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Aleksei Sytsevich walked into the abandoned warehouse. He had received another text from the mysterious figure he had met in the alleyway and who had promised him the means of avenging his father. No one was in the building except for him. He looked around the large room he was in and all he saw where the cold grey walls and a table sat in the very middle, on which two items lay. One was a grey box and the other, a large glass bottle, filled with the same grey liquid he had drunk before and a rhino label on the side.

Going over to the table, Aleksei lifted the lid off of the box. Inside, he found a pair of what looked like running tights, except they were huge, clearly designed for a much larger figure. Also inside, was a belt, the buckle shaped like an octopus, it's arms stretching around the belt's surface.

Aleksei noticed a third item also sat on the table, an envelope. He put down the tights and belt and picked it up. Slitting it open, he pulled out the letter that was inside. He unfolded it and read it.

Mr Sytsevich,

I trust you find my gifts well. I hope that you will find these of use to you once you have completed the task I need you to do, as your payment to me for my help. I will be in touch with you shortly.


Aleksei put the letter down on the table and picked up the bottle. He remembered how strange the transformation had felt the last time, but then also the immense feeling of power that he had gained also. That was what tipped this in his favour. He took the top off and proceeded to drink it all down.

The pain he remembered from the last time, had returned. It burned through his body, like flames through a dry wooden building. His muscles again began to bulge, bubble and transform from their usual state.

Clothes. He had been in such a rush to gain his new power, Aleksei hadn't thought to take off his clothes. They began to rip and tear under the strain of the change. He hurried to remove his jacket and shoes, throwing them to one side. Fortunately, this time he was not wearing a belt, but this meant his body was able to expand further, quicker, meaning his trousers ripped before he could remove them. His feet began to swell further, his socks shredding once more, resembling the contents of a paper shredder bin.

Soon, the horn began to protrude from his face and the tail from his lower back. His skin had changed colour, nails thickened and muscles stopped bubbling.

The transformation was complete. He grunted deeply as he regained his balance, getting used to his new hulking frame. Aleksei ripped the final tatters of clothing from his body and reached over to the table where the tights were. The young Russian would not normally wear such clothing, but as he was naked and without anything else, so they would have to do. He pulled them over his muscular legs and the wrapped the belt around his wait, the octopus's head clicking into place.

"The power, the feeling, is amazing," Aleksei said aloud, in his new deep voice, still retaining his thick Russian accent.

"Glad you're happy with it," a voice he didn't recognise said.

"Who is that?" Aleksei asked.

"Oh sorry, we haven't been introduced," the voice said.

A black hole opened in the air in front of Aleksei and a head popped out of it.

"Who are you?" Aleksei asked.

"I'm the Spot," the head said, covered in a white mask and two large black spots joined together, to form eyes. "I've been sent to get you."

"By who?"

"By the man who gave you these gifts."

Aleksei would normally be very suspicious about going with someone like this, but as he had, for the second time, consumed the gift of a man he had only met once in a shadowed alleyway, he let his suspicions melt away.

"Come into the spot," the Spot said.

Aleksei walked into the spot which closed with a small pop, leaving the warehouse empty, apart from the shredded clothes and empty bottle on and around the table.

Across the city, another hole opened in the air and the Spot and the Rhino as he now called himself, came out.

Ah, Dr Ohnn and Mr Sytsevich, you made it," Otto Octavius said with a smile.

Stood next to Octavius, a figure - wearing a green body suit with black crosshatching, yellow gloves and boots, domed glass helmet and long purple cape, attached with two brooches both bearing an eye on the - stood waiting patiently.

"Mr Beck meet Dr Ohnn and Mr Sytsevich. Our group is complete. Down to business."

"Um," Beck interrupted. "What are we doing here? And also, I would appreciate my name not being linked to anything. If we have to use names, call me Mysterio."

"I too would not like my name attached to anything," Aleksei said. "I will be the Rhino."

"A fitting name," Beck agreed.

"Ohnn?" Octavius asked.

"I would like to be called, the Spot."

"Another fitting name," Beck commented. "So what are we here to do? I presume this is our payment for all the things you have given us?"

"You are right, Mysterio. I have a job for us to do and it must succeed. I have bestowed upon you skills to help us achieve the objective. Mysterio, the ability to cause distraction and keep our targets busy. The Spot, to have the element of surprise and the Rhino for brute force. Then, I can come in with the final blow and finish the job."

"Who are we going after?" the Spot asked.

Octavius grinned a large grin, his face not used to this sort of emotion, even though it was much more capable than his previous one. He moved over to a holographic projector table and typed some commands into the screen. Light burst forth from the table and solidified into the shape of Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider and Kid Arachnid.

"These three have been a thorn in my side recently. They have taken away from me and thwarted my plans. This one," he jabbed a claw at Spider-Man, "almost prevented my rebirth."

"So what do you want to do with them?" asked Mysterio.

"We need to draw them out. I have noticed they seem to have a propensity to help young Harry Osborn. If we attack him at his wedding, then we can take on the Spiders and send them down the water spout."

"This is big, to be attacking Osborn. You sure it will work?" the Spot asked.

"I have been going over all of the variables and analysing where I have failed previously. They have never met you before, so my calculations should prove us worthy of winning."

"What is the plan then?" the Rhino asked.

With another smile filling his face, Otto Octavius began to explain the scheme ahead.

Across the city, the final preparations were underway for the Osborn/Stacy wedding. Flowers had been set out, as had the chairs, banners and other decorations. The roof garden of Oscorp had been transformed into spectacular venue. The views of the city were gorgeous and special wind deflection shields, had been placed to minimise the issue. A green carpet had been laid down the central aisle, (to initial concern by Harry, due to the Green Goblin association) but Gwen had pointed out that a subtle reference to his absent father would at least mean he had a part to play.

What was supposed to be a small wedding, had grown slightly larger than planned. Various CEOs had been invited, as a deal sweetener and some high ranking members of the NYPD were also in attendance. The congregation was getting themselves seated, whilst a nervous wedding party were in the wings, putting the final touches to their outfits. Peter was putting a buttonhole into Harry's jacket, patting it down, when it was in.

"You'll be fine," Peter was reassuring him. "Everything is sorted, we are all here for you."

"Thanks," Harry said, taking a deep breath in, as he thought over the events of recent days. Peter's reveal, the team up with the Power Pack, the attack on Oscorp, Molten Man. All these crammed into just about seven days.

Liz was still recovering from the Anthrax attack. The blood they had taken from him, was working to fight against the mutated disease. She was now awake and talking, but not well enough to come out. She had wanted Gwen and Harry to continue though and not put the attention onto her.

Harry looked out at the crowd as they finished taking their seats. It was time for him to go out and wait with Peter, for Gwen's arrival. He hated the crowd that was invited. They had to pad it out a little and make a show for appearances sake. A big New York CEO getting married, this was a power play, to show he was strong and united.

Peter was being best man, whilst Miles was organising the music. Mark had chosen to stay with Liz at Stark Tower, an understanding Harry and Gwen accepted this was best. A nod towards Peter and they both stepped out and took their places at the front of the gathered group.

The music soon swelled and that was the cue that Gwen was walking down. Harry turned and looked behind him. Captain Stacy was accompanying his daughter down the aisle. She was absolutely gorgeous in his eyes, dressed in a simple white dress and carrying a bouquet of white roses.

They reached the front and Harry took Gwen's hand, with a nod from Captain Stacy. They smiled at each other.

"You look wonderful," Harry complimented Gwen.

"You look so handsome," she returned.

"Ladies and gentleman, we are here today to join in the union of these two before us," the officiant started. "I should ask before we begin, is there anyone here who knows of any lawful impediment to this marriage, they should declare it now."

There was a moment of nervous pause. No one said anything, so the officiant continued.

"Good. Can we have the rings please."

Peter stepped up and presented each ring to their respected person. Harry and Gwen got the rings ready, to place on each other's hands, as they said their vows.

"Now please repeat the vows. Harry, please repeat after me. I Harold Theopolis Osborn, take you Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy to be my lawful wedded wife. To love and to hold, in sickness and health, until death us do part."

Harry repeated.

"Good. Now Gwen, repeat after me."

Gwen repeated her vows also.

"It gives me great pleasure to say, that by using the powers invested in me by the state of New York, I declare the both of you husband and wife. You may kiss one another."

Cheers erupted from the crowd, as Gwen and Harry leaned in to take their first kiss as a married couple.

A few minutes later, the marriage register has been signed and the party had begun. A drinks buffet had been arranged on the roof garden. An informal affair, readying for a more intimate reception for close friends and family later on.

"So, Mr and Mrs Osborn," Peter said, clapping his hand on Harry's back.

"Um, not quite," Harry replied.


"We've decided to change it slightly," Gwen said. "I'm going by Osborn-Stacy and Harry by Stacy-Osborn, but we'll shorten them down to just the last part each. Who says I have to take my husband's name?"

"To right," Harry said. "I've always liked Gwen Stacy. Gwen Osborn just sounds strange."

"Well, congratulations buddy. This is epic," Peter said.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, that emanated from the street below. Harry and Gwen exchanged a panicked look. They rushed to the side of the garden and looked down to see the carnage that lay below. Cars had swerved all over, some turned on their backs and others smashing into parked cars and buildings on the side of the road.

Another explosion filled the air, this time coming from above. Jerking their heads up, they saw a fireball coming from the right hand side of the Oscorp building. A loud cackling laugh filled the air. It sound chilled everyone to the bone, harking back to the memory of the Green Goblin.

"It can't be him," Harry said. "He was taken into that portal."

As they watched, a figure appeared, flying around the building on a glider. This was not the Goblin they knew. Wedding guests were panicking before and now they panicked even more. They ran here, there and everywhere, trying to get down from the roof garden and to a place of safety. Miles was helping a lady who had got her dress caught up in a chair. Peter and Harry wanted to change into their suits, but couldn't in the exposed nature of the garden.

"Have you got your suit?" Peter asked.

"I have my nanosuit," Harry replied, raising his wrist, to show a watch, capable of deploying millions of nanobots, that would form his Spidey suit.

The figure on the glider, came down and landed on the garden, directly opposite Harry, Gwen and Peter. They were dressed head to toe in a black leather costume, with a helmet that resembled the face of a Goblin. They unclipped their feet and stood down from the glider, walking slowly towards the group. By now, all the guests had gone, leaving no witnesses to what was going to happen next. Miles too, had gone, helping the crowd escape. He was right now, changing into costume, ready to appear and help out.

"Who are you?" Harry called out. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh Harry Osborn. The failure of a son. You failed your father and turned on him and now you have to pay."

The figure reached up and pulled off the helmet. The Harry, Gwen and Peter gasped. The face that was revealed, looked remarkably like a young Harry and Norman, mixed together. The person before them, couldn't be much older than 16 years old.

"Who are you?" Harry repeated.

"I am your son, Stanley."

"I don't have a son," Harry said. "I've only just got married."

"Oh, silly. You father took your DNA and fashioned a child from it. He imbued it with Oz formula and created a super son."

"How did he have my DNA?"

"He was able to take it from you before you sent him through the portal. Time works differently in our dimension. That was 16 years ago for us, but no time at all for you."

"How did you get here?" Gwen asked. "We sealed the breach, nothing should be able to get through."

"Dad was able to squeeze me through a final gap that was still open. It has shut now, but I am here to do a job and I will succeed. You may have survived once, but not again."

Harry thought for a moment. The Anthrax, it was him.

"You tried to poison me. Why?"

"Because you have failed your father. He raised me to be your son. Like you defeating him, I will defeat you. Call it poetic justice."

"You're mad." Harry said. "The Oz formula has made you mad, just like him."

"Well, then. It is time to end you. Sorry, but you tried to end father, so I am going to end you."

Stanley Osborn raised his hand and something shot out, hitting Harry in the neck.

"Ow! What was that?" Harry exclaimed loudly.

"Harry Osborn will soon cease to exist. You will join me and together, we will end the world."

Stanley smiled broadly, a smile that was full of pure evil. It disturbed the three watching him. He reached up and pulled on a zip running down the front of his suit. Beneath, Stanley wasn't wearing anything, something which cause Gwen to wince and try to avoid looking down. The suit dropped to the ground, revealing s well muscled body. As they watched, Stanley doubled over and his body began to tremble. There was the sound of cracking bones and his skin began to change colour. Fingers grew longer, as did nails. His body heaved and grew, to be soon replaced with a monstrous goblin figure, this time, not green, but orange.

"I am the Hobgoblin, grandson to the Green Goblin and I will rule this puny world, as my Grandfather rules mine."

Harry, Gwen and Peter were horrified at the sight in front of them.

"That is not what I though was going to happen," Peter said.

"Gah!" Harry suddenly exclaimed, doubling over in pain.

"Harry, what is it?" Gwen asked in a panic.

"The pain, it hurts so much."

Gwen looked up at Peter, her face had gone white.

"What have you done to him?" Peter shouted at Hobgoblin.

A deep raspy voice emitted from the 16 year old monster.

"I have activated the Oz formula in his DNA. Father deduced that you had used it to make yourself have the same powers as Spider-Man. Well, now that has turned against you."

"Get away from me," Harry cried, scrambling to get away from his new wife and his best friend. He crawled closer to the Hobgoblin. "Make it stop," he begged.

"Hahaha, it is too late for that now," Hobgoblin laughed.

Harry felt an immense pain surge through his body. It was worse that when he had made himself into Spider-Man. It was as though a fire had been lit in his stomach and the flames were shooting through every nerve pathway, every artery and vein also. He was sweating profusely. There was a large crack, as his bones began to break and rearrange inside of him. He slammed down his right hand on the ground and watched the concrete crumble beneath. Then he saw his fingernails begin to protrude and stop off, as large black talons took their place. Harry's fingers grew also in length, becoming bony. His skin became a dull grey colour. There was the sound of ripping, as the clothes he was wearing tore off his body, unable to contain his growing frame. Talons ripped through his shoes, the expensive leather falling with a faint thud either side of his now enormous feet.

Harry wanted to scream, so bad, but his vocal cords were also undergoing a change and no sound was able to leave his throat, except a garbled grunt. He felt his ears lengthening and also moving up his head, as his skull grew larger. Razor sharp teeth pushed through his gums, as his regular ones fell out and clattered to the ground like raindrops.

It seemed like an age, but it had been only two minutes, by time the pain subsided and the transformation had stopped. Harry lay on the ground, his now mutated body moving only in time to his deep breaths, that rattled through his ugly mouth. What remained in his features of Harry

Osborn, had all but been replaced by the monster now in its place.

"Father?" Hobgoblin asked, poking the body with a sharp claw.

There was a moment and suddenly Harry bolted up, launching himself to his feet, standing a good three feet higher than he had before and a good half a tonne in weight.

He looked out through his new eyes. When he had become Spider-Man, his senses had been improved massively, but now it was a though they had been dialled up another notch. It took him a moment to remember what had happened.

"Hahaha, it worked. How do you feel father?" Hobgoblin asked.

Harry was confused for a moment and then looked down at his hands and body. What had happened?! He was a monster! But hang on. There was something else that was now lingering in his mind. He may be a monster, but the power, the strength, it felt so good. What he looked like no longer mattered. He had the ability to crush anyone who got in his way. This though grew louder, as though it was shouting at him, to make him notice and to make Harry agree with it.

"I feel..." Harry spoke, his voice deep and booming. "I feel amazing. The power, the strength, it is mine and I want more."

"Nooo!" Gwen screamed. "Harry you can't. You can't!" She began to weep at the state of her husband.

"Harry, remember who you are," Peter shouted.

At that moment, Kid Arachnid landed on the railing behind where Peter and Gwen were.

"Whoa!" He exclaimed. "What's going on here?"

"That's Harry and that's supposedly his son created from DNA taken by his dad before we sent him back through the portal. Harry has been turned into a Goblin, ready to take over the world," Peter gave a quick overview of what had just happened.

"Harry please..." Gwen begged.

"Come father. We will get more power and I will teach you of the new powers you have now unlocked, the potential within."

The younger Goblin returned to its glider which, at a touch of a button, extended out to allow them both to get on. Gwen begged and pleaded, while Peter and Kid Arachnid looked on him disbelief, as the glider took off and flew away with the two Goblins.

Across the road, on an adjacent building, Doctor Otto Octavius was watching the events as they unfolded. Though unable to hear what had happened, the visuals were clear and also disturbing enough.

"It seems as though our plan is once more going to have to change," he said to the group behind him.

The Spot, Rhino and Mysterio were all watching him closely.

"Someone has beaten us to Mr Osborn, but they may gave a card in which we can play, to destroy Spider-Man and his two friends."

Otto turned round to face his team.

"We need to follow that glider."

He walked purposefully out of the room and down the corridor of the building they had taken over. It was currently under construction and no one was there that day, in order to minimise the noise for the wedding. Otto's teammates watched him go.

"Does anyone have the sense that his plans never seem to actually work?" The Spot asked. "We are having to change ideas again."

"Look, all I want to do is get this over with and then go and use what he has given me for my own purpose," the Rhino said, in his Russian accent.

They followed Octavius out, to see what his next plan was going to be.