Pikachu, R.O.B., Rayquaza, and Waluigi were wondering if Popo and Nana would do anything of value. So far, it seemed to be all for naught, with the group eating together at a McDonald's.

"Seems like they're not used to hitting things that aren't ice." Pikachu stated while going through the french fries quickly, accidentally letting out little shocks occasionally. "Must be the pressure of not being playable anymore."

"I can understand that feeling." ROB added as he simply observed, not needing to feast on organic food for he was a robot. "I used to be part of a certain popular kart racing organization, but they dropped me like I was nothing..."

"Oh, who cares? At least you and the robot get to have a moment's play!" Rayquaza exclaimed as he was sipping up the shakes rather quickly. "Me and this tall lanky guy here don't even get to have a fair shake!"

"You know I have a name..." Waluigi snarked as he munched on several burgers, managing to keep his skinny figure in spite of eating fattening fast food. "I wonder why I bother hanging out with you losers... maybe I have pity for all of you, wah..."

Pikachu, ROB, and Rayquaza looked at Waluigi oddly as they wondered what made the purple tall lanky man so cranky, when they turned around to see a different pair of Ice Climbers walk in. They looked the same... except Popo was wearing white robes, while Nana had an orange parka on.

"Does anyone know where the nearest bathroom is? I need to poop." Popo asked as he felt his stomach rumble.

Nana farted as she stuck her tongue out, giggling as she raised one of her gloved hands up to her face. "Nya nya... I think I might have been a bit too gassy around him..."