I am surrounded in warmth

The warmth feels wonderful

I could stay with this warmth forever

*Time passesby*

The warmth is leaving


The warmth is losing its intensitivity

Stay warmth

Stay warmth stay with me

No why are you leaving



A soft crunch sound like a crinkled leaf being crushed underfoot was heard with some silence following before a unknown Voice appeared with a curious tone asking

"Finished modifying everyone's memory? "

Another Voice joined the other unknown voice and stated with a bored undertone

"Yeah everyone will believe that the child surviving will be a lucky coincidence and would be happy that there is a silver lining to the incident"

a third voice joined the conversation with a mix of sad and depressing undertone

"No one would suspect that magic was involved with the childs survival from the wreckage"

The first unknown voice this time, with a calm undertone in the voice announced

"then our job is done and it is time to go"

then there was two consecutive cracks *crack* *crack* were heard along with a deep sigh.

There was a pause allowing some moments to go by before the third voice appeared again stating

Farewell Na….

a wail of a siren was heard


Following along a crack was heard *crack*



People are nearby

What are they talking about. what incident

And magic

Why are they talking about magic as if it is real

Their job? Modifying memory

That is crazy and scary

Farewell Nathan Ryan

Nathan ryan who is that

You are not talking to me are you?

Pain where is this pain coming from

It hurts to move

Why did you leave warmth

Is that blood


Dark spots


Can not lose sight

Are those sirens

What.. is