Hi, this is my first fanfic.I made this because I have noticed that the number of Star Wars, Girl meets World crossovers are extremely , no stories.(Unless I'm wrong)

Enjoy!(BTW,ABY means After the Battle of Yavin,and BBY means Before the Battle of Yavin)


The dark, stormy world of Bzine was home to nothing,that's why it was a perfect place for a confrontation…

"Stop!"Jedi Master Alistar Matthews shouted. "Ha!Try and get me then!"Came the taunting voice,Suddenly,all was Quiet. Matthews ignited his lightsaber,its green blade slicing through the thick fog, at once, a flash of crimson answered. Matthews looked around,trying to find his foe,when something warned him that an attack was imminent.

The low hum of another saber became louder as it sliced downwards towards dodged, and the stabbed his saber in the direction of his crimson blade blocked, and started the sequence called Exar Kun's Assault,a move that is extremely difficult to be blocked,but, with the prodigious skill of a Jedi Master,Alistar parried and sliced.

The pair battled for a long time,each attack being parried,followed by another last the Jedi struck his oppenent down,and said,"Why?Why did you do it?Why did you betray the Jedi?"The answer came in short,painful gasps, "Because…I would not…have gotten anything…if I stayed…So I joined them…"

"But why join the Sith?"Alistar replied.

The fallen foe smiled a gruesome smile, "I,Kermillion Hart,make this prophecy with my dying breath;

A daughter of mine will become the best,

Bestown will powers above the rest.

She will make a sacrifice,

That will end a Matthew's life."

Alistar heard the words of a prophecy,soon to be fulfilled…

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