A/N: This is an AU story in which Rem doesn't kill L, Light does. Or'ryon is a shinigami who, like Gelus, falls in love with a mortal. But which mortal does she fall for? The detective sworn to protect the people of the world, or the very person trying to destroy them?

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For You

Or'ryon looked down at the mortal world, and found him with no trouble. She could always tune into his location without any trouble, like finding your favorite station on the radio. She looked at him, and betrayed a small smile that stretched painfully across her cracked black lips.

She stretched her tattered raven's wings with a sickening crack, and wiped a stray strand of her spider-web-like hair from her face (which was comprised of mainly a few large pieces of skin held together by dirty red thread, her skull showing through the cracks in some places).

She watched him continue on with his day, noticing that he was a little on edge.

She fiddled with the loose stitches on her legs, and ignored the strange looks she was attracting from the other shinigami around her.

But her smile disappeared when he walked into an abandoned building followed by a large group of people.

He faced another man, and they both shot patronising looks at each other.

Or'ryon frowned as they continued their face-off, and saw that the other man was growing quite threatening.

She took a quick look at her mortal through her shinigami eyes, and saw that if she did nothing, then he would die in a few minutes.

She looked at the time of death, and knew what she had to do to save him.

She bit her decaying lip, and pulled her tattered Death Note from its small pocket of skin in her torso.

She watched the other man pull out a small book, and she read his name with the same ease she always had.

Her bony hand poised over a blank page in her note, scratching the other man's name slowly onto the empty page.

She looked down at the page, and read her shaky writing in her favorite blood red ink on the dull lined paper;

Light Yagami.

Light collapsed after the fourty seconds needed for the Death Note to take effect, and L stood with his thumb in between his teeth, with absolutely no idea how this could have happened.

And in the shinigami world, Or'ryon gave one last sad smile before her body dissolved into a pitiful pile of ashes and red stitches. The other shinigami acknowledged the pile for a second or two, and shook their heads as they went back to their gambling.

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