What on Azeroth are they doing here?

Winoa stared wide-eyed at the scene in front of her. The orc seemed rather upset by the goblins, presumably for another money-grabbing scheme.

"What are you doing here?" Duskhorn asked in a loud voice.

Both the goblins and orc turned towards the two taurenesses, letting her get a good look at them.

The orc had bright green skin, reflecting the light of day on his bald head. The lack of body hair made his snarl all the more terrifying to those unaccustomed to the orcish people. His body was covered in a dark plate armour, leaving nothing unprotected as if he was entering battle. In his right hand he held a large dual-sided axe, which he looked eager to use on the goblin in tn the center of the others.

She was a short goblin by anyone's standards. She seemed successful though, judging by the rolls of fat coming off her side, showing that she had more than enough to eat. She was dressed in an expensive uniform, glistening with gold trimming. Her blue hair was well kept, her light brown eyes looking over the taurenesses as if they were a potential profit. Behind her, a few other goblins stood. They stared at her with hungry eyes, except for one. She was a lean goblin, with paler green skin than her assumed boss. She dressed just nicely as her boss minus the gold trims and pressed cloth. Her hair was a mess of red strands and her face the epitome of tired workers everywhere.

All stared at the two taurenesses until the center goblin-presumably the boss-spoke up.

"Ah, ya must be the proud owner of this excellent specimen of a wolf!" She spoke with the showmanship of the typical salesperson. "We were wondering about this little fella ova' here!"

Oh boy.

"Really?" Duskhorn questioned.

The goblin walked over to the taureness, pushing aside the axe as she made her way to them. "Oh, of course we were! We were just about t-"

The goblin was interrupted the growl of the orc. "This is your wolf, correct?"

Winoa shook her head. "I'm a friend of the owner, however. We've been looking all day for him." SHe narrowed her eyes as she continued, her voice getting lower as she spoke. "I want to know where he was and why."

The goblins all opened their mouths to speak, hollering over one another with excuses and promises. Winoa couldn't understand any of them, but she could detect the tone of false certainty and confidence.

"Shut up!" The orc commanded.

Yet the goblins continued on talking.

The orc raised his axe with his right hand and grabbed one of the other goblin workers-the tired female one-with his other. "I said, shut up!"


The orc cleared his throat, turning to the taurenesses to address them. "These damn goblins were trying to sell the wolf to me as the war mount I had payed for earlier. Yet they were stupid enough to give me this pathetic wolf!" His head turned to glare at the goblins before continuing on.

The orc huffed angrily for continuing. "I questioned the runt about where they got such an old, pathetic wolf. They led me here and promised a better wolf if I could find the proper owner. I want my honorable companion-now!"

"Calm down!" Winoa yelled out. "There is a wolf breeder in Orgrimmar that specializes in mounts for battles. Go see him, but don't kill these people!"

"I was told you had the wolf!"

"I have no other wolf. Faeren is one of the only wolves in Thunderbluff!"

"Faeren….such a fitting name for a whelp." The armoured orc growled.

The goblin in the orc's hands decided to speak at that moment. "Hey!"

"What?" The orc turned to his left hand, grumbling as he waited for her to act.

She gulped, everyone aware of how well her previous actions had held up. "We may not be able to sell this wolf to ya for a cheaper price, but we do have another offer!"

The orc made a deep sound in his throat-a laugh perhaps? "Look at how well these discounts have worked out for you. You have nothing to bargain with."

"But I do! We, uh...have a special offer just for ya! Just let me go and I'll show ya!"

Winoa could tell he wasn't sold on the idea, growling once more at the goblin group.

He's like a feral wolf. Winoa thought.

"Oh yeah!" The goblin appeared confident as he continued on. "We gotta an amazing offer for ya! Ya just gotta come to Orgrimmar with me to see the breeder there. Just as the nice cow said, there's an amazing wolf breeder."

"But this one's a runt!" The orc interrupted.

"Yeah, he's the runt of a much larger pack. I'm sure ya orcs have had yar runts in those clans of fine warriors, right?"

The orc narrowed his eyes and lowered the goblin down to the ground. He even took his hands off of her neck.

"See, ya dig it! Now, let me show ya those furry beautifies." The goblin began walking towards the zeppelins with the orc walking proudly behind her.

The goblin workers followed suit, beginning to leave the large goblin. Many of them ripped pieces of their uniforms off and declared their leave of absence. The goblin boss turned to the taurenesses to say something, but the taurenesses simply walked over to the wolf to free him. Seeing this as her chance to leave, the boss left with no signs of where she left to.

Yet the taurenesses were grateful.

It could have been a lot worse. Kennocha won't have to see Faeren like this.

"What happened to Faeren?" Kennocha cried out.


She ran over to the tent, worry written all over her as she felt the ropes around the wolf. She began spouting questions left and right about the poor wolf.

"Where was he? What were those goblins doing at the tent? What about the orc? Is Faeren okay? Do you know where he was before you found him? Has he ate recently? Oh Faeren, what did they do to you?"

Winoa simply looked on bewildered by her friend's anxiety. "He is fine, Kennocha. Let's just take some deep breaths. Ready?"

The two spent the next few minutes doing breathing exercises, much to the boredom of Duskhorn.

A cough could be heard from the ebon-furred taureness. Kennocha turned to face her, surprised to see another person there.

"Hello?" Kennocha asked, puzzled as to why she was there.

Duskhorn furrowed her brow. "You don't recognize me, Bloomcaleler?"

Kennocha shook her head. "You cannot be too bad if you helped Faeren though." She stood up to look her straight in the eye. "I see you know who I am, but could I get a name for you?"

"Duskhorn. You really don't remember?" The ebon-furred taureness crossed her arms.

"I am sorry, but I don't." The brown taureness bit her bottom lip. "May I help you though?"

"I'm coming with you to Stonetalon. It's been a long time since I've been home."

Kennocha nodded. "We know the feeling. I see Winoa has already welcomed you along, but do you have everything you need?"

Duskhorn bowed her head in response. "I'm ready."

"Alright then. Winoa and I still have to pack our supplies onto Faeren, but we should be ready to go shortly."

Winoa chuckled. Kennocha turned to see what was funny when she saw Faeren free of his bonds, licking the taureness's face.

"It's good to see you too." Winoa rubbed side of Faeren's neck.

Kennocha smiled and turned to Duskhorn. "We'll leave soon enough. It is a pleasure to meet you."

The ebon-furred taureness bit her tongue as she swallowed a harsh retort down. "You as well."

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