Big Brother O.C - Season 1; Episode 3


The intro opens; a postcard appears that says "Expect the unexpected."

Scene switches, presenting the houseguests.

Pierre points to the screen with a pen, Nalia putting her hands on her hips and does a peace sign.

Shauvon in the "come at me" pose, Reed doing a salsa dance.

Chris without a shirt on doing a dance, Louisa wipping her hair out.

Alexa doing a little dance in her bikini, Oliver drinking a cup of coffee.

Denis crosses his arms and smiles, Julia throwing a kiss.

Janey waving her arm while smiling, Michael taking off his bike helmet and puts it between his arms.

Justin with a walkie-talkie on his hand, Jennie looking at the camera, showing off her dress while smiling.

Linda putting her hat on, Aaron adjusting his shirt while looking at the camera.

Mason rubbing his hands, Alexis throws a kiss and wiggles her hips.

And here end's the presentation, the ending showing the "Big Brother" logo.

[Day 2]

Michael, Linda and Reed we're sleeping in the have-not room. Pierre, and Mason we're inside talking.

"I wanted to tell you Pierre. You and Reed are in a bit of danger next weeks." Mason said.

"In what...way? We haven't done anything bad. At all." Pierre said.

"You gotta keep this between us but. There's an alliance in this house that's made for targetting people like us." Mason said.

"Who would possibly be doing that?" Pierre was concerned.

Mason pointed to Michael. He whispered "Justin." "Aaron." "Oliver." "Denis."

"They have an alliance?" Pierre asked him.

"Yes. Next week they want to take out people like- Chris. You. Reed. And myself."

"Dear god..." Pierre said.

[Diary Room]

"You think this first week was going to be easy? Of course It won't be with 17 other people." Pierre said.

"This is why I want you two to work with me, Nalia and Chris. We need your numbers in order to vote off Justin."

"Hopefully I play for the veto and keep noms the same." Pierre said.

"Same here." Mason said.

Lou, Janey and Shauvon we're in the HoH room.

"Why did you nominate me? I've been wondering to know." Lou said.

"You've been annoying since yesterday." Janey said.

"And that's a good reason for you to nominate me?" Lou said.

"You kinda...If you were in my shoes, who would of you nominated?" Janey asked her.

"I would of done. Alexis and Jennie." Lou said.

"But why them?" Janey asked them again.

"You nominated Alexis. Why not Jennie as well?"" Lou asked her.

"Why..." Janey said.

"Because Jennie is working with Alexis to pull her off the block?" Lou said.

"It's like you're doing the same." Janey said.

"I'm not saying I'm going to make you take me off the block if you win veto. I was just wondering why you nominated me..." Lou said.

"You got your answers. Aren't you satisfied?" Janey said.

"A little." Lou chuckled.

[Diary Room]

"Janey's being shady because she's HoH. Expected. But she better watch out next week, If she doesn't win next week's veto and I'm HoH, I'm gonna come for her ass after Alexis'." Lou said.

Alexa was in the kitchen with Jennie.

"Hmm..." Alexa was baking some cookies meanwhile Jennie was eating a salad in the table.

Alexis was in the living room couch eating some chips.

Denis and Nalia we're in the backyard talking about themselves, Chris was sleeping in one of the bedrooms.

"Your make-up looks really good." Denis complimented her.

"Thank you. I'm glad you think so." Nalia said.

"Man. This house is great so far. I think my summer vacation will be great in here." Denis said.

"I think so as well." Nalia chuckled.

"Is there anyone in here you find pretty hot?" Denis winked at her.

[Diary Room]

"I like to flirt a lot. I really do." Denis said.

"Hmm. Chris is really gorgeous." Nalia said.

[Diary Room]

"I've failed." Denis lowered his head down in dissapointment.

The camera panned to Chris sleeping.

"Yeah. He's good looking." Denis said.

"Is there any girls here you find pretty hot?" Nalia winked at him.

"Hmm. Currently no one, haha. But I don't think It's good to be involved with showmances." Denis said.

"Yeah. You're right. But...Yeah..." Nalia said.

Julia was entering the HoH room, Shauvon, Janey and Lou inside of it.

Janey was in the HoH shower, meanwhile Shauvon was laying down and Lou laying down on the floor.

"Mind If I come in...?" Julia said.

"Yeah hold on. I'm coming out." Janey was drying herself up. Shortly she got out of the shower and got into her HoH bed.

"What is it?" Janey asked her.

"Just wanted some company. Everyone seems to be exhausted and sleeping." Julia said.

[Diary Room]

"Julia, you gotta wait...You gotta wait after the veto..." Julia was tempted to spill some tea.

Oliver was entering the HoH room along with Alexa.

"Hey Y'all, I got cookies." Alexa said as she brought a tray of cookies along with Oliver.

"Oh sweet! I was getting hungry." Shauvon said.

"How does it feel me being the one to bring the food this time?" Alexa chuckled, the sarcasm going directed towards Shauvon.

"Feels good." Shauvon giggled.

[Diary Room]

"Guess I can call Alexa a waitress now." Shauvon giggled

"These are great!" Julia took a bite and was in-love with the cookies.

Oliver put the tray in the HoH table and sat down on the couch, eating cookies with everyone else.

Aaron and Justin we're at the backyard.

"Hey man. I'm sorry you're nominated this week." Aaron patted his back.

"Hey, don't worry, no need to be sorry. I'm pretty sure I don't need to campaing anyways. The targets are Lou or Alexis clearly. Any of those two should be packing this week." Justin said.

"Yeah that's right." Aaron said.

"One of us wins the veto, good case, you get picked and win, you're safe for the week and you use it on me. We make it to next week!" Justin said.

"Bad case...?" Aaron said.

"We get targetted after Lou or Alexis leaves. That means we need to start throwing some people down the bus." Justin said.

[Diary Room]

"As much as I said I woudn't start playing dirty so early, people want me to play dirty now." Justin said.

"Who would buy our bus throwing thought?" Aaron asked him.

"Linda. Julia. They're both shady as hell right now. Kinda should ask Janey if she knows who won this Secret Comp." Justin said.

"Hmmm." Aaron said.

Chris had woken up, he headed over to the backyard and saw Nalia and Denis interacting.

[Diary Room]

"Nalia with Denis? That's odd..." Chris said.

"Hey guys." Chris said rubbing his eyes.

"Hey Chris!" Nalia said.

"Heyo Chris." Denis said.

"What'cha both up to?" Chris asked them.

"Just talking about our interests." Nalia chuckled.

"Eeyup." Denis chuckled back.

"That's nice." Chris said.

Mason came to the backyard along with Pierre and Reed.

The three of them we're heading to the pool.

"Hey Chris, Nalia. Want to join us?" Mason was shirtless along with Pierre and Reed.

"I'm good." Nalia said.

"I'm down for it!" Chris instantly took his shirt off, in a quick dash he jumped into the pool.

[Diary Room]

"Oh, Chris!" Nalia blushed.

"Actually, wait for me!" Nalia said as she began taking her clothes off, revealing her bikini.

"Sweet." Mason said.

Janey, Alexa, Shauvon, Julia, Oliver, Lou & Linda we're partying in the HoH room.

"Man, pass that drink up!" Linda said as Janey gave her her HoH beer as a gift.

"Linda, stop that." The producers noticed she was about to do something not given from her have-not.

"Damn it." Linda said.

"Haha. You can eat all these chips thought." Oliver chuckled.

"That's right." Linda giggled.

"Man. Your cookies are so good, seriously." Shauvon said.

"No need for so many thank you's." Alexa smiled.

[Diary Room]

"No but, Seriously haha I hate it when people compliment me too much." Alexa said.

"Man, some cake would be good right now." Janey said.

"I could make some cake as well." Alexa offered.

"You already made cookies, don't need to extend yourself to make more." Julia said.

"I'm a chef, It's what I do." Alexa said.

"I can help you make it." Shauvon said.

"Yeah. I'd like your help." Alexa smiled.

[Diary Room]

"I need some time away from these people, baking a cake is the perfect solution." Alexa said.

Until suddenly, Alexis and Jennie was about to enter the HoH room. Lou saw the HoH TV and said "Oh no."

[Diary Room]

"She is NOT going in here." Lou said.

Alexis opened the door and got in along with Jennie.

"The hell you two want?" Lou was asking them.

"Just wanted to see what all the commotion was about." Alexis responded back.

"Who cares now scram." Lou said.

"You can't make me. You ain't no HoH." Alexis shaded her.

[Diary Room]

"Lou thinks she can convince Janey to take her off the block, Pfft. Good luck." Alexis laughed out loud.

"Ah shut up you ugly vile witch." Lou got up and snapped her fingers.

"How about you rot in hell and die?" Alexis responded back.

"Yeah, shut the hell up you witch!" Jennie tried to jump on the wagon with Alexis.

"Bitch number two, you don't need to snatch me when your hair is fake." Lou chuckled.

"Oh my god..." Jennie was about to punch her.

Alexa and Shauvon both left the HoH room seeing the party turning into a giant argument.

"How about you all shut the hell up and leave?" Janey was telling Alexis, Lou and Jennie to leave the room.

"Fine. See if I care." Lou got out of the HoH room, along with Alexis and Jennie following behind.

Julia, Oliver and Linda we're speechless. Not a word came out of their mouths.

"Ugh...I swear to god..." Janey was getting sick of them more each second.

"It's alright girl. They're gone now." Julia hugged her.

[Day 3]

Every houseguest we're out in the backyard taking pictures.

Janey was with Alexa and Shauvon. Mason grabbed the camera and took pictures of them.

Linda and Lou we're both hugging each other. Mason also took a picture of them.

All of the guys got together into taking a pic, along with Chris, Mason, Pierre and Reed, they all posed for the picture while Nalia took the picture.

The girls did the same, they all got together in one spot, Mason grabbing the camera once again and taking pictures of them.

Jennie, Alexis, and Julia took pictures of them together.

[Diary Room]

"It's a good and relaxing day today, everyone's getting along for now." Reed said.

"Who's ready to go into the pool?!" Chris was eager to go swimming.

"Not me." Alexa said.

"Come on." Chris said.

"I'm down for it." Mason said giving the camera to Denis. He jumped into the pool along with Chris.

"Those guys are obsessed with swimming." Denis judged them.

After a few hours...

Alexa was baking the cake with Shauvon. Jennie was on the table again eating some weird type of salad.

Janey as usual was sleeping in her HoH room. Oliver was sleeping in one of the couches inside.

Michael and Aaron we're both playing chess.

"I'm gonna beat you." Michael was being competitive against Aaron.

"Oh sorry most of your chess pieces are gone." Aaron laughed.

"I still have my horses!" Michael said.

[Diary Room]

"I'm not good at chess..." Michael said.

Denis, Justin and Mason we're in the storage room.

"Mason, who do you think is going home this week?" Justin asked him.

"I'm unsure. I have no idea what's going on." Mason said.

[Diary Room]

"Lying makes me feel awful, but I'm sorry Justin you're going home this week." Mason said

"Hmm, I hope I'm not the one going home." Justin was a bit upset.

"Ah, don't worry, I'm sure you're going to stay." Mason patted his back.

"I hope so. I truly want Alexis gone the most." Justin said.

"So do I." Mason lied.

Nalia was sleeping in one of the bedrooms along with Julia.

Linda and Pierre we're in the have-not room talking this time. Reed was sleeping inside.

"Why ya always in the have-not room?" Linda asked Pierre, feeling suspicious about him.

"I'm just attached to my buddy Reed." Pierre said

"I can see that. You sure you both don't like each other?" Linda teased them.

"Nah, our friendship is mutual. Truly I have met my best friend." Pierre chuckled.

"I see, It's like me with Lou. I hope she doesn't go this week. She's so nice." Linda said.

"Ah, whatever happens on this veto decides a 33.3% chance which three will go home." Pierre said.

"That's right." Linda said.

Chris and Lou we're outside on the backyard. Jennie and Alexis we're in the hammocks sleeping.

"Chris. I'm scared for this week. I don't want to go home yet." Lou said.

"Well, I'm gonna try my best to get people to vote out Justin out. I actually don't want you out." Chris was being honest with Lou.

"Really?" Lou asked him.

"Yup. I know two other people don't want you out. So don't worry." Chris hugged her.

[Diary Room]

"Good men do exist." Lou smiled.

[Day 4]

"Hey everybody! It's time to pick players for the veto competition!" Janey said getting out of the DR room.

The houseguests all around the house gathered into the living room couch, some sitting on the floor, the three nominees, Alexis, Lou and Justin sitting on the chairs.

"Only six people will compete in this competition. The head of household, the three nominees, and other two players picked by the hoh. Will the three nominees join me up here?" Janey said while reading the letter on her hand.

The three nominees got up and joined Janey up next to the box.

"This box contains a chip of every houseguest's name in it. If your name get's picked you will get to participate in the veto.
If a chip labelled "Houseguests choice" get's picked. That person can decide who to pick to play for the veto. If one of the nominees chip's get pulled out. They get to pick who plays for the veto." Janey said.

Janey put her hand inside the box. She started messing the box inside and quickly pulled out a chip out of it.

"Reed." Janey called him out. Reed got up from the couch and joined the three nominees and Janey.

[Diary Room]

"I get picked first. Great! If I win this veto. I can ensure my safety this week." Reed said.

[Diary Room]

"I see Reed's name get picked. That's great. Where's my chip now?" Mason was anxious to get picked.

Janey put her hand again in the box. Messing it more inside each time, she pulled another chip.

"Aaron." Janey called him out. He also got up from the couch and joined the rest of the nominees and Reed.

[Diary Room]

"Sweet! It's veto time for me. Gotta get my bud off that block." Aaron said.

[Diary Room]

"Linda or Chris didn't get picked...god damn it." Lou said.

[Diary Room]

"These picks we're awful..." Janey facepalmed herself.

"Big Brother will inform us when the veto competition starts." Janey said and took the box and headed to the Diary Room. The rest of the houseguests walked around, resuming their summer life.

After a few hours passed, Alexa finished baking her cake with Shauvon, Oliver voluntered to eat her cake first before. He was sitting down in the table.

"Aw yeah!" Alexa grabbed some kitchen gloves and pulled the cake out of the oven. Shauvon proceeded to decorate the cake along with Alexa. Oliver was unpatient and wanted to eat the cake already.

Few minutes passed by, the cake looked like from a bakery.

Alexa grabbed a slice along with Shauvon and Oliver. Shauvon took a bite and ate it.

Oliver digged deep into the cake and took a bite of it, only to spit it out instantly.

"THIS IS AWFUL OH MY GOD." Oliver spat it up.

"W-What...?" Alexa was in shock Oliver spit out one of her great creations.

[Diary Room]

"Did he just..." Alexa said.

"How can you call yourself a chef when this is awful?" Oliver spat out even more and ran into the bathroom, throwing up.

[Diary Room]

"I have never eaten anything so putrid in my life..." Oliver was about to throw up again.

Alexa was in shock, she dropped her utensils and was dissapointed. Shauvon quickly hugged her.

"Don't listen to him. Your cake was great!" Shauvon hugged her even tighter.

[Diary Room]

Shauvon appeared in the Diary Room nodding "No."

"Maybe I'm not a good chef..." Alexa said.

"I'm sure you are. I mean it. I loved it." Shauvon still hugged her.

"You're so sweet. I should of declined his volunteer." Alexa hugged her back, feeling a bit better.

"You didn't know he would do that." Shauvon said.

"Yeah..." Alexa said.

[Diary Room]

"Oh Oliver, you're going out the door next week. Not Linda this time." Alexa cracked her knuckles.

Linda has a talk with Janey in the HoH room.

"Hmm, I kinda think. Alexis should leave this week. Don't you think she starts all the fights with Lou?" Linda tried to defend her friend Lou.

"Now that I think about it that's right..." Janey noticed that as well.

"If you win the veto, try working with Lou. I'm sure she woudn't mind working with you. I know It's odd for me to defend her but trust me, she seems like a good girl." Linda said.

[Diary Room]

"Linda did bring up a solid fact. Maybe having another alliance won't be so bad." Janey said.

Mason, Pierre and Reed we're in the have-not room.

"So. You guys really want to do this?" Mason said.

"I think us three would be great working together." Pierre said.

"I'm willing to keep Nalia and Chris as extra votes to go with our favor." Mason said.

"So they're trustable?" Reed asked him.

"Yeah. I'm down for this final 3!" Mason agreed to it.

"What should we call it?" Reed asked him as well.

"The affiliates." Mason said.

"That's a good name." Pierre said.

[Diary Room]

"Ah yes. Already formed two alliances this week." Mason said.

After a few hours...

"Hey everybody! It's time for the veto competition!" Linda called everyone this time, she was wearing an astronaut costume. The houseguests gattered into one of the rooms and got inside of it.

Veto Competition #1 - Rock Collecting

The houseguests that were not competing for the veto got into the seats to spectate the competition.

Janey, Alexis, Lou, Justin, Reed and Aaron we're inside some spaceship. They we're dressed as astronauts now.

[Diary Room]

"I look ridiculous." Alexis said.

[Diary Room]

"I LOOK AWESOME." Reed said.

[Diary Room]

"They all look like idiots, Oh my god! Thank god I didn't get picked." Jennie laughed out loud.

"Hey Y'all. It's time for the veto competition! Big Brother has told me to explain the rules to you all. As you can see, this competition is called "Rock Collecting". Your goal for this competition is to collect as many red, blue and green rocks as possible. A red rock is worth 1 point, a blue rock is worth 2 points, the green block is worth 3 points. There will be a round each time. You have 30 seconds to pick up as many as possible. The houseguests with the least points will be eliminated and the rest of the houseguests will proceed onto the next round. Understood? The winner of the veto will get to invite...6 people to a barbecue party! Now the runner-up of this competition will get 500$ courtesy of Big Brother! Third place will get a 50$ prize as well. Fourth-Sixth place will get nothing sadly." Linda said reading the letter with her costume on.

"Y'all ready?" Linda asked the houseguests once again. They all replied with yes and we're excited. A go horn was heard and Linda sat down on the seats.

Round (1/5)

The six houseguests ran around the moon-themed room, they all picked up all types of different rocks.

Janey was the first houseguest to arrive. "I scored... 23 points." Janey said.

Justin was the second houseguest to arrive. "I scored... 17 points." Justin said.

[Diary Room]

"Oh god...I hope I'm not the lowest one..." Justin said.

Alexis, Lou both arrived at the same time.

"I scored. 20 points." Lou said.

"I scored 20 points as well." Alexis said.

[Diary Room]

"Ugh! At least Justin might be eliminated." Lou said.

Aaron arrived along with Reed before the timer ran out.

"I scored...15." Aaron said.

"I scored...29" Reed said.

[Diary Room]

"Holy crap Reed beat me like crazy." Aaron said.

"Sorry Aaron, but you have been eliminated." Linda said.

"Aight..." Aaron hugged the remaining houseguests and headed towards the seats.

"You did good." Denis patted his back.

Round (2/5)

The five remaining houseguests ran around the moon-themed room, they all picked up all types of different rocks, some picking lower and higher numbers. Most of the rocks we're hidden this time.

Justin arrived first. "I scored... 30." Justin said.

Alexis arrived second. "I scored...32." Alexis said.

Reed, Janey and Lou arrived at the same time before the timer ran out.

"I scored...9." Reed said.

[Diary Room]

"This might be it for me." Reed said.

"I scored...5." Lou said.

[Diary Room]

"Embarassing..." Lou said.

"I scored...17." Janey said.

"I'm sorry Lou, but you've been eliminated." Linda said.

"Aw. Alright." Lou headed over the seats and sat down next to Linda.

[Diary Room]

"Shocker. As long as Alexis or Justin doesn't win. I'm good." Lou said.

Round (3/5)

The four remaining houseguests ran around the moon-themed room, they all picked up all types of different rocks, some picking lower and higher numbers. Most of the rocks we're more hidden this time.

Alexis arrived first. "I scored 20." Alexis said.

Reed followed up. "I scored 28." Reed said.

[Diary Room]

"When will he get out?!" Alexis groaned

Justin arrived third, just almost before the timer ran out... Justin surprisingly only had scored one point.

"Sorry Janey, you didn't make it in time. Therefore you're eliminated." Linda said.

"Alright..." Janey headed over to the seats.

[Diary Room]

"Shucks..." Janey said.

Round (4/5)

The last three remaining houseguests ran around the moon-themed room, they all noticed only red rocks we're around.

Justin arrived first. "I scored..8." Justin said.

Alexis arrived second. "I scored...12." Alexis said.

[Diary Room]

"Either I'm getting eliminated, or Reed, or Justin, who knows..." Alexis said.

Reed arrived third. "I scored...15." Reed said.

"Sorry Justin, you've been eliminated. But you still have earned yourself 50$." Linda said.

"Alright." Justin shrugged it off and headed to the seats with his buddies.

[Diary Room]

"The only way I'll get off the block is if Reed uses it on me...But I doubt he will..." Justin said.

Round (5/5)

It was the final round. The last two houseguests ran as quick as ever to grab the last few rocks left in the room.

Alexis and Reed arrived both at the same time.

Alexis was up first to reveal her score. "I scored a...15." Alexis said.

Reed was up second to reveal his score. "I scored a...13." Reed said.

"O-OH MY GOD..." Alexis gasped, seeing she beat Reed.

"CONGRATULATIONS ALEXIS, YOU HAVE WON THE POWER OF VETO! Reed, sorry you've been eliminated. But you've earned. 500$.

"Alright. Sweet!" Reed said, not feeling too bad.

"Alexis, you've won the veto and a free barbecue party, and the choice to invite six houseguests." Linda said handing her the POV.

[Diary Room]

"I'm SAFE FOR THIS WEEK! HELL YEAH! Bye bye Lou." Alexis said.

[Diary Room]

"Great. That hoe won. Who's Janey going to bother nominating now?" Lou said.

[Diary Room]

"And one of my nominees get the choice to pull themselves off. Great." Janey said.

The houseguests went inside the house again, the backyard being in lockdown, preparing the barbecue party for Alexis' tomorrow.

Janey, Alexa and Shauvon was heading into Janey's HoH room. Julia noticed them and quickly dragged Alexis and Jennie with her.

"This is our chance." Julia whispered to their ears. She then headed upstairs with the two of them.

"I'll get Mason, Chris and Nalia with us." Jennie headed over to them and told them to head upstairs with Julia and Alexis. She explained to run along with the plan Julia had.

Julia, Alexis, Jennie, Janey, Alexa, Shauvon, Chris, Nalia and Mason we're in the HoH room.

"So now that I'm pulling myself now. Who are you going to nominate Janey?"

"I'm thinking...of...I idea honestly.

"Well. I have a suggestion on who to nominate." Julia smiled.

"Who..." Janey was wondering.

"Aaron. Aaron is pretty close friends with Justin. Chris has been noticing it. Alexis has been noticing it. Jennie, Nalia, Mason.
they all seen Justin and Aaron have a final two together." Julia said.

"And...? A lot of people do." Janey wasn't buying it until.

"They have an all-guys alliance without Reed, Pierre, Chris and Mason. Oliver, Aaron, Michael and Denis are in it. I over-heard them talk about taking you down last night along with the rest of the house. If one of them wins HoH tomorrow, one of us will go home. This is why we all want you to nominate Aaron. It's one less vote for Justin to stay." Julia said.

"So you mean we're keeping Lou?" Janey was disgusted.

"Sadly...we have to." Alexis admitted it.

"Even Alexis admits it...You see? They're both huge threats." Jennie said.

"I promise I'll be calm next week, as long as I'm not nominated next to her. Again." Alexis said.

"Well your safe this week. So be happy." Janey said.

"Yeah yeah, but we need to get Justin out this thursday." Jennie said.

"We do." Julia said.

Mason was running along with things even thought he was tempted to call out Julia for her shadyness but, he chose not to.

"Pierre and Reed are down on getting Justin out as well." Julia said.

"Well, that settles things. I'm trusting you guys on this." Janey said.

"Trust us. None of us will be going for you next week." Julia promised her words.

"Alright, alright. I'll nominate Aaron then." Janey said.

"Thank you." Julia said.

Everyone hugged each other and got out of the room except for Shauvon and Alexa.

After a few hours...

Alexis was downstairs getting the POV necklace and putting it on her neck, looking at the 18 faces on the wall. She then headed to one of the bedrooms where everybody we're waiting.

She called everyone and they all headed to the living room everyone sitting on the couches and a few on the floor, the three nominees Justin, Alexis and Lou on the nomination seats. Janey standing up on the front area of the monitor.

"This is the Veto Meeting. Me, Lou and Justin have been nominated for eviction, but I hold the power to veto one of the nominees." Alexis stood up and spoke slowly.

Everyone was looking at each other in suspense.

"I have use the power of veto on myself." Alexis said as she sat down on the floor with two other houseguests.

"Because my nominee has been taken of the block, I have picked a replacement nominee. Aaron. Please take a seat." Janey called him out.

Aaron stood up and took a seat next to Lou and Justin.

"This veto adjourned." Alexis said standing up and taking off the veto necklace off her neck, placing it inside the box.

The houseguests stood up and hugged each other as usual, the whole scene turning into slow-motion and suspensive music playing.

[Diary Room]

"I'm still on the block...I'm a bit scared now..." Lou was beginning to tear up.

[Diary Room]

"I got nominated. Of course. But don't worry. I won't lose this week and I won't let my bud go home no matter what!" Aaron said.

[Diary Room]

"So I take myself off the block and Aaron is nominated as told to Janey. Good week." Alexis said.

[Diary Room]

"Someone has got to be ratting out our alliance. I'm starting to doubt one of these five guys ain't loyal." Justin said.

[Diary Room]

"I put Aaron up as told by half of the house. I'm doing what they want. I'm not risking getting evicted next week just because I'm losing HoH shortly and won't be able to compete." Janey said.

[Diary Room]

"I need my girl Lou to stay this week. I'm going to ask Janey who's going home this week." Linda said.

The camera zooms in and out on houseguests still hugging and talking about this week in slow-motion, the credits start to roll.

Episode 3, END. *18 REMAIN*

Week 1 HoH; Janey

Week 1 Secret Winner; Chris

Veto Winner; Alexis

Nominees; Lou, Aaron & Justin