Betrayal and Harmony

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Chapter 1:The Sound of Music

November 1,1844

Rouen, France


Genevieve Bellamy never should have listened to that gypsy. He said the elixir would keep the child healthy, but surely that vial must be the cause of his deformity. Genevieve was heartbroken; her husband hated the very sight of her. She had failed her husband. He wanted an heir, and she gave him this disgraceful monstrosity. Everyone in town would laugh at her, and all the men would be glad they didn't have such as terrible wife. How could she ever show her face again? She would have to hide the child - no one could know about him. Sure there would be rumors, and he would have to go to school at some point but he for now he can remain hidden, it would be the easiest way to handle it. Oh, why did this happen to her?

Auguste Bellamy was furious. He hated his wife. He'd be the talk of the town. Why did this happen to him? He was a good, honest man, he went to church, he didn't cheat people, so what did he do to deserve this? How could he have a child that looked like that! He was a laughing stock for not having a normal child, oh, what was he to do? No one would want to use his construction company anymore. This whelp was going to cost him his livelihood. How could this happen? He wanted to kill them both and run, but he couldn't do that everyone would suspect him. Maybe it could be fixed surely some doctor could do fix it if he paid them enough money, doctors worked miracles these days.

The midwife who delivered the child almost fainted at the sight of it. He had no nose, and his face was a mess of mangled skin, the child looked more like a decaying corpse than a newborn. She apologized to the mother and told her that it would probably not live for very long. She would never forget the sight of that child, not if she lived to be a thousand years old.

4 Years Later

Rouen, France

April 1848

"ERIK! You better not be out of your room again or I'll beat you! I have company coming over, and if I hear a peep out of you, I'll make you wish you'd never been born. I've wished that every day of your miserable existence!"

I was scared of her, terrified she'd beat me. What did I ever do to her to deserve this? Just being born I suppose. She's having company over today. Just another day acting like I don't exist and trying to entertain myself. I'd already read the few books of my father's lying around about construction. They were very factual and quite informative. After reading them, I had a constant stream of ideas in my head, but no way to share them. These places and monuments of beauty and perfection would forever remain a fantasy in my head. Everyone would love them, and maybe it would let them see me as more than a disfigured freak.

As I lay there designing buildings, I heard something. Sounds swirling together, expressing feelings, creating masterpieces, ensnaring my senses. I didn't know what it was, but it was beautiful. I felt possessed. I must know what it was.

I did something I knew I would later regret, but it couldn't be helped; I had to know what I was hearing. I held my breath as I opened the door, praying the hinges would creak. I tiptoed carefully down the stairs, avoiding the squeaky step. I looked into the parlor where the guest were sitting. My mother sat at a bench, playing something that I once heard her call a piano. She stopped playing, and the guests clapped their hands together. I couldn't imagine why they would do that. There are still so many things I didn't understand about interacting with people. When she turned around, she saw me hiding on the steps and sent me a look of sheer venomous hatred. I was scared and frozen in place. After a second I came to my senses and ran back to my room.

After her guests left, my mother came up to my room. "They could have seen you, I told you not to ever leave this room ! How dare you disobey me, I'll make you regret this, you miserable brat. You won't leave this room for a week, and I'm locking the door to make sure you stay where you belong, and don't expect any food either!"

After she left, I cried myself to sleep. How could I rest not knowing what those sound was? It was so pure and beautiful, I had never possessed anything of beauty before, but I deeply appreciated beauty, and that sound was the most sound beautiful I had ever heard. As that week of being locked in my room passed, I replayed the sound in my head it consumed my thoughts and haunted me. When my mother at last unlocked the door, I immediately asked her what the sound was. She scoffed at my ignorance but informed me none the less. "I was just playing piano to entertain my guests. Haven't you heard music before?"

"Mother, please teach me piano. I promise, I'll be good from now on, just please teach me."

She laughed in my face, " No freak such as you should ever have the privilege to learn something like playing music. You'd corrupt it just like everything else you take part in."

I thought of nothing else but learning to play for many more days. Then I had a very unexpected stroke of good luck: my mother's sister was very ill and she had to travel to Rochelle to take care of her. My father was often gone all day trying to save his failing business. The circumstances gave me the perfect opportunity to teach myself piano. Once she left, I went downstairs and sat in front of the piano. I was terrified. I'd dreamed about this moment for so long and now it was right in front of me. I tapped a white button and a sound filled the room. I saw lots of pages with strange writing propped against the piano, but I couldn't understand them. I then began pressing different black and white buttons and experimenting with different combinations. Each sounded completely distinct and expressed different feelings. Playing piano was the best thing I'd ever done. There were infinite possibilities, and I created pieces that showed my despair and longing for a friend. They expressed my hurting and my need for comfort and everything I couldn't put into words. They also had hope and joy and showed how exhilarating music was for me. I played almost non-stop till my father returned and played everyday during the week my mother was gone. When she returned, I never got the chance to play, but I had all the music in my head. It helped me keep going and know that, even after everything I'd been through, there was hope in the world.

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