly orange jumpsuit for some reason. He even had that red swirl like on your Jounin vest."

"When did you guys meet him?" Garfield asked them.

"When my sister crashed into some boy we met his team, I think their names are Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, and that pink haired girl, but I can't remember her name."

"Uchiha? Wait Sasuke?" Garfield blinked in confusion. "Why do I know that name?"

Flashback Starts.

A young Garfield Namikaze panted as he struggled to stay on his feet and not fall on his face. His legs felt like stone, but that didn't stop them from wobbling under him. His hair and shirt was drench in sweat and his breath was deep and shallow; wobbling forward, the blond boy fell forward, but thankfully he was caught by his older brother.

"Whoa there. Looks like you'be gotten stronger." Minato commented in pride.

"Yeah... Tou-Sama has increased my training." Garfield replied, missing the wince from his brother as he rested his eyes.

"I hope he isn't too harsh on you." Minato frowned.

"Of course not. It's easy. I mean I was able to make you swest a little AT LEAST." Garfield responded with some pride.

"Yeah you did." Minato used his finger to swipe the sweat from his forhead. "You even got a few good hits in as well."

The two brothers looked at each other and smiled like only a Namikaze could; when suddenly the two brothers heard the voice of a certain Uzumaki woman.

"Mina-Kun! Gar-Chan! Mikoto-Chan is here to visit!" Kushina yelled out for her secret husband and his younger brother.

"Kushina-Chan! Mikoto-Chan!" Garfield exclaimed as he let from his brother's arms and rushed to the first two loves of his life.

"Whoa there Gar-Chan!" Kushina cried out as she used her chalkra chains to form a barrier to keep the teenager from crashing into them.


Minato winced and Garfield groaned as he crashed face first into the chains and dropped to the ground. "Guess you weren't too tired after all." The Hokage joked.

"OW, KUSHI-CHAN!" Garfield whined as he rubbed his face. "Why did you do that?" He wanted to know.

"Because we can't have you jumping on us." Kushina smirked at her own joke and the teenager blushed. "Mikoto-Chan and I are pregnant, so you have to be careful around us."

"You're pregnant?" Garfield stopped rubbing his face and looked up at the slight bumps on the two woman's stomachs.

"Yeup! This one is Naruto! Da'ttebane!" Kushina smiled brightly as she rubbed her stomach.

"Cool!" Garfield muttered as he stood before the two pregnant women and placed his hands on their stomachs. "What about you, Miko-Chan?" He inquired.

"Fugaku... has decided to name him Sasuke." Mikoto frowned. "He decided that it would be a good idea to bring the clan back into an positive light with the village."

Garfield frowned and placed his ear on Mikoto's stomach. "Hi there, Sasuke-Chan." He greeted and did the same his sister in-law. Hello, Naru-Chan."

Flashback Ends.

'Uchiha Sasuke? As in Mikato's son?' Garfield thought as he wondered if Mikato's around.

"Are you alright, Gar-Sensei?" Terra asked.

"Uh yeah, why's that?" Garfield replied.

"Well you've been starring into space for about six minutes and we were getting worried." Conner told him, he was gonna whack the sensei out of his dozed off-ness.

"Oh uh, I was just... remembering something." Garfield told them, rubbing the back of his head. "Anyway, here's a secret mission for you guys."

"Secret mission?" Eddie asked in excitement.

"But what about exams?" Wally pointed out.

"Yes, but its not a mission-mission, more like a meet and greet mission. I want you guys to meet Naruto and Sasuke during the Chuunin Exams. I'm not asking you all to spy or get info on them, I want you to-"

"Socialize with them just to keep a look out for them, is what you're trying to say." Raven deducted.

"Really? Why?" Eddie asked in confusion.

"Yes! Of course we'll do it!" Terra exclaimed, blushing and wanting to do anything to make either Raven or Garfield happy.

"Great to hear, Terra-Chan." Garfield smiled at the girl. "Now he doesn't know that I'm his uncle and I'm starting to believe that he doesn't know who's his mother and father are, so don't say anything you shouldn't say."

"Hai!" The two teams oblidged.

"How do we do that exactly?" Blackfire inquired blankly. "I don't mean to be that person, but how exactly can we do that in a event that pits Genin teams against one another?"

"That's for you to figure out." Raven answered. "Consider it a side mission beside the Chunin Exams. Right before the exams, try sneaking in a few moments during the exam and there is the one month period between the exams and the finals."

"So, all we have to do is for me, Star-Chan and Kuro-Chan to meet and greet my long lost Itoko without knowing that he is my Itoko." Wally states "Then I'd introduce him to Conner-San, Terra-San, and Eddie-San."

"But what about Richard-Sensei's team?" Starfire pointed out. "It would be rude to keep our friends in the dark."

"We don't tell Richard-San and his team, not until I give the say so." Garfield told them. "If I know that guy for years as a ninja, he's sharp. If he ask you all anything then play dumb."

"Oh, like we have to act like Garfield-Sensei, he won't suspect a thing." Conner stated.

"Yeah, just play dumb like Garfield-Sensei." Eddie replied.

"Yep, dumb-ol' Sensei." Blackfire said with a smirk.

"I'll act as the idiocy as Garfield-Sensei!" Starfire said bluntly.

"I may be ahead of you guys, cause I'm better to play as Oji-San for this role." Wally stated while rubbing his chin.

Garfield, hearing about all of the students picking on him, shoved his head into his lover's ample chest as he wept in sorrow. "These kids are so cruel." He sobbed.

"Stop picking on Garfield-Sensei! You're upsetting him!" Terra scolded the five Gennin, while Raven consoled the poor man.

"This is just sad, you know." Raven said, while patting her lover's head while he shoves his face in between her large chest.


Sasuke Uchiha sat in his room and looked at the one of two pictures he owned, one was a picture of him and Itachi and Itachi was basically cut out with a kunai and the other was of his mother and father. He would spend hours on hours before he slept looking at these two pictures, so he would never forget what he lives for. To avenge his clan, kill Itachi and then rebuild the clan.

But tonight was different. Tonight as he looked at his most prized procession, he faintly heard the voice of the floating girl from earlier in his head. He recalled her voice, her face, her smile... her body, but more importantly he remembered the red haired girl's smile. The same smile that reminded him so much of his mother's. The smile that was driving him insane. The young Uchiha heir looked back at the picture after briefly closing his eyes and jumped back and shook himself as he saw himself and the foreign girl in the picture, instead of his parents.

"What is wrong with me?" Sasuke asked himself as he turned away from the picture and laid down on the ground. 'Why am I still thinking about her?'

With those thoughts the last loyal Uchiha fell asleep, ready to face the Chunin Exams.


Naruto dressed in his blue pjs and his sleeping cap, was full of excitement as he laid in his old falling apart bed and he tried to think of a way to make Sasuke look like a fool and make Sakura notice him for once, and Kakashi too. "First a Chunin and then the Hokage!" The blond boy exclaimed, thinking about a future were everybody loves him and nobody would ever hurt him, or ignore him again. He started to think how the day turned out, meeting some other Genin for the exams that are from a place called the Land of Light. Naruto wondered what kind of ninjas were from the Land of Light, especially if it houses two flying girls with orange skin. That Starfire was cute, but her sister Blackfire was hot. 'She does look really nice.' He thought, as his face blushed by the memory 'I mean, she looks older and way hotter than Sakura.' he adds as he growled, trying not to think like a pervert. 'Yeah right, like a girl like her would give her time with a guy like me.'

And with that, he went to sleep.

It is now the starting morning of the Chunin Exams, as Team Seven regroup to head down to the location to the Exams.

"I don't know about you guys, but I think I have the Exams good in the bag." Naruto said with his signature grin.

"Keep telling yourself, Baka." Sakura told him dismissively. "Sasuke-Kun can pass the Exams in a snap, right Saskue-Kun?"

Sasuke didn't answer, his mind was wondering somewhere else. He was still thinking about Starfire as he didn't know why she's on his mind.

"Sasuke-Kun?" Sakura calls out to him.

"Yo, Saskue-Teme!" Naruto plucks the back of Sasuke's head which wakes him from his thoughts.

"What, Dobe?" Sasuke asked annoyingly.

"You were pretty out of it when Sakura-Chan was calling out for you." Naruto told him.

"My apologies, I was just thinking about something." Sasuke respond, giving an apologetic look.

Naruto looked at his rival in shock as he realized that the last Uchiha just said that he apologized, not knowing what to do or say, the blond Uzumaki just looked on like a fish out of water.

"What are you looking at dobe?" Sasuke demanded, finding the unending stare annoying.

"D-Did you just apologize?" Naruto asked, pointing a shaky finger at his male teammate, their pink haired teammate looked like she was about to feint.

Sasuke just clicked his tongue and looked away with a brooding expression on his face, silently curing himself for slipping up, and in front of people no less.

Sakura then feinted.

"Sakura-Chan!?" Naruto yelped in shock.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and just gave the pink haired girl a half of a second of a glance. 'Weakling.' He thought, dismissing the girl.

Naruto snapped from his shock and was about to scold the Uchiha for not caring about their teammate, when a loud and familiar voice made him jump.

"Hello, new friends, Naruto-Kun, Sasuke-Kun!" Starfire greeted and she floated right behind the blond boy, who she made jump. The she noticed the pink haired girl on the floor and she gasped before picking her up. "Is Sakura-Chan alright?" She asked.

"Um, how's it going Starfire-San?" Naruto asked.

"Oh I am most excited about the exams! Before I left I saw a kitty being chased by a dog and saved it! Proving my shinobi skills to be formidable, yes?" Starfire asked while holding the fainted Sakura while the two Leaf Genin just sweatdropped by the girl's enthusiasm.

"My dear sister meant 'kunoichi'." Spoke Blackfire who flew down and bonking her younger sister on the head. "And what did sensei tell you about going on your own!?" She scolded her sister as their male teammate joined in, eating from a ramen cup.

"Sorry, sister." Starfire apologized while rubbing her head, just as Sakura started to wake up.

"Oh don't be too hard on her, B-Chan." Wally replied as he ate his noodles. "You know how she gets if she gets cut off from her sugar."

"She's always like this. Stop making her seem more normal for these people." Blackfire replied, secretly taking a glance at the blond Genin, and thankfully she was successful in it.

"Sorry. Jus-" Wally was cut off by a salivating blond Uzumaki right in his face. "Um... can I help you?" He questioned.

"Ramen." Naruto drooled as the red haired boy ate the food of the gods right before him. "Is that from Ichiraku?"

Yeah. My Sensei got it for us." Wally answered, confused as to why his secret cousin was acting like this, but then it hit him. His cousin must be just like his uncle, and loves Ramen. "Do you want some? Our Sensei sealed away a bunch for us."

"YES!" Naruto exclaimed, stars danced in his eyes at the thought of eating more ramen, than what he had earlier.

Blackfire watched as her teammate did as he promised and gave the blond some ramen and watched he the small boy ate at least five bowls in under half a minute. 'He really is Sensei's nephew.'

"Alright, now I feel recharged!" Naruto declared while Sasuke just facepalmed.

"Didn't you have breakfast before heading down here?" Sasuke asked him.

"Yeah, but nothing's wrong with five bowls of ramen in the morning!" Naruto states, in truth he only have was some bread and milk for breakfast since he's a little low on food. The ramen has really filled up his stomach.

Sakura just now waking up, finding herself in someone's arms 'Huh? Who's holding me? Could it be...' She looked up, hoping to be Sasuke to be the one who's holding her, but instead its the orange skinned Kunoichi. 'HER!? WAIT, THOSE FLYING GIRLS AGAIN!?' She thought, looking baffled and beyond angry.

"Anyway, why don't we walk to the Exams compound together? Care to show us around?" Blackfire asked, with her arms behind her back, showing off her bust.

"O-Oh, sure. The least we can do." Naruto replied with a blush, looking at his team. "You guys don't mind, right?"

"Whatever." Sasuke muttered, not looking at them as he thinks about the exams in mind.

Sakura, after getting off from Starfire's arms and is about to oppose, but since Sasuke agrees to show the fellow Genins to the Exams, she decides to at least agree with him "Yeah, I guess if they want to follow us around, I don't see no problem."

"Oh joy! We get to go to the exams!" Starfire jumps in joy as the six Genins march towards to the Exams compound.


"You love reading Ichi Ichi Paradise don't cha, Kaonashi-San?" asked a familiar voice that Kakashi recognized from his childhood, only one person who can call him that name.

Kakashi froze and turned to see someone he never thought he would see again. "Garfield..." He whispered in shock.

"Hey there, Kakashi." Garfield's friendly smile turned into a slight frown.

"What are you doing here?" Kakashi asked, fearing the reason why his Sensei's little brother was here.

"You know why I am here." Garfield responded, hinting at his nephew, and the silver haired man cursed to himself.

'Does he know that Naruto is alive!?' Kakashi exclaimed in despair. 'How could he find out!? It was such a close guarded secret, he was never supposed to find out, not until Naruto was completely loyal to the Leaf Village.'

"Yeah, you know, for the Chunin Exams!" Garfield smiled again, happy with the emotions he saw in the man's eyes.

"Yes, the Chunin Exams." Kakashi sweat dropped, relieved that the Namikaze man hadn't figure out the truth about his nephew.

"So are those your students, Kaonashi-San?" Garfield asked, looking down on his students associating with his secret nephew and his team.

"Why y-yes." Kakashi replied, hopefully he can keep Garfield busy. "So I'm assuming that those students belong to you?"

"Oh, I'm just here to make sure my beloved students are safe on their way." Garfield replied. "So until then, why don't we catch up for good times sake? I'm sure that you have some funny stories, and maybe meeting up some old friends on the way."

"Of course, Garfield." Kakashi sighed, starting to remember how enthusiastic his old Sensei's little brother was, almost as enthusiastic as Obito back when he was a Genin.


Raven stood on top of a tree, having to just used Genjutsu on a couple of shinobis who were a bit third rate. She didn't kill them, but instead made them think they're going on a wild goose chase. Killing them will only draw attention from other ninjas.

'That was close.' Raven thought, being lucky when she and Garfield kept watch on their students from getting taken away to be part of Konoha's breeding factories. 'Good thing I'm an empath, or Starfire and Blackfire would've been in serious trouble. Hope my team are just as aware.' She then wondered if all of Konoha shinobis are really as pathetic as these so called Jounin.


"Well, we're here!" Naruto declared as they make it to the location to the exams.

"Sweet, thanks my man!" Wally replied as he, Starfire, and Blackfire bowed to Team Seven to thank them. "You guys are awesome, hope we can make it as Chunin soon."

"Just one step closer, sister." Blackfire said as she looksed at the exams building. "One step closer so we'll be able to fight 'her'."

"Yes, indeed sister." Starfire replied, giving the same serious and determined look like her sister. Naruto and Sasuke noticed their looks and wondered what's up with them.

Until they hear another voice.

"What took you guys so long?" Spoke the blond haired girl, Terra, as she marched over to her fellow comrades from the Shadow Village. "Conner-San and Eddie-San are waiting for you guys while Dick-Sensei's students are already up on the Exam rooms."

"Sorry Terra-Chan." Wally responded. "Just meeting up with these guys we've met yesterday." He pointed to Team Seven, Naruto was the only one who waved, Sasuke turned away and Sakura just looked stressed out.

'So that's Garfield-Sensei's nephew.' Terra thought as she gave the boy a quick observation. 'He's just as cute as Garfield-Sensei, and that Uchiha is too. From the way he looks, he gives off this edgy-kind of cool guy you see in the mangas.' Thanks to being Raven's student, Terra can observe and can tell what kind of people they are based on their appearance, personality, body language, and fighting styles. "Well don't just stand there, let's go inside."

"Yeah! Naruto Uzumaki will become a Chunin! And then, the Hokage!" Naruto cheered as he and his team followed the two foreign teams, well Naruto followed, but Sasuke and Sakura stayed behind, looking on in irritation as the blond left them behind.

"Damn, dobe." Sasuke cursed beneath his breath before following after the only teammate he could stand.

"What a dobe, right, Sasuke-Kun?" Sakura smiled, attempting to woo her crush, not noticing that he had left. Turning her head to the side, she then noticed that her crush was in fact not there, but was already walking right behind her other teammate. 'Damn.' She thought as she ran to catch up with her crush. "Wait up, Sasuke-Kun!"

Blackfire was walking along side her younger sister, thinking about their ultimate goal. But that didn't stop her from noticing the blond walking beside her or how it made her stomach turn into knots. 'Why do I feel nervous around him?' She thought in confusion. 'A kunoichi like myself shouldn't dwell on something like this.' The black haired girl tried to set these feelings to the side, when suddenly a cloud of smoke appeared in front of them. "What the hell?!" She yelled.

"Feast your eyes on the next great Chunin!" Announced a voice as Team Seven and the foreigner teams looked around, spotting a silhouette in front of them.

'NOW WHAT!?' Team Seventhought the same as the cloud of smoke disappeared. Seeing a boy with black bowler hair, black eyes, and wears a green spandex suit that can only describe as a walking fashion disaster.

"Sasuke Uchiha..." the unknown being spoke doing a fighting pose "I, Rock Lee, challenge you to-"

"WHAT IS UP WITH THIS DAMN SMOKE!?" Shouted Conner who interrupted the weirdo's introduction. He is followed by Eddie as well as Tim, Stephanie, and Roy. "Man, what took you guys so long?!"

"Sorry, we were lost." Blackfire responded, as they all ignored the strange being as she pat Naruto and Sasuke's shoulders. "But thanks to these honeys, we finally made it."

"And who are these foxy girls?" Roy asked, crossing his arms as he gave Sakura a wink.

"Probably nobobies. I mean what can whiskers, pinky, and sunshine do?" Connor smugly answered the archer.

"What!?" Naruto asked, easily getting pissed off at the muscular boy's disrespect..

"Rude much?" Sakura asked, placing her hands on her hips. Rock Lee was about to speak up but Sasuke shot back.

"Do you know who I am, insect?" Sasuke glared at the muscular and tall boy.

"No, should I?" Conner smirked with his arms crossed. "Must be some kind of emo. The scrawl looks so natural on your face."

'What is he doing?' Terra, Wally and Eddie thought as they prayed that the Clan heir would stop trying to anger the Uchiha.

Sasuke's stare turned icy cold, as fringed as the coldest of icebergs. "I'll crush you." Was simply all that he said before he walked away from everyone.

Starfire shivered as she felt the horrible emotions behind the young Uchiha's eyes. 'Such cold and miserable boy you are, Sasuke-Kun.' The red haired girl thought as she frowned and watched the Uchiha walk away, and his two teammates following him. "I think you went a little too far, Connor-Kun."

"Not likely." Connor smirked, excited at the thought of fighting and beating the only and Heir to the Uchiha Clan. "It's time to show the Elemental Nations of the Clans from the Village Hidden of shadows can do! And an Uchiha is the perfect pawn to do just that."

"Rock on!" Wally agreed as he jumped up and gave the very muscular boy a high five.

'You may have made things more interesting, but then again you did just make things worse for our side mission.' Blackfire thought as they followed suit and entered their first part of the exam.


In the secret viewing room on the floor above the third floor, several Jounin Instructors from a vary of villages surrounded the room and watched as their students interacted with one another for at least an hour before a cloud of smoke caught every bodies attention and a scared, trench coat wearing man appeared from the smoke.

"Ibiki-San is in charge of the written exams?" Kurenai was in shock and slight worry for her Genins. 'This isn't good. Hinata-Chan is too kind and soft hearted for Ibiki.' She thought as she bit her lip.

"Not surprising if you think about it." Asuma commented as he blew out a puff from his cigarette, and covertly reached between himself and his secret girlfriend, and held her hand. "I'm sure your Genin will do fine. Hinata may just surprise you, if that's what worries you."

"I am worried about her. I haven't had a lot of time to work on her self-confidence." Kurenai replied, squeezing her lover's hand. "Oh no." She groaned.

"That's not good." Asuma agreed as they both saw as the girl they were talking about was being seated right next to her crush.

"Wow." A voice shocked the two, when it appeared right between them. "That girl looks just like Hitomi-Chan."

Asuma and Kurenai jumped apart in shock and turned to see a familiar and smirking face.

"Kid?" Asuma's cigarette fell from his lips, onto the floor.

"I'm not that much younger than you, Asuma." Garfield smiled at his reaction.

"No way, Gar-Kun?" Kuremai said in shock, looking at the man resembling the late Yondaime.

"Kuremai, looking beautiful as ever." Garfield commented to the red eyed Kunoichi "And you, Asuma, don't you know what smoking does to your lungs?"

"W-What are you doing here?" Asuma asked, seeing that the Yondaime's younger brother for the first time was shocking and the look his secret girlfriend had he's starting to look worried. 'H-Hold on, why is Kuremai looking at him like that? She can't be liking this guy, right?'

"I'm here to check out my nephew and his team for the Exams." Garfield replied, the two were shocked to hear as if he knew. "Oh look, there's my nephew, Wally over there." He pointed to the red head sitting between two ninjas in the middle, as the Namikaze also noticed Blackfire sitting next to Naruto to the left making Naruto in the middle "And it looks like my other student, Blackfire is sitting where that Hyuga girl is sitting. Wonder who's the blond in the middle? I feel bad about this kid sitting with these pretty girls, am I right?" Asuma and Kuremai sweat dropped by his enthusiasm.

'Yep, that's Yondaime's little brother.' They both thought, and they are now relaxed that he still doesn't know.

"Kami, do you have to make things like some kind of romance novel?" Raven asked him, looking at the two Konoha Jounins. "Sorry about my fellow Jounin's behavior. He was once part of our village's comedy improv troop for a while, but they kicked him out because he was stealing the show."

"I told you they were jealous of my artistic comedy!" Garfield exclaimed with his fist raised up high. "My impressions of the Hikarikage-Sama was gold!"

"Would you be quiet so we can watch our students in how they do well in the tests?" Richard asked, observing his younger brother Timothy doing the Exams.

"Got it!" Garfield exclaimed as he slipped arms around both Asuma's and Kurenai's shoulders, and held them close to him. "I can't wait to see what scareface has planned!"

"Neither can I." Kurenai agreed with a small nod.


Back inside the exam room, Naruto Uzumaki was sitting between the Hyuga Clan Heiress Hinata, whome he had known for a couple years and the Light Village Shinobi, Blackfire. The blond felt sickening feeling in his stomach and nervously chuckled to himself, knowing that he couldn't pass this test and would fail the exam for his team. 'Damn. I can't be the reason that we fail!' The blond thought as he looked over his test paper.

'Naruto-Kun?' Hinata thought sadly as she hoped that her crush would pass the test, but knew that he had little chance as he didn't have the same training that she as Heiress had. 'Maybe I can offer to help him. Before that girl does.'

"There are nine questions and you will have twenty minutes to do so." Ibiki started as he motioned to the Chunin shinobu surrounding the room. "These Chunin will monitor you and if you get caught cheating five times, you and your team will be eliminated and kicked out of the Chunin Exams."

A rumble of the Genin shinobi started as they all doubted themselves, well most of them did anyways.

"Silent! The test starts now." Ibiki stated.

'We are so screwed.' Sasuke and Sakura thought from separated, knowing that if Naruto fails, they fail. But hopefully in some kind of miracle Naruto would somehow pass with some kind of luck.

In secret, the Genins are using tactics to cheat by looking over answers from others. Students like Gaara of the Sand Village is using his abilities to look over some students' answers, as Shino uses his bugs to give him the answers.

Timothy, Stephanie, Terra, and Roy are trained to observe the smartests ninjas to get the answers. Conner's eyes are special for his abilities as they can see through everything as he can see through the answers, which is like the Hyuuga's Byakugan but unlike the Byakugan, his activates when the iris of his eyes turn into a tint of red, which the Clan of El's has what is called the "Red Eyed Exugan." Tara receives the answers from Eddie who's Genjutsu is able to go into her mind to get the exam answers when he gets them from Shikimaru and Neji without them noticing.

On Naruto's table, the young Uzumaki is having trouble as he didn't answer his tests. Blackfire gave him an observing look at his test.

'He didn't write down anything.' she thought, then noticed the look the Hyuuga girl is giving him 'This girl is concerned for him, wonder why? I should inform Garfield-Sensei.'

"You're caught cheating, you're out!" Ibiki announced one pudgy student with unshaven orange hair, black cloak and pants, as he's being pulled by the Chunin.

"Wait! No, I-I didn't cheat! This exam is an outrage! I had everything under my control!" He yelled, struggling to let go but the Chunin were too strong as his team.

"Way to go, you damn control freak." Snarled the fat ninja's teammate as they leave the exam room.

Soon there are some that were caught cheating being taken away by the Chunin. Ibiki still stands, seeing most of the Genin still having their eyes on their papers. 'It's been long, looks like I'll have to change tactics.' "Alright listen up! If you feel like giving up now, raise your hand now if you don't want the stress to over take you!"

Garfield by this point had let go of his old friends and was standing over by his lover and best friend, watching his secret nephew like a hawk, like he used to watch over his village when he was still in the ANBU of the Hidden Shadow Village. As he watched the boy, he took note of how nervous he was and how looked to be on the edge of a breakdown. 'Why would he be nervous? A Uzumaki has nothing to fear from a Chunin Exams.' The man thought as he had a terrible thought. 'What if Naruto was never told about his parents? Or even taught for that matter!?'

Turning from his nephew to the son of the current Hokage, the blond man asked. "Hey Asuma, whats the deal with the blond kid from your village? He looks like he's about to snap."

Asuma looking and seeing that the resident Jinchuriki and sighed. "The kid's the deadlast of his graduating academy class. It doesn't surprise me that he's so nervous, he doesn't want to fail and have that hold him back from his dream of being the Hokage." The man answered.

"The Hokage? That's a big dream." Garfield replied as he narrowed his eyes in anger. 'So I was right. There is no way that Naruto could possible be the deadlast if he knew of his inheritance or if he was properly trained. "Who's the kid's Sensei?"

"Kakashi is." Asuma answered the blond male. "Same with the last Uchiha and Councelmwoman Harnou's own daughter."

"Kaonashi-San? That's a surprise." Garfield muttered to himself. "You think a kid trained by Kaonashi would be at least Mid-Chunin level by now."

"Yeah... You'de think." Asuma muttered, knowing that Kakashi had and still does blame Naruto Uzumaki for the death of his Sensei, even if he doesn't mean to do it, he does focus more on Sasuke that either Sakura or Naruto.

"So if this Kakashi barely trains him, does he put his focus on his other students?" Raven asked them.

"Mostly he has eyes on Sasuke." Kurenai states "He barely trains the Harano's girl since she does nothing but stay pretty, but girls like her only join to be ninjas not just because of the Civilian Council's demands, but they're just, what do kids call it, "thirsty" for Sasuke, who doesn't seem to show any interest in them."

"Thirsty?" Richard asked in confusion. "Is that what kids are calling it these days?"

"Kids these days with their slang, right Garfield-Kun?" Raven asked, but her secret lover's mind is focus on his secret nephew, thinking what Asuma has told him.

'What in the depths of hell is going on?' Garfield thought, his fists tightened as he watched his nephew struggle. 'Kushina-Chan, I'm going to get to the bottom of this.'


The last remaining question is the decider for those who wants to pass. At this point some Genin teams leave and Ibiki gave them an ultimatum if they don't write down the last answer, they'd be Genin forever. Naruto and Sasuke both didn't know the answer to the last question as Sakura didn't know it too.

Hinata was about to hand her paper to Naruto, but he decline, telling her in whisper about his reasons which shocked Blackfire. 'So the kid refuse to cheat.' she thought. She and her sister didn't have to cheat like the other Genins as they're pretty smart as future kunoichis. Then later on when Naruto raise his hand she thought he's going to give up, but then slams it on his test paper, as he glares at Ibiki and told him off that even if he's going to be a Genin, he'll still aim to be Hokage. 'He has determination in his dream. He's no quitter, and I think the others are realizing it as well.'

"To the seventy-eight that remained, congradulations you've passed!" Ibiki told them all the students remaining.

"We passed? Just like that?" Stephanie asked in shock.

"B-But what about the tenth question?!" Sakura asked him.

"There was no tenth question." Ibiki told them, as he explained the reasons behind this test.


"Whoa, plot twist!" Garfield commented, he was surprised in how the Exams went.

"So it was just a test their skills on gathering information in secret." Richard replied, he found it odd for some of the Chunins didn't catch them cheating. "Clever. Very clever."

"And I wonder what's going to happen next?" Raven asked as the blond Namikaze chuckled.

"Hell. Those kids are going to get hell." Garfield answered, but then he started to worry about Naruto and the next phase of the Exam.

"What makes you say that?" Raven asked as she felt a female presence jumping at the wall of the classroom.

"Because that lady feels sadistic." Garfield hummed as he chuckled to himself. "Maybe a little hell is good for the kids."

The Jounin watch as the wall of the classroom blew up and smoke filled the room again, all were confused, except for Kurenai who knew who was the Proctor of the second round of the Chunin Exams. A giant white scroll was shown through the smoke and what it said chilled the Namikaze Jounin to his core.

The single and sexy Anko Mitarashi!

"Hebi-Hime?" Garfield whispered in shock and no small trace of affection.

"Hebi-Hime? So this is the girl you always spoke about." Raven noted as a purple haired woman was revealed as the smoke dissipated and she stood with a cocky but carefree grin.

Anko quickly scanned the room and saw the large number of Genin still present, she mentally frowned but smiled like a snake on the outside, just waiting to have some fun and eliminate as many teams as possible. "Geez, you must be getting soft in your old age, Ibiki. Twenty-six teams still in the Exams. Not a good sign."

"Or maybe this Exam's batch of Genins are better than we expected." Ibiki dryly responded, starring blankly at the woman. "And you're early again, Anko."

"What can I say, I got excited!" Anko smiled as she rubbed the back of her head.

'Wow, this chick's hot.' Roy, Conner, Wally, Tim and Eddie all thought. Stephanie, Terra, Blackfire and all the other girls could sense all the lust of the male Genins giving annoyed looks.

'Why is she dressed up like that?' Stephanie and Terra thought.

'I like her outfit.' Blackfire smirked to herself.

"Alright, for each and everyone of you survived the stress of the first phase of the exams, its time to get to the second phase of the exams once I cut you all in half in this part of the test." Anko said as she crossed her arms under her fishnet clad chest. "Hope you're prepared because we're going to...The Forest of Death!"

'Forest of Death?' Naruto thought, feeling a chill running down in his spine. Sakura and Sasuke felt the same chill as well, feeling that something terrible is going to happen at the Forest of Death.

Now at the mark of the second Exams, as the exam takers are now in front of the fence that leads to a large part of a forest.

"Welcome to the second phase of the exam, Practice Area 44: Also known as the Forest of Death." Anko explained.

"Creepy place." Wally states.

"Yeah, this beats our training grounds in the Hidden Shadows Village." Eddie replied.

'The Shadow Village?' Anko thought as she recalled her old crush and first love saying that he was visiting from the Hidden Shadow Village. "From here on out it will be only you and your teams, pitted against one another." The more inexperienced Genin began to murmer and whisper amongst themselves. "That's right, gaki. There is no such thing as a ally in this forest, well you could, but there would be nothing to stop you or them from betraying the other."

"What? So we can't even trust our own friends!?" Naruto yelped in surprise.

"Gaki, there are no such things as friends in the Forest of Death." Anko replied as she made herself look menacing. "Once you all go in, few will make it out." She added.

"Psht! That's not scary at all!" Naruto mocked as he let his confidence go unchecked.

His teammates tried to shut him but, but he ignored them and continued.

"I bet I ca-" Naruto went dead silent as a kunai zipped past him and cut his left cheek and he went rigid as the woman vanished from sight and was then behind him... licking his cut cheek.

"You taste good." Anko purred, scarring everyone and angering two certain girls. "Shame really, loud mouth chumps like you, always die first in the Forest of Death."

Garfield watching everything from a far sighed but still smirked as he watched the first girl he liked that was his own age group mess around with his nephew.

"Well she seems..." Rachel deadpanned.

"Sadistic?" Garfield guessed.

"I was going to say different, but I guess if you want to be blunt about it." Raven responded with a shrug.

"You think they'll be alright on their own in there?" Richard asked, worrying about his brother.

"Don't worry, Richard-San. Have faith in our students." Garfield assured him. "Besides, no one actually dies in the Forest of Death."

"Really?" Dick asked him.

"Sure, unless you count what happened to that kid years ago that went in on a dare and a bunch of rabid squirrels ate him. Then that time two drunk shinobis snuck inside and got plowed by some bears, and lets not forget what happened to that grave digger..." The more Garfield said the disturbing details about numerous events that happened in the Forest of Death which only made Richard and Raven feel uneasy about their Genin. "Huh, I guess people do die in the Forest of Death. Well looks like they'll gonna need some luck, with Wally's speed, Conner's strength, and Starfire's and Blackfire's durability, I'm sure they'll be fine."

'After hearing what you said, we can't help but worry!' Richard and Raven thought with sweat drops.


"Your task is a No Rules Scroll Battle, where your teams will be carrying these two scrolls of Heaven and Earth." Anko explained as the teams were given each one of the scrolls "Each teams will be fighting over the scrolls. Twenty-Six of you, meaning half of you will get the scroll. Thirteen gets the Heaven Scroll, while the other Thirteen gets the Earth Scroll. To pass the test, each team must get to the tower with both scrolls. The time limit is 120 hours, 5 days."

"Five days!?" Ino exclaimed.

"But what about food?!" Choji asked.

"I'm with this guy, I have major metabolism!" Wally stated, he doesn't want to get hungry.

"You're on your own. Just be aware of man eating bears, poisonous snakes and bugs." Anko shrugly warned them.

'There are tigers in the forest!?' Stephanie thought in fear.

"So don't lose a teammate, only thirteen teams have any chance to survive, no quitting and whatever you do, do not look into the scroll. That's disqualification." Anko told them before adding. "Also if your lucky, don't die."

"Can we go now or what!?" Wally inquired.

Anko ignored the boy and pointed to a small area that had one big table and a big stack of papers and a roll of scrolls. "Before we begin, you will all fill out the form on that table and each team will get one scroll. The form you will fill out, excludes both myself and the Hidden Leaf Village from any responsibilities if you were to die."

"Die!?" Sakura and Ino exclaimed at the same time, but then stared and glared at one another.

"Yes die, this won't be a cake walk and once this round starts, it will be every team for themselves!" Anko repeated as she stared at the two female ninjas with distaste shame.

Now Wally Namikaze wasn't a fool, he knew that there were people from both Kumo and Iwa that hated his exiled uncle, but he was extremely proud of his Clan and loved to flaunt it as much as he could. So that's what he did, as the purple haired woman mentioned every team for themselves. "I'm not scared! Wally Namikaze, runs from nobody!" He boasted, making everybody, but more importantly Naruto look at him in shock... and shame?

'Namikaze!?' Everybody who didn't already know, were in complete shock.

'A Namikaze. How is he related to the Yomdaime Hokage, I wonder?' Sasuke thought as he placed Wally higher on his list of opponents to face, even above Naruto

'Is he related to the Yomdaime Hokage? Does he blame me like everybody else?' Naruto asked himself as he backed away from the red headed boy and hid behind his two teammates, an action which was not lost on either Sasuke, Blackfire, Terra, Anko, or even Wally himself, who frowned at his cousin being afraid of him. 'Is he here to kill me?' The blond boy wasn't so confident now.

'I-Is Garfield back?' Anko thought as she felt her heart beat quicken and her stomach turns in squares and triangles.

'Why does he look afraid of me?' Wally asked, putting that as a mental note 'If he's heard of me and knows that I'm related to the Yondaime, he should be glad to see me. Something's not right and I know the others know it too.'

"Naruto." Sasuke spoke to the blond "Quit hiding behind your teammate, it's disgraceful in front of others. If you plan on cowarding away, then don't get in my way."

Naruto frowns as he face Sasuke eye to eye "I'm not afraid, and I'll prove it by going to the Forest of Death!" He retorted.

"Good." Sasuke replied to him, turning his head back to young Namikaze. 'If that guy's the Namikaze, then he and his team are our enemies.'

"Wally-San." Terra whispered in concern.

"What do you think, Eddie-San?" Conner asked his teammate who looks at Naruto.

"I can sense anxiety from him." Eddie said, as he rubbed the Kanji tattoo on his forearm "The boy is determined but I can sense great fear from him, I wonder if he'll make it without death looming him." His eyes became red for a second, almost demotic.

Soon the Genins all signed the wavers as each team gets one of the scrolls. Team members face off the opposing teams. Some with strong determinations, some with cocky attitude, and others who look at Team Seven, deciding to target the deadlast as well as some who looks at Wally and his team, some want to go up against him while others fear him.

"Alright, you all signed up and got your scrolls?" Anko asked as she looked at all of the twenty-six teams who got their own scroll. "Great. Let the Exams begin!"

And just that, the Genins enter the forest, may Kami have mercy on their souls.