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Hello everyone! Welcome to my new fanfiction! This is basically a Big Brother O.C AU with a different cast to compete.

Please note English is not my first language, If you find any spelling or grammatical errors, please pm me and tell me what the errors are, so I can correct and fix them. Please excuse me, and thank you for understanding. Also excuse me for making too many DR sessions this episode, as this is the premiere there will be a lot of DR sessions, in the next few episodes they will chill out more.

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Big Brother O.C - Season 1; Episode 1 [PREMIERE]

"Welcome everybody to Biiiiig Brother!" The host said while smiling at the camera inside the house.

"A whole group of 18 houseguests are going to enter this isolated house, far away from society, capturing their every moments on these cameras and microphones. One by one, houseguests will be leaving, empty handed. But for the last houseguest standing, they will leave with a half million dollar prize. This summer will be a bumpy ride." The host smiled and walked out of the house.

"My name is Jouseph and I am the host of this season of Big Brother." Jouseph got out of the house and smiled.

"In just moments 18 strangers will move into the Big Brother, the biggest, craziest summer of their life, full of twists, secrets and competitions. But first. We can't do anything until we meet the houseguests." Jouseph said pointing to the screen outside the house.

A tape of each houseguest plays for 30 seconds.

Pierre 30; Writer - New York City, NY

"OH MY GOD, I can't believe this I got casted for this. I never expected it." Pierre said getting the key out of his book.

"If there's something I'm gonna do. It's win five hundred thousand dollars so I can finally open up my own book store! I may be thirty years old, but I still can do a lot." Pierre chuckled.

Jennie 24; Student - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Jennie was in her college, she was being handed out her test she got an A+ in, and with it there was a key with her name in it.

"Hey teach, can I go to Big Brother?" Jennie giggled and the rest of the class laughed along with the teacher.

"I'm pretty fun to be around, just as long as nobody bothers me. I can be pretty friendly towards mostly everyone. I'm a student working for her masters in psychology. Taking a break from this won't hurt I guess." She said sitting down in a chair.

Nalia 26; Make-up Artist - New York City, NY

Nalia was putting make-up one of her clients, until suddenly she opened one of her drawers and found a Big Brother Key in it.

She jumped in jow and threw her make-up in the air.

"Being in the first Big Brother ever? This is great. Very great. I'm a make-up artist. I'm looking to have some fun inside the house. With this money I can buy all the make-up in the world! I'm pretty weird as well, nobody will know me well unless they get to meet me." She giggled.

Alexa 18; Chef - Buffalo, NY

"I seriously made it in? Incredible." Alexa said getting the key out of her kitchen.

"I pretty much just want this money to move out. I'm tiiiired of living with my parents. I'm going to be a bad bitch in the house a huge bitch, well. Not too early. I have to act like a decent human being. Make some allies. Backstab them in the end!" Alexa chuckled as she was making a cake.

Denis 23; Dentist - Boston, MA

"I got casted. Yay. Besides from that. It's going to be easy being the house. I get along well with anybody. Being a Dentist ain't an easy job, but I know candy can calm down people." Denis said while walking through his office.

Michael 23; Bmx Expert - Orlando, FL

Michael was getting off his Bmx on his house and he noticed there was something on the ground. It was the Big Brother Key with his name on it.

"I made it. This is a one life opportunity for this. and I made it. But anyways, I'm a bike expert. I've pretty much been riding bikes ever since I was little, I got so interested in it I took classes on how to perform tricks and stuff, I've even won several races thanks to my experiences." Michael said putting on a helmet and riding off to the distance.

Oliver 18; Coffee Artist - Miami, FL

Oliver was in a coffee shop until one of the clerk brought him his coffee along with a Big Brother Key.

"I've been interested in Coffee Art ever since I've been in elementary school. I've made such beautiful creations, from making people, animals, bunch of stuff people can't pull. I'm pretty shady as well, If I have to play both sides of the house, I will!" Oliver said while drinking coffee in a shop.

Mason 18; DJ - New York City, NY

"Hey y'all, the name's Mason and I've been a DJ for a while, at a surprisingly young age I learned how to produce and create music at parties that I got invited to in high school. I was pretty popular at school and people respected me a lot. I hope there's a station or something in that house or I'll go crazy. Music truly is my passion and it calms me down." Mason chuckled with some headphones on his head and his Big Brother Key on his necklace.

Julia 26; Singer - Detroit, MI

Julia was rehearsing for her future song and suddenly she found the key hidden in one of her pages and she smiled with joy.

"Big Brother...I got accepted to it. I'm a bit shy, maybe a lot? I'm unsure. But I'm not shy when singing, I hope my singing doesn't bother anyone.
I'm pretty confident at it. I feel like I have the voice of an angel." Julia was looking at her sheets.

Lou 21; Model - Los Angeles, CA

Lou was in a pageant until she suddenly received a letter from her manager.

"What is this peasant?" Lou asked him.

The manager handed her the letter and it had the Big Brother Key in it.

"HELL YEAH. OH MY GOD!" She screamed in joy.

"I got accepted to Big Brother. I have to drop out from my pageant for this thought...But I guess 3rd place ain't so bad! I'm one heck of a bitch, I will shade anyone that's bothersome and I will take down SOME people with me if I have to." She said while brushing her hair.

Shauvon 28; Waitress, Cortland, Ohio

Shauvon was going to the kitchen, and she found a key inside one of the trays.

"I'M GOING TO BIG BROTHER!" She said screaming with joy to her friends.

"My name's Shauvon and I'm a waitress on this restaurant. I may be goofy and childish, but I know for a fact this is going to help me through the game. People love goofy people and love a laugh, I'll bring some If I have to." She said winking at the camera.

Reed 25; Animal Breeder - Buena Park, CA

Reed was taking care of an abused dog, until when he was going to find some food for the dog a Big Brother Key was inside the cabinet.

"GUYS I'M GOING TO BIG BROTHER!" He screamed at the infirmary.

The employees cheered him on.

"Name's Reed. I'm pretty much an Animal Breeder. I also take care of animals who we're abused by their past owners. I looove animals more than humans itself. I'm gonna have a hard time understanding people in the house, due to my tragic past but I can pull it off." Reed was hugging a small puppy which was wagging It's tail and barking.

Justin 23; Police Officer - Providence, RI

Justin was going to his car and do his job, until he found the key on his seat.

"I'm going to Big Brother! Finally! I've dreamed of this day. I'm pretty good socially, I'm really good at competitions, I truly hope I get to win this five hundred thousand dollars. " After he stopped talking he pulled out his walkie talkie and the tape ended.

Chris 19; McDonalds Cashier - New London, CT

Chris was taking orders from customers, after a while a customer handed him money for their order along with a Big Brother key.

"They accepted me out of everyone else into this game? I work at Mcdonalds for christ sake! Even thought...I am pretty talented. I'm pretty good with social stuff, I'm fit. Guess that's a reason to accept me." Chris said while sitting down in McDonalds eating a big mac with fries.

Aaron 24; Store Manager - Las Vegas, NV

Aaron was in a party with his friends, dancing until one of his friends brought the drinks and in the drinks there was a key. Aaron saw the key had his name on it and everyone cheered for him.

"I just got accepted to BIG BROTHER! HOLY FUCK. Everyone better watch out because this party animal is going to rock down the house! I will wake everyone the fuck up, I will not tolerate quiet people at all. I'm a savage beast!" Aaron said while drinking a beer.

Janey 18; Retail Assistant - San Diego, CA

Janey was fixing the clothes on a store she was working for, suddenly a key fell off from one of the clothes and she picked it up,
the key having Janey's name on it.

"My name's Janey. I'm a pretty friendly gal who likes to swim and read a lot. I work as a retail assistant in a clothing shop and pretty much I help out anyone that deserves the help. I might not be the brighest bulb around but I'm looking to manipulate some people in the house If I have to." Janey said while walking around her store and smiling.

Linda 25; Bartender - Evansville, IN

Linda was serving up some drinks in her bar until her best friend barged into the bar and handed her the key she found in her mailbox.

"I'm fucking ready for this motherfucking win! I got accepted for a chance to win five hundred kay's? Of course' I'm goin', I need me some money. If I have to suck some dick to stay in the game I would. I'm a drunken bitch and I'll find some drunken bitches in this house as well, I need me a man in my life as well..." Linda was with her bestie drinking a beer.

Alexis 24; Model - Los Angeles, CA

Alexis was about to model for the same pageant as Lou, until her manager also gave her a letter.

"Is this about Big Brother?" Alexis asked them.

The manager nodded and handed her the key.

"I heard Lou got accepted to this, she dropped out of the contest and placed third. She was near to beating the other girl on this last contest, I'm in the final two with someone else, but It's a hard decision to drop this pageant, or...to enter the Big Brother house for five hundred thousand dollars...HA! I'm dropping this and getting myself five hundo. I'll be busy getting Lou first out. But I have to keep it low-key she's my rival..." Alexis laughed while putting on some make-up.

The tapes stopped playing and the 18 houseguests we're outside the door waiting to get in.

"Hello houseguests." Jouseph greeted them.

The houseguests all said greeted him and cheered.

"Today is the day your daily life ends. Once you enter those doors your summer vacation begins. You will be in this house filled with showmances, deceipts, lies, backstabs. But only one person will leave that house with five. hundred. thousand dollars." Jouseph was explaining about the house.

The ambient went on suspense and the music change.

"So are you all ready to go in?" Jouseph asked them.

The houseguests cheered once again.

"Alright. And, the first three houseguests to enter are..."

"Shauvon." "Reed." "Pierre." Jouseph read and pointed to their direction.

The three houseguests opened the door and headed inside, beginning their Big Brother Summer.

"OH MY GOD!" Shauvon was running around screaming in excitement in the house.

"Oh my god..." Reed was walking around seeing the whole area.

Pierre walked into the kitchen and put his luggage on the side.

"The next three houseguests to enter are..." Jouseph said.

"Lou. Alexis. Justin." Jouseph said.

The three of them picked their luggage and headed inside the door, opening it and seeing the other three houseguests be amazed.

"Hey Y'ALL!" Justin rushed in and hugged Shauvon and Lou.

"It's meee!" Lou cheered inside.

"..." Alexis was speechless, noticing Lou was in the game.

"Next three houseguests are..." Jouseph said.

"Denis. Aaron. Alexa." Jouseph said.

The three of them rushed and went inside and the other houseguests noticed them and hugged them and talked on their way in.

"This is summer vacation huh?" Denis was chuckling.

"It seems so good." Aaron smiled.

"Eh..." Alexa was crossing her arms and walking around.

"Someone's a bit cranky" Aaron whispered to Denis.

"Next three houseguests are..." Jouseph was reading slower.

"Linda... Nalia... Chris..." Jouseph said.

They all walked in and greeted the houseguests inside.

"I'M HERE TO PARTY!" Chris ran inside and slid through the floor, the houseguests laughing and smiling at him.

"My my, It's good to be in!" Nalia chuckled making her entrance.

"Eeeeey what's cracking my peeps?" Linda headed inside with her ghetto attitude.

"EY GURL!" Lou hugged her.

"..." Alexis was still glaring at Lou. Lou still not noticing Alexis presence.

"The next three houseguests are..."

"Michael. Oliver. Janey."

The three houseguests opened the door and the other houseguests pulled them for a hug as well.

"Hey everyone, I'm Michael." He chuckled.

"Name's Oliver." Oliver said.

"You look surprisingly young." Lou winked at him.

"I'm 18. That's all I can say." He winked back.

"Hey everyone! I'm Janey!" She smiled and pulled everyone for a hug.

"The final three houseguests to enter are..."

"Julia..." "Jennie..." "Mason..."

The last three houseguests outside waved goodbye to the audience and opened the door, thus every single houseguests making it inside.

"EVERYONE! WHAT'S UP!" Mason cheered on as he got in, everyone went and greeted him.

"Hi...everyone." Julia waved at everyone.

"Big Brother!" Jennie chuckled as she let the name come out of her mouth.

[Diary Room]

"I see Alexis over there...and It's not pretty. Let me tell you something, that girl is trouble..." Lou said with her arms crossed.

[Diary Room]

"Damn dude, Chris looks hot. I really need to know him more..." Nalia said breathing heavily.

[Diary Room]

"I was one of the 18 people from thousands to get picked for this. I'm ready for this half million dollar deal!" Shauvon said.

Most of the houseguests sat down on the couches of the living room. Some of them sitting on the floor as well.

Oliver, Linda, Pierre, Julia and Mason we're at the kitchen.

Justin, Aaron and Michael we're walking around the house.

"So now that we have settled like human beings, How about we introduce ourselves?" Alexa said while trying to create conversation.

"Welp. I'm Denis and I'm a Dentist at Boston." He smiled.

"I'm Janey a retail assistant country girl." She chuckled.

"I'm Shauvon, a waitress at a restaurant." Shauvon said.

"Hey, I'm a chef." Alexa said.

"That's good to know." Shauvon giggled.

"I'm Jennie and I'm a college student." Jennie smiled.

[Diary Room]

"I felt like that was a big giveaway for me...I wanted to say my IQ but, I don't want people thinking I'm smart." Jennie said.

"What are you studying for?" Chris asked her.

"Psychology!" Jennie responded.

"That's good to know." Nalia smiled.

"My name's Lou. And I'm a beautiful model."

"Pfft. Beautiful she says..." Alexis tried to shade her.

[Diary Room]

"Why is LOU here?!" Alexis said.

"Excuse me?" Lou glared at her.

"Huh..." Reed noticed things we're heating up.

"Why ya care if I'm beautiful or not Ratchetxis?" Lou shaded her.

"You did NOT just call me that horrible insult." Alexis said.

"OH. OF COURSE. I did!" Lou said with an agitated tone.

"Hey hey ladies calm down now..." Chris tried to interviene them.

"Tell her to stop being such a child already." Lou was mad at Alexis.

"You tell her!" Alexis said.

Justin, Michael, and Aaron we're at the second floor watching them bicker.

"Dudeee...these type of things are what build targets on your back." Michael said.

"I agree." Justin said.

[Diary Room]

"It has not been ten minutes. And there's people fighting already. This truly is Big Brother." Aaron said.

"So is this all the food?!" Oliver said looking at the fridge.

"Hell yeah...but where's the beer..." Linda said.

"Probably can't have any yet. Come on this ain't time to get drunk before the HoH competition..." Pierre said.

"That's right!" Julia said.

"Anyways, let's just grab some of the soda cans and bring it to everyone in the living room." Oliver said.

"I have a few to bring." Mason said picking the cans up with Oliver.

[Diary Room]

"I heard people bicker a while ago over there. I should probably try to raise the target to their backs...and avoid being on the block this week, I don't know anyone and I don't want to yet..." Oliver said.

Mason and Oliver went to the living room.

"Hey everyone! We got drinks!" Mason was holding the cans of soda.

"Aw, I thought there'd be beer." Janey chuckled.

"Ah sweet, thanks!" Oliver threw a can to Reed and he latched the can.

"I was getting pretty thirsty. Thank you." Shauvon grabbed a can.

[Diary Room]

"Being nice to everyone earns you a spot in their favorites list! Hopefully..." Mason said.

"Thank you..." Lou said grabbing the last coca cola can.

"THAT WAS MINE." Alexis yelled at her.

"No hun, I got it first." Lou whipped her hair at her.

"You are a horrible human being." Alexis said.

"You just salty." Lou chuckled.

"Hey hey. Chill out Alexis there's still more at the fridge." Oliver said.

"Good. Then bring me one." Alexis asked him.

"On it." Oliver went back to the fridge.

[Diary Room]

"If I'm HoH, I'm getting them both out. They are trrrrouble." Reed said.

[Diary Room]

"Not only do they have beef with each other, the more I see Alexa the more I want to punch her in the face. She's acting so bitchy for no reason ever since she got in." Jennie said.

"Hey guys. Bags of chips for everyone!" Linda threw bags of chips to the houseguests on the living room.

"Haha, funny!" Alexa was getting annoyed quickly.

"Chill honey, I just threw a bag of chips. TO YOUR FACE!" Linda laughed out loud.

"How about I stuff this down ya throat?" Alexa threathened her.

"Wooow! You scare me so much boo." Linda stood up for herself.

[Diary Room]

"I thought Lou and Alexis we're being entertaining, but Linda trying to pick a fight with me? She's being hilariiious." Alexa groaned.

[Diary Room]

"Girl thinks she's high and mighty she needa drop down some horsepower before this comp. Better watch out I don't nominate her ass" Linda said

"Calm down...not you two..." Reed tried to stop the bickering.

"Reed. Stay the hell out of people's conversations." Janey defended them.

"Alright fine." Reed crossed his arms.

[Diary Room]

"Some people truly can't be dealed with apparently." Reed said.

[Diary Room]

"Why would you stop arguments from happening? They're fun to watch." Janey said

"You guys really been watching us this whole time?" Chris looked up and saw Michael, Justin and Aaron from upstairs.

"What do you think?" Aaron chuckled.

"Come on down! The more the merrier!" Shauvon invited them.

The three of them went downstairs and sat down on the living room. They all resumed to have their normal conversations up until...

"Houseguests, please go to the living room." The monitor turned on. It was Jouseph from the outside.

Julia, Pierre, Mason, Oliver and Linda all headed to the living room and sat on the seats along with everyone else.

"Houseguests. As you know. Your first competition is about to begin. As you know these competitions are for the Head of Household. When you win the competition, you get the Head Of Household title, and you are safe for the whole week and get yourself a room with a key on it. But be careful, once you are Head of Household, you are RESPONSIBLE for nominating two people for eviction, their Big Brother fate will lie in this week. And now, Houseguests. Please report to the backyard for the competition." Jouseph said through the screen.

The houseguests got up from the seat and rushed to the backyard all excited.

Head Of Household; Competition #1 - Jungle Swinging

All the houseguests we're at the backyard seeing the competition, there was 3 rope's on an area and there was water on the ground. The whole place was themed like a jungle. There was also six coconut trees in the other side with six buttons in it.

"Houseguests, this is your first competition of the summer. I will be explaining the rules now. There are 3 ropes over there. Three houseguests will be swinging and throwing themselves as further away as possible. After everyone has succesfully done it. There are different numbers to land on, from 1-20 all scattered randomly hidden on the ground with the water and you pick them up, the highest number that houseguest gets will quality for the next and final round of the competition. Since this is your first competition, things will be simple. But remember, after you're out of this round you are out from this competition. So good luck houseguests! Who wants to go first?" Jouseph said and asked the houseguests.

"Me!" Michael said.

"I do." Alexa said.

"Me." Denis said.

"Alright. Houseguests, head to the rope and get ready." Jouseph said.

The three of them went to the rope and clinged onto it.

"Get ready to swing, you get 3 swing attempts. If you swing more than 3 times you are disqualified!" Jouseph said.

[Diary Room]

"I'm pretty nervous. But I'm confident enough I'll win this." Michael said.

[Diary Room]

"I'll win this and get that vile rat Linda out of here." Alexa said.

"3...2...1...SWING!" Jouseph said.

Michael, Alexa, and Denis swung as furthest as possible.

"Michael. You have landed in 11. Let's see if Denis can beat this." Jouseph said.

"Sweet. But I'm wet now..." Michael said.

"Denis. You have landed in...14. Now, Let's see if Alexa can beat you." Jouseph said.

Denis clapped.

[Diary Room]

"I'm not mad I got beat. But I made it further than Michael." Denis said.

"Alexa. You have landed in...

[Diary Room]

"Please god...tell me I beat them..." Alexa said.

"18! Good job you made it to round 2!" Jouseph said.

"OH MY GOD YESSS!" Alexa screamed in joy.

"Well played." Denis fist bumped her.

"Alright." Michael said heading to the seats with Denis.

"Now that you've won Alexa, which other three houseguests do you want to compete against each other?"

"Hmm... Linda. Janey. Jennie. Them three." Alexa pointed to them.

"Alright." Janey cheered on.

"Suuure." Linda said.

"I got this." Jennie said.

[Diary Room]

"I've got to win this. More than any of those two. Alexa seems to be gunning for me, I'm not being the first boot! Hell na!" Linda said.

"3...2...1...GO!" Jouseph said.

Linda, Janey and Jennie swung to the furthest possible.

"Linda. You've landed in...5." Jouseph said.

"Aw chucks..." Linda smiled.

[Diary Room]

"I FREAKING LOST. I SWEAR I DID. Ugh..." Linda said.

"HAHA..." Alexa laughed at Linda.

"Janey you've landed in...19!" Jouseph said.

"Oh my god!" Janey gasped.

"And...Jennie you landed in...16." Jouseph said.

"Janey won..." Jennie said.

"Sorry Linda and Jennie but you've both been eliminated." Jouseph said.

"That's fine." Linda headed to the seats along with Jennie.

[Diary Room]

"What a good week." Alexa rubbed her hands.

"Janey as the winner, who do you pick now?" Jouseph asked her.

"I pick. Aaron. Justin. Pierre." Janey said.

"Dudes versus dudes huh?" Aaron said.

"Looks like it is." Pierre said.

"Alright...get in position." Jouseph said.

[Diary Room]

"I need to win this. It should be a piece of cake." Justin said.

[Diary Room]

"I got picked for this. I'm afraid of heights for god's sake! But anything to win head of household..." Pierre said.

[Diary Room]

"NOT. EVEN. ONE HOUR. And this is the competition. I just want to sleeeeeep." Aaron groaned.

"3...2...1...GO!" Jouseph said.

Aaron, Justin and Pierre swung to the furthest possible.

"Aaron you've landed in...19." Jouseph said.

"Pierre...you've landed in...20!" Jouseph said.

"Oh my god..." Pierre gasped.

[Diary Room]

"This is my time to shine...!" Pierre said.

"Let's see if you can beat Pierre by getting a 21. Justin you've landed in...21! Congratulations!" Jouseph said.

[Diary Room]

"Maybe not." Pierre chuckled.

[Diary Room]

"I DID IT!" Justin said.

"ALRIGHT!" Justin cheered on.

"Good game man." Pierre fist bumped him. He headed to the seats along with Aaron.

"Justin as the winner, who do you pick now?" Jouseph asked.

"I pick uh, Alexis. Oliver. And Reed." Justin said pointing over to them.

"Woohoo!" Alexis cheered on.

"Understood." Reed said.

"I'm down for this." Oliver said getting to his spot.

"Alright houseguests. You know the rules. Get ready!" Jouseph said.

[Diary Room]

"I need to win this HoH and evict Lou's ass first. She's the biggest threat to my GAME." Alexis said.

"3...2...1...GO!" Jouseph said.

Alexis, Reed and Oliver swung to the furthest possible.

"Reed...you've landed in...13!" Jouseph said.

[Diary Room]

"That's not getting me a win." Reed was dissapointed.

"Alexis you've landed in...18!" Jouseph said.

"And Oliver...you've landed in...16. Congratulations Alexis." Jouseph said.

"AW YEAH!" Alexis cheered on and hugged Reed and Oliver.

"Yeah yeah." Oliver was upset he lost the HoH comp but he went to the seats with Reed.

"Alexis as the winner, who do you pick now?" Jouseph asked her.

"Oh I glaaaaaaaaaaadly pick Lou. And. Chris and Shauvon. I'm rooting for you Chris and Shauvon to win!" Alexis waved at them two.

"Thank you." Chris smiled at Alexis.

"Sure!" Shauvon said.

"Get ready." Jouseph said, as he saw the houseguests already in their spots.

[Diary Room]

"Alexis thinks she's gonna win this competition. She doesn't know I'm pretty flexible." Lou chuckled

[Diary Room]

"Alright Chris. Concentrate." Chris was a bit nervous.

"3...2...1...GO!" Jouseph said.

Chris, Lou and Shauvon swung pretty far.

"Chris. You've landed in...15." Jouseph said.

"Shauvon you've landed in..."

[Diary Room]

"I hope I beat Chris and Lou. Gah." Shauvon was worried.

"0" Jouseph said.

"Aw COME ON!" Shauvon gasped as she heard she landed in a 0.

"Tough luck boo." Lou hugged her.

"Well I hope you win now..." Shauvon giggled.

"And...Lou. You scored a perfect 21. Congratulations!" Jouseph said.

"YEEEEEEEES!" Lou jumped up and down and headed to the next challenge.

"Good job." Chris said as he headed to the seats.

[Diary Room]

"Lou won? And I'm against her? Piece of cake. Even better." Alexis said.

[Diary Room]

"Alexis better watch her ass. I'm coming for hers GOOD." Lou said.

"Final three houseguests, please proceed now." Jouseph said.

Nalia, Julia, Mason got into the ropes spot.

"Good luck guys..." Julia sighed.

[Diary Room]

"I don't like getting dirty in competitions, but that's unavoidable in this house." Julia said.

[Diary Room]

"I hope I can beat Chris' score, I want to impress him." Nalia blushed.

"Get ready...now." Jouseph said.

"Good luck y'all!" Linda cheered them from the seats.

"3...2...1...GO!" Jouseph said.

Nalia, Mason and Julia swung pretty far.

"Nalia you've landed in a...16!" Jouseph said.

"WOO!" Nalia clapped.

[Diary Room]

"I DID IT. I hope Chris will notice meeee." Nalia said while giggling uncontrollably

"Julia you've landed in...21! Congratulations!" Jouseph said.

"What about me?!" Mason said.

"Mason you've landed in...1" Jouseph said.

"God damn it." Mason said.

[Diary Room]

"At least it wasn't as bad as Shauvon's. But I still lost." Mason sighed.

"Good job Julia!" Nalia hugged her and went to the seats with Mason.

"T-Thank you..." Julia said.

"Alexa. Janey. Justin. Lou. Alexis. And Julia. Since you all made it to the next round, I will be explaining the rules now." Jouseph said.

The six houseguests we're waiting patiently at the second and last part of the competition. This part of a competition each houseguests we're standing next to a coconut tree, which had six buttons in each side.

"Alright houseguests, this comp is simple. You see those buttons? In the count of three you will press a button that will lock in your choice. One of those buttons is a trap, and If you click that certain button a coconut will softly fall in your head, making you get eliminated. Understand? Once a button has been set by another houseguests you cannot pick that button as well." Jouseph explained the rules slowly.

"Sounds easy." Alexis said.

"I'm gonna beat yo ass in this luck comp." Lou snapped her fingers.

"Oooh gurl, you're being first boot." Alexis bickered back.

"If you two don't win this I am nominating your asses." Janey said.

"OH really?!" Lou said.

"Shut the hell up Lou you're starting to become annoying as hell." Alexa said.

"Houseguests, ready?" Jouseph asked them.

"Ready." Julia said.

"I'm ready." Justin said.

"3...2...1...GO!" Jouseph said.

Janey quickly locked her button as the first one, Lou picked the third one, Alexis picked the second one, Julia picked the fourth one, Justin picked the sixth one and Alexa picked the fifth one.

A few seconds they waited for the result...a coconut fell on...Alexis' head.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Alexis groaned as she scratched her head.

"Sorry Alexis, you've been eliminated. The second button is unplayable now." Jouseph said.

[Diary Room]

"I'm hoping this ratchet loses the comp, oh my freaking god..." Alexis said.

"Aw, sorry Alexis." Julia said.

"It's fine." Alexis headed to the seats, Lou sticking her tongue out at her.

"Alright, Ready...? 3...2...1...GO!"

Alexa locked her button on the first one, Justin picked the third one, Lou picked the sixth one, Janey picked the fifth one, and Julia picked the fourth one.

A few seconds they waited for the result...a coconut fell on... Lou's head.

"I'm so done." Lou said heading to the seats.

"Take that ya ugly creature!" Alexis laughed at her face.

"OH my god. YOU DISGUSTING VILE RAT." The two of them proceeded to bicker at the seats, annoying the rest of the houseguests.

"Sorry Lou you've been eliminated. The second and sixth button are unplayable now." Jouseph said.

"This is stressful..." Janey said.

[Diary Room]

"These two are like a married couple, don't understand what's their beef." Denis said.

"I'm just saying this. But If I win this. I'm putting up Lou and Alexis." Alexa said.

"Same here." Janey agreed.

"Alright, Ready...? 3...2...1...GO!"

Justin picked the third one again, Alexa picked the fifth one, Janey picked the first one and Julia picked the fourth one.

A few seconds they waited for the result...a coconut fell on...Justin's head.

"I'm eliminated...damn..." Justin said. He then headed over the seats.

"Well played Justin." Julia said.

"It's just us three now." Janey said.

"Sorry Justin, but you've been eliminated. The second, sixth and third button are unplayable now." Jouseph said.

[Diary Room]

"I got eliminated. That's fine. Hopefully Lou and Alexis are the targets and not me. I feel like I'm playing a good game." Justin said.

"Alright, 3...2...1...GO!" Jouseph said.

Alexa picked the first button, Janey picked the fifth one and Julia picked the fourth one.

A few seconds they waited for the result...a coconut fell on...Alexa's head.

"Tragic." Alexa said.

"Nooo!" Janey said.

"I'm rooting for ya sis." Alexa said heading over to the seats.

"Sorry Alexa, you've been eliminated. The second, sixth, third and first button are now unplayable." Jouseph said.

[Diary Room]

"It's all up to me to win this. This first HoH might be either mines...or Julia's..."

[Diary Room]

"My first HoH win...? Oh my god, I hope..." Julia said.

"Alright, Janey and Julia, this is the final round. This is for HoH. Remember, this first HoH you're going to have 5 minutes to decide who to nominate. Because after you do, I will be releaving a twist." Jouseph said.

"A twist...?" Julia asked.

"The first twist of the summer. But get ready now." Jouseph said.

"Ready." Janey said.

"Reeeeady." Julia said.

[Diary Room]

"You got this Julia. You got THIS." Julia said.


Janey thought for a bit. She was wondering if to pick the fourth or fifth button. She quickly noticed Julia was going to pick the fifth button, so Janey picked that one and Julia saw it lit up, so she picked the fourth one.

A few seconds they waited for the result...a coconut fell on...Julia's head.

"O-Ow..." Julia chuckled.

"I...won...?" Janey gasped.


"OH MY GOD!" Janey jumped up and down excited for her win.

"Good job." Julia hugged her.

"Thank you!" Janey said.

[Diary Room]

"I won HOH! But...next week I won't be able to compete, and I probably won't be safe...so I have to think...these nominations carefully..." Janey said

[Diary Room]

"Janey won, that's great! But. Picking your nominees in 5 minutes? What could go on her brain..." Michael said.

[Diary Room]

"Lou and Alexis have been so annoying ever since they arrived to this house, hopefully Janey has a plan to evict one of them soon." Oliver said.

"Everyone, gather up to the kitchen table. NOW. Janey, Please head to the Diary Room." Jouseph was very serious.

The houseguests cleaned themselves up and dried up and ran to the kitchen table as fast as possible, Janey being inside the Diary Room.

After the five minutes, Janey thought about her nominees, thinking about her plan that her and Alexa had similarly. She arrived to the kitchen with a box with two keys in it.

"Everyone, this is the nomination ceremony... As current Head of Household, It is my responsibility to nominate two houseguests for nomination. And today for my nominations, I have chosen my first nominee as..."

Janey turned the key, Alexis' picture popped up as soon as it was turned. "Alexis." Janey said.

"Incredible..." Alexis murmerred.

Janey turned on the second key, Lou's picture popped up. "Lou." Janey said.

"Alright. Alright. I can see why." Lou said.

"Alexis, Lou. I have nominated you two for the same reason everyone would, you're both annoying, irritating and can't do anything but bicker all day. I hope you ain't mad for my move, but this is a game move and you're both a threath to everyone's game." Janey said.

The houseguests looked at each other, seeing how everyone except Lou and Alexis we're safe.

[Diary Room]

"I'm not shocked. I saw this coming as soon as Alexis opened her stupid mouth up. It was so stupid. But worry not,
Miss Lou is winning that power of veto." Lou said.

[Diary Room]

"Janey thinks getting rid of me will benefit her game, I'm willing to work with her just to be safe this week. I'm not giving up my half million dollars just because of Lou." Alexis said.

[Diary Room]

"Safe. Good. I may have lost that comp but I'm glad I'm safe this week." Mason said.

[Diary Room]

"Thank you Janey for not nominating me, Oh god..." Oliver was a bit anxious.

[Diary Room]

"Well even If I lost, the targets seem to be Lou and Alexis." Justin said.

"Houseguests, report to the living room for a final time." Jouseph said.

Everyone heard Jouseph from the monitor, they all got up and sat down on the living room, Lou and Alexis sitting on the nominations chair, still having one spot left.

"As I said before. Houseguests, there's a twist. This twist is called, "Secret". This twist, is another competition coming up! This competition is more of a mini-game base. Only one houseguest will enter the secret room at a time to do the competition, the winner of the Secret Twist, will get to choose another nomination for this week. But beware, the winner of the Secret is not safe this week unless they are the HoH, the winner won't ever be revealed. It is up to the winner to decide to share if they win or not. Understand? This next competition will be in the next four hours. So have fun houseguests on the Big Brother House, I'll see you again on this week's live eviction." Jouseph shut off the monitor.

Everyone got up from the seats, everything turning into slow-motion, the houseguests hugging each other and talking about the week's twist.

[Diary Room]

"Secret? A competition to name another nomination? This is good." Chris said.

[Diary Room]

"We have four hours to interact with everyone and make sure thing's are good. I'll be looking for some people to team up with." Justin said.

[Diary Room]

"This summer's first twist...is a prize to nominate another person. I'm worried for these next twists, they're so random." Jennie said.

[Diary Room]

"I can win the veto and get to name another nominee? This is a good week for me. Kinda." Lou chuckled a bit.

[Diary Room]

"Hopefully. I win this competition and get to name someone else on the block. Even thought It's pretty obvious the house seems to want Lou or Alexis gone." Aaron said.

[Diary Room]

"You we're going to lose that pageant Lou and you dropped out of it just to be greedy and win more money huh?
But I'm going to prevent that by winning the veto this week. You don't mess with me." Alexis said.

The camera zooms in and out on houseguests still hugging and talking about this week in slow-motion, the credits start to roll, thus ending this first episode premiere of Big Brother.

Episode 1, END. *18 REMAIN*

Week 1 HoH; Janey

Nominees; Lou & Alexis