Who am I, you ask?

I've been asking myself that question a lot. Being free is… freeing, and I don't know what to do with myself now that I can decide what to do. I was always so focused on getting free I never considered what to do once I tasted sunlight, smelled non-cleaning-alcohol-hospital-like air.

Looking back on it, I never had the chance to plan a new life.

Who am I?

I am a test subject.

Thirteen years ago I was brought to this lab. Do you know what I mean when I say lab? Stark white walls, whitewashed floors of waterproof tile. Easier to clean the blood off of.

Rooms lined several hallways, inside the room a large glass tube roughly the diameter of an average human person. The "glass" it was made of was near impossible to break, modified to rebuild itself milliseconds after being cracked.

Outside of the tube wa a box, panels and buttons covering it along with all of the vital readings of the being inside of the tube. The tube could be filled with liquid, and hoses attached to the subject in order to maintain healthy oxygen to blood ratios. The tube could be opened in a way that the subject had no corner to hide in and nothing to hide behind. The tube was my home for more than a decade. I became familiar with all of its nooks and crannys, built so perfectly that I could not find a flaw after years of sitting and searching for hours in between procedures.

For a test subject, I represented many "firsts". For example, the first and last female brought into the program. Being the only female in a full time work environment, you could guess how most of the scientist's off hours were spent around me (I won't go into detail, however almost anything you can imagine probably wouldn't be terribly far off from the real ordeal). It wasn't bad until I hit puberty, then none of them could seem to get enough.

It wasn't all bad though, being their go-to for thirteen years.

Thirteen years is a long time, a long time for people to come to trust someone even they know they shouldn't.

I still smirk at the thought.

As far as they all knew I was a pacifistic, submissive little girl who would do all ordered of her with only slight, fearful hesitation.

It gave me so much power.

I learned so many things that year. Some about myself, some valuable information about others.

I learned dirty little secrets from the scientists, coming to know enough blackmail to send each and every one of them to prison for something completely unrelated to their work in human genetic experimentation.

I learned the rotations, who did what when.

I learned their preferences.

I learned how to woo them, give them a sense of confidence and security.

I learned my purpose, to be an agent. A weapon of infiltration. A spy.

About myself I learned that my strength was enough to even rival 12 and his bear-like structure, enough to crush titanium like a toothpick. My speed grew exponentially, following the path of my strength. I learned that I could break through all of the defences keeping me locked from the outside.

My knowledge was even more valuable than the abilities I discovered throughout the course of my time in the program, and above all of it my ability to watch. To listen. To analyze by only a few simple words.

Now I will ask your question again.

Who am I?

I am subject 14.

I am a weapon.

I am built.

I am built to be superhuman.

I am engineered to be as determined as stone, as changing as the sea, as immobile as a mountain, yet as small and innocent as a mere kitten cowering in the brush.

I am subject 14.

I am Yin.