"What's up with the Ice Climbers?" Pikachu asked the Robotic Operation Buddy, Rayquaza, and Waluigi as the four of them watched Popo and Nana simply walking around the fiery Norfair stage for reasons that were clearly not marked.

"Looks like they have a predicament on their hands." R.O.B. explained as he just moved his metal arms about.

Rayquaza was trying to solve a puzzle cube as he looked up. "Should we go ask them what's wrong?"

"Nah. Might be something stupid." Waluigi stated as he smacked the bouncing red fireballs with his purple tennis racket.

"Not really," Popo and Nana responded simutaneously as the Ice Climber duo kept on walking.

"I don't know why we even bothered speaking up." Popo said as he was sitting in an actor's chair with Nana.

"Probably because we'll do anything that's as fun as ice climbing!" Nana exclaimed as she and Popo began farting together.

Earlier, to the Ice Climbers that is...

"What do you wanna do?" Nana asked Popo as they looked at the snowy night sky from the top of the snow capped mountain they had just climbed.

Popo thought for a moment as he rubbed his chin, thinking deeply about this. "Goodness, I don't know... I do feel like pooping, though." And so he did, heading a bit downhill to find a cave to do his business.

"Nya nya." Nana kindly taunted as she spun around on the snow, letting out a muffled fart as she wrapped her arms around the back of her head.

"You know I can still here you from in here!" Popo exclaimed as he was trying his best to take a dump.

"Oh hush! Mind your own business, literally!" Nana exclaimed as she began making a snow angel in the snow, with not a care in the world.

The snow mountain then began to shake from Popo's pooping, with both of the ice Climbers screaming as they tumbled down the snow.

"We tend to do best when we have snow on our side." Popo spoke up as he began burping.

"Not without our trusty wooden mallets!" Nana chimed while twirling her hammer, starting to let out high pitched hiccups.

"...so, should we do something?" Pikachu suggested as he was scratching behind his right ear.

Waluigi shrugged as he shook his head. "Wah. Why should we? They'll just freeze us."

"Brrr! I'd hate that predicament happening to me!" Rayquaza exclaimed as he shivered in response.

ROB raised his robotic arms higher up his metallic body. "Perhaps we should leave them for now and ask again later."

Suddenly they all watched as Popo and Nana began chucking ice blocks around the fiery stage, cooling off the molten area as they were determined to make things not so hot, even though that was the entire point of the volcanic stage.

"Now this is ice climbing!" Popo and Nana squealed as they exchanged high 5s with each other.