Berry Protected

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Chapter 1

Eli Puckerman was not a good man nor was he a honourable man. But after being in this life for so long he knew how to get shit done. Standing in the chapel of SAMCRO with all the patched members waiting to hear out his proposal was just another day in the outlaw life.

The room was dimly lit and the men at the table were well known within the MC circles for the simple fact that they were all career outlaws. As the smoke from various Cigarettes and cigars swirled around the room you could feel a sense of anticipation and tension seep over the group.

The Nomad president had been a great help in getting him this far and the solid presence of the man was a sign that he had his back as he leaned against the wall.

"So Quinn says you have a protection job for us?" Clay Morrow the president of the Mother charter said as he puffed away on his cigar from the other end of the table his gaze steady. His voice snapping Eli out of his thoughts.

"Yeah I do. My son and his two friends will need to explain it. I'm Just bringing them to you as I know they will be safe here" Eli said as he put the stack of money onto the table. Before stepping back and straightening up.

"$10,000 is a lot to pay for just protection" the intelligence officer Juice says as he finishes counting out the sum.

"I can tell you what little I know but Puck is your best bet to get all the details. Three weeks ago my son Puck called me told me that some bad shit was going down and he needed help. I wasn't close so it took a while to get there, three days ago I pulled into my old town. Found my son and his two friends ready with a big chunk of cash and the desire to get the hell outta dodge. They requested somewhere safe here is safe its 8 states away from the situation,that's all I know"

Once finished Eli drew in a quick breath and shot a look over at Quinn the president of the Nomads who nodded his head once before looking at Clay and Jax Teller.

Once the two men had a conversation clay turned and told Eli to get his son and friends.

Looking at the three teenagers who Eli ushered into the room it wasn't hard to see the resemblance between father and son.

The biggest shock was that the friends were both female. One was a latina who had a total stare of death happening and the other well you couldn't see her the other two keeping her seemingly tucked away from sight.

"Your old man says your the one who asked him to help you mind telling us what this about kid" Clay asks the kid Puck.

Jax p.o.v

While it wasn't unusual for people to come to the SONS for protection it was unusual for a Nomad to bring people even family to them for protection.

Looking at the three people who had been brought into the room, it was force of habit more than anything that had him checking out the females. The latina girl who was glaring at the room and still managing to keep an arm around the smaller girl at her side, was beautiful and had the look of a girl who knew it.

The Guy Puck was a younger better looking version of his father, but you could tell kid had a mean streak and a protective one to from the way he was blocking the view of the smaller woman.

As for the other girl well all you can see is a bit of brown hair and the white of bandages.

As Clay starts talking I watch the body language of the group trying to suss em out.

"I'm Puck, this is Santana and that's B. I'll explain but I don't want the girls in here" the guy says as he locks eyes with Clay.

"They can wait outside" Clay says and before he has even finished speaking the girl Santana has the girl who is apparently called B out the door. Leaving Puck to begin explaining why they drove 8 states to a new place just to get protection.

" Do any of you watch the news? Heard about the serial killer in Ohio that's already got a kill count of 6 girls." The kid starts his explanation a few of the older members nod at him

" Has a type short,Brunettes who are quite pretty." as an opening salvo its enough to have everyones attention.

"three weeks ago one of my friends who had a perfect attendance record missed a day of school,no big deal except when it is."Puck says as he tries to shake the tension from his frame.

"Some of the club went to see what was up. When we got to the house we found the door busted open and her dads dead on the floor. There was obvious signs of a struggle and no girl. The police were called and the search began I called Eli to help because the girl is a friend of mine. Four days ago the girl was found on the side of the highway between Dalton and Lima in Ohio. She showed signs of sexual assault amongst other things" Pucks says as he takes a breath a hard edge entering his voice as he seems to get lost in his memories for a moment.

"She escaped and ran. Everything was confusing and mixed when she hit the highway she collapsed and a trucker saw her and got her help. At the hospital where my mum works is where she was taken. My mum called me and I and the rest of the club went there as soon as we could."

"The Girl was adamant that she was not staying signed herself out against medical advice and after talking to me and Santana it was decided that it was not safe for her to be alone. I convinced Eli to get us out." Hearing him say all this you can see the looks of outrage on a majority of the faces around the room.

"The girl was B" he said as his fists clench beside him and his face is set in a mask of rage.

As I am listening to the story I can see the kid getting agitated and when he says that the small girl they had been hiding from view was the one that this had happened to it clicked into space why they were so protective of her.

"you said sexually assaulted do you mean?" Juice is the one to ask his voice saying how sick he finds even the thought.

"She wasn't raped. From some of her nightmares San and I gather that they were waiting for that as though it was going to be a celebration or some fucking shit. They did touch her though" Puck says his voice hard and his eyes blazing fury as he glares out at the room.

"You said they?" Tig asks as he leans back in his chair

"There were two of them. B says they covered their faces and tried to distort their voices and shit but they kept her drugged and disorientated. She only managed to escape by chance and once she got out of wherever they had her she just ran. The level of drugs in her system the doctors said it was pretty much a miracle she could function at all. They are still detoxing out of her system now four days later" Puck says as runs a hand over his face.

"The police know where we are but they are the only ones,Santana and I we just want to keep her safe."

"Why would they come after her?" Clay asks as knocks ash from his cigar

"All the other girls that have been killed were just taken from the street chance basically. B was hunted they wanted her. Those other girls were just the warm up act and B is the Finale that got away" Puck explains as he shifts in his spot a little I can see the kid is getting agitated the longer he is away from the girls.

"Look Santana and I will check in once a week we both have jobs here and we have a house set up already. We just need a little added security sometimes and if they ever come here, well I didn't want to kill anyone in your town without giving you a heads up. I won't let them get B ever again" The emphatic way he says this makes it clear that I was right about that mean streak.

"Why not allow the police to handle the protection of you and your friends" I ask assessing the kid and his reactions.

"I don't trust cops" The kids voice is an ugly sneer as he basically spits that out " They have done fuck all to end this shit. The FBI and the local cops are untrustworthy ass holes. The fucking law enforcement tried to hassle B and one of their agents freaked her out by pinning her arms down and invading her space. Trying to get her to remember shit. He got frustrated and since he is more worried about making his career case he tried to intimidate her" Puck says as he makes eye contact with all of us. Everyone in the room looks pissed at that I mean yeah we are are outlaws and we've done some bad shit but that's pretty fucking low.

"Well we shall put it to a vote, you can go wait with your girls" Clay says to the kid who nods his head before he whirls around and exist the room.

"Well that was not what I was expecting at all. All in favour of helping em out"

As everyone around the table says yay I start thinking of various ways of hurting the fuckers if they ever come to Charming.

"Alright well once we have an address we shall set up a check in system and introduce ourselves so they know who they can trust. Juice I want a general search done on all three of them and see what you can find out" Clay says as he brings the Gavel down.

"Quinn can you get them back in here?"Clay says as he motions towards the door.

Quinn motions them inside and then goes back to leaning against the wall.

"We voted and we will help. We'll need your address and names so we can do a background check and you all need to be introduced to the members so you know who is safe to trust" Clay explains as the three teenagers stand in the same formation as before.

"No worries but if you do a background check will it be able to be traced?. We are trying to keep B under the Radar" Puck asks as he puts a hand behind him to settle the girl B who started shifting in place when Clay mentioned looking them up.

" It won't be traceable, I'm good at what I do" Juice says as he almost bounces in place.

"alright then. Got a pen and paper?" Puck asks and as Chibs puts it on the table Puck steps forward to write the details down I get my first unobstructed glance at the girl B.

She is small maybe 5'3 with long brunette hair her face is covered in bruises her left eye is almost totally swollen shut, she is standing stiffly and I can see the stark white of bandages on her wrists and across part of her neck and shoulder. She is wearing a loose shirt and a pair of loose sweats but its her eyes that capture my attention haunted beautiful brown eyes.

I have never seen eyes with that much heart break and pain held within them before. Once Puck has written everything down Eli and Quinn usher them from the chapel and we all head out to the bar.

The Nomads lead the way for the teenagers to head out to the car park and the last glimpse I have is of Rachel being helped into the cab of a Black SUV by Puck.

Trying to get the vision of those eyes from my mind I eagerly throw back the shot of whiskey before chasing it down with a beer.

Seeing Juice typing away at his laptop I wonder over that way ignoring the sweet butts who are trying to get my attention.

"Huh" Juice says as he stares at the piece of paper in front of him

"Whats up?" I asks as I take another pull from my beer.

"I thought he said he name was B, according to what he wrote down here her name is Rachel Berry"

Juice waves the piece of paper a bit as he types the name into one of his search engines.
"Maybe they call her B, its not that unusual I mean hardly any of us go by our real names. So where are they living anyway" I ask curiously

"Not far from you and Tig actually in that 4 bedroom white house on Hillcrest" Juice says his attention caught by what's on the screen.

Well at least that will make it easier to keep an eye on them i think to myself as i swallow some more of my beer.

"Jesus Christ" Juice voice snaps me back the present

"what?" I ask as a few of the others gather around drawn by his exclamation.

"The fuckers who had that girl are sick and fucking twisted!." Juice says his voice slightly choked " The shit they did to those other girls ain't right man. I looked up the crime scene photos" Hearing that we crowded around the screen.

Considering we have Tig and Happy who have been known to do some crazy and twisted shit, you'd think we would have seen it all but the level of brutality has even tig looking a little disturbed.

"That little chick was with them for nearly 3 weeks is there a file on what they did?" Clay asks

"Yeah" Juice says as he clicks it open as he flicks through the photos I'm amazed she was able to move let alone escape the damage inflicted was pretty extensive.

"Fuck man girls lucky to be alive, some of those wounds are really close to major arteries" happys voice rasps out.

After seeing those images I am honestly not sure if I want to look at any more.

"We'll give them the weekend to settle in and then contact them so they can meet us all. Juice bring me what information you can dig up in Church tomorrow. If there is even a hint of these Fuckers being in our town we take em out I do not want this shit harming the women of our town" Clay says and while I might not agree with the man on much at the moment on this I agree 100%.

As Juice gives the affirmative everyone head back towards the bar, I still can't get the fucking image of the pain in those eyes.